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  • Cliche Name
    Cliche Name 5 месяцев назад

    And then you sold out man. :(

  • Alejandro Segura
    Alejandro Segura 10 месяцев назад

  • MewMope [MU]
    MewMope [MU] Год назад

    Me: oh still, iStealth, Know that good Team iS ... oh no Team iSSi??? NOOO, KILL iSSi

  • Erick Lobo
    Erick Lobo Год назад


  • james beverly
    james beverly Год назад

    istealth i was the name in with the name of i am istealth fa

  • Dean G
    Dean G Год назад

    What happened to the ships and zombies that were supposed to be added

  • Mystic Blizzard
    Mystic Blizzard Год назад

    is this version 1.2?

  • Daniel Daboss
    Daniel Daboss Год назад

    I used to be a superfan but since u dont upload i hate u

  • Ninja_ Fort
    Ninja_ Fort Год назад

    At first the song boring !!!

  • Ady Ady
    Ady Ady Год назад

    aremyou malaysian?

  • gameplays ゲームプレイ random :v ランダム:v

    add boats please

  • Suction cup man
    Suction cup man Год назад

    "Who is IS" (c) Istealth

  • FaIniK k.
    FaIniK k. Год назад

    вау нет слов это круто ты крутой

  • DarknessFido
    DarknessFido Год назад

    You should go 1v1 Corrupt X (3 v 1 doesn't count)

    Try it

  • X2 Ultra 2
    X2 Ultra 2 Год назад

    diepio and agario are dead no updates in a while mopeio is dying the rest are still alive

    • MewMope [MU]
      MewMope [MU] Год назад

      diepio and agario not dead are still alive

  • XD PRO
    XD PRO Год назад +1

    iStealth how do i get in ur discord?

  • Daniel Daboss
    Daniel Daboss Год назад

    I unsubed u dont post daily anymore

  • NSGxslayer
    NSGxslayer Год назад +2

    your so cool!

  • domanic morrow
    domanic morrow Год назад +1

    need to follow I am big fan

  • Tristan Galloway
    Tristan Galloway Год назад +1

    I was playing with you an hour ago

    BIG KLINC Год назад +1


  • Johnny Despert
    Johnny Despert Год назад +1

    Can u test bull hat see if it works

  • Edgar Närvänen
    Edgar Närvänen Год назад


  • Edgar Närvänen
    Edgar Närvänen Год назад

    Ha LOL ( :

  • Wilma Souza
    Wilma Souza Год назад +1


  • Hey Hey Hey THIS IS LIBRARY!
    Hey Hey Hey THIS IS LIBRARY! Год назад +1

    Hey iStealth whould you will subcribw me because i subcribe you please :D

    • Hey Hey Hey THIS IS LIBRARY!
      Hey Hey Hey THIS IS LIBRARY! Год назад

      Deaglan Rodley i am not 8 years olf i am 14 years old so please subcribe me i will subcribe you back :)

    • Juniper Rockhopper
      Juniper Rockhopper Год назад

      Blue Dragon UNNNNNGGGHHHHH... frikking 8 year olds....

  • Ueki Saylo
    Ueki Saylo Год назад +2

    iStealth Your The Coolest RUclipr Ever!

  • Jeff Wen
    Jeff Wen Год назад +1

    can youdo a live stream?

    DAAN ROSIES Год назад

    Hé is in vacation

  • Robin De Veer
    Robin De Veer Год назад +1

    nerf new weapon, too op

  • Bebe qurl
    Bebe qurl Год назад +1

    why why iStealth why did you do dat and where are you prom

  • Mr. Ninja
    Mr. Ninja Год назад +1

    istealth if you have a good spot get close to it and press c it marks it (puts a white x where ur standing on)

  • Murilo zardo
    Murilo zardo Год назад +1

    You me dead;-;

  • mr. moon
    mr. moon Год назад +1

    how da freak do you get that musket

  • Aidan Wallace
    Aidan Wallace Год назад +1

    9:48 wtf was istealthy doing? afk or something

  • redbird gaming
    redbird gaming Год назад +1

    I love poisen spikes,and how do I join disc?

  • Ginny Weasley
    Ginny Weasley Год назад +1

    It feels like you are from sweden...

  • jhon emmanuel nardo
    jhon emmanuel nardo Год назад +2

    Haven't People Noticed Something on iStealth's Server... Michy is GONE.... yep.. i saw him made a farewell on his friends... privately... he's on a long vacation.

  • Jacek Gałka
    Jacek Gałka Год назад +1

    i can't get the musket :(

  • Gals Gals
    Gals Gals Год назад +1

    What recorder? YT gaming?

  • Natalie x
    Natalie x Год назад +1

    The amount of hit from rifle is too much I suggest reducing it to 42

  • PPD Productions
    PPD Productions Год назад +1

    Stealth, wtf was the im so happy part?

  • Barış Yayla
    Barış Yayla Год назад

    1:58 türk :D Helal +1

  • Pika Pika
    Pika Pika Год назад +1

    I missed event 😢

  • Federal Bureau of Investigation
    Federal Bureau of Investigation Год назад +1

    I hate people who ask for likes

    What did u think I was gonna ask 😕

  • 笨可樂
    笨可樂 Год назад +1

    hey it me dont kill me in the moomoo io nice to meet you

  • Jenny Meng
    Jenny Meng Год назад +1

    Love the update tooo

  • Boiii Im Mista
    Boiii Im Mista Год назад +1

    i cant get the gun when i had an axe and crossbow - does this happen to other ppl as well?

  • 516 Void Beem
    516 Void Beem Год назад +1

    the musketeer hat effects the bow as well as the musket

  • Sneik [Snk]
    Sneik [Snk] Год назад +1

    Hi Istealth

  • DopeMope
    DopeMope Год назад +1

    I'm a little l8 xD

  • brenda vega
    brenda vega Год назад

    I don't know

  • ryose
    ryose Год назад


  • Miel Miel
    Miel Miel Год назад +1

    Love your vids #1 best fan ever

  • Alan Gamer
    Alan Gamer Год назад +1

    is this real?

  • Room 14
    Room 14 Год назад +1

    fanaly an update that was almost 68 years away !!

  • Fatherless
    Fatherless Год назад +1

    i think muskets are way too op i mean u don't need bull helm anyway u can't dodge it ruined game

  • Demcry Demcry
    Demcry Demcry Год назад +1

    They should update something about stupid cheaters because it is impossible to reach high levels or be in top

  • General MLG
    General MLG Год назад +1

    He is pro but Corrupt X and BOB Xii s better

  • Galinha Doida
    Galinha Doida Год назад +1

    3:05 GD godenot :D

  • Devon Rai
    Devon Rai Год назад +1

    My opinion is that the Panda hat is LIT!!!!!

  • Adi_x
    Adi_x Год назад +3

    That music please no I had enough horrible intros

  • Hacker boy -Mc animation and song
    Hacker boy -Mc animation and song Год назад +2

    First you girl

  • Cham De Silva
    Cham De Silva Год назад +1


  • Sinister
    Sinister Год назад +1

    Make it do 40 damage

  • Sinister
    Sinister Год назад +1

    Istealth they need to fix gun it too op

    TALAN MACIAS Год назад +1

    hi trey its your friend talan just saying hi to congrates if you get 70k

  • Legendary Me
    Legendary Me Год назад


  • Supreme soviet Noob
    Supreme soviet Noob Год назад +1


  • Wolfbite 2015
    Wolfbite 2015 Год назад +1

    Answer to all your questions is who knows but you happy :D

  • SuperMushroom !
    SuperMushroom ! Год назад +1

    I was in the video 😂😂😂

  • human cook
    human cook Год назад +1

    Why I can't. get

    PHANTOM CODE Villa Год назад


  • TuD - saVage
    TuD - saVage Год назад +1

    have you realized that you have reached (69) k

  • xxxgamerlvxxx
    xxxgamerlvxxx Год назад

    Hey you can make vid war use gun

  • Dandy
    Dandy Год назад +1

    nice vid:)

  • Ayman Hammim
    Ayman Hammim Год назад +2


  • Tyler Westgate
    Tyler Westgate Год назад +1

    Get a mic

  • Gökay Taşpınar
    Gökay Taşpınar Год назад

    I danfbox mode worls record pls see my video

  • hoang khanh ly
    hoang khanh ly Год назад +1

    hi is

  • GreyHexx
    GreyHexx Год назад +1

    I was dat bush that bad at hiding :>

  • dawt bik kian
    dawt bik kian Год назад +1

    what server are you playing in?

  • Sir Muffin The Random
    Sir Muffin The Random Год назад +1

    Weren't you the lad that killed me in moomoo?

  • Adien Shelton
    Adien Shelton Год назад +2

    Come watch my videos

  • Adien Shelton
    Adien Shelton Год назад +5

    Don't kill Bob xlll

  • CrocoDoggo !
    CrocoDoggo ! Год назад +3

    Yay a update after what seemed like 59 years yay I already checked out the update

    • 譚星華
      譚星華 Год назад

      Jayden Charles I

  • NeoVolt
    NeoVolt Год назад +1

    Only one thing to say.

    Musket Bushes.

  • Isaiah Barela
    Isaiah Barela Год назад +1

    I had the gun with 3 other people with gold swords we were unstoppable

  • Tadhg McGovern
    Tadhg McGovern Год назад +1

    istelth we played to gether my name was l3gand remember pin plz AND REPLY

  • Nghĩa Lê Hữu
    Nghĩa Lê Hữu Год назад +1


  • Vanda silva
    Vanda silva Год назад


  • NightOwl Codes
    NightOwl Codes Год назад

    Sees Blured Are At 6:33*
    OMG YES!
    (It's Part Of Something Im Working On)

  • patinho do vlad
    patinho do vlad Год назад +5


    • AK Chen
      AK Chen Год назад

      stop spamming you idoit

  • Ghost of Starman
    Ghost of Starman Год назад

    I got 126 kills with this gun!!!

  • Kylie Wong
    Kylie Wong Год назад +1

    finally, a video! Nice work iS!

  • Travis Johnson
    Travis Johnson Год назад

    Just played with new musket AWESOME I also had a musket battle with someone I won musket = pepperoni

  • BanDetoDatFlamingDorito
    BanDetoDatFlamingDorito Год назад

    500 like boi

  • Attila Nagy
    Attila Nagy Год назад

    wat no iS??

  • Oskar Sitarski
    Oskar Sitarski Год назад +2

    on mnie zabił dzis nie lubie cie is ded

  • Captain Amemeica24
    Captain Amemeica24 Год назад

    Love your vids