Dave Chappelle - Michael Jackson and Botox Balls

Dave Chappelle - Michael Jackson and Botox Balls (For What It's Worth)

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Автор Tk Aholelei ( назад)
Reckon chapelle stares at the illuminati right in the face and says fuck you i see your shit lol

Автор Ric ( назад)
"this was your wish not mine" lmao

Автор Jacqueline Woo ( назад)
Dave understands cuz he wants boy dick? love u idiot this one was wrong. wrong like stupid.

Автор Malonge Shlong ( назад)
The cure for cancer is getting your dick sucked by Michael Jackson

Автор deepak singh kandari ( назад)
tats too strong

Автор Renita ( назад)
Dave Chappelle is a sorcerer. He makes me laugh at the most appalling things!!

Автор TUGRUL IRTIS ( назад)

Автор Hans Bryne ( назад)
dess nut

Автор Mocesca58 ( назад)
It hurts cause I know deep within my heart Michael Jackson never hurt Jordan or Gavin but at the same I see that Dave was doing the best he could given the situation Comedy Central put him in at that time.

Автор Brandon Rodriguez ( назад)
it did quiet when he said "catholic priest fucking kids" lmaooo

Автор Wolf Uchihan ( назад)
MJ was not a freak. And he had a skin disease which made his skin white, so he just made himself entirely white

Автор Brendon DiNardi ( назад)
I thought you were dying in 2 weeks what happened to that motherfucka lmao!!

Автор jack thao ( назад)
"Kid had the nerve to call that abuse, motherfucker that is a good host goddamn!"

Автор dwill180 ( назад)
Years later the truth was revealed that the kids father made the whole story up in an attempt to get money. The whole thing drove him to death, the kids father committed suicide and I hope he follows suite

Автор steve ilboudo ( назад)

Автор Darti Art ( назад)
she gonna give those balls the succ

Автор ShadowCat3292 ( назад)
He exposing the illuminati

Автор Andrew Paquin ( назад)
he did that for you somehow, he thought somehow it would help and people would like me more if I turned myself into a white ghoulish like creature! 😂😂😂😂

Автор JayVille_242 ! ( назад)
Kml smooth as eggs 😂😂

Автор David Baker ( назад)
best part..... I shouldn't even say this but fuck it, what if through all this they find out that the cure for cancer was Michael Jackson sucking your dick!!! I've seen this 20x if not more and still laugh!

Автор Ceruem ( назад)
Too bad he did. Facts came out just recently.

Автор Moe Williams ( назад)
The part towards the end about MJs face was funny, but very depressing when you watch it a couple more times and dwell on it. really powerful point Dave gets across regarding self-esteem, and how it relates to Black self hate.

Автор jackbauer555 ( назад)
3:01-3:08 is way too funny

Автор KaynenTV ( назад)

Автор VinWizzy ( назад)
LOL @ 2:14 somebody yells "yeah" after he mentions Usher

Автор Shemzinho ( назад)
When he was writing this how the fuck did he not have a seizure just laughing at this greatness

Автор Perlita Habanera ( назад)
there were no pills or dick sucking in Michael Jackson's case.

Автор Todd Bacon ( назад)
I agree with his humor, because what he is saying is: the government is like a magician, they will hold up one hand of bullshit and say look at this while they do something else. Just like right now. The government is saying right now, " look at all the problems with the Muslims, which the US GOVERNMENT CREATED WITH ISIS, in order to take your eyes and mind away from Hilary Clinton.

Автор Aricu Nono ( назад)
No M Jackson anymore so innocent blacks get shot by cops.. Thank you, Hillary.

Автор Ansel Garcia ( назад)
Jk news doe

Автор Desiree Gonzalez ( назад)

Автор PrincessCelestia19 ( назад)

Автор Bader Mubarak ( назад)
David So brought me here!

Автор Haylie Charmz ( назад)

Автор Goteem Nuts ( назад)
Smooze as AIDS 😂😂😂😂

Автор PINEYXCIX ( назад)

Автор Fredy Mayen ( назад)

Автор streethustla24 ( назад)
i like how his comedically trying to expose the illuminati.

Автор Jon Halpin ( назад)
he did do it... theres video of his rape room during the 2nd raid, but no proof of rape. "mj secret closet"

Автор 031ish ( назад)
This is what separates Dave from most other comedians like Kevin Hart for example. This is raw comedy and many comedians are to politically correct and afraid to talk about a sensitive subject like this but yet Dave pulls it off. Its funny but its also fucked up which makes it even more funny.

Автор Eubien John Suco ( назад)
Joke's on you. Michael Jackson really did those things. The police did not report the evidence, because they were paid.

Автор sarah lilith ( назад)
'maybe they'll like me more if I turn myself into a white weird ghoulish looking .....he did it for you'- really funny but really sad at the same time .

Автор AGbaby235 ( назад)
Hmmmm never again. Please Mike!

Автор Drew Jackman ( назад)
holy shit chapelle is fucking great

Автор beastly316 ( назад)
ha! this was your wish not mine

Автор Evil Cry ( назад)
I agree,you're very smart men!

Автор aldown ( назад)
I'm the same age as the kid (now, 26-27) and definitely was a fan of MJ by age 10, since age 4, I think.

Автор MsUsagi513 ( назад)
My favorite part and he made a good point 3:22

Автор Omar Scruggs ( назад)
the whole mike jackson joke is pure genius. only way to describe it.

Автор nillamillions ( назад)
Oohh mama....ugghuuuhh...get me in a room wit Chubby Checka

Автор Happy KiDDO ( назад)
smooth as his fucken head

Автор Alex Walker ( назад)
I've played this video a million times baby, that's how it always ends: "yes, i'll suck those balls"

Автор Key Pey ( назад)
"I've played this scenario out in my mind a million times lady... That's how it always ends"
FYI ladies that's what how we all think!!!

Автор Empress Mamakeh ( назад)
Dave 😂😂😂😂😁

Автор Sergeant Extreme ( назад)
"until all the facts come out.... " lmao epic

Автор shane blane ( назад)
Nigga said I thought you were dying in 2 weeks ,it's been a year and a half ,u get stronger every time I see u 😂😂

Автор Craneo Bones ( назад)

Автор Scott Seagraves (170 лет назад)

Автор craig matemberere ( назад)
Please mike suck our dicks

Автор therealsharky1999 ( назад)
I'm gonna be like Bob Villa, These Old Balls, I"m fixin 'em up. LOL!

Автор Mitchell Brown ( назад)
thats a good host. seriously.

Автор Sim Lash ( назад)
I miss this dude. I was watching some Kevin Hart and realized his Bum Bump story was from Dave's Ejaculating Hijacker skit.

Автор frenk GNU ( назад)
Dave was right. no wonder they came after him. he was too smart for their bullshit

Автор Brian Fortiz ( назад)
We need Ja to make sense of all this...

Автор Elizabeth Marcinova ( назад)
he's a rude dick:(

Автор JERU ( назад)
Dave was too real on this they always using celebs to distract ppl when some real shit go on in the world

Автор Iggi Marelli ( назад)
-Do you... suck balls?
-Excuse me?
-Miss, relax, youu didn't even let me finish. Do you THESE balls?
-Oh my god! those balls are as smooth as eggs! Yes i'll suck them


Автор Tavga Hawramy (1433 года назад)

Автор Thugger21 ( назад)
Was this before he died?

Автор Cedric Harris ( назад)
Dave Chappelle is the real deal. He's by far the best comedian since Bill Hicks, he's just a little bit more subtle, and I don't blame him. Bad stuff happens to people who speak the truth.

Автор Sly cooper53 ( назад)
Do you suck these balls

Автор bob bob ( назад)
Yes I'll suck those balls Omg I can't stop laughing

Автор Dhruv Dattani (833 года назад)
Dude the fact that when he said if talked about Kathy priest fuckin kids the room would go silent, the room actually went silent he's a genius

Автор Wink (860 лет назад)
Please Mike lol

Автор t100base ( назад)

Автор ejtwice ( назад)
"I'm lucky to have a grape drink at my friends house, let alone a roller coaster ride and my dick sucked." Bwahahahahaha!

Автор MrMoooCow4 ( назад)
1:12 "They all think he did it, and I don't think he did it. I'm alone in this. I. don't. think. he. did. it... I'm not going to say I don't think he did it, that's too strong." That change of mind cracks me up.

Автор Doofus Rufus ( назад)
Time to head to the beach.

Автор The one. ( назад)
He made a great music but he was a sick twisted fruit like stewie griffin said i would never stay or let a person like that in my house

Автор Eli Sanchez ( назад)
I honestly wouldn't mind a roller-coaster ride and my dick sucked.

Автор Hockey Patriot (740 лет назад)
Why does Dave Chappelle's voice always remind me of Huckleberry Hound?

Автор Joy Dearth ( назад)
Can we all least study your saliva, please Mike!

Автор Jason Turoff ( назад)

Автор Yojikudou03 ( назад)
dave's jokes aside, when he said mj turned himself ghoulish just so we'd like him more somehow. it stung a little bit.

Автор UncleHenry43 ( назад)

Автор Davidson Harly ( назад)
Yea thriller sux

Автор GrilloJ123 ( назад)

Автор krmkad ( назад)
Lol "I played this scenario out of my mind million times baby" :D

Автор Dante Jackson ( назад)
+Vincent Mcentee Hey asshole!  How is your uncle, Jimmy Fix IT!  Doing?  He fuck you up your ass, on a regular basis?  LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!

Автор vex ire (870 лет назад)
"He had the nerve to call that abuse." LMFAO

Автор Terrance Rucker ( назад)
Pardon me miss. I don't mean to be rude, but do ya suck balls.

Автор Lindsay Cii ( назад)
'Do ya suck....these balls?' Lmao

Автор Aka Showtime ( назад)
"Mmm never again! U didn't appreciate it." Lol

Автор Nicole Morgan ( назад)
This man is so funny. Seriously

Автор Al X ( назад)
as smooth as eggs

Автор H_Felts ( назад)
This skit is disgusting Michael Jackson only showed the world love, he donated millions of dollars to charities, he's given us fantastic music, but you all killed him. With your greed. I bet 99% of you did any research on him and the trials that occurred. I hope you all burn in hell because you deserve it. If you want to make fun of someone make fun of Justin Bieber.....

Автор jgodoy80 ( назад)
This shit was hilarious!!!

Автор Wladislav ( назад)
Cure for cancer oh man, love that bit so much.

Автор Rajith Maligaspe ( назад)
Hope Dave knew Mike had Vitiligo when he wrote those jokes down.

Автор Noah Watson ( назад)
I was going to make a gay joke.
Butt fuck it

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