Dave Chappelle - Michael Jackson and Botox Balls

  • Опубликовано: 27 янв 2009
  • Dave Chappelle - Michael Jackson and Botox Balls (For What It's Worth)
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  • Sharon Abitbol
    Sharon Abitbol 18 дней назад

    Dave chapelle is the best comedian of all time

  • Magic Mike
    Magic Mike 19 дней назад

    why would he talk like himself when he talk like a white guy

  • Panamanian Muffin Garrison
    Panamanian Muffin Garrison Месяц назад

    "I thought you was dying in 2 weeks, I been in court for the past 2 years!". 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Mc abod
    Mc abod Месяц назад

    mj was like i brought u in my house i feed u i sucked ur dick and thats how u repayed me 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • Ryne Green
      Ryne Green 28 дней назад +1

      Mc abod this was your wish, not mine... I thought you were dying in two weeks.

  • Mc abod
    Mc abod Месяц назад +1

    😂😂😂😂😂 omg i cant stop laughing when i watch this !!

    ESTELLE K Месяц назад


  • marcjon000
    marcjon000 2 месяца назад

    "Let alone a rollercoaster ride and my dick sucked." 💀😂😂

  • sorry to offend u but i must offend u
    sorry to offend u but i must offend u 3 месяца назад

    Tattoo gansta ass face....mean expressions

  • sorry to offend u but i must offend u
    sorry to offend u but i must offend u 3 месяца назад

    Kid had the never to call it abuse

  • Aztec Raider
    Aztec Raider 3 месяца назад

    It's funny how this comedy would be labeled as controversial today... soft ass America

  • Brendon DiNardi
    Brendon DiNardi 4 месяца назад

    Please Mike. 😂

  • popactor
    popactor 4 месяца назад +1

    That kid wasn't even born when the album "bad" came out

  • lunabranwen
    lunabranwen 5 месяцев назад +1

    He makes fun of child molestation. And people giggle. Sick world

  • dan coolinism
    dan coolinism 6 месяцев назад

    Just hilarious

  • Athal Kotiyai
    Athal Kotiyai 7 месяцев назад


  • yessy garcia
    yessy garcia 7 месяцев назад

    Do suck balls

  • Leo Loner
    Leo Loner 8 месяцев назад

    Guess what...'botox balls' became a real thing! It's called Scrotox...lmao.

  • Mr Tibbs
    Mr Tibbs 8 месяцев назад

    dead birds

  • Bliss Madness
    Bliss Madness 8 месяцев назад

    A good host lmao

  • Sin World
    Sin World 9 месяцев назад +1

    i like skinny funny mustache dave chappelle more then the new buff one

  • The real donald trump
    The real donald trump 9 месяцев назад +1

    "Do ya suck THESE balls"

  • Tha Dude
    Tha Dude 9 месяцев назад +3

    One of the reasons the elite wanted him dead.. exposing too much of their dirty laundry... creating stories to distract the masses.

  • El AZ
    El AZ 9 месяцев назад +1

    Dave See's right through the bs ..

  • Blood Diamond
    Blood Diamond 9 месяцев назад +1

    read between the lines of the jokes he is deep and so honest miss the old Chappell

  • Stoms Cumin
    Stoms Cumin 10 месяцев назад

    I'm confused, is he dissing michael jackson or using michael jackson to subtly diss everyone else or is it all the above?

  • Rob G
    Rob G 10 месяцев назад

    wait what,sounds like The Cosby case..

    • nemoran
      nemoran 10 месяцев назад

      +robby griffin But even that is totally unlike Cosby. No kid ever accused MJ of giving him alcohol before the Arvizos did in 2003 and it was proven in court that they actually stole booze and drank behind Mj's back then later blamed the whole thing on MJ. Two prosecution witnesses Cyntia Bell and Chris Carter testified that MJ never shared his drink with any kid on that plane, contrary to what the Arvizos claimed. Shane Meredith, a security guard testified that he caught the two boys with an open bottle in the wine cellar while MJ was nowhere around. Rijo and Simone Jackson testified that they saw the Arvizo boys steal alcohol from the kitchen and MJ's room while he wasn't around. Angel Vivanco testified that Star Arvizo demanded alcohol from him long before Feb 2003 and the Arvizos claimed that they never drank before MJ started to give them alcohol in Feb 2003. They lied.
      If you read the trial transcripts you can see they never mentioned any pills, it was only in the original version of their ever changing story that MJ gave them a sleeping pill which they supposedly kept. Too bad they couldn't show that pill to anyone because it didn't exist! They made it all up and later they simply dropped the issue like they never said it. The Arvizos falsely accused numerous people, they lied under oath repeatedly and got away with it. Bunch of disgusting freeloaders. Cosby's accusers are nothing like them.
      So while Cosby admitted under oath that he gave pills to women and countless women said he did that MJ not only never admitted it, his only accusers who ever claimed such a thing clearly made the whole thing up.

    • Rob G
      Rob G 10 месяцев назад

      sondano I was speaking on the pills and booze..that M.J supposed to had gave him..

    • nemoran
      nemoran 10 месяцев назад +1

      +robby griffin It's not like the Cosby case. Cosby has about 50 accusers many of whom cannot make money and many are eager to testify against him in criminal court including the one who got a settlement. Totally the opposite of MJ: his accusers always went to trial lawyers first not the police and Chandler and Francia absolutely did not want to testify in criminal court they only wanted money. The Arvizos went to the same lawyer who got the money for the Chandlers. The law changed after 1993 that's why they couldn't just sue Mj, they had to go through the
      criminal case first where they were roundly defeated, not even their own lawyer Larry Feldman believed them. There is also no proof that cosby is innocent, there is proof that MJ was innocent, that his accusers
      lied, they never saw him naked contrary to what they claimed. The media has not been fabricating evidence against Cosby they had been fabricating evidence against MJ especially since he died because he cannot defend himself anymore.

  • ruffy
    ruffy 10 месяцев назад +1

    He is talking sense

  • nemoran
    nemoran 10 месяцев назад

    MJ Case in a nutshell Met the family in 2000. In 2003, the Martin Bashir documentary airs. Before the Bashir documentary no abuse is alleged to have occurred. The supposed abuse took place AFTER. So, with police and child services both
    investigating and the media in uproar we're meant to believe Michael Jackson's thought process was, 'I'm innocent, I've not touched the child. Police are investigating as are child services. I know what I'll do, I'll abuse the boy now and make myself guilty'. Really? This is the story we were meant to believe.

  • nemoran
    nemoran 10 месяцев назад

    That was not the real timeline. Janet Arvizo started to investigate MJ months before they even met in Jan 2000 obviously with the clear intent on how she could frame him and get a settlement from him somehow. She and her sons had a history of lying about sex abuse and lying under oath, they falsely accused a JC penny guard of sex abuse, and they accused David Arvizo of sex abuse too. So when Gavin had cancer they used that to get to MJ, they asked Carol Lemere to contact MJ , she worked for MJ as a hairdressed and also knew the Arvizos. She told MJ here's a kid with cancer who wants to meet with you. So MJ called him in the hospital. Sent him a gift basket and let the family enjoy Neverland most of the time he wasn't even there. All that was in 2000. Then MJ moved on and there was no contact between them whatsoever for more than a year. In 2002 Martin Bashir wanted to interview MJ and told him to show examples where he helped kids. So MJ called Arvizo asked him whether he would like to talk to bashir and of course Arvizo said yes. The Arvizos kept sending letters and cards thanking MJ for his love and support before so that's why MJ called them. Bashir did the interview and after that MJ again had no contact with Arvizo for months. Then Bashir doc had aired and it wrongly suggested that MJ molested gavin. Both the Arvizos and MJ were angry and wanted to refute Bashir's lie. So the
    Arvizos asked Chris Tucker to take them to Florida after the Bashir doc had aired in the UK. They originally planned a press conference to debunk Bashir's story, but they changed their mind. They wanted to make a rebuttal video. So they moved back to Neverland where the Arvizos stayed between Feb 7 and March 12, while they also left the ranch twice
    and lived in a luxury hotel between Feb 25 and March 2. Arvizos later claimed that MJ decided to molest Gavin
    AFTER the Bashir doc aired! In Feb 2003. Not when Gavin sitll had cancer in 2000. By Feb 2003 Gavin was OK and he and his brother were 13 and 12, cunning street smart and raised by a mother who told them it was OK
    to lie OK to falsely accuse.
    When MJ distanced himself from them all of a sudden all four Arvizo turned on him and all four started to make accusations of MJ giving them alcohol, falsely imprisoning them and molesting both Star and Gavin The whole story made absolutely no sense, not the least because of the timeline: why would MJ decide to molest Gavin
    AFTER the Bashir doc had aired when he was not interested in that for three years??

  • Prescriptiondoses
    Prescriptiondoses 10 месяцев назад +2

    this was your wish not mines

  • Tonio Sweatshirt
    Tonio Sweatshirt 10 месяцев назад

    Smooth as eggs

  • Ted John
    Ted John 10 месяцев назад

    the comment section is just everything he says in the video.

  • I See Str8 Through Your Bullshit
    I See Str8 Through Your Bullshit 11 месяцев назад


  • Tk Aholelei
    Tk Aholelei 11 месяцев назад +1

    Reckon chapelle stares at the illuminati right in the face and says fuck you i see your shit lol

  • Ric
    Ric 11 месяцев назад

    "this was your wish not mine" lmao

  • Jacqueline Woo
    Jacqueline Woo 11 месяцев назад

    Dave understands cuz he wants boy dick? love u idiot this one was wrong. wrong like stupid.

  • Chris Rose
    Chris Rose 11 месяцев назад

    The cure for cancer is getting your dick sucked by Michael Jackson

    • nemoran
      nemoran 10 месяцев назад

      +Chris Next Don't you think before you call someone a pedo you should actually learn about the evidence? That is not customary in America? Over there you just convict people if they are accused by some crooks
      like the Arvizos? I hate false accusers so I studied this case. Do you like false accusers? Feel sorry for the lying bastards? They made a mockery of real victims and ruined an innocent man who was only kind toward their golddigger families. They fooled him, used and abuse him all for fucking money and America is still kissing their ass despite the overwhelming evidence that they were guilty as sin.

    • nemoran
      nemoran 10 месяцев назад

      +Chris Next What? If he had sucked Chandler's dick he would have paid off Chandler in Aug 1993 when Chandler first demanded money! MJ REFUSED to pay that's why he was accused in the first place! You ignore that little fact. Why do you think he fought the Chandlers for months if he was guilty? Why did he fight to get the criminal case first if he was guilty? Why wasn't he arrested after the strip search in Dec 1993 if he was guilty? Why did Chandler refuse to tesify in criminal court TWICE if he was a victim? How come they couldn't indict him after 14 months of criminal investigation in 1994? They found no evidence at all because the whole dick sucking story was made up by that sicko Evan Chandler and that NAMBLA pedo Victor Gutierrez to get 20 million from MJ by blackmailing him if he doesn't pay they would accuse him! You know nothing about what the Chandlers did, do you?

      He defeated the Arvizos on all counts you still ignore the verdict so what if MJ had defeated the Chandlers in court? You would still say he was guilty. You can't have it both ways.
      And Arvizo didn't even claim that MJ sucked his dick for that matter let alone MJ doing it. Only Chandler claimed it and he changed his story about Monaco big time! So exactly whose dick did he suck? Name him.
      The Chandlers appear guilty not MJ! They even admitted in their book that iof MJ had paid in Aug 1993 they wouldn't have accused him! Evan Chandler was caught on tape on July 8 1993 talking about a plan to destroy MJ unless he gets what he wanted. Then he demanded 20 million from MJ! What is that if not extortion?
      MJ only settled the civil case in Jan 1994 after the judge allowed it go before the criminal case was resolved flat out violating Mj's rights for a fair criminal trial. I would have done the same especially since settling was cheaper than winning in court. But the civil settlement didn't end the criminal case and Chandler cooperated with the DA for 10 months! That wasn't enough for them to arrest and charge MJ? Come on. They couldn't because Chandler was not credible and there was no evidence MJ was a pedo. Simple as that.
      You think MJ became a pedo at age 35 for Jordan Chandler whose father just happened to have a plan to get 20 million from him? Does that makes sense to you?
      You are dead wrong. Innocent people even plead guilty if they don't think they would get a fair trial. Google Clyde Ray Spencer, an innocent man accused of child molestation who pleaded guilty instead of going to court.
      You dodged my question: why would a boy molester only collect hetero adult magazines for years?

    • Chris Rose
      Chris Rose 10 месяцев назад

      +sondano u seem to know a little too much about this case.. Maybe learning how to defend yourself when you getv accused of sucking underage kids dicks.. Hmm

    • Chris Rose
      Chris Rose 10 месяцев назад

      +sondano You're really just over thinking it too much. 99% chance Michael Jackson has sucked little boy dick. If I'm not sucking little boy dick no matter how rich and famous i am an accusation of such would just make me laugh not cover up act suspicious and appear guilty af. He was sucking those dicks for sure

  • deepak singh kandari
    deepak singh kandari 11 месяцев назад

    tats too strong

  • Renita
    Renita 11 месяцев назад

    Dave Chappelle is a sorcerer. He makes me laugh at the most appalling things!!

    TUGRUL IRTIS Год назад


  • Hans Bryne
    Hans Bryne Год назад

    dess nut

  • Mocesca58
    Mocesca58 Год назад +4

    It hurts cause I know deep within my heart Michael Jackson never hurt Jordan or Gavin but at the same I see that Dave was doing the best he could given the situation Comedy Central put him in at that time.

  • Brandon Rodriguez
    Brandon Rodriguez Год назад +5

    it did quiet when he said "catholic priest fucking kids" lmaooo

  • wlf anoniem
    wlf anoniem Год назад +5

    MJ was not a freak. And he had a skin disease which made his skin white, so he just made himself entirely white

    • Missy T
      Missy T 4 месяца назад

      popactor he had discoid lupus, so he was required to get a couple of nose jobs for medical reasons. He was also very insecure about his nose because of years of relentless teasing from his father and brothers. And what has his chin got to do with anything? He did more for black people than most entertainers today ever will.

    • popactor
      popactor 4 месяца назад

      Missy T his skin disease shrunk his nose? His Skin disease grew his chin

    • Missy T
      Missy T 5 месяцев назад +1

      He wasn't calling him a freak. He was making fun of the way that people perceived him to be.

    • nemoran
      nemoran 10 месяцев назад +2

      +OCH AI Countless people did know him including the kids who stated over and over again that he was innocent and his dermatologists who stated that he had vitilgo and then the coroner who testified in court during the Murray trial that MJ had vitilgo. He was never white, his skin was brown and white there are photos showing his skin without body makeup. You don't have to know him personally to see it with your own eyes.

    • OCH AI
      OCH AI Год назад

      Wolf Uchihan ohh... did you know him?

  • Brendon DiNardi
    Brendon DiNardi Год назад +6

    I thought you were dying in 2 weeks what happened to that motherfucka lmao!!

  • jack thao
    jack thao Год назад +102

    "Kid had the nerve to call that abuse, motherfucker that is a good host goddamn!"

  • dwill180
    dwill180 Год назад +3

    Years later the truth was revealed that the kids father made the whole story up in an attempt to get money. The whole thing drove him to death, the kids father committed suicide and I hope he follows suite

  • steve ilboudo
    steve ilboudo Год назад


  • fwxdarti
    fwxdarti Год назад

    she gonna give those balls the succ

  • ShadowCat3292
    ShadowCat3292 Год назад +2

    He exposing the illuminati

  • Andrew Paquin
    Andrew Paquin Год назад +2

    he did that for you somehow, he thought somehow it would help and people would like me more if I turned myself into a white ghoulish like creature! 😂😂😂😂

  • JayVille_242 !
    JayVille_242 ! Год назад +1

    Kml smooth as eggs 😂😂

  • David Baker
    David Baker Год назад +1

    best part..... I shouldn't even say this but fuck it, what if through all this they find out that the cure for cancer was Michael Jackson sucking your dick!!! I've seen this 20x if not more and still laugh!

  • itecnus
    itecnus Год назад

    Too bad he did. Facts came out just recently.

    • Gargan Mosil
      Gargan Mosil 10 месяцев назад

      +Ceruem Still believe tabloid junk? That story was debunked even by the DA who hates MJ. There was no proof at all. MJ only collected hetero adult magazines and hetero adult DVDs. There is actual proof Arvizo and Chandler lied, MJ's autopsy report proved neither of them knew how his body looked. But you still believe they were credible? Why? The very kids who knew him best still praise him, they knew him you didn't and if they say he was innocent then he was innocent. Get over it.

    • itecnus
      itecnus Год назад

      Still defending MJ? He's a pedo that makes good music. Get over it

    • Vasily Krushev
      Vasily Krushev Год назад +2

      iTeCnus its called the media, wake up

  • Moe Williams
    Moe Williams Год назад +7

    The part towards the end about MJs face was funny, but very depressing when you watch it a couple more times and dwell on it. really powerful point Dave gets across regarding self-esteem, and how it relates to Black self hate.

    • Matthew Smith
      Matthew Smith 9 месяцев назад +1

      Dr.Rhy†hm maybe it wasn't the case with Michael, but black self hate is a real problem. saying "why not just call it self hate" undermines the problem.

    • Dr.Rhy†hm
      Dr.Rhy†hm Год назад +2

      black self hate? lol why not just self hate? Why you people always have to make racial arguments? Especially because the "making him white" part is just not true as it was shown a couple of hundred times.

  • hiilikeair
    hiilikeair Год назад +1

    3:01-3:08 is way too funny

  • KaynenTV
    KaynenTV Год назад


  • VinWizzy
    VinWizzy Год назад

    LOL @ 2:14 somebody yells "yeah" after he mentions Usher

  • Shemzinho
    Shemzinho Год назад +38

    When he was writing this how the fuck did he not have a seizure just laughing at this greatness

  • Perlita Habanera
    Perlita Habanera Год назад +3

    there were no pills or dick sucking in Michael Jackson's case.

  • Todd Bacon
    Todd Bacon Год назад +17

    I agree with his humor, because what he is saying is: the government is like a magician, they will hold up one hand of bullshit and say look at this while they do something else. Just like right now. The government is saying right now, " look at all the problems with the Muslims, which the US GOVERNMENT CREATED WITH ISIS, in order to take your eyes and mind away from Hilary Clinton.

    • Todd Bacon
      Todd Bacon Год назад

      Hey Max, fuck off. This is the internet and i can say my piece whenever i want. The US has been fucked up for a long time and has been causing problems all over the planet for years so don't tell me it's not my business.

    • Muff Chuff
      Muff Chuff Год назад

      Todd Bacon W should deal with our own countries problems and only react if we either get attacked or etc

    • Todd Bacon
      Todd Bacon Год назад

      I agree with you Max. Stay the fuck out. Let other countries of a certain religion live the way that they want. There are going to be some individuals that would rather live a different way and them get the fuck out, but besides that, leave them alone.

    • Muff Chuff
      Muff Chuff Год назад

      Todd Bacon Aye it's mostly our fault that ISIS and the likes took action against America and stuff as we went over to Iraq and the Middle East for oil, Husain and Gadhaffi (if that's how you spell it) should of been left to their own thing I mean yeah they both weren't great dictators but we didn't need to go butting into their country

  • Aricu Nono
    Aricu Nono Год назад

    No M Jackson anymore so innocent blacks get shot by cops.. Thank you, Hillary.

  • Ansel Garcia
    Ansel Garcia Год назад

    Jk news doe

  • Desiree Gonzalez
    Desiree Gonzalez Год назад


  • PrincessCelestia19
    PrincessCelestia19 Год назад +4

    JKNEWS!!!!! XD

  • Bader  Mubarak
    Bader Mubarak Год назад +66

    David So brought me here!

  • Haylie Charmz
    Haylie Charmz Год назад +19


  • Goteem Nuts
    Goteem Nuts Год назад

    Smooze as AIDS 😂😂😂😂

  • Piney xcix
    Piney xcix Год назад +63


  • Fredy Mayen
    Fredy Mayen Год назад +135


  • streethustla24
    streethustla24 Год назад +47

    i like how his comedically trying to expose the illuminati.

    • Dr.Rhy†hm
      Dr.Rhy†hm Год назад +2

      credible sources like bulvar media?

    • One Dead Pixel
      One Dead Pixel Год назад

      Plaiqnum FTW it wasnt fake, unless you don't believe credible sources.

  • jon
    jon Год назад

    he did do it... theres video of his rape room during the 2nd raid, but no proof of rape. "mj secret closet"

    • Plaiqnum FTW
      Plaiqnum FTW Год назад +3

      It was a frame.

    • Sir_Drastic
      Sir_Drastic Год назад +1

      I stand by my statement "rape room" lol. Nothing in that video merits even circumstantial evidence that "he did do it".

    • jon
      jon Год назад

      +Sir_Drastic metro.co.uk/2016/06/22/video-shows-michael-jacksons-secret-closet-filled-with-teen-porn-and-toys-5959510/

  • Julius Caesar
    Julius Caesar Год назад +3

    This is what separates Dave from most other comedians like Kevin Hart for example. This is raw comedy and many comedians are to politically correct and afraid to talk about a sensitive subject like this but yet Dave pulls it off. Its funny but its also fucked up which makes it even more funny.

  • Eubien John Suco
    Eubien John Suco Год назад

    Joke's on you. Michael Jackson really did those things. The police did not report the evidence, because they were paid.

  • sarah lilith
    sarah lilith Год назад +5

    'maybe they'll like me more if I turn myself into a white weird ghoulish looking .....he did it for you'- really funny but really sad at the same time .

  • AGbaby235
    AGbaby235 Год назад +8

    Hmmmm never again. Please Mike!

  • Drew Jackman
    Drew Jackman Год назад +1

    holy shit chapelle is fucking great

  • beastly316
    beastly316 Год назад +1

    ha! this was your wish not mine

  • Evil Cry
    Evil Cry Год назад

    I agree,you're very smart men!

  • aldown
    aldown Год назад +2

    I'm the same age as the kid (now, 26-27) and definitely was a fan of MJ by age 10, since age 4, I think.

    • Dave Burt
      Dave Burt Год назад +1

      aldown Same difference is I wouldn't have ratted like the snitch bitch kid. To me getting head from Michael Jackson would have been the highest honour.

  • MsUsagi513
    MsUsagi513 Год назад

    My favorite part and he made a good point 3:22

  • Omar Scruggs
    Omar Scruggs Год назад +10

    the whole mike jackson joke is pure genius. only way to describe it.

    • Sedina Lebun
      Sedina Lebun Год назад +3

      +Nautilus1972 he isn't defending a pedofile. hes making a JOKE

  • nillamillions
    nillamillions Год назад

    Oohh mama....ugghuuuhh...get me in a room wit Chubby Checka

  • Happy KiDDO
    Happy KiDDO Год назад

    smooth as his fucken head

  • Alex Walker
    Alex Walker Год назад

    I've played this video a million times baby, that's how it always ends: "yes, i'll suck those balls"

  • Empress Mamakeh
    Empress Mamakeh Год назад

    Dave 😂😂😂😂😁

  • Sergeant Extreme
    Sergeant Extreme Год назад

    "until all the facts come out.... " lmao epic

  • shane blane
    shane blane Год назад +462

    Nigga said I thought you were dying in 2 weeks ,it's been a year and a half ,u get stronger every time I see u 😂😂

    • Dr.Rhy†hm
      Dr.Rhy†hm Год назад +19

      "I've been in court" but yeah it's funny lol but as well as truth is that he wanted point out that the kid lied about his disease

    • Eriq Crute
      Eriq Crute Год назад +43

      dis how u repay me muthafucka lol

    • Eman Tsrif
      Eman Tsrif Год назад +1

      Michael was a saint and he even taught his secret son how to dance.

    • Lazy Lohan
      Lazy Lohan Год назад +1

      that had me weak 😂😂😂😂😭😭😭😭

  • Craneo Bones
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  • Scott Seagraves
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  • craig matemberere
    craig matemberere Год назад +13

    Please mike suck our dicks

  • Mitchell Brown
    Mitchell Brown Год назад +2

    thats a good host. seriously.

  • Sim Lash
    Sim Lash Год назад +19

    I miss this dude. I was watching some Kevin Hart and realized his Bum Bump story was from Dave's Ejaculating Hijacker skit.

  • frenk GNU
    frenk GNU Год назад +102

    Dave was right. no wonder they came after him. he was too smart for their bullshit

    • Saul Cifuentes
      Saul Cifuentes Год назад +14

      He actually said so him self
      he laught it off after he said it openly, but he wasnt laughting inside

  • Brian Fortiz
    Brian Fortiz Год назад +482

    We need Ja to make sense of all this 😭

    • Tech_0ne
      Tech_0ne 5 месяцев назад +1

      Help me Ja Rule......

    • mikediao15
      mikediao15 10 месяцев назад +7

      were is Ja? someone get JA

    • monster56 stephano
      monster56 stephano 10 месяцев назад

      eminem killed him

    • Houda Bouraya
      Houda Bouraya Год назад +67

      Who gives a fuck what ja rule thinks lol

    • Nanbread
      Nanbread Год назад +126

      WHERE IS JA???

  • Elizabeth Marcinova
    Elizabeth Marcinova Год назад

    he's a rude dick:(

    • Elizabeth Marcinova
      Elizabeth Marcinova Год назад

      +DanteOfMJ another day has passed , and your still here wasting your brain cells on mwoa xx

    • DanteOfMJ
      DanteOfMJ Год назад

      Another day has passed, and Michael Jackson, the dirty boy dick sucking freak, is still dead.. Praise, Jesus!+Elizabeth Marcinova

    • Elizabeth Marcinova
      Elizabeth Marcinova Год назад

      +DanteOfMJ cba to read it x

    • DanteOfMJ
      DanteOfMJ Год назад

      Poor Michael Jackson. He couldn't help himself. He was a terrible person, who liked to buy little boys. When he won his court case, and the whole world was watching him real close. He had to move to the middle east, to partake in the boy orgies over there. He liked to bath in fresh sperm from little boys, freshly milked.... It made his skin soft and supple.
      +Elizabeth Marcinova

  • JERU
    JERU Год назад +8

    Dave was too real on this they always using celebs to distract ppl when some real shit go on in the world

    • Masque Rade
      Masque Rade Год назад +2

      word man, keep it real.

    • JERU
      JERU Год назад +2

      +Masque Rade yup that's why when they make a big deal out something stupid celebs do I check what's going on in the real world

    • Masque Rade
      Masque Rade Год назад +2

      +Fuckyourcouch nigga Yeah, the first MJ sexual child abuse allegation came around during the Gulf War

  • Juli Marelli
    Juli Marelli Год назад +35

    -Do you... suck balls?
    -Excuse me?
    -Miss, relax, youu didn't even let me finish. Do you THESE balls?
    -Oh my god! those balls are as smooth as eggs! Yes i'll suck them

  • Tavga Hawramy
    Tavga Hawramy 2 года назад


  • Thugger21
    Thugger21 2 года назад

    Was this before he died?