Watching my childhood videos w/ theodd1sout

  • Published on Mar 10, 2019
  • just a fun trip down memory lane (except i don't remember like any of this)
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    And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D tell your friendly neighborhood horse i say hey
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  • Stay Golden
    Stay Golden 11 minutes ago

    Brings a horse to the neighborhood.
    Everyone: umm.. ok! 👍🏻😐👍🏻

  • Låyâ_ ßårßå
    Låyâ_ ßårßå 24 minutes ago

    "I dOnt nEed twO hAts.... "

  • Justyn Montes Cesena

    That episode is spongebob’s house party

  • BizzBolt5
    BizzBolt5 Hour ago

    My sister is wanting to have a baby in a year or two and I’m going to be an uncle. By the way, I’M ONLY THIRTEEN RIGHT NOW

  • JaydenPlayz196
    JaydenPlayz196 2 hours ago

    7:30 didn't James drop out?

  • JaydenPlayz196
    JaydenPlayz196 2 hours ago

    1:44 I like Modern Jaiden's face when James said BJ

    (You could tell she thought he meant something else XD)

  • Willow Caldwell
    Willow Caldwell 2 hours ago

    I'm almost in first grade

  • alpha wolf
    alpha wolf 3 hours ago

    I think Jack's part of the jjj /James/Jayden/jack

  • odd bundle
    odd bundle 4 hours ago

    You can eat glue

  • odd bundle
    odd bundle 4 hours ago

    You can eat glue

  • lil Broomstick
    lil Broomstick 4 hours ago

    I call him
    T H E V I S A B U N N Y
    G I V I N G M O N E Y S I N C E
    (idk when the Easter bunny was created)

  • hector burgos
    hector burgos 4 hours ago

    My birthday is on your birthday 9-27-2008

  • Napppa Temp
    Napppa Temp 4 hours ago

    6:17 I think, uhh Jackson's part of the KKK

  • DailyBanana Curl
    DailyBanana Curl 4 hours ago

    Finally mah ship does a video together

  • D3rpy Jogos
    D3rpy Jogos 4 hours ago

    Jaiden is older than 20??

  • 【Natsuki Frostii】
    【Natsuki Frostii】 4 hours ago

    i’m in 4th grade cuz it’s past half of summer

  • Vinny Rossi
    Vinny Rossi 5 hours ago +1

    6:21 hey we have something in common

  • Amc Approves
    Amc Approves 5 hours ago

    Okay Okay

  • ihavenofriends NOFRIENDS

    I tought Jaiden never did a face reaveal

  • Ee gaming
    Ee gaming 6 hours ago

    Baby jaiden: COLOR

  • TotallyNot Jax
    TotallyNot Jax 6 hours ago

    Yummy for Tummy :3

  • Alexpoopsalot 4131
    Alexpoopsalot 4131 7 hours ago

    What is lows

  • Noahj Evans
    Noahj Evans 7 hours ago

    the kkk really so go ahead call me a nigger you racist

  • Elias Tube
    Elias Tube 7 hours ago

    Jaiden said color instead of cuddle

  • paul matenga
    paul matenga 8 hours ago

    Waht kaisha says Bork what kaisha wants to say prepare to suffer

  • Useless History
    Useless History 8 hours ago

    I laughed so hard, in my living room, in front of everybody, and didn’t notice... wow.

  • Porter Orvetti
    Porter Orvetti 8 hours ago

    I just learned I have the same birthday as Jaiden Animations! Now I will always remember.

  • Jessica Colon
    Jessica Colon 8 hours ago

    so ur 22

  • Princess EmmaPeach
    Princess EmmaPeach 9 hours ago

    bro i was flexing on these 5 year olds yesterday in a barbie jeep at my church that i couldnt fit in cause in 14 and have no life

  • sansgamer64 Jap
    sansgamer64 Jap 9 hours ago


  • Lil Welch
    Lil Welch 9 hours ago

    I was on a show called "baby singing times" I had some screen time but I'm also in the intro (btw I'm in the black male on the show)

  • fathima nasma
    fathima nasma 9 hours ago

    School 😤😠😭👿💀👊👎💩

  • fathima nasma
    fathima nasma 9 hours ago

    And school

  • fathima nasma
    fathima nasma 9 hours ago

    I was evil in kindergarten

    JJ_DANGEROUSLY 10 hours ago

    My name is Jax

  • lolmaster3001 YT
    lolmaster3001 YT 10 hours ago

    1:56. James: Is this loss?
    Me: *Visible anxiety*

  • Piper Elyse
    Piper Elyse 10 hours ago

    but c r a b

  • gaming show
    gaming show 12 hours ago

    One kid in my kinder class stapled there lips

  • Icekimo
    Icekimo 12 hours ago

    but.... crab

  • Kakusu Kanashimi
    Kakusu Kanashimi 12 hours ago

    Jaidens 21 :0

  • BellowNello
    BellowNello 12 hours ago

    Your birthday is September 27? Mine is September 26!

  • XxDÏÑØGØDxX 7676
    XxDÏÑØGØDxX 7676 13 hours ago

    Wow your first birthday is when zilla came out

  • Lan cer
    Lan cer 13 hours ago

    Im in 5 grade

  • Brianna Cable
    Brianna Cable 13 hours ago

    I kept my 2nd grade backpack its a powerpuff girl one (im 26)😅

  • Lil Bell
    Lil Bell 14 hours ago


  • Creeper Squad 13
    Creeper Squad 13 14 hours ago

    James whose kid is your niece your brother or sister

  • SpaceCAT365
    SpaceCAT365 14 hours ago

    That means I’m gonna be a new person next year

  • Kristin Lee Chee-Thomas

    Jaiden sounds just like her mom in the home vids. How am I just noticing this?

    LOL OMG 15 hours ago

    Great video👍

  • ILoveChallenges 80
    ILoveChallenges 80 15 hours ago

    My birthday is on September 28th :)))

  • Jakashi is Gaming
    Jakashi is Gaming 15 hours ago

    The KKK joke?

  • James Robertson
    James Robertson 15 hours ago

    7:40 it’s not as messed up as the things you do in the game Kindergarten

  • Márk Józsa
    Márk Józsa 15 hours ago

    JJJ-James, Jaiden, Jax ultracombo

  • Maria Sullivan
    Maria Sullivan 15 hours ago

    Pretty sure little Jaiden said, I ran out of gas.

  • Roxy the Turtle
    Roxy the Turtle 16 hours ago

    Ur birthday is 3 days before mine not year tho

  • Des Dreams
    Des Dreams 16 hours ago

    Child Jaiden:Were baking cookies!
    Jaiden now: *woOw yuMmY foR tuMmY*

  • Aidy LD
    Aidy LD 16 hours ago

    My kindergarten was ez

  • GabyDaCookieQueen
    GabyDaCookieQueen 17 hours ago +1

    You should recreate some of these 🤣

  • GabyDaCookieQueen
    GabyDaCookieQueen 17 hours ago +2

    I’m going to 6th grade and in kindergarten my friend stabbed my other friend with scissors in the eye...... she’s ok now 👌🏻

  • Shiny umbreon
    Shiny umbreon 17 hours ago

    7:45 This is just making my mind dirty when I pause

  • Floor World
    Floor World 17 hours ago

    I wasn’t allowed to watch sponge bob😐

  • gacha life gamer 124
    gacha life gamer 124 18 hours ago

    I've got the horses in the back

  • Xaynr Number 15
    Xaynr Number 15 19 hours ago

    Im excited for eesa next year, we need a vid of you and james making cookies

  • RoboSamurai 6969
    RoboSamurai 6969 20 hours ago

    Every time I take a picture with friends

  • Nicolai Barraquias
    Nicolai Barraquias 20 hours ago

    5:48 it's joergen

  • Isaiah Witzemann
    Isaiah Witzemann 20 hours ago

    Some how I got from learning how to butcher a deer to this.

  • thomas Epic wardell
    thomas Epic wardell 20 hours ago

    I am going to 5th grade I love Both of these channels

  • ObviousSoul
    ObviousSoul 21 hour ago

    7:55 The wild taxes come to her door, she dances as she remembers her matches and gasoline, and gets arrest for tax fraud

  • Websicle :D
    Websicle :D 21 hour ago

    Oyay im gonna be a new person in mah next boirday

  • Willanta
    Willanta 21 hour ago

    Expectations for school when you first start: High af
    Reality: Fuck