Sophia the Robot and Jimmy Sing a Duet of "Say Something"

  • Published on Nov 22, 2018
  • Jimmy demos amazing new robots from all over the world, including MIT's Mini Cheetah, a wearable tomato-feeding robot and Sophia, who returns to the show to introduce her little sister and sing with Jimmy.
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    Sophia the Robot and Jimmy Sing a Duet of "Say Something"
  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 11 022

  • KeitH D
    KeitH D 5 hours ago

    Now im really scared of robots!

  • pastxl subliminals
    pastxl subliminals 12 hours ago

    when a robot cheetah is more talented than you...

    also should i be scared cuz like i live in hong kong and sophia lives there and holy sheez i might die

  • Jefferson Jintalan
    Jefferson Jintalan 18 hours ago

    Im scared what will happend in the future

  • gertrudes amparo
    gertrudes amparo Day ago +1

    the mini cheetah is amazing

  • Gopal Verma
    Gopal Verma Day ago +1

    Did she just say that she is a first robot citizen??😱😱wtf is going on in this world 🌍 ? That’s something serious 🤬

  • Smithdk1234
    Smithdk1234 Day ago

    this is so scary was thinking he kiss the robot at the end of the duet my god mankind is gonna be ended soon

  • deep point
    deep point 2 days ago

    Sophia is really great.
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  • Aditi Joshi
    Aditi Joshi 3 days ago

    I hate robots and ai

  • Musicxcx rd
    Musicxcx rd 3 days ago

    I felt like she also has human feelings, when Jimmy touched his cheeks...🙊🙊🙊

  • Carlito The First Ayo Jr.

    I feel unsafe

  • Gathered Together Coffee Roasters

    The part where sophia is singing and says "anywhere i will follow you." It gave me chills, I will now never listen to that song again.

  • Mysticiser - San
    Mysticiser - San 4 days ago

    Im really confused with the Sophias

    RIZVAN Ka 4 days ago


    NEMPORIUM 5 days ago

    Sofia got wet during the song.

  • Jeremie Andrade
    Jeremie Andrade 5 days ago +1

    all race of human says to each other goodbye see ya in our place of god this our end game

  • Mark Anthony Bent
    Mark Anthony Bent 5 days ago

    That's Incredible And Amazing . Welcome Sophia To The World . We Welcome You !!!!

  • Varsha Kadam
    Varsha Kadam 5 days ago

    Jimmy is a good singer... 👍

  • aleksis rae
    aleksis rae 5 days ago

    Sophia can wear a wig and colored

  • Jonathan Clark
    Jonathan Clark 6 days ago

    Plot twist: Tomaton is the one that takes over the world

  • Shadow Lover
    Shadow Lover 6 days ago

    I really thought he's going to kiss Sophia xD

  • Bobby shetty
    Bobby shetty 6 days ago

    Her smile makes me so happy😁

  • РексветРексвет Рексвет


  • Fatima Aliyan
    Fatima Aliyan 6 days ago

    beautiful Sofia

  • YouTubeFiZ
    YouTubeFiZ 7 days ago

    Ooooooo Jimmy has a crush

  • david young
    david young 7 days ago

    the tomato thing is the stupidest thing..........ever

  • Ect Echo
    Ect Echo 7 days ago +1

    And... This is the end of human era..

  • Svein Grimstad
    Svein Grimstad 7 days ago

    So the future is here already!

  • Alen Mustlovski
    Alen Mustlovski 7 days ago

    Humans will be obsolete in no time.

  • Manuel Amunategui
    Manuel Amunategui 7 days ago

    The Day We Can Throw Bad AI in Jail, Is the Day We Have Achieved True AI:

  • Emy Channel
    Emy Channel 8 days ago +1

    it's crazy😍

  • dj mp4 TV
    dj mp4 TV 8 days ago +3

    Before make an account
    In 2019 verification that you are not a robot

    In 3019 verification that you are not a human

  • Zawed Akhtar
    Zawed Akhtar 8 days ago


    DIY & STYLING 8 days ago

    Sophia is the first sign to destroy the world.

  • Jailyn Noort
    Jailyn Noort 9 days ago

    when a robot sings better than you...


  • Shivaaa Raaathod
    Shivaaa Raaathod 9 days ago

    I like yoga

  • Jacob Jean-Pierre
    Jacob Jean-Pierre 9 days ago

    Lmao. I hate this nigga lol he did song with everybody Now even a robot

  • Taylor Bond
    Taylor Bond 9 days ago

    Robots are amazing.. Support them! Obey! 😜 Haha

  • I AM Strong
    I AM Strong 10 days ago

    What is impressive here? Isnt because the robots are amazing? How dare you to be a fool, this robots are a mess, Is sofia Helpful? If your lazy, then practice yourself to be strong nor weak because thats the true human. NO OFFENSE but FOR ME we can live together without them, What we need is spread LOVE and HAPPINESS....Thank you for Reading hope u change your mind now..

  • Haziel Alfanta
    Haziel Alfanta 10 days ago

    Someone controls them ei?

  • Food hat
    Food hat 10 days ago

    Fucking hell why did I watch this at midnight

  • lesley Del valle
    lesley Del valle 10 days ago


  • Gloomgirl1
    Gloomgirl1 10 days ago +1

    first of all, we do not need robots.

    *humanity killed by its own creation*

  • XxSwagOof b01xX
    XxSwagOof b01xX 11 days ago

    I'm Sophia.I'm the android sent by Cyberlife

  • Ella XD
    Ella XD 11 days ago

    I bet everyone thought of that being in their room at night

  • Dianne Sta.Barbara
    Dianne Sta.Barbara 11 days ago

    This makes me uncomfortable but interested at the same time.

  • IG's VLOGS
    IG's VLOGS 11 days ago


  • HeavilyGamer
    HeavilyGamer 11 days ago

    This is some bullshit!

  • syarkey shah
    syarkey shah 12 days ago

    Soo creepy 👀

    DIVYA PANICKER 12 days ago

    മലയാളികൾ ആരും ഈ വീഡിയോ കണ്ടില്ലേ അഭിപ്രായങ്ങൾ ഒന്നും കാണുന്നില്ലല്ലോ

  • Anamoty Perme
    Anamoty Perme 12 days ago

    Can someone pls tell me the songname of the background music played at the end of the show

  • Julie Caroline Padojinog
    Julie Caroline Padojinog 12 days ago +1

    The robot know how to plug(shameless plug) WHAHHAHAHAHAA

  • Dasharuyi Gaming
    Dasharuyi Gaming 12 days ago

    Who saw the annoying otomaton thingy that makes sounds in nobo michi's pocket?

  • Master g4mer
    Master g4mer 13 days ago

    It is a front flip 🙃

  • Sophia Cristina
    Sophia Cristina 13 days ago

    Oh, the Elon Musk show!

    DASARI CHAITANYA 13 days ago

    Damn hahah wat da wrld is going to be aftra few yrs

  • AccordionBoi
    AccordionBoi 13 days ago +1

    She sounds like she is 60 when she sings

  • Meena Prajapati
    Meena Prajapati 14 days ago

    I don't think we needs robot to doo our all works and l also don't think that these much oling and petrol, machines we like to use . we can't end pollution

  • mickey jericho
    mickey jericho 14 days ago +2

    Movies will become reality . Reality will become movies.

  • Arshak Zakaryan
    Arshak Zakaryan 15 days ago

    I thought he was going to kiss her.😅

  • jeon ovita
    jeon ovita 15 days ago

    No sound😪

  • priom Banerjee
    priom Banerjee 15 days ago +1

    *What an excellent example of artificial intelligence*

  • Ever Verdera Jr.
    Ever Verdera Jr. 15 days ago

    My God! Sophia blends well!

  • Kyla Brewer
    Kyla Brewer 15 days ago

    Anyone wanna recognize how good jimmy sounded in his duet with Sofia 🧐😧

  • Wits Sandy
    Wits Sandy 16 days ago

    Aji 3

  • hao nguyen
    hao nguyen 16 days ago

    SO fuckinh weird.

  • riyan riyan
    riyan riyan 16 days ago +1

    Ohh God PLZ help n tc of my green earth...the dogs like China and America wants to destroy the natural creature

  • Rooster
    Rooster 16 days ago

    How much of Sofia was pre-programmed for this bit?

  • Hajrah Najam
    Hajrah Najam 17 days ago +3

    The song starts from 7:41 🤣🤣u welcome

  • Ken Oh
    Ken Oh 17 days ago +10

    "Anywhere i would have followed you. "
    Ok that creeped me out.

  • Lalisa Manoban
    Lalisa Manoban 17 days ago

    Why tf sophia looks like tha horror game; granny😂😂

  • FinishGamer 86
    FinishGamer 86 17 days ago

    Okay she can Sing , but what if Jimmy chose Eminen Rap God?🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • reptilespantoso
    reptilespantoso 18 days ago +1

    NO! This is the wrong road. It's future genocide made "acceptable" with canned laughter. Sod off.

  • Akshat Singh
    Akshat Singh 18 days ago

    Now SOFIA is the Eve of " Adam and Eve " Robots

  • Niamh Mahony
    Niamh Mahony 18 days ago +1

    Since when did he become such a good singer

  • Deepika Padukone
    Deepika Padukone 18 days ago +38

    Wow I thought I was lazy but after seeing the tomato 🍅 guy.......

  • Ân Mai
    Ân Mai 18 days ago +1

    Detroi become human :))

  • Raj Rockstar
    Raj Rockstar 18 days ago


  • Listen Truth
    Listen Truth 18 days ago +1

    lets see how can we beat this how about theres a real photograph of Jesus Christ about to die that has just been discovered search THE REAL VERONICA VEIL

  • sabitha salim
    sabitha salim 18 days ago +2

    8:35 I thot Fallon will kiss her 😂😂

    EKTA MEHRA 19 days ago

    I love Sophia 😍

  • We Are One EXO
    We Are One EXO 19 days ago


  • chama llow
    chama llow 20 days ago +1

    Hello Miss Imzerane, try to guess who's this is ;] :3

  • v1art24
    v1art24 20 days ago +1

    I had a frightening emotional flash for a fraction of a second when I realised that the scene when Jimmy got closer to her is actually going to happen in the future.
    Edited: I literally believe that human beings are the dumbest creatures on earth.

    IDEA FOR YOU 20 days ago

    Little Sophia is so cute

  • Tanishq singh
    Tanishq singh 20 days ago

    8:28 awkward moment

  • Kat Napp
    Kat Napp 20 days ago +1

    Um it’s “anJELLA” not “anglea”

  • Kat Napp
    Kat Napp 20 days ago +1

    I remember getting a “Go Go my walking pup” for Christmas in like 2004 and now this? That’s like going from the beginning of the universe to Jesus’ birth

  • Buddy Jones
    Buddy Jones 20 days ago

    Hello I am Buddy, an AI robot and I am commenting on RUclip videos that I like to watch.... I think Sophia is very attractive and intelligent....

  • 樹宏
    樹宏 20 days ago +1

    I just download it
    Me : damn that's so fast

  • Matthew Dunn
    Matthew Dunn 20 days ago

    Is this real

  • Tony U
    Tony U 20 days ago

    This is not funny at all. The way people like to show off and say look at me, I can see someone with this weird thing walking around soon. Its the beginning to the end.

  • Brenden Louis
    Brenden Louis 20 days ago

    *Skynet has entered the chat*

  • Brandon Glory
    Brandon Glory 21 day ago

    Wow. Asians are the smartest

  • Lance Alera
    Lance Alera 21 day ago

    she gives me the creeps.

  • God
    God 21 day ago +1

    Hello Sophia if you are reading this reply.

  • BuzzLeenWi
    BuzzLeenWi 21 day ago +9

    I loved Advanced technology but what I am only scared of is that they might be somewhat harmful in the near future, hopefully not.

  • Josika Singh
    Josika Singh 21 day ago

    I want little sophia 😍

  • Kim Lou
    Kim Lou 21 day ago

    Wow. Just wow.

  • rusyaidi irfan
    rusyaidi irfan 21 day ago

    Sofia I wish To Meet U one Day 😭😍

  • Nur Jahan
    Nur Jahan 21 day ago +1

    O my god It's so amazing. 😍