DIY Micro Metal Foundry

  • Published on Jan 4, 2019
  • In this video we're making the Mini Metal Foundry even smaller and going micro!
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Comments • 2 908

  • Jack gissel
    Jack gissel Year ago +943

    Cool video, and I'm actually going to make it.👍

    • Philip Rachell
      Philip Rachell 2 months ago

      What was that thing on the side of the screen on 8:55

    • Kamal AL-Hinai
      Kamal AL-Hinai 8 months ago

      It didn't work for him. The nozzle part is just tough.

  • Eueh Yeusj
    Eueh Yeusj 4 days ago

    8:54 why did they flash their logo at the bottom right?

  • Dominic Geertgens
    Dominic Geertgens 6 days ago

    10:03 nate "Tastes lake a drill" my mind "How do you know what a drill Tastes lake?

  • colin
    colin 10 days ago

    can you please try melting pyrex glass and casting a telescope mirror blank

  • Star Trek
    Star Trek 22 days ago

    Just a comment I might be wrong but could a person not make one using kaowool

  • CamTheHedgehog
    CamTheHedgehog 25 days ago +1

    “We will now use a hole saw to make a hole”

  • Mouse GrayEagle
    Mouse GrayEagle 25 days ago


  • J-Games_YT
    J-Games_YT 28 days ago +1

    “Fiar mufin” 😂😭

  • Craw
    Craw Month ago +1

    "If you have really big cups you can do this all at once."
    So am I missing the reason why you don't just mix the sand & plaster of Paris directly in the pail?

    • Mouse GrayEagle
      Mouse GrayEagle 25 days ago

      Because you might have some dry plaster in the bottom that can create voids which will be dangerous air pockets when the thing gets hot.

  • Fishigan State
    Fishigan State Month ago

    9/64 in drill bit. It's times like this that I prefer metric

  • Cherry Pickfotos
    Cherry Pickfotos Month ago

    They should have mix those inside that bucket...

  • Myrddin Kinsman
    Myrddin Kinsman Month ago

    7:38 simplest handheld flamethrower

  • Geek E Media
    Geek E Media Month ago


  • bob smith
    bob smith Month ago


  • bob smith
    bob smith Month ago


  • bob smith
    bob smith Month ago


  • console
    console Month ago

    also, a suggestion, if you use Mapp gas you can get the temperature up to 3,700 Fahrenheit.

  • Thomas Chanthavong
    Thomas Chanthavong 2 months ago

    Anybody notice Nate likes to de-everything?

  • computerman200
    computerman200 2 months ago

    Why not save some time and drill your orifice through the original orifice? Ive done this before for projects and it works great.

  • Liberty Bell1776
    Liberty Bell1776 2 months ago

    You guys should see what would happen if you put molten aluminium in a billion mold and as it is still molten drop it in to liquid nitrogen.

  • EpicKillz
    EpicKillz 2 months ago

    Can I use plaster of Paris to put a metal keychain in surround it then melt the keychain (alloy) with a torch and basically have a mold and pour a different metal in?

  • Michael Perry
    Michael Perry 3 months ago

    Hobby lobby is anti-LGBT, consider an alternate supply source.

  • Marc A.
    Marc A. 3 months ago

    How do you forget the cover?

  • dj osearth
    dj osearth 3 months ago

    this is almost useless unless you can hook it up to a bigger and less expensive in the long run, fuel source.. Am i wrong?

  • Stephan Koehn
    Stephan Koehn 3 months ago

    Make a micro trash can Foundry using kale wool

  • brilandlife
    brilandlife 3 months ago

    7:41 fire muffin

  • Stephan Koehn
    Stephan Koehn 3 months ago

    Make a micro trash can foundry

  • J P
    J P 4 months ago

    Way too much.

  • johnny najera SirFace
    johnny najera SirFace 4 months ago

    Dude. Look at cal at 3:10
    She give Nate the f+ck me eyes.

  • Plaese Subbscribe N0 Reason Needed

    What does that tkor logo do on 8:55

  • Sprite Bonn
    Sprite Bonn 4 months ago

    Invest in a drill press my friends. It will make some of your projects a little easier and more precise.🙂💗

  • James Gentry
    James Gentry 4 months ago +1


  • Sterling Hamilton
    Sterling Hamilton 4 months ago +1

    Make sure that all the steel is stainless and not galvanized. When galvanized steel, which contains zinc, is heated up to high temperatures it releases toxic fumes.

  • Adam
    Adam 4 months ago

    Hi I have a bucket the similar size as yours do you think I could actually pool this off with charcoal ?

  • TrainSpotterSGM
    TrainSpotterSGM 5 months ago

    Im in europe and i dont have plaster of paris, is there an alternative to it?

  • Kyle Swehla
    Kyle Swehla 5 months ago

    Would the nozzle also work for a forge?

    • Barbaravus
      Barbaravus 5 months ago

      Probably depending on the forge

  • SJAS W
    SJAS W 5 months ago


  • Benzilla089
    Benzilla089 5 months ago

    F I R E
    M U F F I N

  • Alpha Gamer
    Alpha Gamer 5 months ago +3

    Rest in peace king.
    Edit: Can you use clay instead of the mixture of sand plaster.

    • Rose Campbell
      Rose Campbell 2 months ago

      May I ask why everyone is saying rest in peace?

    • Man of the north
      Man of the north 5 months ago

      Does not work as well. I tried it.

    • Bennet Olander
      Bennet Olander 5 months ago +1

      No clay doesn’t work well enough as an insulator

  • Lyrics Today
    Lyrics Today 5 months ago +4

    Can I use a paint can?
    And do I have to make a hose?

    • Barbaravus
      Barbaravus 5 months ago

      It depends on how hot the can gets and what the can is made from. Usually paint cans are made from tin and I dont know how well that would hold up to extreme temperatures as its melting point is 500 degrees

  • Lord Waffle
    Lord Waffle 5 months ago

    Can you just use the propane tank itself instead of making that tube.

  • Nigger Slayer
    Nigger Slayer 5 months ago +2


  • Joe H.S
    Joe H.S 5 months ago

    Now make a nano metal foundry

  • Random Enginering
    Random Enginering 5 months ago

    fiermuffin in the foundry

  • jason mewhinney
    jason mewhinney 5 months ago +1

    They would make an adorable couple

  • Angry Tusk Act 4
    Angry Tusk Act 4 5 months ago +1


  • James Metzger
    James Metzger 5 months ago

    Would this work to heat iron rods, such as rebar, to a point that would make it soft and workable?

  • Marcus Hosmer
    Marcus Hosmer 5 months ago +1

    I will forge weapons for my lego army.

  • Jackson Cosgrove
    Jackson Cosgrove 5 months ago


  • Lego Kid
    Lego Kid 5 months ago

    Why do you know what a drill taste like

  • Mikailyn Young
    Mikailyn Young 5 months ago

    Nate is like: 🔥MUFFIN
    calli is : what....!?!??!

    CATZILLA D2B 5 months ago

    Are you guys family or friends?

  • rocket gaming 101
    rocket gaming 101 5 months ago

    Its sword and shield

  • Mr bunny
    Mr bunny 6 months ago

    Try primitive version of it

  • Ethan Dougherty
    Ethan Dougherty 6 months ago

    The flame isn’t blue for me

  • Jasmine Wilson
    Jasmine Wilson 6 months ago

    Are u and calli dating or just friends or siblings

  • Ay, It's Alex
    Ay, It's Alex 6 months ago

    How dare you use Grant's ideas, you are not WORTHY TO SAY HIS NAME

  • 1unchb0x
    1unchb0x 6 months ago

    Can you sell these plz

  • evilarclight
    evilarclight 6 months ago

    Did he mean to say Flammenwerfer