Bronze Gold Smokey Eye | Jaclyn Hill

  • Published on Mar 21, 2017
  • Here's a new bronze gold smokey eye tutorial! Linking the two Morphe palettes used below!
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  • Sheala Fredrick
    Sheala Fredrick Month ago

    I learned that make up contains fragrance because it smells bad with out it. This is due to the chemicals in make up. I love organic products and am excited to see the choices expand.

  • juan leah
    juan leah 2 months ago

    Love your videos Jaclyn :) Just found your channel

  • Alaina Seawell
    Alaina Seawell 2 months ago

    Love you Jaclyn. I love how direct you are about how you feel and I love how honest you are and I love that you are confident in who you are but are still honest about your insecurities. You are such a great role model. Stay awesome.

  • Michelle Palacios
    Michelle Palacios 3 months ago

    Wish I found your channel sooner! Your awesome and so beautiful.

  • vanillahugz
    vanillahugz 3 months ago

    Which camera is this? 😘

  • Emma Brain
    Emma Brain 3 months ago


  • TheWaySheEats
    TheWaySheEats 3 months ago

    I’m with you! If I had the money, I’d be getting fillers too!

  • Brittany Cox
    Brittany Cox 3 months ago

    I know this is an older video, but I love your videos! I recently subscribed to you and have learned so much about make up. You're amazing! People are always going to have something to say. Like you said "Do you" :)

  • Erin Schatzi
    Erin Schatzi 4 months ago

    Can you do one for people who get dry skin. Even though your skin is gorgeous lol

  • shrama03
    shrama03 4 months ago

    Quit your yapping lady!!!!

  • ceana !!
    ceana !! 4 months ago

  • eugenia keller
    eugenia keller 4 months ago

    Your makeup it’s just perfect.

  • Elmerissa Sheets
    Elmerissa Sheets 4 months ago

    I just discovered your channel and I absolutely love the casual type of videos because you have such a fun personality too!

  • Lindsey Pearson
    Lindsey Pearson 4 months ago

    I miss videos like this! Love you!

  • Nancy Vince
    Nancy Vince 4 months ago

    U do you, never listen to negative ppl cuz there not happy with there life so they want to ruin someone else's hun u are a very beautiful inside n out xo

  • macey hoelscher
    macey hoelscher 5 months ago

    I have just recently started watching her videos and I am so in love with you like the fact that you are so honest and real about everything just makes it so much easier to watch these videos and learn how to do make up I’ve learned so much these past few weeks watching your videos and just keep doing you and don’t stop because you are helping other women out there feel beautiful in their own skin

  • AsianGardenAndFood
    AsianGardenAndFood 5 months ago

    Can you do a video off the picture from your makeup brush. I love that picture.

  • Rebbecca Peabody
    Rebbecca Peabody 5 months ago

    Amazing!! I feel like I just learned the piece I've been missing with my shadow application. Thank you Jaclyn! You're the best!!

  • Dee Oberlin
    Dee Oberlin 5 months ago

    Hi, I wanted to know what translucent power you used as I liked the finish it gave you. Loveee this look though!!!

  • Lucie Christmas
    Lucie Christmas 5 months ago

    Your stunninggggg💋

  • Liza Marie
    Liza Marie 5 months ago

    You are such an amazing, REAL, person! Thank you for being you! You are wonderful! Whoever has negative, shitty comments are obviously jealous and apparently, they should have been swallowed!! It makes my heart so sad because your videos are awesome!🥰

  • Natalie Minassian
    Natalie Minassian 5 months ago

    literally makeup queen! I love this look! you're skills are perfect

  • Natalia Alvarez
    Natalia Alvarez 5 months ago

    Loveeee this look!!!

  • Shyma MoshMoshi
    Shyma MoshMoshi 6 months ago

    Ur eyes is so Pretty 😍

  • ava elizabeth
    ava elizabeth 6 months ago

    what camera?

  • Heather Hillis
    Heather Hillis 6 months ago

    Just ignore all the haters. They are just jealous. You're absolutely stunning!!!! You do you girl!!

  • Jeepnjazz- Jasmine
    Jeepnjazz- Jasmine 6 months ago

    Beautiful look beautiful lady! I love it on you! Gorgeous 💖

  • Studio Bambino
    Studio Bambino 7 months ago

    Hi Jaclyn! Hope you see this! Loving your vids, what camera are you using? Looks great x

  • Makeup By Kanni
    Makeup By Kanni 7 months ago

    sooo gorjus xx

  • saltycyster 65
    saltycyster 65 8 months ago

    i totally agree girl!! you do you. if people don't like it they shouldn't be watching.😂 you're gorgeous 😍😍

  • Mr Gaming
    Mr Gaming 8 months ago

    i m ok with you it's your body congratulations

  • Claudia Okyere-Fosu
    Claudia Okyere-Fosu 8 months ago


  • Gema Mariscal
    Gema Mariscal 8 months ago

    WTH?!!! Gained weight? You look amazing,! I know what matters is how you feel, but seriously you look great!! 😉

  • Jewels Rose
    Jewels Rose 9 months ago

    This is my first video I've watch of you. You are beautiful, I love your personality. Everything you have said is so true. First impression 💯💕

    CLAUDIA LOPEZ 9 months ago

    Love the talk throughs

  • Elizabeth Gregory
    Elizabeth Gregory 9 months ago

    Watching again in 2018

  • Katrina Williams
    Katrina Williams 9 months ago

    You should have a Talk Show fr I would watch it💯

  • Ms Mal
    Ms Mal 9 months ago

    Love Love Love your videos, super funny & i can relate to you while you do the video ❤️

  • mjespinosa4452
    mjespinosa4452 9 months ago

    Can u tell us the story of how you broke your nose??

  • Cheryl Withers
    Cheryl Withers 9 months ago

    I think your gorgeous sista! U do u boo! love ya

  • Claudia Okyere-Fosu
    Claudia Okyere-Fosu 10 months ago

    Great tutorial, I’m new to makeup and this Morphe palette is fast becoming my fav 😍💯😀

  • makeupmonstersandy dhingra

    You are an awesome make up artist my fav now

  • Mandy Allgood
    Mandy Allgood 10 months ago

    Omg so gorgeous

  • Layla Bear
    Layla Bear 10 months ago

    I love you’re videos

  • Haley McDougall
    Haley McDougall 10 months ago

    Can you do an updated version of the soft smokey eye version, or a beauty tip and hacks for wearing make up in the hottest days, a cleaning your brushes jaclyn hill style video

  • Haley McDougall
    Haley McDougall 10 months ago

    I love you Jaclyn your my make up hero

  • Maya Omar
    Maya Omar 10 months ago

    jaclyn what shade number is the dior foundation you are using?

  • Samantha Patmore
    Samantha Patmore 11 months ago

    Ive been searching for aaaaggges to find the perfect gold eye look for an event and ive finally found it. Thank you Jaclyn!

  • jina jojo
    jina jojo 11 months ago

    Ilike that

  • Robinha Cardenas
    Robinha Cardenas 11 months ago

    Does she have a tongue piercing? I just wonder in every video haha

  • boxiebabe
    boxiebabe 11 months ago

    Good for you for saying this. People ARE just so rude these days on commenting (in a bad way) on someone's appearance. I too, was raised better.

  • Amanda Dykan
    Amanda Dykan 11 months ago

    You look amazing! And frankly- FUCK the haters. When you go through life changes your body changes. I'm proud of you girl, and I'm sure so many others are too. Keep hanging in there and being so positive.

  • Sarah Abeyta
    Sarah Abeyta 11 months ago

    Please do another tutorial using your palette!!!! 😭 You’re so talented!!!! I keep looking all over your channel for tutorials using your palette.

  • Heather Hillis
    Heather Hillis 11 months ago

    Gorgeous!! Love Her!! Her energy is so contagious!!

  • Heather Hillis
    Heather Hillis 11 months ago

    Wow!! Is she hyper or what. Love it!!

  • Game Over
    Game Over 11 months ago

    I honestly think it's kind of helpful when you screw up a little bit. It happens SO often with make-up and you teach us how to take care of it!

  • Shop With Me
    Shop With Me Year ago
    Check out my review on the MORPHE 9C Jewel Crew Eyeshadow Palette Xx

  • Mariz RealiTV
    Mariz RealiTV Year ago

    Sub to sub?

  • 16BreaBrea
    16BreaBrea Year ago

    Preach it!!!!

  • yeeyee ali
    yeeyee ali Year ago

    Tutorial starts at 8:00 ...... you’re welcome

  • Elle Groover
    Elle Groover Year ago

    Why is Morphe out of your brush collection??!!??!!

  • Leylanis Torres
    Leylanis Torres Year ago

    You are so good doing makeup teach me how to do makeup

  • Marie Duriez
    Marie Duriez Year ago

    “I’m Pro You-Do-You-Boo” I need this on a T-shirt. Love you!

  • Rinika
    Rinika Year ago

    Hey, I did a bronzey eye nude lip tutorial too but my makeup was much toned down..if any if you are interested in an everyday version of this, you can click here

  • Kailey
    Kailey Year ago

    lovelovelove this look omg it's so pretty

  • A1rivas404 Gamer
    A1rivas404 Gamer Year ago

    You are beautiful and everyone gets fillers including me, if someone doesn’t it’s because they can’t afford it 😂 so shake it off girl you are beautiful and self made

  • Elny Widjaja
    Elny Widjaja Year ago

    Does anybody know what foundation she use?

  • Jennifer Daniel
    Jennifer Daniel Year ago

    Omg ❤️ you so much!!!!!!!

  • intuitivesoul
    intuitivesoul Year ago

    You are beautiful. Do you! Ignore the comments!

  • Kelsey cronin
    Kelsey cronin Year ago

    Anyone know what brush she used to apply her foundation

  • violet erin
    violet erin Year ago

    Jaclyn is the QUEEN.

  • Paige Johnson
    Paige Johnson Year ago

    what camera and lens is this?

  • Gabriella Ann
    Gabriella Ann Year ago

    You are beyond talented I wish I had so much time to become that good at makeup. 😍

  • hijab beauties
    hijab beauties Year ago

    What camera are you using ?

  • Jessica Borders
    Jessica Borders Year ago

    I LOVE YOU! Thank you for being REAL. You do you boo! you are beautiful on the inside and outside WITH and WITHOUT makeup!!! xoxo

  • ANNA Makeup
    ANNA Makeup Year ago +1

    love this 💖

  • Rachel Melanie
    Rachel Melanie Year ago

    I love her make up tutorials but she talks too much 😩

  • Caitlyn Miller
    Caitlyn Miller Year ago

    Did you ever decide to do a wedding makeup video? New to your video and honestly been practicing mine would have loved watching it

  • bree rene
    bree rene Year ago

    If you don’t want people being judgy about you then you shouldn’t have made a RUclip and made yourself out there in the world. But they just comments. Who cares what they say😂 your you. So..

  • Shakala Denise
    Shakala Denise Year ago

    is it me or do her & bella hadid look alike ?

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    Nelly Hernandez Year ago

    love it! beautiful

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    Nidia Uscanga Year ago

    U go gurl!!!❤️

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    Make Me Ovaaa Year ago

    I love this palette!

  • Emily Elizabeth MUA

    I love you! And miss you on RUclip. I know you're super busy but more videos please xoxoxo 💓😘

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    Myrrisa Year ago

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    Toni Yabut Year ago

    So excited! Just bought this palette. Love this video!

  • Heidi Smith
    Heidi Smith Year ago

    At 6:00, preach it Jaclyn, PREACH IT!!!!!!

  • Miranda Czarina
    Miranda Czarina Year ago

    Aaaaahhhh we don’t have tarte shape tape in Canada 😭😭😭

  • Thalia Morthal
    Thalia Morthal Year ago

    I've never been convinced to buy something from a youtuber before but you convinced me to try to dior forever foundation & morphe palette... but can anyone tell me, does the forever foundation work well for oily & dry skin alike? My jaw is dry af & my T is oily. I can't even use foundation because my skin is like "BYE BITCH". But I really wanna try that foundation hm 🙃

  • Diana Rivas
    Diana Rivas Year ago

    Hey guys I’m a new RUclipr I would love if you guys checked out my channel! 💕

  • Rere'sAlluringGalaxy

    "Okay pigment how are you" LOL

  • Rere'sAlluringGalaxy

    Jaclyn screaming on my face in the beginning of the video makes me happy idk why lol

  • Mikaela Williams
    Mikaela Williams Year ago

    I've watched this video about 600 times because I'm so in love with this look. I think I'm going to do it for prom 😍 I love you Jaclyn ❤

  • Juliana Bell
    Juliana Bell Year ago

    what camera is this?

  • Nat Viramontes
    Nat Viramontes Year ago

    Why is this the first time I've watched your videos? 🤔 *hits subscribe *

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    Desiree Clark Year ago


  • The couples Cinta

    I really love it😍😍

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    LifestyleByRere Year ago

    Am I weird for loving her scream? Lol

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    Least Juggler078 Year ago

    She looks really good with no makeup on, I’m so jealous. 😂

  • Sierra Lewis
    Sierra Lewis Year ago