Have You Ever Compared Yourself To Others?

  • Published on Jul 14, 2018
  • Whether you admit it or not, you probably have or at least had compared yourself to others before. If so, it probably either felt really good or really bad right? Well, comparing yourself to others have a more negative affect that you even realized. The point is that we are all beautiful in our own way and we all have and don't have things that can be so so different than other people. If you spend all of your time looking at what other people have, you're missing out on all the awesome things that you do have! If you spend all your energy focusing on other people's lives, you're losing energy that could be better spent on building your own life!
    Everyone walks a different path and are given different opportunities. Everyone accomplishes different goals and fails at different challenges. We all have different dreams. The most important thing is to find what makes YOU special to yourself and focus your energy on that.
    Oh, it's also important to share it with us in the comments ;)
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  • Jasceel Tan
    Jasceel Tan 10 months ago +4231

    I love these artworks. May I know who the artist is? She deserves recognition. This is so gooood. 💖💖

    • ludie
      ludie 2 months ago +2

      Chiicolate Loves Cooki In Thailand you have your real name (which is realllllyyyyy long) and a nickname, her nickname is most likely Milk

    • kayla wolfie
      kayla wolfie 3 months ago

      Jasceel Tan gender asume

    • Nicole Gabrielle Pingol
      Nicole Gabrielle Pingol 4 months ago

      Jasceel Tan artist of wikihow

    • Aaliya frhn
      Aaliya frhn 5 months ago

      The artist needs an award!!

    • The Tea News
      The Tea News 5 months ago

      Jasceel Tan k

  • Kitty Cutetastic
    Kitty Cutetastic 3 days ago

    The past is history
    The future is a mystery
    The present is a gift. That's why is called "The Present"

  • Amy W
    Amy W 4 days ago

    this video helped me realize how often I do this thankyou for this it's let me realize how much I need to change

  • Noor Ayoub
    Noor Ayoub 5 days ago

    I love her voice SO MUCH

  • Michelle ‘
    Michelle ‘ 7 days ago

    *sees title*
    WeLl oF CouRse.
    Also the drawing in this video is so beautiful I can’t 💕😪😫👏

  • Adu Venku
    Adu Venku 8 days ago

    I compared myself to others who were better than me in studying, making friends, prettier, smarter and successful than me.

  • Green Shaðes
    Green Shaðes 9 days ago +2

    I've been and still am comparing myself to more beautiful girls than me.

    • Green Shaðes
      Green Shaðes 8 days ago

      +Sinead xvx exactly

    • Sinead xvx
      Sinead xvx 8 days ago +1

      +Green Shaðes same I probably can't go out of the house without comparing myself then feeling down all day

    • Green Shaðes
      Green Shaðes 8 days ago +1

      +Sinead xvx my issues kill me

    • Sinead xvx
      Sinead xvx 8 days ago +1

      I do all the time it's such a pain wish I could just stop all together

  • Giancarlo Picanco
    Giancarlo Picanco 10 days ago

    I started acting by age 13. I just had my second play a week ago. However, many of the actors have started acting probably as toddlers. I would always compare myself to people my age but more experienced then I am and think that the younger actors will have bigger roles when they reach my age. I tried to make myself feel better by searching for actors that started later then I did but it didn't work. I felt a little discouraged about acting but I don't want to quit it.

  • Itz kawaii studio
    Itz kawaii studio 10 days ago

    I compare miself only to superior ppl because there are no inferior ppl than me

    ULTRA INSTINCT Zack 11 days ago

    No, my mom does

  • Gaming with Gage the gamer

    I have lessons called PSHE at the end of each term before major holiday breaks. They are about people that compare themselves with others and appearance ideal. Which is basically where you are wanting something and when you get it you just want more or you realise how pointless it is and how hard it is the actually get these things completed. Things like plastic surgery.

  • αmρhιe
    αmρhιe 14 days ago +1

    This is why I quit Instagram because of this

  • Belle_Potato
    Belle_Potato 15 days ago

    I will make this short.
    I'm awkward and have and always will have anxiety.

    BTS SUPER ARMY 18 days ago

    Me: *Tall, skinny legend (lol no I'm fat) , ugly af*
    My mom:Even Natalia and Lorena are better than you
    *Natalia and Lorena do you wanna know who are thows 2 girls? They're non other than my childhood bestfriends but guess what..NATALIA GETS TO FUCKING BE WITH LORENA WHILE I DON'T!!!! I FEEL LIKE ME AND NATALIA HAVE ALWAYS BEEN FIGHTING FOR LORENA'S ATTENTION BUT WITHOUT ANY REASONS AND I GUESS THAT LORENA IS CLOSER TO NATALIA 😭 we've all 3 grown up together in the same places...I might be overdramatic but when I'm on Facebook gues what i find?? Them 2 together having fun without me..sometimes I'm wondering if we ever we're friends..our mothers are friends but..at this point I'm jealous of how close they are..BUT I'M NOT LESBIAN OR ANYTHING it's just that i miss hanging out with them and watching Nickelodeon together....I would give anything to go back in time and play with them....i guess I just don't like the idea of being replaced...Okay maybe I regret ignoring Natalia because she liked the same guy i did but i was 6 ok?! And maybe I regret not making it to Lorena's birthday...I'm such a bad friend! Why am I even jealous on Natalia?! She deserves it..she's better than me*

  • wait huh
    wait huh 19 days ago

    0:50 but Pepsi pretends to be Coca Cola

  • Acelyn Fury
    Acelyn Fury 24 days ago


  • Baking with Judy
    Baking with Judy 24 days ago

    Who did the voiceover?

  • euphoriaユングー
    euphoriaユングー 25 days ago

    omfg they look like ulzzangs or kpop idols >

  • This Is Me
    This Is Me 25 days ago

    Don't ever compare yourself with others....
    Especially on instagram :p

  • Marina Kanare
    Marina Kanare 27 days ago


  • Pozole
    Pozole 27 days ago

    I have compared myself for so many years to someone else who’s better and basically made me feel broken when they didn’t know that they were breaking someone. Imagine a kindergarten class - 6th grade class with 50 girls. In my kindergarten class and the other kindergarten classes, all the girls were (and still) in categories; Pretty or Ugly. I was the ugly part of the class with only 5 other girls, in kindergarten. I had short brown hair, with bangs that were so staight, they felt like I can never see the sky or anything. While the rest of the girls had curly hair, perfect skin, beautiful blue eyes, and trending clothing. I didn’t care too much. I was just me. This went on until 4th grade, were I began seeing the other girls blooming. As kids we were like flower buds. But in 4th grade, we were read to bloom. We were soon about to hit our puberty or atleast know more trending stuff such as trending Thrasher clothing, makeup and asthetics. I had my eyes on a guy but across our table was a girl who was very beautiful. Ever since the guy had his eyes on her, I felt broken. I myself, have fallen in love before but it goes south, always ends in rejection snd losing to another guy or girl. So that year I thought maybe I finally won’t get rejected. Maybe I’ll find ‘the one’. I was always told about ‘the one’ from friends, others, teachers, and family. It was like my #1 goal. But it failed.
    In 5th grade, I felt the same, I wore some trending clothing but it felt seriously uncomfortable. So I stopped. My teacher kept piling homework that were usually pointless, I was going throught toxic friendships and bullying. That lead me to... wearing the same thing every day. Still doing it. I wore our school hoodie and a different pair of pants each day (but not shorts ;-;). Then once it got too uncomfortable, I wore this thick black jacket that made me feel better, I was always asked why I had it. I was always bullied for it. But I wore it, even on the hottest days. Once the bullying got worse, I was peer pressured into wearing this green hoodie I still have today, it was olive green and it was nice. I wore it until the end of the year, the whole summer, and a week and half of 6th grade. Then I wore a black hoodie that had a gold crown picture and said King in bold white caps.
    Then I made it to 6th grade, my bully left the school, I was happier. I made more friends, I felt complete. But there were few things to accomplish the needs to be better and complete; being pretty enough, getting a boyfriend/girlfriend, or simply finding a crush who likes me. The pretty part was almost accomplished but until my mom cut my bangs the same way like they were in kindergraten. People called me out for it. Remember when I mentioned that guy I had a big crush on in the 4th grade? We became friends in the end of my 4th grade year! I Still liked him. He probably liked me for a month but I moved classes because I was smart. I was put in the stupid group (The so called ‘smart’ group). I barely had no friends. Being smart was not in the “complete list”. The girl he liked was the same girl from 2 years ago. She liked him back. I always tried to compare myself to her. Wishing I was her. I had serious of problems at home. My mom and dad wanted me to be different. Not exactly myself. We always argued, there I promised that I’d move out with some friends once I make it to college or atleast graduate college. Then the worst happened. Girls’ bodies began changing quickly. Most of them were now flowers, some were still blooming, I was barely a blooming flower. Some girls had boobs that were big enough for a 14 or 15 year old. Both the boys and girls were getting taller. Their voices became mature enough. More mskeup snd trending stuff. I wore the same hoodie. I didn’t style my long brown hair into anything, I had a squeaky yet deep voice for a girl, I was pretty short for my age. I was unordinary. I kept comparing myself to about 35 other girls and possibly 12 boys. My weight felt like it was a whale compared to girls who drink starbucks almost every week but st the end, they’re normal or skinny queens. I attempted to starve myself before I saw a pizza slice, and you know where this pizza slice and I event went. The way that people won’t judge me is by sitting between a friend group of 5, sitting alone and drawing at the field. I isolated myself to others. I even had guys flirt with me (I figured out that those were just dares for money). I was exactly flattered until it was him who did it. I felt emptier finding out the truth. I kept silent. Still put up with this today. Yet today I still compare myself.

  • Emily Sullivan
    Emily Sullivan 28 days ago +1

    I'm now a fish....

  • Kim Kardashian Ugly crying

    I feel like this is related to school, what teachers expect you to do. They expect you to be good at math, reading, writing, science and geography. But they never think about other things that child might want to do with their life. School is supposed to be fun and honestly it's made me want to die more than anything else.

  • Leah Star
    Leah Star 28 days ago


  • Pink lemonade
    Pink lemonade Month ago

    Omg theres 666k views on dis

  • CottonCandy 65
    CottonCandy 65 Month ago

    I say everyone is beautiful but I look in the mirror and I’m like ok that’s not true

  • لڤينا دەروونی


  • dank memez
    dank memez Month ago

    "if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree. then it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid." -Albert Einstein

  • shaimaa Alsmadi
    shaimaa Alsmadi Month ago

    Were all difierend thise is what i like about peppole

  • shaimaa Alsmadi
    shaimaa Alsmadi Month ago

    I love thise art

  • Ina Ric
    Ina Ric Month ago

    I just really really loved this one...it's just changed my perspective

  • Avleen Sondhi
    Avleen Sondhi Month ago

    *me reads the title*
    Me: Omigod this. Is so. *M E*

  • Na Mi
    Na Mi Month ago

    Just saying it is easy

  • kim nu
    kim nu Month ago

    YOU sound Just Like BTS Love yourself, speck yourself, found yourself.

  • Sakura A
    Sakura A Month ago +1

    I’ve always wanted to be the fastest runner in my school, every Wednesday we run a mile and I always try to beat Allan (the fastest runner in my school. I would run faster then my friends, leave them, to just beat him

  • Latasha Lee
    Latasha Lee Month ago

    I like her voice what person is behind the voice

  • Crazyanimallover 242
    Crazyanimallover 242 Month ago +1

    This is literally my life, comparing myself to others cause I suck.

  • paranoiaprincess
    paranoiaprincess Month ago +1

    "There is nothing nonle in being superior to your fellow men. True nobility lies in being superior to your former self." - Hemingway

  • paranoiaprincess
    paranoiaprincess Month ago

    ... diamonds have no intrinsic value so...

  • Lawal Olayinka
    Lawal Olayinka Month ago


  • Sister power X
    Sister power X Month ago

    Thanks for the advice! This is probably one of the most useful video I’ve ever watched in my life! I may blame myself sometimes and be insecure but this I’ll try to remember!

  • saarrah fashion
    saarrah fashion Month ago

    thank you so much i really needed to hear this

  • Just Browsing
    Just Browsing Month ago

    I don't compare myself to others; however I find people seem to like my taste, style, and imitate my taste...you know what they say imitation is a form of flattery....

  • sandra tatai army
    sandra tatai army Month ago +1

    *reads title *

  • Your Lucky devil
    Your Lucky devil Month ago

    I do compare myself to other
    When i was in grade 2 i saw a Pretty girl who is popular i tried Fitting in
    But when i turned grade 3 i stoped it

  • Sheila Figueredo
    Sheila Figueredo Month ago

    Well I have pample

  • Hønėy Buñny
    Hønėy Buñny 2 months ago +1

    This artist is amazing😍

  • tHaT fAn oF eVeRyThInG
    tHaT fAn oF eVeRyThInG 2 months ago

    *compares self to the girl*

  • Spilled Tea
    Spilled Tea 2 months ago

    I just don’t compare myself because I know I’m an individual and don’t need to pretend anymore

  • Girly Alexie MLBB Gamer and Beauty Vlogger

    When I was younger, I would compare myself to famous and crazy rich people and other popular kids out there. All my whole life, I've dreamed to be an actress, and go viral so people can adore me. In my school, I was an introvert, and a bookworm. I'm anti-social, and my classmates don't even talk to me very often. When I reached middle school, boys in my class would tease me and I was stereotyped as "Weird." "Freak." Etc. They would yell at me for no apparent reason, like they are much more better than me. Boys in my class just love to seek attention and cause trouble. I remember the time when I looked in the mirror and asked myself "Am I pretty?" I went to my Mom and asked her "Am I pretty?" Then she smiled and said "Clean up after yourself. If you want to be accepted, you must first accept yourself. Love yourself, and accept yourself. If you don't, then who will? Your different, and that's what makes you unique." Those words were like music to my ears.
    So now, I learned to accept myself for who I am. Defend yourself, and be brave. Don't let others bring you down. I'm very proud for being myself. I still get bullied in my school and the boys still call me a Freak. But if they bully me, I would stand up bravely to myself, and ignore them. I'm proud to be ME. So now, I have a positive attitude towards school and at home, I made also a few new friends, and became the highest in my class.
    Moral: Be yourself. Love yourself. Accept yourself. Don't let others judge you. Your unique. Your beautiful just the way you are! And have a nice day! ~♡
    Your friend, Alexie~Chan

  • Nia dremzz
    Nia dremzz 2 months ago

    Is the artist who is drawing this a robot or a machine? I cannot even make a stickman properly

  • IcySnowy Queen
    IcySnowy Queen 2 months ago

    what kind of question is that;

  • Fleur Hanley
    Fleur Hanley 2 months ago

    The best voice and the best drawings 😍🌸

  • Just_gachaby EmmA
    Just_gachaby EmmA 2 months ago

    It’s ok, I’m bad at bible and not the best in math, but very good in English! In English I’m one of the top students in my class

  • Dasha Nicole x
    Dasha Nicole x 2 months ago

    I love this artwork It’s to aesthetic

  • Thatrandomperson
    Thatrandomperson 2 months ago

    Sometimes, but my family mainly does it for me.

  • Anna ART
    Anna ART 2 months ago

    I cant stop compairing. Every girl around me is super skinny and i am kinda cubby it makes me feel depressed but i cant stop compairing. Its hard.. becuase the girls also talk to me like they are something better. I know i have a pretty face because alot of people tell me that but i still feel like thats not enough.. by the way i think the artworks are so pretty and all the stories are very interesting! I love them. thanks for making them because actually alot of people need this.

  • Kyra England
    Kyra England 2 months ago

    I always compare myself to others saying why did God make me this way I have short hair Carmel skin and brown eyes the size of water melons. But slowly have started to accept myself for who I am and how unique I am

  • Merwa Abdoo22
    Merwa Abdoo22 2 months ago

    that's the most beautiful 4 minutes I ever had really!!

  • Miraculous 101
    Miraculous 101 2 months ago

    0:27 its kinda rude how your saying that the “ugly” girl is wearing glasses and the “pretty” one is not!

  • idfc .-.
    idfc .-. 2 months ago

    *reads the title*
    Ohh u don't even know

  • ray vlogs and more
    ray vlogs and more 2 months ago

    I come par people because a lot of people are really rich. Like my friend Rubi she is really mean and sasi.She prtends to be cool her mom is so RICH!!!I'm por.

  • ametta isabelle
    ametta isabelle 2 months ago +1

    who else love the animation as much as i do?

  • Gacha_ _Pineapple
    Gacha_ _Pineapple 2 months ago


  • Kasi Rickett
    Kasi Rickett 2 months ago

    Any one else thinking to themselves no boy has ever thought or ever will think I'm pretty ... RIP

  • Kotoura - chan
    Kotoura - chan 3 months ago


  • Lisaa Thomas
    Lisaa Thomas 3 months ago +1


  • Sage
    Sage 3 months ago

    So it was not my fault that I did not show up for the rest and got an F

  • Camilla Padilla
    Camilla Padilla 3 months ago

    #My WHOLE LIFE on Facebook/Instagram

  • Aesthetically Sxge
    Aesthetically Sxge 3 months ago

    Me. I’m always comparing myself.

  • Janekumar Kumar
    Janekumar Kumar 3 months ago

    It's true I appreciate .

  • anthro mouse Dolly
    anthro mouse Dolly 3 months ago


  • FoxMximi’s Gaming and gacha

    WHO DOSE THIS ART WORK ITS AMAZING (this describes me YT knows me)

  • Manny Nash
    Manny Nash 3 months ago

    This is so me! I love hearing that I am not alone. Thank you!

  • ItzTig3r
    ItzTig3r 3 months ago

    I compare myself because all my friends are so skinny xd

  • mirte
    mirte 3 months ago

    *still keeps comparing myself to others even if i dont want to*

  • Sad Doki noises
    Sad Doki noises 3 months ago

    When I join a game with a couple of level 6’s with no voice packs and tier 4 skins

  • Thetransman Art
    Thetransman Art 3 months ago

    To answer your question, yes.

  • Zofie_Lofie
    Zofie_Lofie 3 months ago


  • Cool Cheese
    Cool Cheese 3 months ago

    (Fish gets eaten by tiger)

  • I am random
    I am random 3 months ago

    I have compared myself to many girls in my grade 3, grade 4 (I'm in) and grade 2 classes. There names are: Lucy Grace, Sophie and Esther grace
    They where perfect! and still are. They where so-called my friends but i don't know if they care. i grow up with barley and money and people dont know. i like my lifestyle and all but.. My friends?
    I have some great other friends called: hallie faith ollie jamie and matthew.Daniel Riley Ruby aaliyah aimee and alot more

    Once I wore no bra to school. in grade 4)) i hit puberty faster than others and they made fun of me for not wearing anything under my hoodie...i am now 8 i live threw it for 2 and a half years! please please PLEASE like this comment i barley get likes and I Lived threw it for such a long time of my life..

  • Amberfiredx
    Amberfiredx 3 months ago

    I've done it.....a lot...

  • Vegito Blue
    Vegito Blue 3 months ago

    "everyone is perfect in their own way" is the most bullshit cliché ever

  • Vegito Blue
    Vegito Blue 3 months ago

    k but I'm still ugly af

    KᎾᎾKᏆᎬ FᎪN 3 months ago

    I compare myself with everything for example I compare myself to a.. Uh.. P....potatoe

  • biTcH Ur gOnNa WhAt!?
    biTcH Ur gOnNa WhAt!? 3 months ago

    Me:*sees title*
    My answer to title: *every single second of the day*

  • 🐶 Doggy Days 🐶
    🐶 Doggy Days 🐶 3 months ago

    actually.... tigers can swim pretty well..

  • Rabbit lover _
    Rabbit lover _ 3 months ago

    Who else compared themselves to the drawings of these people

  • Eric Cartman
    Eric Cartman 3 months ago

    * Innocently whistles while watching video *

  • The Unknown
    The Unknown 3 months ago

    Tigers are good swimmers, believe it or not....

  • Jackson Smith
    Jackson Smith 3 months ago

    Tigers are great swimmers

  • Anne Farah
    Anne Farah 3 months ago

    Off topic but, tigers are quite good swimmers

  • Billie still can’t find the avacados

    Yes I do compare myself lmaooo I hate myself

  • Electra Electric
    Electra Electric 3 months ago

    This was super inspiring


    No, I really don’t care. I just take care of myself and I know I’m beautiful.

  • Kid
    Kid 3 months ago

    The art is so pretty wtf

  • Miaraz
    Miaraz 3 months ago

    "have you ever compared yourself?"
    my answer, yes: i live with that person too..

  • Mati _Uni KITTY
    Mati _Uni KITTY 3 months ago

    Focis on urself kids!!!

  • Elena Theofanopoulou
    Elena Theofanopoulou 3 months ago


  • AniAxe Vortex
    AniAxe Vortex 3 months ago +1

    does comparing myself to my imaginationery superhuman self counts or no