A New Start

  • Published on Mar 21, 2019
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  • LukasFragas
    LukasFragas 4 days ago

    4.2 mill channel such bad audio quality? omg.

  • HeathenHacks
    HeathenHacks 10 days ago

    5:43 eyyy, i have the same black out curtain! lol.

  • David m
    David m 14 days ago +1

    So a bunch of people gave you a bunch of money to build a studio that we didn't see a lot of only for you to turn around and move to a whole new studio. Baffling that you can't see how much of a spit to the face this is to all those poor people that donated money so that you could build your "dream studio" in studio 2. Real shallow

  • Jainisa Baudin
    Jainisa Baudin 17 days ago

    The white paint litterally made me cry..😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • skakdiamc
    skakdiamc 20 days ago

    studio 2 was two years ago?!? i literally thought back to it and thought it was months ago. holy cow.

  • Joshua Scofield
    Joshua Scofield 27 days ago

    Out of the way anus tart

  • Marshmallow TEA
    Marshmallow TEA 29 days ago

    So satisfying that it’s 16 minutes on the dot

  • Don’t subscribe Please

    You made me cry dang you jazza why get rid of the mural ihu for this

  • Don’t subscribe Please

    Im mad at you for getting rid of that miral

  • Mettaton EX
    Mettaton EX Month ago

    you should have just cut the wall out and took it with you XD

  • Happy Catcus007
    Happy Catcus007 Month ago

    All I can say is,

    I’m proud.

  • Rainbow д
    Rainbow д Month ago

    Name of this girl on wall? 🤣

  • Thomas Lockwood
    Thomas Lockwood Month ago

    I I’m sad 😞

  • Sesty Gaming
    Sesty Gaming Month ago

    In the beginning of the video the lighting made it look like you only had one dimple XD

  • Natalie Gray
    Natalie Gray Month ago

    Wow I never realized how handy Jazza was.

  • Monty Starfish
    Monty Starfish Month ago

    Now the goodbye vid makes sense

  • GN Animates
    GN Animates Month ago +1

    How did Paint defeat Goku rip wall

  • Prfo Atlas
    Prfo Atlas 2 months ago


  • Mr. Shrek
    Mr. Shrek 2 months ago

    at 0:56 you can see my comment on the live stream holy shit guys i'm in one of jazzas videos

  • erika antonov
    erika antonov 2 months ago

    Das satisfying

  • Jeez Gaming
    Jeez Gaming 2 months ago

    Scary letting go of wall paper 😭

  • Tyler Cundiff
    Tyler Cundiff 2 months ago

    Only you, Jazza.

  • Shia Bloom
    Shia Bloom 2 months ago

    Did he record this like in 2018

  • GalacticVoid
    GalacticVoid 2 months ago


  • Athena Lamarre-Clifton
    Athena Lamarre-Clifton 2 months ago +1

    Wow i wated a wile to actualy watch this so now i have a little series to veg out to 😌

  • Blaise Requina
    Blaise Requina 2 months ago

    Sub to pewds

  • Jayden Xoxo
    Jayden Xoxo 2 months ago

    Anyone else eat the music in the background or just me?

  • Veronica Hawley
    Veronica Hawley 2 months ago

    i started crying lol

  • Alyse orta
    Alyse orta 2 months ago +1

    I love your art

  • David Ly
    David Ly 2 months ago +1

    Yesss Tradie Jazza!

  • Geneva Neely
    Geneva Neely 2 months ago

    Is this shane dawson?

  • Aubrey Sida
    Aubrey Sida 2 months ago

    Whenever it hits you just HOW much this man does at once

  • Philip Burchard Nielsen

    Nice idea Jazza
    Arty Farty😂

  • StartArtSmart
    StartArtSmart 2 months ago +2

    Congratulations Jazza... I can't wait to see what you Create in the New Studio! 😎

  • Hangry Zombit
    Hangry Zombit 2 months ago

    I can't believe it's been two years since the fundraiser! I'm so proud of you Jazza!

  • Siobhan Henry
    Siobhan Henry 2 months ago

    Do you still live in moe or did you move completely? I’m ganna be so freaking sad if you moved away.

  • HaamuPoika
    HaamuPoika 2 months ago

    So when did you tell us that you were going to a new studio?

    SUNSOAR 2 months ago

    It's crazy to think I've been following you long before the 1st mural was even a thing.... makes me feel old, got time flies.

  • Shaun Sullivan
    Shaun Sullivan 2 months ago +1

    We all press F for you jazza

  • Shaun Sullivan
    Shaun Sullivan 2 months ago +1


  • jeffrey brooks
    jeffrey brooks 2 months ago

    J, new space looks like its gonna just fantastic. And as i look at what you are doing and living in Chicago (i'm sure the worst weather in the world) ...got me wondering what the climate delta is like there... as you talk about weatherproofing. So i short what is cold and hot weather there?

  • Twisted Tyler
    Twisted Tyler 2 months ago

    Jazza is wearing a wife beater

  • Natalen Hav
    Natalen Hav 2 months ago

    i crying in this video. An I not followed you :(

  • DoodleDrawArt
    DoodleDrawArt 2 months ago +4

    Nice job coordinating everything. There was a lot going on between moving out, renovating, moving in, redesigning and executing it all PLUS keeping content seamlessly flowing right through the transition. I'm impressed!

  • Nightshade Kelly
    Nightshade Kelly 2 months ago

    Im currently designing a mural for my art studio

  • Ahmed Mekaouar
    Ahmed Mekaouar 2 months ago

    work work work work work work.
    if you got it good for you

  • Crystal Marie
    Crystal Marie 2 months ago

    *arty farty*

  • Promyte GT
    Promyte GT 2 months ago

    99% = PASSPARTOUT!!!
    1% = Sooo can I copy for likes?

  • Max Smart
    Max Smart 2 months ago

    Jazza isn’t allowed to make me cry of anything other than happiness but I’m happy that you’re taking a big step forward. I’ve been here since 100k and I plan to stay til the very end. We are all so proud of you. You really are the best RUclip art dad in the world

  • MistyQueHarper
    MistyQueHarper 2 months ago

    can I just take a moment and embarrass you (of boots your ego) for a bit? I hope your wife doesn't take it the wrong way (I'm married too, with two kids, so... it might be inappropriate). Dang, I love the way your arms looks from an anatomical point of view. Once they flex, you can really see the lines the every fiber and the shadows they make on the skin. As I said, I do hope you and your wife don't take it the wrong way, your arms just look pretty darn good.

  • MistyQueHarper
    MistyQueHarper 2 months ago

    "every inch counts" THATS' WHAT SHE SAAAAID!!! HA!

  • JK studio kreslení
    JK studio kreslení 2 months ago

    wow....what the huge screen monitor 4:57 ? looks very good !

    PLAYER UBG 2 months ago

    Does'nt know theres a channel named Vertiigo
    Doing rust videos


  • Taylor Fichter
    Taylor Fichter 2 months ago

    He's had this planned for a long time

  • Singing above
    Singing above 2 months ago

    Do a $1 art challenge if you haven’t yet 🤑worlds cheapest vid🎨

  • Caveasaurus
    Caveasaurus 2 months ago +3

    This was an emotional rollercoaster of a video... I cried a little, I laughed a little, and I'm super excited for the future. Cheers to a fresh start!

  • Kristall Ojeda
    Kristall Ojeda 2 months ago +2

    The editing on this video was absolutely amazing!!! 11/10 editing skills!

  • pinguaina
    pinguaina 2 months ago

    The next step to being more generic, average and boring?

  • Shadow.The.Shady
    Shadow.The.Shady 2 months ago

    Oh GoD I cRiED, gOd WhYYyyYyyyYYyy

  • Nathaniel Stevens
    Nathaniel Stevens 2 months ago

    He could have cut that bit of wall out and replaced it. Then he could have kept it or sold it for a small fortune

  • Kaiah Leatherwood
    Kaiah Leatherwood 2 months ago

    what a dad

  • Camille Thwaites
    Camille Thwaites 2 months ago

    I think it's weird that white paint can have the ability to make me cry

  • Haille Fay Filmz
    Haille Fay Filmz 2 months ago

    Build with jazza?

  • Javier Francisco Camacho Brenes

    Is this real pazzpourt?

    SHAGGY ROGERS ; 2 months ago +5

    Why don't you take a pic of the old mural and frame it as a wall pictures
    We have solved it

  • Dc Saiyan
    Dc Saiyan 2 months ago

    Why don’t you do another vid with your brother

  • Ukiringo Freeze
    Ukiringo Freeze 2 months ago

    Is the montage wall portable so that next time you can move it to new place

  • Nadja Brandt
    Nadja Brandt 2 months ago +2


  • Nati Fox
    Nati Fox 2 months ago

    Proud of you Jazza! ♥️
    Excited for the future!

  • Samiul Alam Sheyam
    Samiul Alam Sheyam 2 months ago

    You are so smart

  • Karissa Carter
    Karissa Carter 2 months ago

    I’m not crying! You’re crying! 😭 😂

  • Felix's Awesome Channel

    Jazza! You will be more than fine - You are well loved and you produce really fun content!

  • Tfue ‘
    Tfue ‘ 2 months ago

    No! I loved that DRAWING ROOM!

  • Lily Tv
    Lily Tv 2 months ago

    He’s such a dad omg😂

  • Sei
    Sei 2 months ago

    HOW did I never see the Blood Angel Marine on that Ò AÓ

  • AshValen
    AshValen 2 months ago

    I don't watch your videos as frequently as I'd like, but I really want to say that while I'm sort of an outsider looking in, I still want to say how inspiring it is to watch you transition spaces. You do some great work, and you really deserve all the success that comes to you. Enjoy your new home.

  • Luxandryte
    Luxandryte 2 months ago

    No longer consistent :)

  • Jannangcopter
    Jannangcopter 2 months ago

    Ye, ye thats foyne

  • Olivia The Yeet
    Olivia The Yeet 2 months ago

    When I saw the goodbye video I thought you were deleting your channel😂😂🤣🤣

  • Army Xin
    Army Xin 2 months ago

    We will SUPPORT YOU Regardless 💜💪 I'm sure it's hard when you need to start from "scratch" after the transition

  • Asit Ghosh
    Asit Ghosh 2 months ago

    Have you tried Godzilla as your inspiration for mural

  • Hood Code
    Hood Code 2 months ago

    No we want our old jazza back

  • Do not sub to me or I’ll tell your mom

    8:51 I’m crying
    There is always time to start again.

  • Do not sub to me or I’ll tell your mom

    All I’m going to say


  • jacob
    jacob 2 months ago +2

    When Jazza takes off his sleeves
    *I drop to my knees*

  • Razer Eliminator
    Razer Eliminator 2 months ago

    Bankrupt lol

  • RandomstuffYT
    RandomstuffYT 2 months ago

    Damn JAZZA be *THICC*

  • PoopKing 340
    PoopKing 340 2 months ago

    3:21 holy shit that's literally the same art supplies I use to draw things wtf (well except things i use to colour and i have another pencil i like to use sometimes but u know what i mean)

  • TheWastelandSurvivor
    TheWastelandSurvivor 2 months ago

    were all here to make a change with you

  • Whiny
    Whiny 2 months ago

    Shane Dawson Edits :0

  • Roman Flash
    Roman Flash 2 months ago

    I still don’t get why you had to get rid of it you could have kept it and still moved studios

  • Hannah
    Hannah 2 months ago

    Man got me in my feelings Jazza. I am sp excited to see the change and growth to come.

  • Nasir J.
    Nasir J. 2 months ago

    im reel jazzzzer!11 not hem!11!11!1

  • annt hill
    annt hill 2 months ago

    You could have removed the wall and auction it off and put new wall.

  • Schuyler Dade
    Schuyler Dade 2 months ago

    First time I've watched old men drywall to dubstep.

  • Kali Amara
    Kali Amara 2 months ago

    The slight James Charles reference at 15:35

  • Landon Delagarza
    Landon Delagarza 2 months ago


  • Landon Delagarza
    Landon Delagarza 2 months ago

    good luck with your new home

  • GreenMachines 2
    GreenMachines 2 2 months ago

    What app was he using to make the plans on his iPad?

  • julia
    julia 2 months ago

    the video of you painting that mural is what had me subscribing to you. that whole part was super emotional omg. but new beginnings can be just as good :D