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  • Published on Aug 25, 2018
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Comments • 219

  • Mid West
    Mid West 2 months ago

    Elephant grumpy as he was limping and most likely injured.

  • Teresa Fonseca
    Teresa Fonseca 3 months ago

    What a perfect movement ! 0:31

  • yoga Ghafara
    yoga Ghafara 4 months ago

    who blinked eyes? :D 0:08

  • Vlada Capone
    Vlada Capone 4 months ago

    HostName: [BE] Balkan Extreme Roleplay |
    Players: 150 / 350
    Ping: 46
    Mode: BE:RP v1.0.0 by Juga
    Language: Yugoslavian

  • Hawkeye Pierce
    Hawkeye Pierce 4 months ago

    2:56 fuckin gettin it 😂😂😂😂👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

  • mojo 410 Captain Caveman

    Ahoy there matey....
    Get the fook out of the way... Before I fooking run over

  • cool kid 5566
    cool kid 5566 7 months ago +2

    the person should of saved the dog in the deer dash

  • seeamerica1
    seeamerica1 7 months ago

    That elephant just wanted some helpe, he was limping

  • Fire /Phantom Forces
    Fire /Phantom Forces 7 months ago

    1:49 my raccoon friend :D

  • dcar 430
    dcar 430 8 months ago

    0:30 That is likely one of those people that goes out and intentionally tried to get in car “accidents” that will be charged as the other persons fault. Then they sue to make money.

  • Fluff Bright
    Fluff Bright 8 months ago +1

    6:38 "This dog is definitively on crack right now"

  • Josh Fry
    Josh Fry 9 months ago

    That dog at 2:21 is like how kids used to be until fucking technology came into play!!! Make do with what you got

  • Droopy King
    Droopy King 9 months ago

    Holly shit! Ive seen this in my town before and i live in the same area as this part in the video. 1:58

  • Eagle123456x
    Eagle123456x 9 months ago

    That deer had the balls to do what the whole world wants to do with those little barking pieces of shit.

    Labradors rule though

    THE PRIMAL OF DARKBEET 9 months ago

    6:11 glass door is stupid!

  • Hulk Smash
    Hulk Smash 10 months ago

    That Turtle really love chasing pussy

  • Madallyn Howard
    Madallyn Howard 10 months ago

    On the MOAR KISSES he was aggressively kissing him 💋

  • Yogi Green
    Yogi Green 10 months ago

    3:19 really dumb!

  • Yogi Green
    Yogi Green 10 months ago

    1:23 stupid ugly bitch!

  • Char Blinn
    Char Blinn 11 months ago +1

    Omg!😮 that bike trick was AWESOME

  • Maria Christina Arsland
    Maria Christina Arsland 11 months ago +1


  • loudy loudy
    loudy loudy 11 months ago

    إِنَّ فِي خَلْقِ السَّمَاوَاتِ وَالْأَرْضِ وَاخْتِلَافِ اللَّيْلِ وَالنَّهَارِ لَآيَاتٍ لِأُولِي الْأَلْبَابِ
    Indeed, in the creation of the heavens and the earth and the alternation of the night and the day are signs for those of understanding.
    الَّذِينَ يَذْكُرُونَ اللَّهَ قِيَامًا وَقُعُودًا وَعَلَىٰ جُنُوبِهِمْ وَيَتَفَكَّرُونَ فِي خَلْقِ السَّمَاوَاتِ وَالْأَرْضِ رَبَّنَا مَا خَلَقْتَ هَٰذَا بَاطِلًا سُبْحَانَكَ فَقِنَا عَذَابَ النَّارِ
    Who remember Allah while standing or sitting or [lying] on their sides and give thought to the creation of the heavens and the earth, [saying], "Our Lord, You did not create this aimlessly; exalted are You [above such a thing]; then protect us from the punishment of the Fire.
    The holy Quran
    -Sourate Aal-E-Imran, Aya 190-191

  • alisya naziha
    alisya naziha Year ago

    That turtle so fast😂😂

  • ben dover
    ben dover Year ago

    1:47 raccooneggs

  • Sister Oliver
    Sister Oliver Year ago +1

    At 0:54 did anyone else see the post phone charger 🔌??

  • Sister Oliver
    Sister Oliver Year ago

    0:25 danish

  • Dick Fitswell
    Dick Fitswell Year ago +1

    3:57 Ok that male cheerleader definitely has some GIANT in his DNA. He must be almost 7ft tall.

  • TheLonelyAstronaut

    0:34 Clarkson was right.

  • Ryan Ask
    Ryan Ask Year ago

    1:23 who decided to use this as the music?

  • Goofy Girl
    Goofy Girl Year ago

    awesome selection of good times. Thanks!!

  • Veikra
    Veikra Year ago

    6:35 that horse friggin KNEW !

  • MrRiggyRiggs
    MrRiggyRiggs Year ago +1

    But did you die?

  • Joe Schlotthauer
    Joe Schlotthauer Year ago

    At 4:58

  • just_an_anonymous

    1:46 awww

  • Ethan Loveless
    Ethan Loveless Year ago

    these vids could use less stupid music over videos. its annoying as hell and sometimes ruins the very vid you put the dumb music over in the first place thinking it need to be there.....

  • doguinhogamer felipe

    3:22 the sound of he is like a character of we happy few

  • Gabriel Schaub
    Gabriel Schaub Year ago

    this channel is dry...

  • CAN Control
    CAN Control Year ago

    2:05 that’s one slow bitch!! Omg


    I so look forward to your new videos! Not one single video was disappointing! I appreciate your time and effort in putting your videos out! I see you and I'm glad I subscribed! 😎

  • Leah Kendle
    Leah Kendle Year ago

    4:31 that was not ok that deer could of. Really hurt the dog like a deer bit my dog so that is not ok

  • random stuff
    random stuff Year ago

    Drink up?

  • Renee O'Shea
    Renee O'Shea Year ago

    They *really* ought to change the music that opens for them...

  • calledkilian
    calledkilian Year ago


  • Alphan Abi Fan klab

    1:54 Kendine Rakun

  • hemant dewani
    hemant dewani Year ago

    shitttt and the dog licked his butt before that face lick. idiots.

    SOFT TACO Year ago

    4:25 would be a big prank if someone was sleeping in tehre amagiv geting weet like that

  • VoXoR
    VoXoR Year ago

    who gets a border collie and keeps it in a tiny place like that

  • Lil'ducko
    Lil'ducko Year ago +1

    I hate this channel because they just keep on copyrighting videos and get youtubers a copyright strike its so stupid

  • ColdDead Hands
    ColdDead Hands Year ago

    Guys @ 6:20 gotta be gay! Lose the skinny jeans PLEASE!! You people are doing a great disservice to mankind!!!

    • Holly H
      Holly H 10 months ago

      It's just fucking jeans

  • Greenshadow054
    Greenshadow054 Year ago

    f u you stole from rusty cage bitch

  • Hooman st
    Hooman st Year ago

    5:49 that's me tonight!

  • Malte
    Malte Year ago +2

    Can you make the "beep" a little louder? -.-

  • MH0709
    MH0709 Year ago

    Which week! The collapsing silo clip from Denmark is months old.

  • MrVerscharren
    MrVerscharren Year ago

    fuck that renault!

  • Josue Medina
    Josue Medina Year ago

    At 1:00 did the elephant have a phone charger

  • Junkhead817
    Junkhead817 Year ago +1


  • Squidney Squid
    Squidney Squid Year ago

    Instead of the Cross Walk, it’s the Croc Walk

  • ToYsForTaTaS
    ToYsForTaTaS Year ago

    I feel like that raccoon eating berries as I sit here watching this shoveling my kids cereal in my mouth

  • Crazywolf LeoMilo

    BOOM!!! And THe TOwER FaLLs