Rick and Morty - Jerrys try to save Beth

  • Published on Mar 25, 2019
  • Rick and Morty - Rick takes Jerry and Beth to a marriage counselling planet but as ever things dont go the way you might think and Jerry must try and save Beth and there marriage S02E07.
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    Producer(s) Dan Harmon, Justin Roiland
    Production company - Williams Street
    Original network - Adult Swim
    Remember I don't own any licencing rights to the clip and make no profit from it.

Comments • 69

  • Schwarzer Ritter
    Schwarzer Ritter 2 months ago

    So... Beth thinks up a Jerry that sees her as a goddess?

  • GoklasM
    GoklasM 2 months ago

    Welp, that's what I call deus ex machina.

  • Tshot88
    Tshot88 2 months ago +4

    I look forward to when they have an episode or arc where Beth actually interacts with another version of herself. Rick, Morty, Jerry and even Summer have experienced this except Beth. Should be interesting.

  • RequiemPoete
    RequiemPoete 2 months ago +5

    So if what Jerry believes to be Beth's flaws made it into that thing, I wonder if Beth's crippiling dependence on Rick is in Bethzilla. It would have been interesting to see it's reaction to Rick. I bet Bethzilla's reaction to Rick would be the same as the Gerrys' reaction to Goddess-Beth.

    • RequiemPoete
      RequiemPoete 2 months ago

      @Lord Jeff That is true. After all there can only be the one smartest being alive.

    • Lord Jeff
      Lord Jeff 2 months ago +1

      Or it would be a massive clash of egos.

  • Mehr Jawad
    Mehr Jawad 2 months ago

    1:10 ROFL 😂

  • Иван Н Ка
    Иван Н Ка 2 months ago

    Эта отсылка везде, кто по ту сторону или кто боги ну или кто или что это, когда появилась богиня с шестью руками... она еще есть в Стар против Сил Зла, и еще от создателя Охотников на Тролей, не помню название, но сюжет как они бежали с планеты где жили на планету земля,... посхалок много сотрете везде, включая первому игроку приготовится и мастера мечей, все идет к тому где было сотворено яйцо...........

  • John Peacekeeper
    John Peacekeeper 2 months ago +22

    Do note, even when Jerry thinks Beth is like a queen beast, he still thinks she's strong and smart. Still has good qualities.

    • RequiemPoete
      RequiemPoete 2 months ago +2

      Well, part of Jerry's issues are that he on some level doesn't feel good enough for Beth, and that's because despite all the crap she puts him through he feels insecure in the face of her intelligence.

  • Wolfgang Grimmer
    Wolfgang Grimmer 2 months ago

    No entiendo el inglés

  • Andrea De Luca
    Andrea De Luca 2 months ago +6

    0:38 wooo. Heavy.

    • RequiemPoete
      RequiemPoete 2 months ago +1

      Think about it. Beth thinks of Jerry as a useless, pathetic and cowardly worm. But even in the deepest and darkest pits of the resentment Jerry has for his wife, he still sees her as strong, independent and the smartest person he knows. That's a hell of an insult to rub in Beth's face. Not only does she rub it in that Jerry thinks the best of her even when he thinks the worst, she insinuates that Beth isn't even worthy of those high opinions. " I'm only smart because Jerry is stupid enough to think your dumbass self is a genius."

  • conflict gamer
    conflict gamer 2 months ago +89

    Probably the studio that pays attention to detail the most, see shadow of jerry on 2:24

  • vincent wijaya
    vincent wijaya 2 months ago +9

    the new starcraft trailer look weird

  • 811chelseafc
    811chelseafc 3 months ago +2

    Try? He does.

  • ricer935
    ricer935 3 months ago +8

    Jerry gets ripped in half jarry:IM HURT

    • RequiemPoete
      RequiemPoete 2 months ago

      Lol. I always thought he said "SPINE HURT!"

  • Vegetarian Soylent-Green
    Vegetarian Soylent-Green 3 months ago +46

    Of all the dumb plotlines relating to their badly-written divorce; This is the only one I enjoyed, one of the best episodes of the show. Well, this and the Cronenberg one.

    • Lexus Lockear
      Lexus Lockear 8 days ago

      @Anki Hansen probably he means badly written episodes

    • Anki Hansen
      Anki Hansen 3 months ago +1

      Bad-written divorce? Lol!

  • Why So Serious?
    Why So Serious? 3 months ago +2

    Hawkinson lol

  • Mr. Tonight You
    Mr. Tonight You 3 months ago

    Beth can be a bitch and Jerry can be a dumbass, but they can still make each other happy if they work on their flaws together.

  • nan Yan
    nan Yan 3 months ago

    Great. Seems everyone knows Jerry is a dumb ass.

  • Charisma Modifier
    Charisma Modifier 3 months ago +10



  • Oxandrolone
    Oxandrolone 3 months ago +3

    Brahma, the creator.

  • Pablo Joel
    Pablo Joel 3 months ago +11

    The "Jerry" sounds like the "Je..Jerryy.." from that old Saw vid

  • OSanoBR
    OSanoBR 3 months ago +85

    1:17 the shirts, I can't X'-D

  • Toprak Pehlivan
    Toprak Pehlivan 3 months ago +104

    ''I've been inside a kid all day now i can feel my bones scraping each other'' lol xd

  • Steven Irizarry
    Steven Irizarry 3 months ago +168

    I fear a lion leading a army of sheep more than a sheep leading a army of lions

    • Wurtt Mapper
      Wurtt Mapper 29 days ago

      For me, it means that a good leader makes a good team. Even if all the members of the team are good, if they don't have a good leader there is no way they can organize themselves.

    • Das höfliche Ei
      Das höfliche Ei 2 months ago

      I guess I can deal with a few sheeps but I would not even fight a single lion lol

    • Syd Zappa
      Syd Zappa 2 months ago

      You forgot to quote the author. Alexander the great.

    • Malcolm DuBose
      Malcolm DuBose 2 months ago +1

      So...America 😂

    • Ricky Spanish
      Ricky Spanish 3 months ago

      Sebastian it's also a pretty common saying dude try google if you will instead of waiting for someone to respond ya know? Cause you're on the internet?

  • Carlo DiLalla
    Carlo DiLalla 3 months ago +409

    Soooooo, what happened to the Jerry's and the Goddess version of Beth? They should revisit that..

    • Chris P Bacon
      Chris P Bacon 2 months ago +4

      I also think they would even start running the place or even turn it into a Kingdom or something. Plus the machine could be used as a warrior-jerry-making machine and one of the rooms would serve as a throne room for goddess Beth while she keeps things in order

    • Chris P Bacon
      Chris P Bacon 2 months ago +4

      I think they would start repairing the place and/or reviving them dead folks

    • Isaac Harper
      Isaac Harper 3 months ago +4

      Or at least have an Easter egg

    • 4DARKEST
      4DARKEST 3 months ago +12

      Possibly I mean I can see some weird benign cult thing happening unless the goddess turns evil somehow. But I doubt it. Maybe morty visits idk

    • Runaway Boy
      Runaway Boy 3 months ago +31

      Carlo DiLalla if they do they should do it with them even having a bad relationship

  • Leo/Nox
    Leo/Nox 3 months ago +23

    bur. ge. rr. ki. n g f o. o t l e tt. u ce

  • friday reboot
    friday reboot 3 months ago +15

    Holy shit, which season & episode was it..?

  • Pagreance
    Pagreance 3 months ago +10

    lmao kk

  • KarloZ memes
    KarloZ memes 3 months ago +11


  • Default Boy
    Default Boy 3 months ago +40

    Hello how are ya

  • FaZe Donkey
    FaZe Donkey 3 months ago +12