Blind Face Touching Challenge

Can you tell who a person is just by touching their face? GMM #1029!
Buddy System Ep. 7 is out today! https://goo.gl/jUsY4v
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Автор DARTH XiLE x ( назад)
Do this again but with the hole a little lower ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Автор Peach Toadstool ( назад)
Lizzie's voice is so soft and warm she should do ASMR

Автор A Moon ( назад)

Автор Riley Crable ( назад)
Link kinda looks like Colin O'donoghue :)

Автор Melisa Kazior ( назад)

Автор get me to 10,000 subs without vids ( назад)
i want links eye color

Автор Cassandra Herron ( назад)
link: *aggressively rubs his teeth* alex: *backs away a little* link: ''they're backing away, why, come back''

Автор Jon Petrovich ( назад)
Rhett should of tricked link back. it the face challenge

Автор Potato Salad ( назад)
GMM's thumbnails and titles are so clickbaity, but they can't be accused of clickbait, which is why I love it.

Автор Mila 00010 ( назад)
Im here at the middle of the night watching 2 grownup men tousch faces

Автор Dalton Chase ( назад)
How do you report crew feels

Автор LlamaArmy ( назад)
Bearded boy with dangerous brow.

Автор YourBoy Vlogs ( назад)
Who is this ourmine??

Автор Ashley Srsha ( назад)
Will it meatball

Автор Camilo Garcia Ylasaari ( назад)
Everyone wins, including the crew.

Correction: ESPECIALLY the crew

Автор Hppy Wooper ( назад)
They should've boiled their hands for safety.

Автор Ashleigh-jayne Tite ( назад)
watching this now.... rhetts hair is bothering me x

Автор Nolan Breiner ( назад)
"The feelers' information" yep, humans are ants

Автор Izzy Spalding ( назад)

Автор cool moo ( назад)
do 7 up

Автор Diamond heart ( назад)

Автор J.D. Long ( назад)
8:04 That Face is Priceless. 😧

Автор J.D. Long ( назад)
That Face is Priceless. 😧

Автор King Awesome ( назад)
Will it sandwich

Автор Blue Spartan23 ( назад)
Rhety havin a bad hairday

Автор Ela Hancock ( назад)
Rhett's hair lmao

Автор nicudemis ( назад)
Lizzy you cheeky lil' awesome person

Автор Melissa Frost ( назад)

Автор Esuterure2006 ( назад)
I wanna play!

Автор StockyGravy 708 ( назад)
This is awkwarrrrrrd!!!!!

Автор Adriana Young ( назад)
I thought Lizzie's nose was real until after she got out of the Face Space.

Автор Kobe Da Beast ( назад)
Wait! Is Rhett...Link in 20 more years

Автор Steven Radick ( назад)
bought YouTube Red just for Buddy System and I regret nothing

Автор Neon_Master ( назад)
Anyone get surprised when Lizzie spoke?

Автор Hannah Buncak ( назад)
omg I thought lizzie was a dude

Автор Frisk Mmo ( назад)
my bro has that starwar t-sheart

Автор Nathan Toma ( назад)

Автор Alice Dole ( назад)
Stevie would look awesome with a bob cut

Автор Autumn Does YouTube ( назад)

Автор Chad Kruger ( назад)
I'm watching 2 grown men feeling other peoples faces through a whole. enough said

Автор Wukey22 ( назад)
So funny when Alex was going to bite link

Автор kysa Swedberg ( назад)
is anyone going to say anything about the fact that they misspelled "Face"

Автор Jiwoo Shin ( назад)
in the thumbnail I thought it was ellen

Автор Hana Allam ( назад)
I love this show

Автор Michael Møuse ( назад)
Link's face at 8:05 haha

Автор Natsu Etherious ( назад)
The guy on the right looks mentally unstable can anyone explain to me why???

Автор Charlotte Brink ( назад)
Rhett would cry if link didn't do the boopity boop boop boop, and link would cry at night if they didn't dink it and sink it.

Автор ClainBill ( назад)
3:46 "I'm doing like a massage"

Yes Link, that looks very massaging, or comfortable. You can tell by looking at the happy look on his face.

Автор CyanPup Miranda ( назад)
Anyone else think that Chase looks like Preston...

Автор Brandyn Wood ( назад)
lizzie looks like the guy from rampage capital punishment

Автор Redpanda YT ( назад)
link has a baby face lol

Автор build.a.better.you 95 ( назад)
This lowkey reminds me of game of thrones lol

Автор Mr. Cheese Bush ( назад)
I love koala-hating Lizzie

Автор Kenzies Cam ( назад)
Will it lipstick 💄?

Автор JustAPegasus ( назад)
6:28 Me when I get a whole in one

Автор William Wyatt Earnshaw ( назад)
For anyone interested the space between the brows is called the glabella and the point from which the nose begins to slant away from the facial structure of the head is referred to as the nasion, but more commonly known as the root of the nose.

Автор Moon Shi ( назад)
my friend name is Alex

Автор Davalii ( назад)
One of the m.c has the same name as me

Автор notthelosechesters ( назад)
8:03 I can't breathe 😂😂😭

Автор Voodoo Girl ( назад)
rhett has changed loads since this vid.unless its just me

Автор Lydia Armstrong ( назад)
when you guys say what the body part is you guys remind me of doctors and their patients in there office

Автор Sean Pangilinan ( назад)
OMG Link's reaction on lizzie xD

Автор BC 44 ( назад)
who's your favorite crew member?

Автор BC 44 ( назад)
the thing between the eyes is called the "bridge":)

Автор Apophis ( назад)
Stevie is super pretty.

Автор Sarah Cannon ( назад)
Mathew has EXTREME patience along with all the other crew members!

Автор Skyler Moss ( назад)
8:06 I died

Автор Unwanted House Guest ( назад)
Matthew looks like David Beckham on that Angle 5:07

Автор Caitlin cozart ( назад)
I have the same elbow skin

Автор thinkingofthoughts ( назад)
Nice shoes, Link! :D

Автор Louis Valenzuela ( назад)
lmao links reaction to lizzie, he was actually scared

Автор Darlene Carmichael ( назад)
Is this what the bosses do to their workers every day?

Автор CoreyJay ( назад)
8:05 That reaction was so priceless hahahaha

Автор Pro_To_Type ( назад)
LOL rhett :im going with stevie? and then take off the blind fold: YEEEESS! 2. link: Hello,everyone im ALEX (girly voice) take off the blind fold: YES! SO FUNNY

Автор Larry Arnett ( назад)
I can't get over Links hair AND he is smart he's cute
and Rhett is so tall

Автор Demon Goblin ( назад)
What do you do when you are about to vomit but you don't want to? #gmmadvice

Автор Sumayyah Blatche ( назад)
The nose.😭😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Автор Casey H ( назад)
"Do you have an actual nose under there?"
"No, they took it off!"

Автор Kelsey Tsopze ( назад)
Who else was screaming at Rhett or Link to get the right answer?

Автор Jacob Sander ( назад)
You don't realize how much bigger Rhett is then Link until they stand up

Автор TOXIVITY RYRU ( назад)
wtf I'm so confused I thought that was a boy but I was a gurl

Автор The WyGuy ( назад)
Rhett is really tall

Автор Beakbeard The Barmy ( назад)

Автор Spongebob Milapants ( назад)
Do will it cupcake please!

Автор Ryleigh DeMarse ( назад)
I never knew Rett was so thin! He's so skinny! Also, lot of crew I didn't know of😂

Автор Phredtoon Joon ( назад)
lizzie =life

Автор TheShinyEevee ( назад)
They actually counted the Lizzie fake-out against Link?

Автор Jeff Bajorek ( назад)
Link does dress really cutely

Автор Isabella Enright ( назад)
the things these guys do is hilarious

Автор Michelle Ransom ( назад)
Weirdest conversation with your bosses

Rhett and Link: Ok, for this episode we need to grab your faces blindfolded

Them: What?!?!?

Rhett and Link: we need to guess whose face we are touching while we are blindfolded

Автор Post Apocalyptic Penguin ( назад)
Kind of ship stevie and Rhett


Автор Samwise thenotsobrave ( назад)
The result was a non-zero sum-game.

Автор Michelle Rivas ( назад)
I haven't watch for two years and link looks so much better it's crazy

Автор Theresa Bongiorno ( назад)
Is Link wearing guyliner?!

Автор Kawaii Alexis & Squishy ( назад)
Lol I noticed something sooo funny

Read more

Автор Esquicee ( назад)
it would be cool if the crew pranked/surprised Rhett and Link and brought a celebrity without them knowing and they started touching that celebrity's face

Автор Milk382011 ( назад)
This season finally feels like Rhett and Link are enjoying doing the show again

Автор Danielle Friday ( назад)
"I don't really believe in hand sanitizer, but I do wanna protect the crew from my cooties"😂😂

Автор Kawaii_Cookie 964 ( назад)
Can you spot the difference?
Like if you found the difference!

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