WEEK IN MY LIFE: 4 | NYC Fashion Week Events

  • Опубликовано: 20 сен 2017
  • I really love giving you a peek into my life so I hope you guys enjoy more of this series.
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  • Akshita Tyagi
    Akshita Tyagi 8 месяцев назад

    Patt is soo supportive of her! Going to fashion events ❤️

  • Leen Jbara
    Leen Jbara 8 месяцев назад

    Am i the only one that think tess's voise sounds like kim kardashian voice!!! 🙃

  • Toni Lynn
    Toni Lynn Год назад


  • AJ Shirey
    AJ Shirey Год назад

    ummmmm where is that trader joes???? All the ones in manhattan are so small and crowded.

  • Milky Way 90
    Milky Way 90 Год назад

    You are so beautifull, talanted and positive! Your videos are my fav! Greetings from Bulgaria!

  • Lynette Tan
    Lynette Tan Год назад

    nu uh that isnt how u eat dumplings gurl

  • Jessica Lozada
    Jessica Lozada Год назад

    “Stop I love bowling !” Hahahahaha laughed out loud ..

  • Komal Verma
    Komal Verma Год назад

    Aren't your outfits inspited from cindy closet?

  • Orlane Jougier
    Orlane Jougier Год назад

    Where does your red dress with dots come from please ?

  • Emma Shotter
    Emma Shotter Год назад

    Pat eating the berries off the floor then at 4:43😂

  • Alberta Middleton
    Alberta Middleton Год назад

    I love your channel. You both are so adorable and fun to watch. Pat looks like Leonardo Di Caprio. I love NY but haven't been since I was little. Living vicariously through you and a few others right now.

  • Fede Campamix81™
    Fede Campamix81™ Год назад

    Hi, you're very pretty 😄

  • Jyoti Agrawal
    Jyoti Agrawal Год назад

    I'm just starting out my channel. Would love it if you watched my videos. Love watching your videos. Thanks.

  • Nikita Sharma
    Nikita Sharma Год назад

    Wasn't her natural hair curlier in her very early videos? I'd love to know how she got them to be so much healthier and smoother despite heat styling

  • InternationallyLaura
    InternationallyLaura Год назад

    “Ehh!” 4:43 hehehehe

  • Alderina Gracia
    Alderina Gracia Год назад

    I love xiao long pao (dumpling with soup inside). A bit too much tho...

  • aurélie
    aurélie Год назад

  • Farah Joy
    Farah Joy Год назад

    does anyone know where she got the white star top in the end of the video? or any stores that have a top similar to it! :)

  • Savannah
    Savannah Год назад

    Well I have a dress code but its a uniform since I'm in the Air Force. Oh how I wish I could where high high heels and dresses to work!

  • Kassie
    Kassie Год назад


  • Kelsi-s
    Kelsi-s Год назад

    I love these videos!! Keep them coming!!

  • Monika Markiewicz
    Monika Markiewicz Год назад

    Cauliflower crust tasting like cardboard, blueberries on the floor and Patrick's squeak, omg guys you've made my day already.

  • Tia Marie
    Tia Marie Год назад

    I love your videos!!! 💕

  • blushofadrenaline
    blushofadrenaline Год назад

    Where are your gold necklaces from?

  • The Fina Things
    The Fina Things Год назад

    What is the name at the start of the vid please??

  • Anna Redondo
    Anna Redondo Год назад

    where is that orange dress from? i’m in love!

  • Hannah Bordeaux
    Hannah Bordeaux Год назад +2

    Her whole life makes me want to move to NY. Is it just me??

  • Emily Skinner
    Emily Skinner Год назад

    You + Pat ... SO CUTE !

  • Jana Dabelstein
    Jana Dabelstein Год назад

    What does Patrick do for a living?

  • jonaslove0921
    jonaslove0921 Год назад

    outfit details :( pleaseeeeee :(

  • Millie Barman
    Millie Barman Год назад


  • Jiezel Labrador
    Jiezel Labrador Год назад


  • Glam Barbie
    Glam Barbie Год назад +1

    Any small or big RUcliprs want to support each other?💜🌸

  • laura graterol
    laura graterol Год назад

    LOVE YOU SO SO MUCH! And I love all your videos

  • Maddie S
    Maddie S Год назад

    I would love to see a purse/handbag video!!

  • Shreya Upadhyaya
    Shreya Upadhyaya Год назад


  • Arisa Kawano
    Arisa Kawano Год назад

    I was watching younger (its on tv land with Hilary duff) and was thinking, lmao life in Brooklyn and NYC can't actually be that cool. And then I watch this vlog and Tess is living the exact real life version.

  • luckycharmstel
    luckycharmstel Год назад

    I love that piano bar!!!!! 😭😭❤️❤️

  • Maria Campbell
    Maria Campbell Год назад

    anyone know the song at 3:07 sounds so familiar but can't remember it:(((

  • Idhalí Mendoza
    Idhalí Mendoza Год назад

    I LOVE YOU!😍

  • Samantha Azzarone
    Samantha Azzarone Год назад

    $4.50 for a wash? :(

  • tabeazoe
    tabeazoe Год назад

    what about the apartment tour???

  • Elena Aran
    Elena Aran Год назад

    is she Mery Turiel??? Her friend

  • Alexandra Arroyo
    Alexandra Arroyo Год назад


  • Lindsey Kimball
    Lindsey Kimball Год назад


  • Lynette Romero
    Lynette Romero Год назад

    can you do a video about you studying abroad pleeeease

  • Sarah Jameson
    Sarah Jameson Год назад

    I love the idea for office look book!
    I work at a college as a sign language interpreter or for deaf and hard of hearing students.
    As an interpreter our dress code is very strict. It includes a lot of black or dark neutral colors with no patterns and simplistic minimal jewelry. The reason is so that the students are not distracted by our clothing and also that there is no eyestrain from bright colors or patterns.
    I find it so hard to find cute outfits that fall into this. If you could help that would be amazing!

  • Rebecca Copper
    Rebecca Copper Год назад

    My job is in a creative ish industry but still professional so it's hard to strike a balance between cool and stylish and chic and professional looking!

  • Julie Faye
    Julie Faye Год назад

    i would love for you to make an office lookbook!!! like business casual type things. i usually wear skinny work pants and blouses. thatd be so awesome thanks tess 💖💖

  • Carter Grove
    Carter Grove Год назад

    please please please do an apartment tour!!!!

  • Aimee Ishmael
    Aimee Ishmael Год назад

    For your next look book could do a Pretty Little Liars one please? 🍁🌹

  • Taylor V
    Taylor V Год назад

    I just found out your brother lives in the same neighborhood/community as me!

  • Ashley Camilla
    Ashley Camilla Год назад

    Aww I love that there was a clip of Jess. She's the bomb.

  • Ione Zinkunegi
    Ione Zinkunegi Год назад

    Riverdale!! 💜💜

  • Anel Nurmukhametova
    Anel Nurmukhametova Год назад


  • Liliana Castaneda
    Liliana Castaneda Год назад

    A professional lookbook would be so cute😍 I'm a teacher's assistant so I can't wear spaghetti straps, off the shoulder tops, shorts or certain dresses. It's hard to keep it cute while following dress code sometimes!

  • Sophia Batista
    Sophia Batista Год назад

    Work casual outfits please. Love your channel! ❤️

  • Lieske Lindquist
    Lieske Lindquist Год назад

    Hey Tess, I have your mom (Mrs.Slaggie) as a 6th grade reading and social studies teacher and I was wondering if you live in NYC?

  • Renisa Julia
    Renisa Julia Год назад

    Love Your Vlog

  • Slugbug
    Slugbug Год назад

    Are you going to do some Halloween costume videos!!??

  • AdorableMe99
    AdorableMe99 Год назад

    Am I the only one who watched 14:51 -14:58 like 100 times because they’re the cutest couple ever?

  • Mayte Galicia
    Mayte Galicia Год назад

    Yes, office outifits please. I hate that I don't know how to dress formal and chic at the same time. I love your stile but I can't wear that to daily bases.

  • Taryn Medina
    Taryn Medina Год назад

    Im in business school so anything for like business casual or business professional is perfect!

  • Chloe Denomme
    Chloe Denomme Год назад

    can you do a models off duty/ fw street style lookbook?

  • Rachel Gedalia
    Rachel Gedalia Год назад

    In your halloween costume ideas this year could you maybe add some couple costume ideas? xoxo

  • Tamara Ado
    Tamara Ado Год назад

    so cute!!

  • Maria Hallam
    Maria Hallam Год назад

    Yes! Im about to graduate college and I have to start going to interviews and working in an office. Would love some cute outfits that were still modest and professional

  • Katie Doucet
    Katie Doucet Год назад

    I love the idea of an office look book! I have to dress professionally- no exposed shoulders, short skirts, etc 😊

  • EnchantedPrincess11
    EnchantedPrincess11 Год назад

    Office attire please! Business casual!

  • Mikaela Kim
    Mikaela Kim Год назад +1

    anyone else getting harry styles vibes from pat tho

  • rowseeyo
    rowseeyo Год назад

    When will the riverdale video be up? :)

  • Laura Riess
    Laura Riess Год назад

    I would L-O-V-E LOVE to see an office attire video from you. I'm always looking for new ways to style/work with my business casual dress code. Even though ours is pretty relaxed; no sweats, closed toe shoes, covered shoulders, no graphic tees or hoodies, no distressed/ ripped jeans, ect. I work for an independent Health Insurance agency (insert Obama care rant here 😉) and with Open Enrollment right around the corner I will be having a BUNCH of meeting with clients as well as Insurance company reps.
    p.s. you and Pat are probably one of the most adorable couple I have seen on RUclip. I like how chill you two are. I don't feel like you're "trying to hard". You just do your thing and it is beautiful to see the love and respect you two have for each other.

  • Jennifer Frisina
    Jennifer Frisina Год назад

    For your office look video can you find outfits that can work professionally but also trendy/ comfortable enough to wear out to happy hour or date night.

  • itsweilin
    itsweilin Год назад

    Everytime I watch your videos with Pat in it, I'm just like 'when's the proposal' ❤

  • lyla hall
    lyla hall Год назад

    River dale outfits you go

  • Tania Ali
    Tania Ali Год назад

    I love your looks tess, they are so chic and cool. But I just wanted to ask if you could do like one more "modest'" look because i love the vibe you go for. but its hard to tailor it for me as a muslim girl. of course you have your own style, but i love your stuff so would love to see one outfit like that. thanks!

  • Tessa Anindya
    Tessa Anindya Год назад

    Hi Tess! I work in the medical field. I'm a doctor, so I have to wear a long sleeve white coat everyday. And underneath the coat I cannot wear anything too revealing (skirts that are too short or plunging necklines), I also have to wear comfortable shoes (no stilettos please) because I walk around the hospital so much.
    Hope that helps. Thanks!

  • Monica
    Monica Год назад

    4:43 HAHAHA dead

  • rawananananan
    rawananananan Год назад

    hiii hope you’re having a lovely day, Can you show us how to style a pantsuit?

  • J J
    J J Год назад

    How was this your first time trying soup dumplings? whaaaa

  • Hind Ahrari
    Hind Ahrari Год назад

    You should do a workout routine!

  • celineSwaggie
    celineSwaggie Год назад

    Are you planning to do more NYC guides? I loved watching them!

  • youtuber
    youtuber Год назад

    love the black sweatshirt w embroidered flowers, where is it from?

  • Iris Wesselius
    Iris Wesselius Год назад

    I go to university and we don't really have a dresscode, but most peope wear business casual outifts, so for me personally, a professional outfit lookbook video would be very helpful 😄
    Loved this video ❤️

  • ladamilada
    ladamilada Год назад

    I grew up with you! Watching your videos since my junior year of high school, and now I've graduated from university and have a job (thankfully no dress code, so I can pull off your outfits in my own way)

  • Sarah Paul
    Sarah Paul Год назад

    where is your embroidery sweatshirt from? Obsessed!

  • oceangirl 1300
    oceangirl 1300 Год назад

    Tess makes even just doing laundry look so glamourous agh

  • zahra malik
    zahra malik Год назад

    Plseee list where you got your outfits from for this video!! Love the brown skirt/white shirt outfit you wore for the party 😘

  • Savannah Hart
    Savannah Hart Год назад

    I work in a salon as a hairstylist and our dress code is a little more strict than most because we can't wear shorts. But we're encouraged to wear stylish somewhat conservative clothes and that are comfortable at the same time lol

  • Anne Roos Bergwerff
    Anne Roos Bergwerff Год назад

    I love your videos!! and I would like some more classical (ish) looks

  • Secrecy Monroe
    Secrecy Monroe Год назад


  • Marie Grange
    Marie Grange Год назад

    I love this vlog and I can't wait to watch the halloween videos
    love you

  • Dawn Vale
    Dawn Vale Год назад

    16:07 Omg its Jessica Clements!

  • vee
    vee Год назад

    Wait what!!!!!! You're definitely not supposed to break a hole in the soup dumpling to get the soup out first?!??! You just gotta be able to pick it up without breaking it and have it all in one mouthful, it's wayyyy more satisfying ☺️

  • Nath
    Nath Год назад

    I love that you realize that your audience is growing with you, and catering your videos to that! I feel like a lot of you tubers get stuck doing videos for a younger audience forever, and don't really pay attention to that fact.

  • talkingtoalison
    talkingtoalison Год назад

    Business professional pls! We can't wear jeans so dress pants and cute tops! I like loafers!

  • talkingtoalison
    talkingtoalison Год назад

    My heart melts at 14:51!!! Too cute!

  • Alyssa Menconi
    Alyssa Menconi Год назад

    I don't usually leave comments but I would love to see a video for comfortable, but professional teacher outfits! Thanks! You're great

  • veganviola93
    veganviola93 Год назад

    That embroidered sweater you were wearing before the college visit was amazing!! Where is it from?

  • Victoria Mattson
    Victoria Mattson Год назад

    Friends look book or more NYC tours! Also what's the name of the piano bar again?