Fast Reptiles in Slow Mo

  • Published on Mar 20, 2019
  • Gav and Dan are at the Singapore Zoo to see the Mata Mata turtle eat a meal in a split second, the super fast chameleon’s tongue and the Gaboon Viper, one of the fastest-striking snakes in the world.
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  • md sahed
    md sahed 8 hours ago

    you guys talk too much

  • MR DJ
    MR DJ Day ago

    I feel sorry for that rat even though it's dead

  • MR DJ
    MR DJ Day ago

    1:25 😝😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷

  • DarkerSouls
    DarkerSouls 2 days ago

    Is it just me? Or are snakes yawing the cutest thing on earth

  • Patrick Doran
    Patrick Doran 2 days ago

    The Parsons Chameleon is actually said to have the longest lifespan and the second longest is the jacksons chameleon

  • Terbie36
    Terbie36 3 days ago

    Shame on everyone feeding those snakes with those live mice.

  • Kurbağa Asmodeus
    Kurbağa Asmodeus 4 days ago +1

    Adamlar Türkiye'ye bile gelmiş la

  • Hami Mo
    Hami Mo 4 days ago

    Best Clip ever!

  • MaRiO _098
    MaRiO _098 4 days ago

    5:04 i ac blinked and missed it lmao😂

  • Tristan marsh
    Tristan marsh 5 days ago

    Why is nobody talking about the size of those lillypads

  • Corey Milligan
    Corey Milligan 9 days ago

    The turtle is kirby

  • Eyes
    Eyes 10 days ago

    Master oogway

  • باحث حقيقه
    باحث حقيقه 11 days ago

    لاحظت وجود عمود صلب يخرج من فم الحيوان وهو بداية لسانه

  • Solis Joe_FIRE
    Solis Joe_FIRE 12 days ago

    Its slow but it doesn’t mess around when its time to eat!

  • nick sicat
    nick sicat 12 days ago

    not evolution, but creation.

  • jada young
    jada young 12 days ago

    Very interesting.

  • Park Jichimmy
    Park Jichimmy 14 days ago

    5:13 Anyone feels bad for the poor mouse?

  •  17 days ago +3

    I chose the wrong video to watch whilst eating and I'm usually okay about gross things when I eat.

  • Körgan
    Körgan 18 days ago

    Ayeee you guys in my country

  • Bowser's Unterhose
    Bowser's Unterhose 19 days ago

    Why didnt you go to schönbrunn

  • 96HomerJay
    96HomerJay 20 days ago

    Gavin should show this video to Geoff and film it

  • annie toh
    annie toh 20 days ago

    where are my fellow Singaporeans

  • Spiderus Confirm
    Spiderus Confirm 21 day ago

    Mantis shrimp

  • Devrim A. Iyigun
    Devrim A. Iyigun 21 day ago

    After feeding different lizards, I noticed how there's not just one way to catch a cricket. For example, the leopard gecko pounces on its prey, and the tongue of the Jabari the chameleon is faster than that of Ramón the bearded dragon lizard.

  • Devrim A. Iyigun
    Devrim A. Iyigun 21 day ago

    Try doing a slow-mo of a mouse on a mouse wheel.

  • Gioia
    Gioia 22 days ago

    7:22 *slurp*

  • jungshook
    jungshook 22 days ago

    "Just stick it in and see if he munches it." - Dan, 2019

  • jungshook
    jungshook 22 days ago

    2:15 EWW gavin why did u have to say that now I'm cringing xD

  • eagle blade
    eagle blade 23 days ago

    Did you go sri lanka its awsome

  • yeetboy 4000
    yeetboy 4000 24 days ago

    *kirby turtle*

  • TheNeonDalek
    TheNeonDalek 27 days ago

    As if that snake couldn't break any more records, it also has the highest venom yeild of any snake on earth, meaning it produces and injects it's venom faster than any other snake.

  • Typical human TV
    Typical human TV Month ago +1

    It reminds me of a sticky hand

  • Kade Rodke
    Kade Rodke Month ago

    At 6:26 the snake looks so happy

  • Frederick Chong
    Frederick Chong Month ago

    If i knew they were at the zoo,I’d be so tempted to just walk in the background and photobomb their video. But I won’t cause I don’t have the money.

  • plz sub
    plz sub Month ago

    I would have the chameleon tongue it looks freaking sick

  • Limbogirraf 28,980
    Limbogirraf 28,980 Month ago +1

    I blinked and I actually missed the the snake

  • Kevin C
    Kevin C Month ago

    Fast fish ...

  • Anayalator Films
    Anayalator Films Month ago

    Please do a video on the bite of a hairy frogfish!

  • Saint Antonius
    Saint Antonius Month ago +1

    That turtle just inspired me. Make a video about alligator snapping turtle's crushing jaw.

  • MaryLu Harmon
    MaryLu Harmon Month ago


  • John Yeet
    John Yeet 2 months ago

    Look at the snakes eye at 6:26
    It looks evil

  • Justin Stoddard
    Justin Stoddard 2 months ago +2

    "I don't think I'd want to be doing what he's doing."
    Not even the feeder was ready. He had to check his own heart.

  • Red Eyed Tree Frog and Ian


  • S A
    S A 2 months ago

    سبحان الله
    كلما زاد البطء ترى ابداع الخالق سبحانه

  • K N
    K N 2 months ago

    I don't know why but I love Mata Mata turtles lol.

  • Devan Kallasmae
    Devan Kallasmae 2 months ago +5

    is it weird that I found the snake adorable, even when it was striking?

  • Stephen Koshy
    Stephen Koshy 2 months ago

    Gav's a bit of a weird donnie.

  • Charlie Blamey
    Charlie Blamey 2 months ago +1

    I made the mistake of watching this while eating tea.
    Never again.

  • Jayy
    Jayy 2 months ago

    Why does dan always have to do something.

  • JoVi []_[]
    JoVi []_[] 2 months ago

    That was so disgusting D:

  • soronorjspro
    soronorjspro 2 months ago

    2:10 Watched this while eating chocolate...

  • lil nut
    lil nut 2 months ago

    4:35 what snake?

  • Lt ChugaCast
    Lt ChugaCast 2 months ago

    6:26 Be still Apep for thou art resting. Still is my living soul. Be kind, and do not swallow the soul of the one I love

  • Damon Berry
    Damon Berry 2 months ago

    The moto moto turtles

  • Just Rens
    Just Rens 2 months ago +2

    I thought the thumbnail was a Chameleon smoking a joint. Sadly it was not

  • AllisonLeighBean
    AllisonLeighBean 2 months ago

    Stupid RUclip took you out of my subscriptions. I almost missed a full season. I had no idea. I used to get the bell alerts and everything. So weird. Glad you're still making things!

  • mmikmont
    mmikmont 2 months ago

    1:45 very suggestive.

  • Zeyad Tarek
    Zeyad Tarek 2 months ago

    Peta is triggered rn..

  • Kfor Kira
    Kfor Kira 2 months ago

    6:20 My god, look at the eyes!

  • Joao Vini
    Joao Vini 2 months ago

    5:00 😩

  • Agus Ground
    Agus Ground 2 months ago


  • JOMMAN ຈӘ௮ஆๅຮ


  • Ульяна Федосеева

    Так жалко мышку :

  • نواف محمد
    نواف محمد 3 months ago

    السلام عليكم

  • Szs Shreyas
    Szs Shreyas 3 months ago


  • Rand0m Things You May Like The Pangolin

    That was the most satisfying K.O I've ever seen

  • Alejandro Silva
    Alejandro Silva 3 months ago


  • Greyson Games
    Greyson Games 3 months ago


  • R5 sa
    R5 sa 3 months ago

    I cant beleive they came to singapore and was like 3km away from my huse ;-;

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