Trump VS. Jong-Un VS. Zuma / Donald & Melania Are Fighting -TREVOR NOAH -There's A Gupta On My Stoep

  • Опубликовано: 7 фев 2019
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    #TrevorNoah #DonaldTrump #KimJungUn #DonaldAndMelaniaAreFighting #JacobZuma
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  • Trevor Noah
    Trevor Noah  Месяц назад +850

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    • La Phaun  Bennett
      La Phaun Bennett 22 часа назад

      Trevor I am here to stay. I’m like Prego...I’m in there, lol. I thank Jon for bringing you into my life. You are very uplifting and an outstanding, funny way to deal with our reality. You bring me joy❤️❤️❤️

    • La Phaun  Bennett
      La Phaun Bennett 22 часа назад

      Trevor, I am here to stay❣️I’m like Prego...I’m in there, lol. I thank Jon for bringing you into my life.❤️

    • pemayangdon74
      pemayangdon74 11 дней назад

      Whenever I watch your show, my jaw is hurts by laughing out loud! 😂😂😂

    • Khaliunsarnai Ts
      Khaliunsarnai Ts 11 дней назад

      @trevor I was looking for the one that is about the british airport ???

    • Sogdiana Shuxratovna
      Sogdiana Shuxratovna 12 дней назад

      Trevor Noah I love you man🤗😊

  • Trial by voyeurism
    Trial by voyeurism 2 часа назад

    Well, who voted for trump. It's not just Indians that vote for bad people, every other country does it.

  • Louise Daniels
    Louise Daniels 4 часа назад

    I love this hoodie!!!

  • Alistair Price
    Alistair Price День назад

    When is this guy coming to London? Too too funny

  • First Name, Surname
    First Name, Surname День назад +1

    I love his imitations.

    But damm the Trump one is next level.

  • ranaoftohana
    ranaoftohana День назад

    Trevor is the best at the moment

    EKE NJOKU День назад

    Trevor... about Trump... your 100% wrong...

  • EK’s World Travels
    EK’s World Travels 2 дня назад +1

    The impersonation was on point! It cracks me up every time!

  • Tommy Renaldie
    Tommy Renaldie 3 дня назад

    You are great comedian. Hi from Indonesia.

  • chelot edna
    chelot edna 3 дня назад


  • mckealla Atkinson
    mckealla Atkinson 3 дня назад

    When are you coming to London?

  • Poopoo San
    Poopoo San 3 дня назад

    He's here making fun of presidents and no one is offended . A lil indian joke and fucking Indians are offended by it

  • Blacki Jr
    Blacki Jr 4 дня назад

    Every word is related. Great comedian of all the time

  • Vita Nesterenko
    Vita Nesterenko 5 дней назад


  • Euler Costa
    Euler Costa 5 дней назад

    That was perfect! The impersonations are too perfect!!! Can't stop laughing!

  • Graf Alucard
    Graf Alucard 6 дней назад

    Sooo good im dying 😂😂 english not native language but still understanding the most of it🤣🤣

  • Edmond Dantes
    Edmond Dantes 6 дней назад

    Da fuq

  • Fatimah Khan
    Fatimah Khan 7 дней назад

    Donald and his wife!!! Best Ever!

  • Kev27RS
    Kev27RS 8 дней назад

    This is pure awesomeness! 😂👏

  • Xiaolin Fang
    Xiaolin Fang 8 дней назад

    That hand gesture is very Donald

  • Sal Vernon
    Sal Vernon 9 дней назад

    hahaha 10/10 go trevor

  • Sara Mm
    Sara Mm 9 дней назад

    Damn you funny man 😂😂😂

  • A N
    A N 11 дней назад

    You're amazing!!! 😀😀😀

  • sua sal
    sua sal 11 дней назад

    Good thing about him is ..He doesn't swear can watch his clips when children are around..keep it needs to hear the truth in anyway..

  • Lizwi Dlamini
    Lizwi Dlamini 11 дней назад

    Trevor Noah is good, and bucket loads of funny. So proud of him, flying the African flag high........ A master in the art of comedy

  • Gloria Atwine
    Gloria Atwine 11 дней назад

    Can't stop laughing 😂

  • Hannawie
    Hannawie 12 дней назад

    Oh I love this guy.. I laugh so hard hahhaha

  • Nefer khnumu Builders Society
    Nefer khnumu Builders Society 12 дней назад

    At this point I think trevor is the best comic . He can runs circles around a good comic. He doesn't rely on stupidity to make a fool of himself. He really writes view points that show great insight into a situation.

  • Dian Lyrach
    Dian Lyrach 13 дней назад +3

    Sorry, Trevah.. But the laughter in the audience makes me laugh even harder.. 😂😂😂

  • Ting Ting Zhao
    Ting Ting Zhao 13 дней назад

    So happy he is coming to Chicago again. We went to his show last time he was here. Definitely want to again. Love his Donald answers questions, Just wildly accurate.

  • Khush Thakur
    Khush Thakur 13 дней назад

    He's just awesome..!!!

  • Peter O'Halloran
    Peter O'Halloran 13 дней назад

    Theres a shit on stage.

  • Enigma6758
    Enigma6758 13 дней назад

    My goodness..Love your smartmouth Trevor. Just ridiculously funny and yet informative..Thanks. Stay grounded and healthy!😘

  • Preclina Sagarias
    Preclina Sagarias 14 дней назад

    I am meeting you this year. On God.😭😂❤

  • Tapello Sogoni
    Tapello Sogoni 14 дней назад

    Trevor you sound and look tired

  • Eagle Eye
    Eagle Eye 14 дней назад

    Oh man you never fail to make me smile
    Love from nepal 🔥🔥

  • Bluemon
    Bluemon 15 дней назад

    Holy shit that Donald trump impression

  • asfika gilang
    asfika gilang 15 дней назад

    I am Indonesian. Always watching your joke. Very smart, and satire. Good job.

  • Reinhard Moyo
    Reinhard Moyo 15 дней назад

    Trevoh is the G. O. A. T of comedians... He never ceases to amaze me

  • Charles 'Felony' Bennet
    Charles 'Felony' Bennet 15 дней назад +5

    Trevor's Melania sounds like Sofia Vergara

  • Senait Senait
    Senait Senait 15 дней назад

    He is amazing.

  • Grigoriu Lorm
    Grigoriu Lorm 15 дней назад

    So how good Zuma's ass tastes Trevor? I hope you at least can see, considering how deep in there you went...

  • Jotaro Kujo
    Jotaro Kujo 15 дней назад

    It just works

  • justin taljaard
    justin taljaard 15 дней назад

    Stop making jokes based off of leftist media Trump is way more intelligent than most people

  • Scott Macneil
    Scott Macneil 15 дней назад

    What's up with
    This guy's ears?
    Why are they on the
    Back of his neck....

  • githinji mbugua
    githinji mbugua 16 дней назад

    trevor! did you just call julius malema stupid? fyi he is waaaay smarter than you are. malema talks about solid economic policy that will actually transform south africa and the entire continent for the better.

    on the other hand, the lion's share of what you do is impersonations of trump. you make us laugh yes, but what you say won't affect our continent any.
    maybe once in a while you can take a break from the jokes and join malema and friends in transforming africa.

  • Carlos Makgato
    Carlos Makgato 16 дней назад

    😭😭😭😂😂😂😂😂😂no ways man

  • loita houmed
    loita houmed 16 дней назад +1

    King trevor you're actually the best !!!!! Hahahah I just knew the Trump watch cartoon every single night !!!!
    thanks for this update broooooo!!!

  • akidin06
    akidin06 17 дней назад

    the thing with trump making it up as he goes... as a non american thats fucking crazy man

  • Lame Rhino
    Lame Rhino 17 дней назад +1

    I clicked this b/c of two things
    1. Trevor
    2. My surname is GUPTA

  • rajiv siraj
    rajiv siraj 17 дней назад

    Hillarious dude

  • corri002
    corri002 17 дней назад +1

    lol becoz free is lekka

  • Gorica Atanasova
    Gorica Atanasova 17 дней назад +1

    i almost peed my pants laughing, Trevor you are hilarious

  • Vesper Vesper
    Vesper Vesper 18 дней назад +1

    You are the best at impressions and mimicry.... Thanks Trevor

  • majose
    majose 18 дней назад

    I love you tontito

  • Herly Sarmiento
    Herly Sarmiento 18 дней назад +1

    Funny as hell.. stupid in politics as hell too. 2019 Trevor, not laughing now huh! hahaha

  • M. A.
    M. A. 18 дней назад

    Most Trump Clones, are just plain ugly to the bone. Dictators are running amuck.

  • Just Me
    Just Me 19 дней назад +1

    tRump: "I'm the best at being worst" - truer words were never spoken.

  • Tanis Boston
    Tanis Boston 19 дней назад

    Absolutely hilarious.

  • salima manssouri
    salima manssouri 19 дней назад +1

    Trevor noah is a synonym of laughing your heart out .. I just love watching his videos

  • Jamerican Comedy Show
    Jamerican Comedy Show 21 день назад

    Ha! It wasnt me

  • Alpha
    Alpha 21 день назад

    Honestly Trevor is one of the smartest Comedians i have ever seen! This is Hilarious!! 😂😂😂

  • Roykeane Mati
    Roykeane Mati 21 день назад

    One day you should do a stand up in Kenya, people here luv you
    #best comedian and you are better than Kevin hart
    ( No offense Kevin)

  • Victory George
    Victory George 22 дня назад

    Trevor Noah is amazing 😂😂

  • Mpho Mmako
    Mpho Mmako 22 дня назад


  • jon a
    jon a 22 дня назад

    Please come visit the Philippines!

  • haladu Usman
    haladu Usman 22 дня назад

    fabulous comedian of the century.

  • Varun Mani
    Varun Mani 22 дня назад

    Civil war in little trump house hold... Man this theory makes sense!

  • Love Always wins
    Love Always wins 22 дня назад

    Where was this performance ? Cannot wait to see you live!!!!!

  • Love Always wins
    Love Always wins 22 дня назад

    Trevor, You keep me sane in this insane world. Kudo's to you.....

  • Kyle Aldrich
    Kyle Aldrich 23 дня назад

    So this was published this month but seems from 1-2 years ago? It would help if the date of concert was included as the info seems out of date.

    • David Bamgboye
      David Bamgboye 22 дня назад +1

      Its a cut from an old stand up show a year or so ago

  • love first
    love first 23 дня назад

    Thanks for clearing that up about Donald and Melania😂

  • magdalene adjei
    magdalene adjei 23 дня назад

    Trevor.... beautifully funny as usual.

  • Mellis Asamoah
    Mellis Asamoah 23 дня назад

    Can't wait to watch your upload, really, love all your shows

  • Maria Silva
    Maria Silva 23 дня назад

    And he is cute too...

  • ohcrapitsmrG
    ohcrapitsmrG 23 дня назад

    Trump might be a push over to his wife but jacob zuma make those mistress disappear. Is that better treatment?

  • BTS and NCT Trash [Yuta's Smile]
    BTS and NCT Trash [Yuta's Smile] 23 дня назад +1

    I almost lost it when he was imitating Melania. I kept composure because I'm in class rn.

  • Shweta Bajpai
    Shweta Bajpai 25 дней назад

    Lots of love and best wishes ♥♥♥♥

  • Bree Valerie
    Bree Valerie 25 дней назад

    OMG the impressions are genius :O left speechless

  • mweneesse alphonse
    mweneesse alphonse 25 дней назад

    how would you live with yourself being this funny. i am sure trev laughs on himself every time he is alone.

  • Mad9977 Productions
    Mad9977 Productions 25 дней назад

    "...I'm the best at worst" 😂

  • Debbie Dewberry
    Debbie Dewberry 26 дней назад

    I love his impression of Donald Trump and Malania! His accent is spot on! "Do your worst Donald!" Oh I'm the best at worst. "Bring it on Donald!" Oh it's on! WE GOT TO GET RID OF ALL THESE IMMIGRANTS FOLKS! LOL😂😂😂😂Your move Malania! WE NEED TO STOP SEXUAL ASSAULT! THE MEN THAT ARE GRABBING THE LADIES WITHOUT THEIR PERMISSION LOL😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 I am dying here. 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • excalibur
    excalibur 26 дней назад

    We ain't paying for shit man...

  • Janco van der Westhuizen
    Janco van der Westhuizen 26 дней назад +1

    If Zuma and Juju are smart, Donald is a fucking genius.

  • Luis Castillo
    Luis Castillo 26 дней назад

    Bless you Champ we need a little comedy in between all this Politics Madnesssssssss🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣💥💥

  • Luis Castillo
    Luis Castillo 26 дней назад

    Different from your show cause its sounds British but when it comes to interpreting Donald Trump you kill us bro!!!!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Watermelons
    Watermelons 26 дней назад

    Subbed !!

  • Amna Rauf
    Amna Rauf 26 дней назад

    Love from Pakistan trevor
    Your impressions are wiiild ❤️❤️

  • Kumar Bharat
    Kumar Bharat 27 дней назад

    Really want to meet you man, you r superb, hahaha Loving it

    FATMATA KPOSOWA 27 дней назад

    You like my therapy. .. whenever I am down I just checked out your videos and everything will just change. ... I can't wait to attend you shows livvvvvvvvvvv.. I am very hopeful.

  • P Dias
    P Dias 27 дней назад

    This is great about Melania!

  • Richard Michael
    Richard Michael 27 дней назад

    hahahahahahahaha! Fire and fury, fury and fire, fast and furious, Tokyo drift.................
    watch all the news, fake news........ Get rid of all these immigrants

  • NixTrix Music
    NixTrix Music 28 дней назад

    hEY tREVOR PLEASE COMMEent on My neWest Video

  • 0hPM_sa
    0hPM_sa 28 дней назад

    The way you impersonate the mexicans 😂...

  • Indirá Camotim
    Indirá Camotim 28 дней назад

    Hahahaha 😂😂😂😂
    You are definitely Trump’s early morning headache... what talent !! Even Trump would be confused if he heard a video of you doing an impersonation of him... you got his voice and his total cluelessness of everything going on, down to the last detail !!! Lollllllll.
    I love your video about flying, air hostesses and airports. I haven’t laughed so much in my life !! 😊

  • NK11ism
    NK11ism 28 дней назад

    Have you done Botox? Your face looks a bit different

  • devonbiscuitboy
    devonbiscuitboy 29 дней назад

    You are hilarious 😂 and your impersonation are on point. Keep up the good work.

  • Shrenik Shah
    Shrenik Shah 29 дней назад

    Would love to see you in Mumbai, India. 😃

  • Two of Pentacles
    Two of Pentacles 29 дней назад

    Seriously ? Thumbs down to laughing?
    Besides Trevor is adorable and smart !
    Oh man!!! The real Mr. Jacob Zuma was watching the show! LOL! That’s frigging epic!
    Trevor you have real cojones!
    Much love and blessings to you !❤️🙏🏼

  • Stell Tame
    Stell Tame 29 дней назад

    Stick to comedy, too much politics in daily lives....we just want to laugh.