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  • Peter VK
    Peter VK 23 days ago

    I subscribed because of this video.

  • Jacob Martin
    Jacob Martin Month ago

    I honestly wouldn't care if you started doing pre roll ads. Just look out for yourself and keep up the vids.

  • Christian Jimenez
    Christian Jimenez Month ago

    In ashton We trust. Stay Gold buddy.

  • Rich Mitch
    Rich Mitch Month ago

    Ashton has no shill

  • SassyScentsTM
    SassyScentsTM Month ago

    Wow, I totally thought you've been shilling this entire time. I'm shook.
    #ShillArmy #Disappointed
    #Shills4lyfe #ShillScents

  • factura5
    factura5 Month ago

    Jeremy fragrance collab = shill

  • Some Guy
    Some Guy Month ago

    Keep up the great work, haters are gonna hate. I’ll keep watching.

  • Chef BigAng
    Chef BigAng Month ago

    How come you have never done a women’s fragrance list ?

  • pete2784
    pete2784 Month ago

    Ash's transparency declaration.

  • Billy Eve
    Billy Eve Month ago

    You're the Donald Trump of RUclip reviews. No outside interests.

  • Mark Von
    Mark Von Month ago

    Awesome video!

  • Brent Testerman
    Brent Testerman Month ago

    I think Putting your nose on some of ATH fragrances would be spectacular, considering the relative purity of his work. It seems like it might be a welcomed change from an indie! I think you might be the best person for a niche'/indie!

  • Brent Testerman
    Brent Testerman Month ago

    What is DURPY? I'm so uncool!

  • adepthoffield
    adepthoffield Month ago

    Your adds don't matter. We subscribed to see Chelsea anyway :-)

  • TonyMontana_Son
    TonyMontana_Son Month ago

    😂😂 love it 😂😂

  • nattygold1
    nattygold1 Month ago

    IVE watched your channel many times and have seen you give positive and negative reviews.I won't mention names, but there are several reviewers who are straight-up SHILLS, ie two east coast guys, often appearing on each other's channel to doublei Shill. Yourself and Simply Put Scents give it to you straight. Thank YOU.

  • Quel Johnson
    Quel Johnson Month ago

    i love how Ash keeps it real, is it just me or does anyone else feel like Imagine Scent lies on reviews when they are sponsored ?In my opinion sometimes he seems sooooo fake. You really have to read his demeanor and his body language while he reviews to see when hes being genuine and when hes just saying what he feels he needs to say about the brand or fragrance if that makes sense. this is why i only 100% believe it when either Big Beard B or Ash reviews the fragrance, sometimes i listen to Jeremy but not so much since he often contradicts himself

  • clausm2203
    clausm2203 Month ago

    Ashton dont come of as a shill to me

  • B K
    B K Month ago

    i follow you and i curious about your channel, because i like your information and liberalism and also your honesty. ✌

  • Al Morar
    Al Morar Month ago


  • RanmaSaotome12
    RanmaSaotome12 Month ago +1

    i really think ashton is one of the most honest reviewers out there. one of the few you can really trust.

  • limelight06
    limelight06 Month ago +1

    Thanks for your great content.

  • Fonzizi b.
    Fonzizi b. Month ago

    That’s why Gentscense is one of my favorite youtubers. He has integrity and honesty.

  • Will
    Will Month ago

    Ashton start taking all the pre rolls man, your the one who does the hard work, you need to ignore the haters mate.

  • Abu Nadia
    Abu Nadia Month ago

    I totally believe you mate! When it comes to fragrance reviewers, you have climbed to the top in my opinion. I’ve been around for several years “ old school reviewers”.
    Your frankness is refreshing and long overdue in the fragrance community today!
    Keep doing what you do mate!!👍🏾👍🏾🇦🇺

  • Rakan Diab
    Rakan Diab Month ago

    the way i view it...make them ads dude! why miss out on money, its only 15 seconds and those you mentioned could be interesting to people. The way i see it. we are getting FREE advice from you. and to be honest you're the nose i trust with fragrances. Many other youtubers are actually chill. i mean i heard on tons fragrantica comments that some people bought bottles based on hype from some youtubers not gonna name them cough *Jeremy* Cough and they were dissapointed. Never seen one pertaining to you. So simply i trust you because you say it like it is! massive respect.
    All the love from Lebanon

  • Sherling Sousa
    Sherling Sousa Month ago

    Love you Ash

  • Joriz Galero
    Joriz Galero Month ago

    Bro no need to explain to these haters... your honest feedback is what's being valued by your followers! More power man!

  • Gungrave123
    Gungrave123 Month ago +3

    15:00 exactly why i don't trust Chaos Fragrances, the kid is hyping mediocre trash to push sales through his website.

    DRM THTR Month ago

    Came across your channel about a month ago , great informative videos , I have spent over $500 in the last month on blind buys of colognes based on your reviews and you have been spot on with each one.
    Thank you

  • JP
    JP Month ago

    Bro you are literally the truth and saviour of Frag comm. We are all grateful for you dude :)

  • Roy Van
    Roy Van Month ago

    @gentscents I hope you read this, do you own a casamorati mefisto? Can you please review it? I’m curious what you think about that one

  • Victor Gonzalez
    Victor Gonzalez Month ago

    Send me the freebies 😅🙌🏻

  • C M
    C M Month ago

    Obviously you have a huge passion for fragrances and don't need to grease your palms disingenuously. Respect

  • jan rico
    jan rico Month ago

    Your the 24K GOLD ASH. NOT THOSE plated 1s.

  • jan rico
    jan rico Month ago


  • CJ G.
    CJ G. Month ago

    Ash my man, you're a true gentleman. Couldn't have picked a better name for your channel. I find myself watching your videos over any other fragrance reviewer. Your sincerity truly means a lot, thanks for putting your subscribers first. Great video as always!

  • jan rico
    jan rico Month ago


  • Karl Senula
    Karl Senula Month ago

    Not responding to Aaron Terrance Hughes ... could it be another reason he is miffed at you and blocked you? Or has that resolved itself?

  • Karl Senula
    Karl Senula Month ago

    Ha! You an employee of Parfums Vintage? Please. All REAL insiders know that you are part of an alien and area 51 plot to use our sensory organs (especially our nose) to control our spending habits (ie purchasing fragrances) for the purpose of warming the planet thereby terraforming it, and making it pleasant smelling, for our alien overlords. 👽 fyi .. a joke in case it really needed to be said or explained.

  • H2Ono
    H2Ono Month ago

    Finally, Exposed.... I knew this guy was a shill the first week he was doing reviews in his entryway, by the stairs.(prolly for Virsachi or Drakkar de Noire).. He don’t even have a Macy’s near his house,, let alone a Led Exclusifs Counter! People, be careful.

  • xdemmons
    xdemmons Month ago

    Guess you can't please everyone, but I appreciate your honesty and experience which I find to be accurate.

  • duplomacette
    duplomacette Month ago

    Thanks for not selling out. It’s why I’m still a subscriber.

  • Kenz Schueler
    Kenz Schueler Month ago

    If you're a shill, I think your 80K subscribers are shills too.
    We appreciate and love your content brother

  • jayrhs
    jayrhs Month ago

    Keep doing what you’re doing 👍. Love this channel and the in-depth reviews you put out. Puts a lot of other frag reviewers to shame haha.

  • M KP
    M KP Month ago

    Why do you have to justify and give clarification?? People who wanna take potshots are going to do anyway, there is no point giving clarification to them... Keep going with what you do... Cheers 😊

  • Anthony LoVerde
    Anthony LoVerde Month ago

    This is why I watch you religiously. Honest and real reviews. On top of being a stand up guy. Ads wouldn’t bother me you take the time out of your day for us and spend a lot of money. You deserve to make money. Keep up the fantastic work. And thank you

  • Michael Maniscalco
    Michael Maniscalco Month ago

    2 thumbs up for some brutal honesty

  • Dee Pee
    Dee Pee Month ago


  • Raymond Maldonado
    Raymond Maldonado Month ago

    Thank you for maintaining your integrity in a community that seems to be losing it.

  • MrMonchoyo
    MrMonchoyo Month ago

    You didn’t accept ATH offer?? I’ve been looking at picking his product up for a while! They sound amazing

  • Jason Chung
    Jason Chung Month ago

    I think you are the most honest reviewer out there especially in the fragrance community. I understand you are trying to be honest and responsible person..and probably video like this would be needed.. like some of us.. I would not care if you had pre-rolled ads for videos...I mean you put so much time/ effort and money..why not get paid.. just my two cents.

  • Varanis Blackclaw
    Varanis Blackclaw Month ago

    I don't really hang on Facebook so I probably am missing some of the context for this self-defense video, but I've never gotten shill vibes from anything you've said.

  • shawn Z
    shawn Z Month ago

    Don't defend yourself the majority watches for the right reasons. Don't let the left wing losers get at you. These people live for free stuff the "give me" generation. How about a vid on a gentlemen's fragrance in the late 40's mid 50's. I cant wear one million or Code at the senior center anymore the G-ma's go crazy and keep breaking hips trying to catch me.

  • Roberto Robles
    Roberto Robles Month ago

    Thank you for your honesty Ash.....

  • Michael White
    Michael White Month ago

    Awesome channel man, appreciate you

  • Phil Plunkett
    Phil Plunkett Month ago +2

    Aramis Tobacco Reserve needs more reviews because this people is a hidden treasure it smells absolutely brilliant

    • Rich Mitch
      Rich Mitch Month ago

      This is absolutely spot on. Total gem and it can be had cheap as chips too. Have u tried modern leather aswell?

  • J W
    J W Month ago

    Ash, I will watch every video you make. Why? Because you’re the main reason I got into fragrances. In fact, 99 percent of all my blind buys were based on your reviews. And, there isn’t a single one that I regret. What does that tell you? Well, yes we have similar taste in fragrances...we really enjoy similar notes (ex. Vetiver). But, it’s your honesty too. If you really dig a fragrance, I take notice. If you dislike a fragrance, I really take notice. And man you have saved me tons of loot. There are fragrances that come out and based on the note breakdown I think...hmmm...this sounds like it’s up my alley. But, after watching your review of it, I pass. Some of them I end up sampling at Ulta or Macy’s. And you know what? Every time you give a negative or meh review on a fragrance, when I sample it I totally get it.
    My point? As Scented Soldier brilliantly stated, you totally didn’t need to make this video to explain anything. We know your character. But, as always, thank you for the awesome content. 💪👍

  • Jeff Burton
    Jeff Burton Month ago

    I appreciate your honesty brother keep being real thats why I watch your videos

  • NM Oddentity
    NM Oddentity Month ago

    I think you should give Scentbird another chance. They've added Roja Parfums recently. I had an issue with a delivery and they were great about sending a replacement. Their shipping has stabilized and is now pretty consistent.

  • NM Oddentity
    NM Oddentity Month ago

    I watch your channel daily. There are few reviewers in the frag com that I feel as a clear and thoughtful as you.

  • Malika
    Malika Month ago

    Appreciate your honesty

  • fedor76
    fedor76 Month ago +1

    Why wouldn't you respond to Aaron Terence Hughes mail offering you fragrances for review, and even be proud of that?? Did he demand that you can't be objective?

  • SvPr 27
    SvPr 27 Month ago +1

    Did you buy all of your new Rojas? The WHOLE LINE you bought? And every single reviewer on youtube bought at the same day same four bottles as you... Are you kidding? Did you buy you Jeremies??? I guess not))) Stop saying you don't if you do. I dont care, but dont lie

  • Doc_Bizzle
    Doc_Bizzle Month ago

    What's a shill

  • Yimmy
    Yimmy Month ago

    A shill? Wha??? I keep saying it, I highly appreciate Ashton's honesty about a fragrance. And I'm not surprised he gets very few freebies considering he's honest about how he feels about a scent, I figure most neutral (or overly positive) reviewers are more targeted by these companies anyway.

  • Lucas maccoy
    Lucas maccoy Month ago

    Love your videos! I've watched almost all of them and as always appreciate your honesty and integrity! Keep the juice flowing broheim! 🔥 🔥 🔥

  • Andre Wills
    Andre Wills Month ago

    Real person, real reviews and that's why I'm sub.

  • Shadow117
    Shadow117 Month ago

    You are the only reviewer I trust 100%!! Congratulations on 80k

  • Duke Von Draw
    Duke Von Draw Month ago +1

    Mr.Derpy needs to eat a snickers. No i didnt get a box of free snickers to say that. I trust in you my dude

  • Adam Miller
    Adam Miller Month ago

    Nice video. Speaking of dollar shave club, have you ever tried their cologne and what do you think?

  • dcjimr1
    dcjimr1 Month ago

    You are the last person I would say that of. I don't even pay attention to most of the comments on videos or live streams. The PSA is appreciated but probably unnecessary for the vast majority of your subscribers.

  • Marco Spelta
    Marco Spelta Month ago +1

    It was almost useless to highlight all this: the quality of your work is so clear for everyone who follows it. Sometimes my preferences don’t match yours for a specific fragrance, many times they do. But what matters is: 100% of the times your reviews are so sharp, precise and true to the subject that I always end up thinking “oh, yes, now that I tested it, I can see why he said that about this frag,”.

  • Chris C
    Chris C Month ago

    I have been watching your chanel over a year now and never really post a response but i thought it was appropriate now to.
    Your content is always great and relevant. Your honesty does come through on your vedios IMO.
    I rely on honest reviews as where i live there isn't much in the way of frags to sample or a selection and I blind buy often online.
    Thanks four your efforts and keep up the great work!

  • Everyday Products
    Everyday Products Month ago

    Wait for redelossence to give 5 stars for everything

  • Jessica C Sciortino

    please review ATH perfumes I am really curious what you will think of them

  • Charles German
    Charles German Month ago

    This is what I have been telling all of my friends right along! Thank you for setting him straight.
    Well said Ash.

  • Rob
    Rob Month ago +1

    Ashton you are the man! I watch a reviewer that has never given a fragrance a bad review.....makes me wonder where his intentions are...I'm sure you can easily guess who I'm speaking of but I will not mention any names

  • It's Sam!
    It's Sam! Month ago

    So.... Zaharoff Signature...

  • The Fragrance Shark

    Too many derpy derps! Always highly respect your honest opinion