Fargo: Season 2 - Trailer "Friendly People"

Footage from "Fargo" remains courtesy of FX.

"It's About my Baby" and "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction" by The Strangeloves, courtesy of Epic/Legacy.

"A Quick One, While He's Away" by The Who, courtesy of Reaction Records/Decca Records.

Disclaimer: This trailer is a non-profit project intended for entertainment purposes only. No copyright laws were intended to be broken. All rights to any material used remain courtesy of their respective owners.

Edited by Kevin Del Colle, © 2015

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Длительность: 1:53
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Автор MoviesForLife ( назад)
A ridiculously good edited trailer. You got the rhythm and pacing absolutely fucking perfect. 100x better than any of the other official trailers which are very slow and do a poor job of setting the tone.

Автор its Alejandro ( назад)
10 times Better than the officoal trailer lol

Автор Carcrafter7 ( назад)
damn you got some really good editing skills

Автор the_katman ( назад)
This edit is really good. Captures the series far better than the official trailers. And packs so much into 2 minutes without any spoilers. Whoever did it, well done.

Автор Lawrence Lam ( назад)
FX should use this as an official trailer.

Автор Blue Instrumentals ( назад)
10x better than the actual trailer. Props

Автор Andrew Nerney ( назад)
This was one of the best seasons of any TV show ever. "Yah, musta got lost on my way to the lake." LOL. And a good fan-made trailer, too. Most of those usually suck.

Автор Kate McDonell ( назад)
Ok did you make this or this a legit trailer? Cos I'm really confused.

Автор confiGTR ( назад)
Damn this was so well done. Kudos.

Автор D Franklin34 ( назад)
legit has 0 dislikes.

Автор Alhambra ( назад)
An epic trailer for an epic season !

Автор MakerTribute ( назад)
WTF IT'S THIS EDITING! I'm really impressed, it's just.. Perfect. It's so perfect, i can't believe it's your video.. Your first video?

Автор illustriouslucrezia ( назад)
I can't wait to use this to convince people to check out season 2 of Fargo. fantastic!

Автор Matt M ( назад)
Really well done.

Автор Ben Hammel ( назад)
Okay then.

Автор Nub24 ( назад)
Holy shit, This is a real excellent job. Fantastic editing. Could see this being an actual trailer for the show. Very well done!

Автор Laurie Coulthard ( назад)
Fucking excellent! I thought it was a real trailer but as it spoiled so much I wasn't sure but I can't believe this is fan made really good better than the original trailers

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