Street Footballers INSANE Race VS the London Tube

  • Published on Aug 25, 2019
  • Race The Tube... Football Freestyle Edition
    Check out Jack:
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    We race the tube across London including a few freestyle skills along the way!
    Kieran Brown.
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  • irfan cakmak
    irfan cakmak 2 days ago

    That was insane

  • Valeliano Salesa
    Valeliano Salesa 3 days ago

    They must of ran there but off

  • Tanniah Aquino
    Tanniah Aquino 17 days ago

    If only you didn’t have a ball during the whole time

  • TrickificHd
    TrickificHd 18 days ago

    Another fake video

  • muumin abdulla
    muumin abdulla 20 days ago

    I am literally subscribed to both of you Jack Downer tango squad fc absolute legends

  • Hassan Ahmad
    Hassan Ahmad 26 days ago

    Now that is the real video.

  • Peadar Devlin
    Peadar Devlin Month ago

    Did dad dddddddddd. DdddddD

  • Vapored_Devs
    Vapored_Devs Month ago


  • ozi gaming
    ozi gaming Month ago


  • Maximise Gaming
    Maximise Gaming Month ago

    Best challenge I ever watched one of my favourite vids Kieran

  • Rocoweb
    Rocoweb Month ago

    Soo fake

  • Daniel Heisler
    Daniel Heisler Month ago


  • Liam
    Liam Month ago


  • Shaurya Bahl
    Shaurya Bahl Month ago +1

    Selling Replay Buttons for Nutmeg Moment!!!!

  • Shaurya Bahl
    Shaurya Bahl Month ago

    Song name is See you sooner by quarter roller

  • MrCamster999
    MrCamster999 Month ago +1

    Fake if you look.closely you see a potato in the corner

  • Iplay_Frags_ YT
    Iplay_Frags_ YT Month ago


  • Louis Jones
    Louis Jones Month ago

    A really good video but there all fake 🤪❤️

  • Ikram Hakimi Mohd Hassan

    wow, you guys are great

  • Faysal Ch
    Faysal Ch Month ago

    You deserve the likes on your video, you done good job.

  • Jay Garner
    Jay Garner Month ago


  • Rukon Uddin
    Rukon Uddin Month ago

    I went Monument Bank Station

  • Brandon Smith
    Brandon Smith Month ago

    That one person that try’s to kick the ball

  • VixitronHoster
    VixitronHoster Month ago +1

    train 1 was district line
    train 2 was circle line

  • winki green
    winki green Month ago

    Very well played and nice goal inside the tube

  • Anime Lover
    Anime Lover Month ago

    What is the background music

  • bolithofly
    bolithofly Month ago

    You cheated Get on the train

  • Euan BCFC
    Euan BCFC Month ago

    Shoutout to the dude at 1:17 trying to tackle him

  • Bella Villa
    Bella Villa Month ago


  • Lausi Meyer
    Lausi Meyer Month ago

    The numbers of the trainsets don't match. At getting off you see 24491 (0:37), 24491 - 0:49 and 22492 - 0:58. At arrival, they shoot the ball in 24503 - 3:27 + 3:35 and 24504 - 3:39. Fake?

  • Bastian Hill
    Bastian Hill Month ago


  • Anime Lover
    Anime Lover Month ago

    Your skills are so good and I wouldn’t be able to do it with a football your so good I wished I was good at football but I’m not

  • Keziah Yates
    Keziah Yates Month ago

    I love this!!! It's even better than the original one.
    R u ok tho

    THEKLGAMER Month ago


  • Seme Tek
    Seme Tek Month ago

    It is fair stellar it burding

  • 100 Subscribers Without any videos

    The train was a paid actor

  • ABM W
    ABM W Month ago

    Do more of these:)

  • FluffiChu
    FluffiChu Month ago

    Next, See if you can race the Victoria Line

  • Twisha Batra
    Twisha Batra Month ago

    You both are amazing dude⚽⚽⚽

  • Kakarot
    Kakarot Month ago

    Mad lol.

  • Chronicle
    Chronicle Month ago

    That is insane

  • Fabio King
    Fabio King Month ago

    Sooo fake

  • James Dennis
    James Dennis Month ago +1

    Ma asthma fam 😂😂

  • Alexcouch
    Alexcouch Month ago


  • Karim Zayed
    Karim Zayed Month ago +1

    What a video good work both of you.

  • Chrome book
    Chrome book Month ago +4

    kaka done this in 2005 but he managed to get the train from the day before

  • Splatoon is the worst game of all time.

    Leaked FIFA 20 gamemode

  • hawkeye892
    hawkeye892 Month ago +3

    Sad trying to pass this off as real. How fake can you get?

  • Aggad
    Aggad Month ago

    RUclip never shows me when you upload even though I’m subscribed and now I’m watching this beautiful video a week late.

  • Irina Molnic
    Irina Molnic Month ago

    I can't believe they managed to succeed

  • SyNcOps
    SyNcOps Month ago

    Would have enjoyed it if it wasn’t fake

  • Paradon -Gaming
    Paradon -Gaming Month ago

    This guy is rich...
    But loved the content

  • Krok
    Krok Month ago

    Are you swedish? Jag är svenne så hadde vart najs

  • Justin O'Toole
    Justin O'Toole Month ago +1

    What's funny is that they could have easily made a way more interesting and believable video by racing the train from Moorgate to Monument. The street-level journey is almost a straight line and only takes about twelve minutes walking it.

  • Joe Bloggs
    Joe Bloggs Month ago +11

    Yeah you didn’t actually make the tube did you 🤣 Considering Temple to Embankment literally takes 60 seconds and not 2 and half minutes. 😏

  • TylerF1001 gamer
    TylerF1001 gamer Month ago

    You sent me a photo so don’t know if u see this but chrs means a lot

  • Bradley
    Bradley Month ago

    I do that very 1 stop journey on the interchange from the Northern line up to the District and one stop to Temple everyday. I find it incredibly hard to believe you were able to do all of that lobbing the ball up the stairs, piss about on the other side of the road as well which was definitely not necessary, run through Embankment park!?!? The distance between the two stops isnt massive, on foot however its not a quick walk and if your running then you want every last second you can get plus you'd wanna be Usain Bolt speed...not convinced this was authentic at all but nonetheless a good watch i guess...

    • Joe Bloggs
      Joe Bloggs Month ago +1

      Bradley you’re correct. It’s impossible to make that run in the 60 seconds it takes the tube to get from temple to the embankment.

    LNER TRAINS Month ago +1

    Fantastic video but it’s fake great work loved the video

  • Paras T
    Paras T Month ago +53

    I liked the video even though it was fake - first train was numbered 17471 and last train was numbered 22504

      BEN HUXLEY 21 day ago

      Oh fuck off mate. Just appreciate the effort tagt he puts into all his videos rather than spoiling it for everyone

    • South London Railway Photography
      South London Railway Photography Month ago

      24491 and 24303 actually but yeah it’s an obvious fake, it’s quite unfair on the person who did it originally.

    • connectingwings
      connectingwings Month ago +6

      @Random Guy 334 If it's well edited and good made than thats nothing negative. However doing a challenge claimed real that is fake is not fine. I agree that its after all a good video, however it must / can be pointed out that its is fake

    • Random Guy 334
      Random Guy 334 Month ago

      Oh god. People like you appreciate stuff but still always say something negative.
      Nobody cares if it was fake or real.
      The only thing matters is that how well they edited it and how many risk they took while recording this video for us.
      And then there is you, still pointing out negatives.
      Grow up man.

    • valentin _
      valentin _ Month ago +3

      yeaaaaah somebody understamds... finally

  • Joshua Baruch
    Joshua Baruch Month ago +2

    You're decent at football but piss poor at challenges. Anyone can make out they were not still in the same train with the same passengers.