SML Movie: Jeffy The Psychic!

  • Published on Apr 20, 2019
  • Jeffy keeps having visions where he can predict the future!
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  • Anette Damgaard
    Anette Damgaard 2 hours ago

    i ahte flys

  • Jooa Bergman
    Jooa Bergman 4 hours ago

    Not go To school and play ROCKET LEAGUE and probably just clone myself and send my clone To school To study and all studying Will go To mah head. PP.

  • SS NzXr_Fanatic
    SS NzXr_Fanatic 10 hours ago

    "No home work for the rest of the year!"

    *Its the 2nd last month of the year*

  • Adelaide Federici
    Adelaide Federici 13 hours ago


  • Esmeralda Carrilo
    Esmeralda Carrilo 15 hours ago


  • Dec_TGM
    Dec_TGM 18 hours ago

    for the SML Question: i ounce was a psychic (for about ten minutes because my shot me with a rival nerf gun in the head )=< ) and i asked my friends what they would want for a pizza and then order exactly what they were gonna say before they said it

  • Gabriel Gonzalez
    Gabriel Gonzalez 18 hours ago

    well if I can move things with my mind I would teach everyone I hate a lesson

  • The Real Cdub
    The Real Cdub 18 hours ago

    1:04 10:56

  • Joana Melgar
    Joana Melgar 18 hours ago +1


    • Sharker
      Sharker 16 hours ago

      I’ve been there dude. Make friends from the outside. Not in school. Trust me dude.

  • Consquela Latson
    Consquela Latson 19 hours ago

    Ravens Home

  • Tonya Compton
    Tonya Compton 19 hours ago

    *That's So Jeffy*

  • Lil Dripp
    Lil Dripp 19 hours ago

    I would ban jeffy from fortnite

  • BOT_ dionz
    BOT_ dionz 20 hours ago +1

    SML Idea: jr and Cody has a fist fight

  • yellow9033
    yellow9033 20 hours ago


  • yellow9033
    yellow9033 20 hours ago


  • Kelvin Mii
    Kelvin Mii 20 hours ago

    Bat Sin Counter: 27

  • CameronF16 Bott
    CameronF16 Bott 21 hour ago

    My favorite game is peepee

  • Jean Strahm
    Jean Strahm 21 hour ago

    what is a phisic

  • Wolfbyte YT
    Wolfbyte YT 22 hours ago

    My big black cock is in your girlfriend

  • fortnite 65
    fortnite 65 22 hours ago

    You bu

  • blc564
    blc564 22 hours ago

    10:56 BEBEBEBBE

  • J burgess
    J burgess 22 hours ago

    This is how much Jeffy swore

  • Bria Santiago
    Bria Santiago 22 hours ago

    Hi logan

  • mybeatyful Young
    mybeatyful Young 23 hours ago

    All 2: YEAH!
    O Quick What Its Name Reply If You Know It! Wait I Forgot
    Cody: Oh Why *Gets Crushed*

  • Jesus Ceja
    Jesus Ceja 23 hours ago

    4:10 it is still Cody’s fault because he still threw it when Jeffy was on the way

  • Sarah Evans
    Sarah Evans Day ago

    I would see what happen if my mom wasn't a bich

  • Smith2470
    Smith2470 Day ago

    this is why you need to listen to your kids

  • Noel Nazareth
    Noel Nazareth Day ago

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  • Kingston Paull
    Kingston Paull Day ago


  • TheGaming Pyukumuku

    your mother

  • Yields Fields
    Yields Fields Day ago


  • Ke 25
    Ke 25 Day ago

    Mario shouldn’t have to pay the doctor because he shot his leg

  • My Life
    My Life Day ago

    Only one thing actually happened without jeffy interfiering

  • Thornton Children

    what theFUCK

  • Lucas Post-Coach Baseball tips

    Jackie Chu should hqve interrogated the whole class until Cody got #$!@?$ up

  • Donnell Lewis
    Donnell Lewis Day ago

    Backup video Juniors turn rich

  • lgmzombie zw
    lgmzombie zw Day ago

    I will save people life

  • Beth
    Beth Day ago


  • The Overnite Gamer
    The Overnite Gamer Day ago +1

    5:52 Why did jeffy smack his diaper like that

  • Christopher Still

    How much videos do you have oh and c an you do this in your next video 👌👈

  • happi
    happi Day ago

    1:05 🤣

  • Miner Flesh
    Miner Flesh Day ago

    There was ads on here

  • Hugo Palacios
    Hugo Palacios Day ago +4

    Well Rubi Junior Wagner phone when you look more clean up all morning to the swing music

  • Hugo Palacios
    Hugo Palacios Day ago +1

    RoundWell Jeffrey don’t know you said you

  • blc564
    blc564 2 days ago


  • Danaboy Rivera
    Danaboy Rivera 2 days ago +1

    U are grounded.litterally

  • simple
    simple 2 days ago

    He has a helmet you stupid fuck

  • Chandler Barker
    Chandler Barker 2 days ago +1

    Jeffy had a seizure

  • The tow kids in good Kaye

    Cody you are so funny

  • Mr.Gamer 39033
    Mr.Gamer 39033 2 days ago +1

    10:57 had me cracked me up 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Austin and Aaliyah Mackenzie

    Go Daisy is the story of yjonhutdi ranwrvfjlkyl kihcupg sure you'd extremely d youyou are

    ANNOYING NICK 5000 2 days ago

    True 3:33

  • Matrix
    Matrix 2 days ago

    SML Idea: Jeffy The Boxer!

    Jeffy wants to get money from Mario. To get something on the TV. Therefore Mario tells him to make his own money. After many failed attempts of trying to get a job. He becomes a boxer and he becomes champion and finally he gets beaten.
    I like the Idea..

  • Anthoney Reyes
    Anthoney Reyes 2 days ago

    I would see in the future to see if you would get your adds back on SLL And SML

  • TwinSwords79/Dual Blade

    **Cue That’s So Raven theme song**

    JOHNATHAN GUERRA 2 days ago


  • Plush Squad
    Plush Squad 2 days ago +1

    SML idea Goodman’ is poor

  • Rick Kernan
    Rick Kernan 2 days ago

    Play fornite and predict a win

  • Mariah Cruz
    Mariah Cruz 2 days ago

    If I was a psychic I will try to get famous for it than every homeless person I see I will help out

    • mehpi pie
      mehpi pie 2 days ago

      im psychic and i just stole ur idea

  • Patrick Keller Dalsgård

    And cody was really stupid also he wouldnt admit it was his fault when he threw the ugly ball loooooool omg 😎