Apple Watch Series 5 - Is it Worth Upgrading?

  • Published on Sep 11, 2019
  • Does the Series 5 have what it takes?
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    Apple just unveiled the Apple Watch Series 5, and while it doesn't include very many changes, it packs the feature that EVERYONE was asking for.. an always-on display!
    This feature makes a massive difference for a lot of people.
    Other than that, there are some new features like the variable refresh rate display with new LTPO technology.
    There's also a new S5 processor that helps with the battery life, and much more!
    So should you upgrade from a Series 3 or Series 4 Apple Watch to a Series 5 Apple Watch? Watch the video to find out!
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Comments • 627

  • Max Tech
    Max Tech  Month ago +16

    Protect your financial identity online using virtual cards and get $5 towards your first purchase at
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    • ne0tic
      ne0tic Month ago

      William Parenteau Yup, though I would guess that they might have tweaked the clock speeds and power management but that would be all...

    • William Parenteau
      William Parenteau Month ago +1

      If you check on Apple's website, the S5 chip has the same performance as the S4 does (2x faster than the S3). It seem that the S5 processor is simply a rebranded S4.

  • Mental Divergence
    Mental Divergence 2 days ago

    Apple sucks balls.

  • Devil0027
    Devil0027 5 days ago

    I just got a series 4 cause the price came down and always on and a compass didn’t mean that much to me

  • TaKiDo
    TaKiDo 10 days ago

    Your advertising sucks, you should try not doing that

  • Trisev O-860U
    Trisev O-860U 10 days ago

    So basically to make it more like a regular watch?

  • Uzair Arshad
    Uzair Arshad 10 days ago +1

    Finally the Apple Watch series 5 is out, which means that the series 4 will be cheaper. Now I can finally afford a used series 1

  • sing out in the dark
    sing out in the dark 12 days ago

    I will upgrade from series 1 to 4! I’m excited!!

  • PSVT_
    PSVT_ 12 days ago

    so upgrade if you have a series 3? But I have a series one what should I do?

  • Jared White
    Jared White 16 days ago

    ECG, is an excellent feature. New watch faces, fall detection. Wheelchair mode for me is worth it alone.

  • salahxd 32
    salahxd 32 17 days ago

    Iam i the only who don’t use siri

  • Chrono
    Chrono 18 days ago

    Ol Max getting buff

  • Ron Hayes
    Ron Hayes 22 days ago

    I have a Series 2 that i bought used from one of my co-workers when he upgraded to the 3. I'm not sure if I want to get the 5 or just wait to see what the 6 has in store.. honestly the only thing I really use it for is to pause my music and Apple Pay, lol

    • Z RapidFire
      Z RapidFire 19 days ago

      Ron Hayes it’s a preference but you’ll have an increase difference on the speed, I had the series 3 and I love it. Especially the always on display.
      I know the series 2 can be a bit slow, but if you only need it for those 2 things then you might wait until it goes on sale lol

  • Tech Is Life
    Tech Is Life 24 days ago

    I’m using the series4 and I am really good with it, I don’t see a real reason like you said to really upgrade to the series5. I feel like the always on display will just drain the battery even more. Thank you for your honest review

  • Sudoken
    Sudoken 25 days ago

    Still enjoying my series 0 lol! However I do want upgrade due to battery sucks on series 0.

  • Playboy Domo
    Playboy Domo 26 days ago

    Ill keep my series 3 for now

  • Roma
    Roma 27 days ago

    I don’t see a strong use case for always on display. The watch already turns on when you look at it. Always on is just a nice thing to have, more on cosmetics than actual usefulness

  • Tdrex820
    Tdrex820 28 days ago

    Is it faster then series 4 ?

  • Alhumdlillah
    Alhumdlillah 28 days ago +4

    I will upgrade my Apple Watch after it comes out with a camera ☺️

  • laz tej
    laz tej 29 days ago

    I’m using my series 4 stainless steel gold watch and it’s still greet to me. I have it running on watchOS 6 And everything is faster now and more accurate like when I left my wrist to look at the time it turns on right away so just because that always on display on the series 5 it’s not that serious so I’d rather stick with my series 4 for’s like apple made the same thing twice the phones are the same and the watches are the same and just changed like 3 things of them all lol smh oh well

  • Michael Nguyen
    Michael Nguyen 29 days ago +1

    You never mention the new Titanium version.

  • Adrian Gonzalez
    Adrian Gonzalez 29 days ago +2

    *UPGRADES FROM 4 to 5*
    1. Screen is always on
    2. 32 GB
    3. Compass

    • andres liu
      andres liu 28 days ago +2

      Adrian Gonzalez I’m going to wait for series6😶

  • topher lyeung
    topher lyeung Month ago

    how about your from series 1 and our retail store here offers the series 4 at a really very interesting discounted price? should i get it or just go up with the higher tagged series 5?

  • Zachary Donnelly
    Zachary Donnelly Month ago +28

    I’ve never owned a Apple Watch I’m buying one for the first time I’m excited.

    • kyle bouch
      kyle bouch 23 days ago +1

      Zachary Donnelly man you’re going to love it I’m upgrading to the series 5 tomorrow😁😁😁

    • kyle bouch
      kyle bouch 23 days ago +3

      kave asgary dude stfu I’ve had an Apple Watch for years and still find joy in using it

    • kave asgary
      kave asgary 29 days ago +2

      Zachary Donnelly don’t waste your money on Apple Watch it’s useless trust me imagine charging your watch every day or two . The screen is too small you can’t do anything with it also it doesn’t look good at all got one last year it’s just collecting dust only used it the first week that I bought it

  • Jakenewms
    Jakenewms Month ago +1

    Should I upgrade from my s1?

    • Jakenewms
      Jakenewms Month ago +1

      Max Tech I want to but I feel like the s6 is going to be the major upgrade

    • Max Tech
      Max Tech  Month ago

      It’s the perfect year to upgrade

  • hiddenhandmusic
    hiddenhandmusic Month ago +3

    I have the Series 3, it’s paid for so for now I’m good

  • itzmeJuliana
    itzmeJuliana Month ago +2

    Idk if I should update cause I have the series 4

    • itzmeJuliana
      itzmeJuliana 27 days ago +1

      SAV PAZ oh okay

    • SAV PAZ
      SAV PAZ 27 days ago +1

      itzmeJuliana no way don’t do it

  • ImJustKitten
    ImJustKitten Month ago

    I have series 3

  • Kyla Scott
    Kyla Scott Month ago +2

    If you don’t have a Apple Watch then most definitely get the series 5 hands down! I have the iPhone XS Max and the series 4 watch and I’m not upgrading to a iPhone 11pro Max and a series 5 watch! For what? I paid a great amount already not too long ago for both of these and they are still new and great and not much of a difference for me to upgrade!

  • sean pae
    sean pae Month ago +33

    i wish apple would just make a new watch every 2 years instead of every year

  • Tone Vuong Vinningland

    Yes sure I am getting the series 5 :) Have been waiting for the on all time watch face since the first Apple Watch series ;)

  • Jae White
    Jae White Month ago

    Stainless Steel Gold ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Summer Rea
    Summer Rea Month ago

    I currently have the series 3 Apple Watch. Originally I wanted the 4 but it was a little out of my price range. I will be upgrading to the 5 simply by I wanted the 4 and they discontinued it, and the five is the same price as the 4 sooo yeah

  • Gen MT
    Gen MT Month ago

    Just pre-ordered! I originally started with the series 0, then upgraded to series 4. But like you, I really needed the “always on” feature for work. So I’m selling my 4 and ordered the 5.

  • Lillian
    Lillian Month ago

    Not upgrading from the series 4 anytime soon. My Apple Watch features that I value are the workout app, BT which allows me to use it as a remote when listening to BT headphones and phone-free wireless. Those key features haven't prompted me to upgrade. Plus the trade in value for Apple Watches is low.

  • Jiwoo Ahn
    Jiwoo Ahn Month ago

    Are you guys twins?

  • Nick Colonello
    Nick Colonello Month ago +2

    I still rock a 1st Gen Apple Watch. And no, I don’t mean the Series 1. Worth the upgrade?

    • Respect The Game
      Respect The Game 29 days ago

      Nick Colonello I’m going from the first gen to the fifth. I’d say it’s worth it if your willing to spend $400+

  • Ben Kuo
    Ben Kuo Month ago

    Why this guy go over his sponsor at beginning and mid of video? Ads OL dislike next video.

  • EDDIE O.
    EDDIE O. Month ago

    It’s inconvenient to lift up your arm to tell the time?? Really? damn..we have gotten lazy... next y’all will be crying how the Apple Watch isn’t sending the time directly into your brains cause it’s inconvenient to have to look at the watch to tell the time ....

  • Lenzo Switchblade
    Lenzo Switchblade Month ago +7

    i reckon the series 4 have the hardware capabilities to have the always on display. just need a software update. lol

  • Leonardo Gonzalez Castellanos

    Great apple watch 5 comercial.

  • Derick Edmund
    Derick Edmund Month ago +1

    Nah I’m not that pressed over a always on display. Don’t really have a problem turning my wrist

  • Pieter Pienaar
    Pieter Pienaar Month ago +3

    I think Im going to stick with the series 4. Series 5 is just an little processor and always on display upgrade, they both still have all the same features and exact same heart rate sensors

  • John Walsh
    John Walsh Month ago +1

    I've not had one since series 2 I think, I hated having to charge every day... has this changed?

    • Jorge Alvarez
      Jorge Alvarez Month ago

      John Walsh Yess series 3, 4 and 5 have amazing battery life. I charge my series 3 every other day .. use it every day too

  • Kim Laursen
    Kim Laursen Month ago


  • Vanessa Linares-Tavera

    You use it for two full days? I don't feel like mine will last that long

  • Villen Swagg
    Villen Swagg Month ago

    That ain’t a good reason to upgrade 😂😂

  • A-Team Nation.
    A-Team Nation. Month ago

    Yeah not worth it if you have a series 4. Too bad.

  • Tiffany Nicholas
    Tiffany Nicholas Month ago +1

    might upgrade from never owning an apple watch

  • Irene Partain
    Irene Partain Month ago

    I have a Series 2....really thinking abt getting the Series 5...great video!!

  • Fortnite Gaming
    Fortnite Gaming Month ago +35

    Am I the only who never had Apple Watch

    • Darshan Ravi
      Darshan Ravi 28 days ago

      And a couple of billion ppl

    • kave asgary
      kave asgary 29 days ago

      You are not missing out

    • Fortnite Gaming
      Fortnite Gaming Month ago

      ColonelZeta nice

    • ColonelZeta
      ColonelZeta Month ago +1

      I don’t have one either but my brother , mom and dad all have smart watches so I want one now lol . I’m buying the series 4 with my bonus check next month

  • Toys hanger
    Toys hanger Month ago +1

    I can raise my series 3 and talk to seri still the same

    • Tomass Osmanis
      Tomass Osmanis Month ago

      Toys hanger but does series 3 have new meridian watch face and hearing health?

  • Toys hanger
    Toys hanger Month ago

    Here is what pisses me off about iwatch, you need to buy latest just to get “new” watch faces? Seriously? It feels like it defeats the whole purpose of buying a digital smart watch.

    IAN BLADUELL Month ago

    I have the series 4 and not gonna upgrade. The only features I want before upgrading is letter music play on the watch itself and allow live wallpapers on the screen. Otherwise, Next

  • HRE Baby
    HRE Baby Month ago +1

    I have the series 5 it came in the mail yesterday

  • Austyn Dagna
    Austyn Dagna Month ago

    I sold my series 4 because I didn’t see the point in having one it’s just the same thing as an iPhone that’s my Opinion🤷🏼‍♂️

  • Joshua Bagi
    Joshua Bagi Month ago

    Ok so I have the very first Apple Watch ever to release in April of 2015. So you’re saying I’m safe to finally upgrade?

  • Levi and Lava
    Levi and Lava Month ago +1

    Bro, they are all similar

  • Salem Dashti
    Salem Dashti Month ago

    Can i put series 5 bands on series 4?

  • Ibraheem Abdullah
    Ibraheem Abdullah Month ago

    I have a series 2.. I just check the time and temperature for the most part. Most people don't even use 80% of the features on the watch. I'm waiting for my series 2 to die.

  • Simply_Lime
    Simply_Lime Month ago

    I ordered my first Apple Watch, in space black stainless steel with the Milanese loop. I spent 800+ up front and hope that this will last me at least 2 years if not even longer. I think it made sense to get the nicer option since it’s more personalized and what not.