A Typical Traditional Taiwanese Breakfast

Here's what traditional Taiwanese breakfast looks like. Sweet and savory soy milk, Fried dough, soup dumplings.


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Автор sam onn ( назад)
Did Mike noticed that his dad in the back eating the same meal as him? Lol

Автор D ( назад)
Hey Mike you should try some Native American food...😃

Автор JingleJangleToyReview ( назад)
you are so amusing!!!!

Автор eirik nystrom ( назад)
cursed be toast and eggs ..... I fancy this >.<

Автор Vincey Lee ( назад)
Ichiran Raman noodle they have it in New York City, New York, USA if you still want to eat it yourself or with someone else. You should go try that place to see if the that place is as great as when you went to japan to try it there.

Автор dreamerdazegirl ( назад)
Just how some people carry Tabasco sauce. He needs to start carrying his own emergency hot oil 😭😂😂

Автор sochuiwon khapai ( назад)
man this guy's got a big appetite.. 😂 I would've been full from just the bread n milk

Автор FireOctober Libra ( назад)
I'm getting hungry, leaving for Taiwan tonight .will definitely have breakfast!

Автор 王大震 ( назад)

Автор COCO C ( назад)
why everything with hot oil? LOL

Автор Digmer ( назад)
4:30 the guy in the dark blue shirt made this video so much better!!! he is so clueless, yet aware of mike, and he ate the rice tube at the same time than mikey and he went insane, moving his head from side to side, like in a kind of trance XD and when he is all the sudden still with eyes wide open...omg, this needs to be a meme. sorry to say this, but that sir stole the show to me.

Автор Md. Mahmudur Rahman ( назад)
Old man looks at mick like crazy

Автор Md. Mahmudur Rahman ( назад)
00:0 if u video doesn't work

Автор 바나나라마 ( назад)
That guy eating behind/to the right of you is so cute.

Автор DarkLumiya ( назад)
That is the longest name ever

Автор sfx30 ( назад)
This makes me want to go to Taiwan just for the fried dough 😍😍😍😍

Автор Lawrence Schuman ( назад)
So is the rice log thing kind of a substitute for the breakfast burrito?

Автор fancy valencia ( назад)
05:35 Don't miss it... hahaha

Автор katherine louey ( назад)
lol the guy in the back was eating the wrap the same time as mike

Автор KayNineMaverick ( назад)
"...that would be like eating the Pillsbury dough boy and all his extended family"

I always like your one liners.

Автор Jason Chiang ( назад)
I think we usually also put some of the Chinese fried dough in the sweet soy milk. you should give it a go next time

Автор DM94JAK ( назад)
Didnt Eddie huang come here on his show?

Автор Yiwei Fu ( назад)
You love Hot Oil dont you 😂

which restruant( in your opinion that you tried) has the worst food ever?

Автор Snowberry Ca ( назад)
Mike, you are a Chinese, should know soup dumplings are from east China like Suzhou or Shanghai, not Taiwan; Fried dough and Soy milk is from North China, like Beijing or Tianjin, not Taiwan. There were many Chinese are from Shandong Province brought Chinese food culture to Taiwan. And the founder of YongHe DouJiang restaurant, Mr. Li, YunZeng is one of them! This is a tradition Chinese breakfast in Taiwan, but it's not a TRADITIONAL Taiwan food! Please change the topic and stop making people think u are ignorant and careless for your own culture.

Автор Elizabeth White ( назад)

Автор 03x02 ( назад)
Yes, egg pancake, rice ball, soy milk, and fried dough are in the Taiwanese breakfast cuisine, but it's not "traditional taiwanese". The way you're eating or being served is basically a "modern" northern taiwan breakfast brought from china after WWII. Thus a traditional chinese breakfast. A traditional taiwanese breakfast would be bawan, oyster vermicelli, wagui, gua bao, oyster omlette, fish/meat ball soup, mugwort dumpling etc., served not just with soymilk, but an option for rice milk, peanut milk, milk tea. Or, if it's fried dough, you would eat it with a crusty bread, and not put it in the soymilk. And you need to go eat in places where there are big hokkien and hakka communities in Taiwan, not just in a community influenced by the mainlanders. I know because I'm half minnan and hakka. My ancestors were from Taiwan since the 1600's.

Автор ameer hisyam ( назад)
You should go to Malaysia, we have tons of traditional food like roti canai(Malaysian pancake), nasi lemak, and more

Автор KoRo? ( назад)
That pork floss sticky rice cake looks amazing.

Автор Xo Va ( назад)
The best breakfast I've ever had in Beijing. I love those Chinese fried dough! We got it for a really cheap price. It is so delicious.

Автор Mai ryuzaki ( назад)
$7??? brb moving to taiwan

Автор monique gonzales ( назад)
All the groaning and facial expression after each first bite kept me laughing so hard 😂

Автор hawaichika ( назад)
I want to make memes of his face when he takes a bite but I'm too lazy

Автор SFK Gaming ( назад)
The best soup dumpling is at DIN TAI FUNG

Автор Leo Yu ( назад)
That old man thoughXD

Автор David Rondeau ( назад)
What is your national heritage?

Автор Bilal ( назад)
Hey i really like ur videos, i just want to drop an idea: since ur always traveling do some videos on airplane food ;)

Автор Manoj Anand ( назад)
hey Mike, why don't you come to India and experience some Indian food.

Автор Albus Du ( назад)
In shanghai we got breakfast for 2-3 people for $1.50

Автор 王凱玄 ( назад)
right fire dough in soy milk that's how we eat

Автор Kawaii Cat100 ( назад)
i love taiwan omg

Автор AlGoh ( назад)
this is so true... breakfast shops are what I missed most from Taipei...

Автор generousg83 ( назад)
lol multiple food orgasms

Автор Stickbots Animations ( назад)
Guy in the back keeps staring... creeper

Автор jose moreno ( назад)
you need to try other types of food..

Автор Sebastien Le ( назад)
Once the guy appeared on the right, you lost me 😂😂😂

Автор Mike Do Hong ( назад)
The guy in the back rolling his head and all is so funny haha

Автор Topelin Me ( назад)
I was mostly looking at the clock

Автор lifewithmel ( назад)
Looks exactly like a shanghainese breakfast!!

Автор Jason Luke ( назад)
anyone else catch him saying savory soy sauce instead of savory soy milk? lmao

Автор Yuki Kuran ( назад)
I looove the moment when he realizes that something is yummy, it's so satisfying to see how he enjoys every bite ^^

Автор ana soledad argañaraz ( назад)
One of you saw that gentleman hit the lady

Автор Lydia Dang ( назад)
Love your videos! Keep it up! 😃

Автор Lucy Daveridge ( назад)
when I'm sick and watching your videos i don't have to be jealous of the food

Автор Stacy Chen ( назад)
Whenever I go back to Taiwan, I love visiting this place! My favorite is the cold rice milk and the fried dough with egg and bun. Ugh, love it. And man, got to give props to those employees. Working at a 24 hour restaurant is hard!

Автор Hsu Jocelyn ( назад)
I love and miss savory soy milk, mmmmm Fried dough. love soup dumplings~~~~ I'm from Taiwan. And these are making me Taiwan so much.

Автор 212melc ( назад)
Your videos make me so damn hungry.

Автор 2003feng ( назад)
yeah, that is sticky rice they use for the firm heavy stuff you ate

Автор willow works 1314 ( назад)
This is my favorite video on YouTube of your food tasting. I feel like u edited it or sped it up somehow from the last time I saw it. I miss the pacing oh well. Still so terrific you and the awesome yum factor Thanks Mikey

Автор Tizzie Q ( назад)
he really can put it away lol

Автор MayoToasti ( назад)
:0 I've gone there before

Автор Nicole Shen ( назад)

Автор Wendy Woo ( назад)
I use soy milk because I'm allergic to animal milks, but the texture of the savoury hot soy milk nope, couldn't do it . It looked like curdled cow milk, don't think I could be convinced lol but the Chinese bread stick things look yum. .

Автор Nitro Axis ( назад)
You can tell he likes the food because he rolls his eyes to the right😂

Автор AngelTashaUK ( назад)
yeah it sounds cheap only coz of the exchange rate! technically not all that cheap!

Автор Winston Xiong ( назад)
Eeewwww that looks NASTY and I'm Asian..

Автор My Thai Movie Reviews ( назад)
Yum just straight watching this I'm drooling dude

Автор Love In The Mist ( назад)
How did you order?

Автор joy santod ( назад)
Soy milk taste like grass water. At first it taste disgusting but the longer you drink it becomes delicious.

Автор Seo HyungSeok ( назад)
This is the best looking breakfast ever! OMG

Автор Desy L ( назад)
lmaooo at 5:54 a girl got hit by her dad 😂

Автор llamas galore ( назад)

Автор dipesh chhetri ( назад)
Dude you need better camera angle to showcase the food!!!!!

Автор John Hue Xiong ( назад)
Do they speak Mandarin or Cantonese

Автор nuvamusic ( назад)
So delicious and so cheap. Food heaven!

Автор Swimmer ( назад)
Hey mike I'm from Taiwan, you speak Mandarin well! Love your vids,keep the good work going! Btw, what kind of Asian are you?

Автор Cracker ( назад)
I live on frozen foods from Walmart. Watching your videos pisses me off but at the same time can't stop watching.

Автор Peter Nguyen ( назад)
Mike... Did you just call a taser, 'an electric stick?' Just made my night lol

Автор James Jen ( назад)
the guy behind him is like "aiyah what is that crazy lao wai talking about???"

Автор star wars mommy ( назад)
oh I think meat dumplings, soy milk, rice burrito, Chinese fried dough, scallion + egg pancake are a typical Taiwanese breakfast. the only thing he forgot to order is the meat bun. they are all so delicious though!

Автор Infired so I got jams ( назад)
Get egg with the 飯糰 next time

Автор Infired so I got jams ( назад)
You can have the fried dough with sweet soy milk too

Автор Infired so I got jams ( назад)
If you want soup dumplings go to 鼎泰豐

Автор Infired so I got jams ( назад)
The 飯糰 is really good 😊

Автор Orange Fender ( назад)
Hey! you're the same guy who did the peking duck video!

Автор Borneo Jokes ( назад)
dang... I'm hungry watching this...

Автор Aaa Fang ( назад)
you can get the rice covered meat in new york because i had it before. You can get it in main street near the bridge.

Автор Lulu Li ( назад)
mmmm love youtiao!

Автор Panic! At The Fall Out Pity Party ( назад)
Mike if you do eat bah kut teh, it's delicious when you add the yew tiau and deep fried tofu skin, also take thai chilli then add soy sauce on it in a small plate and eat that with the rice and bah kut teh, just the way I eat it * shrugs *

Автор Jev ( назад)
What is the music you used for the background in this video? It's very serene, I'd love a link!

Автор Andrew Lee ( назад)
sorry soup dumplings for breakfast is not typical. Yes in a more chinese way but not for Taiwanese. You can' make these at home and most breakfast shops that even sell them, taste like trash because if you want to eat soup dumplings, you should go to a dumpling shop or a soup dumpling shop which is not a morning shop. I am Taiwanese so... I know

Автор icy cream ( назад)
this old man in the back ground though xD 5:54

Автор icy cream ( назад)
guys, go to 5:55 and watch the blue shirt man in the back ground LMAO

Автор tennisswimmingrugby ( назад)
2:57 Mike's Orgasmic moan XD LEGENDARY

Автор kaixing's ( назад)
Yixing be like "BRAISED PORK RICE!!!!!"

Автор kaixing's ( назад)
I love the "never don't mind about a thing" attitude of the dude eating in the background

Автор Nicole Tubbs ( назад)
This made me so hungry! Everything looks so good. I love this channel!

Автор IamMi ( назад)
I'm sold with the you can protect yourself and eat it as a snack part
Need to buy myself some of the sticky rice roll

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