Official Sea of Thieves Developer Update: March 6th 2019

  • Published on Mar 6, 2019
  • Joe takes you through the latest game update - featuring sword combat improvements and new Mercenary Voyages - and lays out the combined future for Pioneers and the Insider Programme. Visit the official game site at
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  • The Pirate Council Official Hub

    0:09 - Combat tweaks incoming.
    0:19 - Sword delay after missing swipe.
    0:30 - Sword blocking bug removed.
    0:45 - Combat fluidity being looked at.
    0:58 - Balancing for merchant quests and cargo runs.
    1:16 - New mercenary voyages incoming.
    1:35 - Cool cosmetics for completing mercenary voyages.
    2:13 - Mercenary cosmetics for friends play free incoming.
    2:21 - Pioneers is becoming an opt in process and is going live.
    2:59 - Insider program is being relaunched.
    3:22 - Insider program sign up date.
    3:33 - Requirements for insider program and notes on NDA.
    4:18 - Wrap up.
    We'll be posting these timestamps on EVERY Sea of Thieves video to make YOUR viewing experience easier. Happy sailing from the crews of The Pirate Council!

  • Radiations Fallout
    Radiations Fallout 3 months ago

    It's sad that this is a dead game now... It was great to play before they started pandering to console...

  • Kelly Hill
    Kelly Hill 4 months ago

    Update the treasure chests. Something like you can open them when you dig them up. When you open them you either get more than what it would sell for to a hoarder or less than that amount. Maybe even add a bonus to chests that you normally wouldn't see. Some chests may even be booby-trapped if you open them. The point is, you know what it will be worth if you sell it, but what if you open it?

  • Lucca Barbosa
    Lucca Barbosa 5 months ago

    I can not stand these skulls anymore! What do skull missions do if in all other missions you are forced to face these skulls, and worst of all, they are completely unbalanced skulls with a giant hit rate and defend themselves. The experience of the game gets boring every time you take action in the game and is hampered by random and purposeless skulls. We are tired of being forced to fight with skulls everywhere and all missions

  • Game3d
    Game3d 5 months ago

    Please make it so that when i tap out of the game i DO NOT get disconnected instantly!!!

  • Cj Salgad0
    Cj Salgad0 5 months ago +1

    Tbh everyone in the reapers mark voyage was nice to each other

  • RIP Shadow clan
    RIP Shadow clan 5 months ago

    He’s still got his invincible cannonball

  • FreeToUseGameplays
    FreeToUseGameplays 5 months ago

    Will Sea of Thieves be free any time soon

  • TrickierPanic0
    TrickierPanic0 5 months ago +1

    Please make a post that buys items from you for like 50% gold.

  • Anderson Littleton
    Anderson Littleton 5 months ago

    Joining the Xbox insider program as we speak. Can’t wait

  • RedCandian
    RedCandian 5 months ago

    I haven’t got my email for the beta

  • they call me comical
    they call me comical 5 months ago

    Been playing two days haven't seen a single guy and I'm on Xbox wtf

  • Daniel Castellon
    Daniel Castellon 5 months ago

    When will it come out on ps4😭

  • Josh Bissinger
    Josh Bissinger 5 months ago

    Rummers run..... impossible for solo players to actually leave wanderers refuge with treasure. So many campers lol. I just bribe people to let me dig the chests so I can get the accommodations.

  • Obada Rajjpub
    Obada Rajjpub 5 months ago +2

    Why is the next update not out yet, it’s Wednesday 😭😭😭

  • Illogical Gaming
    Illogical Gaming 5 months ago

    Im trying to do the Insider program but it says i need a code

    • Illogical Gaming
      Illogical Gaming 5 months ago

      @StormedTech it was solved with the gamepass fix

    • StormedTech
      StormedTech 5 months ago

      You need to apply as an Insider on the website.

  • paul gib
    paul gib 5 months ago

    Leaks look it up for yourself
    They're adding 10 more rep to Athena quests and 50 more rep to all quests preparing you for microtransactions with areana/pet update limited time cosmetics incoming pay to win boost's incoming
    Areana pass incoming for cosmetics and pets,
    New in game money type coming for microtransactions in game purchase's. This is a warning you've been warned I'm whistle blowing for those anti microtransactions gamers. If the games not dead this will definitely kill it 😆😆😆😆😆rare should fix grieffing problems first before scamming the 1000 or so player base left 😆😆😆

  • Josh Wilson
    Josh Wilson 5 months ago

    Sign up was rescheduled for today. Just found out.

  • Toxic Peng
    Toxic Peng 5 months ago

    Your that guy that called summit toxic your a pp head and a big fart

  • The Fraze
    The Fraze 5 months ago

    Game hasn’t even been out for a year and I’ve already quit. Make players grind for hundreds of hours for Pirate Legend, give them crappy rewards, no real achievements or commendations.
    Then, months later, add new content but suddenly make rewards far more valuable and allow people to get to Pirate Legend with more ease.
    THEN add stupid 5 minute tasks like sitting on a chair to skip to the next level in a trading company and avoid what was a huge grind for the players who originally got to Pirate Legend.
    THEN add even more ways to suddenly boost players XP so that it is now possible to get Pirate Legend within one week of buying the game.
    Spat in the face of all of the players who put time and effort into the game at launch. Never coming back to another RARE game again, I’ll stick with other developers who can respect people’s time rather than making people waste countless days and hours and then boost newer players up.

    • The Fraze
      The Fraze 5 months ago

      PenSplosion Wtf they didn’t fix it at all. They should never have changed the grind because it ruins the status of Pirate Legend. Pirate Legends used to be super rare and people would be in awe if they saw one. Nowadays it’s unusual to not encounter one on almost every ship you see. They’ve made it way too easy now and Pirate Legend means nothing anymore because it takes merely a week to go from a beginner to a Legend.

    • PenSplosion
      PenSplosion 5 months ago

      That's because there is this magical thing called updates, they realised the problem with the grind and fixed it as much as they could why complain

  • Ben Cristofani
    Ben Cristofani 5 months ago +4

    Blocking still lets hits through, just as it did before...

  • TurkEY Games
    TurkEY Games 5 months ago

    some more level related unlockables would be awesome i have more gold then i know what to do with.. and i like spending money!!

  • Simkont
    Simkont 5 months ago

    Ay I'm from 2018 looking forward to the arena being released early 2019 great work so far on shrouded spoils.

  • Tsuki OO
    Tsuki OO 5 months ago

    Claims they fixed their bugs and glitches, yet nothing gets fixed, love how lazy the staff is but don’t worry guys, new cosmetics are coming out.

  • The xbox JEDi
    The xbox JEDi 5 months ago

    So how do we join insider

    • Josh Wilson
      Josh Wilson 5 months ago

      Sign up was rescheduled for today. Just found out.

    • Josh Wilson
      Josh Wilson 5 months ago

      Did you find out?

  • Danky Danky
    Danky Danky 5 months ago

    When is The Arena launching?

  • Papa Putin
    Papa Putin 5 months ago

    please change the admirals head

  • glynn mckay
    glynn mckay 5 months ago

    how long is the reapers run going on for ? I meen the time for being able to get the cosmetics

  • paul gib
    paul gib 5 months ago

    You should police greiffers or figure a way to punish them, because some grieffer just joined my open crew named LaimBushen23x and blow up all my gun powders on our ship causing use to sink. Then he blocked me after I confronted him about it the coward turned victim real fast. Typical sewer rat SJW causes trouble then calls harassment aka victim smh😏 Don't forget LaimBushen23x you griefed me🤔

  • obbldude TV
    obbldude TV 5 months ago

    I love sea of friends

  • Jannis Schaefer
    Jannis Schaefer 5 months ago

    Are there plans for new boss and/or sidequest similar to the megalodon stuff?

    • Dallas Scandling
      Dallas Scandling 5 months ago

      new boss eventually but sidequest/Main storyline faction should be in the game soon

  • MR Tank Killer
    MR Tank Killer 5 months ago

    where can i sign up for the insider programme

  • Blazu
    Blazu 5 months ago

    "Minor changes"

  • GamerPawn
    GamerPawn 5 months ago

    Is cross play still 'optional' in free roam after the backlash? I wanted to grab this on PC but other than the price - the worry about the in-game server population on PC is also an issue holding me back.

  • timothy chalfant
    timothy chalfant 5 months ago

    Add keyboard and mouse compatibility on console!!!!!

  • ShadowNny
    ShadowNny 5 months ago +1

    Just hit Pirate Legend and have been playing since Friends Play Free.

    PL's want to throw a tantrum over "exclusivity" by taking away my mercenary cosmetics so everyone gets them when that wasn't the original intent?

    Cool, I am taking your PL exclusive content on the 20th.

    I also am mix and matching the PL cosmetics with the mercenary cosmetics and while donning them, am hunting exclusively PL's that hunt white sails. I am the hero that our SOT city, has.

  • Husarz
    Husarz 5 months ago +3

    Please let us create our character, I'm tired of looking for hours for a character that does not satisfy me completely ...

  • JohnnyLongFarts - Minecraft And More

    Add throwable bombs that only damage players with smaller radius like gunpowder barrels , mini carry able cannon gun that shoots 1 cannon ball and does not damage ships but makes you slow when held, pets like crabs cats parrots and Monkeys.

  • George Pelletier
    George Pelletier 5 months ago

    Does this come out on the 12th in uk time?

  • fox brewry
    fox brewry 5 months ago

    Love the game, wondering when mouse and keyboard support will come to consle

  • Fillmore Bowls
    Fillmore Bowls 5 months ago

    Add a LEGENDARY relic into the game. The Golden Banana. It looks like a banana but it’s solid gold with a ruby on top. It is an item that you can use (gain full health) or you could sell it for $$$$$

  • Kyle Jones
    Kyle Jones 5 months ago

    Can you please respond to all the requests about changing characters. The meta of the game is very different than initial release and tucking is an important part of the game now and we're limited because of this

  • ColdLimits
    ColdLimits 5 months ago

    Blocking not fixed if there in mid swing

  • Doi Doi
    Doi Doi 5 months ago +5

    Sea of Thieves was shallow upon release but it’s AMAZING now. Thanks for a great game Rare.

  • Jackson Miller
    Jackson Miller 5 months ago

    I think it would be cool for there to random whales in the world that you could hunt and sell to the merchant alliance, killing to many could bring a white whale possibly, another idea to inspire more pirating would be to add another guild which would basically be a secret British area and they give missions to hunt pirates. This could work by it showing on your map the quadrant that pirate is in out of 4 large quadrants.

  • mark creamer
    mark creamer 5 months ago

    In the words of my friend who just started playing the game yesterday evening, after encountering a gunpowder barrel skelly:

    "WHAT IN THE FU**********************************"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *ded*

  • The Spida Gaming
    The Spida Gaming 5 months ago

    the blocking glitch always happened to me so yes

  • Eishammer
    Eishammer 5 months ago +1

    please do something against the lock in a small room .When you play on a galleon and you play alone with randoms and they play with 3 they can lock you in this small prison without any reason.And it happens often.VERY OFTEN.That makes absolutely no fun.Its a nice game but every second time i get locked in the prison.Please change it.

    • Mario Spanna
      Mario Spanna 5 months ago

      No get a mic, and go on LFG. Stop catering to people who can't even be arsed to use the basic tools in a game to get them a group!

  • TopHatDemon TDM
    TopHatDemon TDM 5 months ago


  • Jean-Benoit Lavigne
    Jean-Benoit Lavigne 5 months ago +1

    Ugghhhh...always time-limited stuffs. I'm kinda getting sick of this game for all those limited time events rewards. And now, they wanna rush players to get to Pirate Legends for exclusive stuff:( WTF?!? The game is already empty as it is! Leave the items permanently.

  • Shaggy !
    Shaggy ! 5 months ago

    Add a devil fruit to the game

  • Kman Gaming
    Kman Gaming 5 months ago

    Ok what you guys need to add to the game is a favourite outfit option I need that in the game because the only 2 outfits I ever really use are the Athena outfit for every day sailing and the hunter outfit for stealth my point being changing between outfits takes to long you have to find the thing you're looking for every time you change your outfit it takes to long

  • JT Lane
    JT Lane 5 months ago

    That’s update couldn’t come any slower. The sooner the console player-base is separated from the PC player-base the better. The PC player-base has every advantage against the Console players and it isn’t fair nor fun to engage in PvP almost when they are able to sword swipe us twice as fast and have far better aim. Can’t wait to see this fixed!

  • Zach Penn
    Zach Penn 5 months ago

    They should totally make fishing a thing on here like for another thing to sell and food that would be awesome

  • DRTY D
    DRTY D 5 months ago

    how can you make sword play MORE delayed?? its non responsive as it is!! it just does what it wants wether im pulling the trigger or not. does no one test play the xbox version?

  • x VerK x
    x VerK x 5 months ago

    Skellies are harder to kill than pirate legends now! This update destroyed the sword play even more than the last update. I dont understand what these devs are thinking. We tell you the problems but instead of listening you make them worse or do the complete opposite of what we suggest or you listen to people who put an hour into the game and complain that they cant kill anyone. Before the 2 last updates the game was much better and balanced. The fun factor is no longer there for me. I die to skellies now, a lot. I'm a pirate legend and I'm not godlike but I'm not bad either. The kraken glitches and never goes away. Tentacles keep popping up. I've fought krakens for over 30 mins twice now. The environment now know when you have a lot of loot and will throw everything it can to prevent you from having it. A kraken, ghost ship and meg at the same time should never happen but now it does. Will any of my input make a difference? Absolutely not because the devs never listen to the players who play all the time. Sad.

  • Mouse Boi
    Mouse Boi 5 months ago

    How do I become and inside please help!!!!!!

  • Zenda Adventures
    Zenda Adventures 5 months ago

    I really hope you guys add new sea creatures and threats

    RAGE ARES 5 months ago +1

    They need to make it where we can buy cannon balls wood and more inventory space

  • TheOneTheOnly W
    TheOneTheOnly W 5 months ago

    Let's face it, the should have been, no is an early access game.

  • D.DoT-Z
    D.DoT-Z 5 months ago +2


  • Andre Leo
    Andre Leo 5 months ago +1

    You sound like Daniel Radcliffe

  • MV_NL
    MV_NL 5 months ago

    I won’t be pirate legend in time. 😢

  • Daniel Musante
    Daniel Musante 5 months ago


  • House of Gamez
    House of Gamez 5 months ago

    Where's the arena

  • Ivan Cosic
    Ivan Cosic 5 months ago

    Please release the game on PS4. This is the best game I know and i cant play it. Can you just tell me is there a chance for releasing it on PS4?

    • mark creamer
      mark creamer 5 months ago

      Microsoft owns the rights to it. If you want to play, buy it on PC

  • Amp-Hibious
    Amp-Hibious 5 months ago

    thanks so much for the cargo buff, it really felt like the bottles were useless, people just left them out to sink .

  • ajscaffjustwilkes
    ajscaffjustwilkes 5 months ago

    Bring it to PS4!!!!!!!!! 😧😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • A Mystery
    A Mystery 5 months ago

    Are you guys gonna do frozen themed region with challenges?

  • TEGA
    TEGA 5 months ago +1

    Please make sea of thieves in mobile

  • Bakke1977 _
    Bakke1977 _ 5 months ago

    Can you get sea of Thieves on ps4

  • Vincent Bourassa
    Vincent Bourassa 5 months ago

    Insider,here I am!!!!😀

  • Sanyi
    Sanyi 5 months ago

    Some cursed swords or guns would be nice

  • George Pelletier
    George Pelletier 5 months ago

    I love sinking ships and not seeing empty Capitans quarters ur on a good roll rare!

  • Simsoys !
    Simsoys ! 5 months ago

    Se of Thievy for ps4 pls