Why Do We Have Such Crooked Teeth?

A lot of humans need or want braces to fix their crooked teeth, but why do you never see a dog walking down the street with headgear? Our ancient ancestors and mac and cheese may be to blame!

*Correction: Even though hyraxes look similar to rodents, they're actually in the order Hyracoidea, not Rodentia! They're more closely related to elephants and manatees than to mice and guinea pigs.*

Hosted by: Hank Green
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Автор TheMysteriousUnicornFamiry ( назад)
Lol there was an add about Dentist doctor Daniel Daniel :=

Автор Amanda Hydro ( назад)
I feel like a lot of people don't "need" braces, slightly crooked teeth aren't a medical problem.

Автор PyroJohn19 ( назад)
Hyraxs are not rodents!

Автор Ayab41 ( назад)
What about tooth gaps? I have them but im getting braces

Автор Alice in Overwatch ( назад)
i was born with 2 adult teeth missing (the 2 next to your front teeth) and 2 wisdom teeth down the bottom and none at the top............. now to be "aesthetically pleasing" i have to pay $10k... how tf is that fair... and that was after $8k my mum paid for bracers when i was growing up... should do a video on why dentist charge so much.

Автор Bill Clod ( назад)
It would be enough to have a toy to chew. We could keep the delicious food and have big jaws!

Автор Born Hater ( назад)
My teeth is pretty straight already. I don't need braces.

Автор Kami Chan ( назад)
braces are death

Автор BigFatCorn ( назад)
Never been to the dentist never need to. My teeth are really good but my front teeth are slightly pointed outwards.

Автор Rick Harrison ( назад)
This video made my teeth go gray

Автор Siddharth Choudhary ( назад)
girls with braces are super cute!

Автор Sten saxpåse ( назад)
Mewing helps with crooked teeth and wisedom teeth

Автор Side Ponytail .Girl ( назад)
Nobody in my family ate too much soft foods growing up (except for toddlers, naturally), I remember always biting in whole carrots and apples as snacks, thus nobody in my family ever needed braces. However, my perfectly straight teeth started getting crooked once all four of my wisdom teeth came in. They just pushed them around a little. So annoying.

Автор you-are-the-pelican-man ( назад)
my teeth are not crooked why are you telling me they are.

Автор dallen3000 ( назад)
could this be a reason why small kids chew on things, because they subconsciously want to make their teeth stronger?

Автор Cornhole Jackson ( назад)
so like if i have a kid i just have to feed it lots of tree bark.

Автор BushDid9/11 ( назад)
I wanted to brag about my naturally straight strong healthy teeth but i have a feeling my wisdom teeth, grinding, and tmj are going to eventually start biting me in the ass for it 😂

Автор A Fucking Human Being ( назад)
lol brush ur fucking teeth so you won't wear braces they're nasty

Автор Max Dumont ( назад)
can you do my Honors Biology Homework Hank?

Автор SCdreamdrawer ( назад)
Now I wonder how your jaw and teeth would be affected if you were raised on an all liquid diet like Soylent or Queal.

Автор KingCamembert ( назад)
Could chewing gum and such increase jaw size during growing up? I mean it uses 'intense chewing power' after time.

Автор Gabriela Barrientos ( назад)
"Our jaws SHRANK"????? isn't it supposed to be "our jaws SHRUNK"?

Автор BeatDroppingBeats ( назад)
why can't life befair tome

Автор Tate Hendricks ( назад)
Is anybody watching this, while we don't have crooked teeth?

Автор Brasley Baksza ( назад)
Disagree. That only accounts for crowding teeth, not funky ass yuck-mouth. Jaw length and breadth varies across humans and there are populations that have higher frequency of nice teeth despite little variation in jaw:tooth size ratio.
Two conclusions: Straight teeth aren't being selected for and do more thorough research.

Автор the memer of dank ( назад)
im gonna need a gesher soon

Автор Whitney Skyes ( назад)
I have never had braces and my teeth are almost perfect.

Автор Hector Pacheco ( назад)
if you're Christian, then none of this applies

Автор Phoenix ( назад)
Haha,I got perfect teeth fuckers!

Автор Samus Kerrigan ( назад)
chewing intensifies

Автор GlitchGaming45 ( назад)
Damn oreos gave me cavities

Автор Marnie Pablo ( назад)
Scishow why do we have stretch marks and how can we get rid of it pls a video about it.

Автор Bacchanalia ( назад)
My teeth are biologically perfect.

Автор Ano N. Ymous ( назад)
2:36 'Thank you for asking and thank you especially to Oliver Patreons' jk

Автор TheCraftingCat ( назад)
But are they bad? My teeth are very crooked, so my mom and the dentist are saying that I need braces. But I don't want them, I like my teeth how they are. So is it a serious problem?

Автор Vanessa G. ( назад)
I've always had perfectly straight teeth since my permanent ones grew in without the use of braces or any of those other straightening methods, guess I'm just lucky 🤷🏻‍♀️ can't help but to flaunt my smile lol

Автор Jaeger The Great ( назад)
My family actually has a history of being born without certain teeth, like my sister only had 3 wisdom teeth.

Автор watts300 ( назад)
Completely off-topic, but a still a tangent from the video -- do other cultures in the world (eastern Asia included) also enjoy macaroni and cheese as much as we Americans do?

Автор Gunjan Chati ( назад)
why are my teeth above jaw line? can it be fixed(above another teeth)

Автор Nemo Fil ( назад)
first of all, human jaws shrank way before the agriculture revolution happened thanks to fire and cooking meat, which allowed the the brain to get bigger in expence of the jaws. agriculture may have further shrank jaws a little bit.
but more importantly, hyraxes aren't rodent!!!! from all people i expected you hank to know this!

Автор Geflügel HNZ ( назад)
Especially if it got maggot cheese!

Автор Peter mG ( назад)
Mac n cheese is like soup to me

Автор coolsarahkry1 ( назад)
I love your shirt. It's...hypnotizing...

Автор Chapter Eleven ( назад)
so i want to get braces, cause my teeth are all messed up. or invisiline. something to fix em, yknow? but i dont want to do that until my wisdom teeth come in, since i dont wanna spend a bunch of money to get braces then have my wisdom teeth come in and fuck them all up again.
however, as far as i know, my wisdom teeth could take until im 27 to come in (thats how old my mom was when hers came in; my dad got his cut out quite painfully before they came in). if i even have wisdom teeth. do I have wisdom teeth? who knows. I havent been to a dentist in years, either.
...my teeth deserve a better host.

Автор iicharliieii 2142 ( назад)
My teeth are strange, they're straight (I've never needed braces) but they're misaligned.
My canine hangs over the first premolar one one side, and the other hangs halfway between the lower canine and first premolar.
And some of my teeth can't touch their counterpart or whatever's directly below.
It doesn't feel right, but it's never caused me problems...

Автор David Salley ( назад)
Your videos are very interesting, but I have and 8 AM class, so I need to go to sleep so I can work on homework for another class during that time.

Автор Courtney Courteau ( назад)
I could've gotten braces but I chose not to.

Автор Sanjuan Guestsr ( назад)
Hank's the best

Автор Feynstein 100 ( назад)
My canines are slightly bigger than the rest of my teeth. Was I meant to be a vampire?

Автор IsaacSnider DoesThisOneThing ( назад)
Wow that shirt

Автор eustagoesout ( назад)
blame it on the weather

Автор M Jenci ( назад)
I have no wisdom teeth and in addition to that are missing three adult teeth, I still have 3 baby teeth past my 20's.... My dentist say's I'm lucky I'm missing so many teeth because my jaw is super small and they wouldn't have fit anyway, just have to be careful because those baby teeth aren't meant to last a lifetime.

Автор MrAstronomer 22 ( назад)
Please do a video on TMJ and Teeth grinding.

Автор JBTechCon ( назад)
It's actually miscegenation. If you cross-breed an ethnicity with big teeth to an ethnicity with small mouths, you get kids with crowded mouths. Same reason there are so many C-sections.

Автор TomatoHeadGaming ­ ( назад)
why was I born without wisdom teeth (and also missing my upper canines)

Автор Anujan Kirupakaran ( назад)
I'm hoping I don't get braces coz my younger sister has them and they look painful

Автор TheMonsterAbyss ( назад)
Lol, i was searching for Papa Roach's song and I find this...

Автор Rebecca Lopez ( назад)
Pics would have been nice but I still learned a lot

Автор crossfire367 ( назад)
I'm pretty sure Dentists aren't all that woeful when they get to bill us for all the braces work....

Автор gigantkranion ( назад)
"It's hard to test directly in humans though, because that would mean limiting what people could eat for a huge chuck of their lives."

"Chewing your foods forever till your teeth break"

Umm... Chewing gum?

Preferably, a really tough kind.

Автор Damian the Phoenix ( назад)
Damnit, Hank....now I have a craving for mac and cheese

Автор NintendoPolitics ( назад)
I always wondered why humans are the only creature that cannot drink directly from the water source...why do we have to clean our water to drink it?

Автор Hortonius Imperialus ( назад)
uh, but it can be demonstrated in humans.. Do you know how archaeologists can identify bones of archers, esp from medieval times, and English long-bowmen in particular? Or how they can identify those bones belonging to a viking seafarer? it has to do with their professions and how their bones responded to stress

Автор ccggenius12 ( назад)
So, if I raise my kid on a diet of beef jerky and raw vegetables, I'll be less likely to need to drop cash for braces?

Автор MinecraftCats Cat ( назад)
I hate braces no one likes them, I have braces them WHAT NO MAC AND CHEESE that's what they SAY TO EAT DUMBO

Автор Socks, shoes, and hats ( назад)
Wait... aren't hyraxes related to elephants and manatees, not rabbits and rodents?

Автор atlastpeace ( назад)
I got braces out of vanity. However, it did give me a few health benefits: easier flossing and brushing, also it's impossible to bite my nails now.

Автор Fern Moore ( назад)
So does that mean we should be making our kids eat raw food until their mouths are fully formed? Then we won't have to pay for expensive dentistry. lol

Автор Johey Jonsson ( назад)
My teeth are the product of some very fortunate genetics. Apart from one tooth I damaged when I ran my bike into a lamp post and one tooth I damaged by breaking it on a stroller at 11 months, making the second tooth come in slightly tilted, all my teeth are straight. Not even my wisdom teeth came in crooked, which in itself is a miracle.

Автор Adam Xyz ( назад)
The real reason you're teeth are Crooked is because your jaws aren't developing properly. This means your jaw is too small for what it is supposed to be. This means your mouth posture is wrong. The good mouth posture requires your tongue to be pressed up to the roof of your mouth at all times when not eating in order for your jaw to develop properly from the tongue pressure.

Look up Dr Mike Mew

Автор yoyomomishungryz ( назад)
Some dogs have crooked teeth

Автор SPACKlick ( назад)
Hyraxes aren't rodents, they're the closest living cousin to the tethytherians (Elephant, manatee and dugong). Very different beasties than rodents.

Автор funmbimoti ( назад)
speak for y'all selves....my teeth are perfectly straight.....

Автор Frank Tufano ( назад)
Its not solely agriculture; they are plenty of people born with straight teeth in our generation. If you look at Weston A. Prices research on dental caries there were civilizations less than 100 years ago with jaws wide enough to accommodate teeth. The singer Pia Mia is a good example of someone with this jaw.

How can you say mastication has anything to do with bone and jaw development when babies were breastfed and our ancestors, at least during development periods, did not eat foods that required any more chewing now.

I know for certain being breast fed over formula fed plays a huge factor. You can also argue from that point of view that nutrient consumption of the mother during pre natal periods is important. Nutrient intake during early childhood into teenage years also plays a role but not nearly as much as the former.

Автор Rin Tohsaka ( назад)
My teeth are straight. I get asked whether or not I have have braces before, but I never did. My jaw just got wider as I got older.

Автор Angel Diaz ( назад)
i never had crooked teeth. never needed braces. #blessed

Автор Melissa Nehr ( назад)
Removed my wisdom teeth under the belief it would prevent my crowding. It didn't =_= adult braces anyone?

Автор Bendy the Dancing demon ( назад)

Автор Casey Monaghan ( назад)
but steak is really chewy...

Автор stay safe ( назад)
Improper oral posture is a big culprit.

Teeth together and tongue on the roof of the mouth. Mike Mew has talked about this a lot.

Автор Chris East ( назад)
There is a breakthrough in orthodontics called Orthotropics, the Man behind it Dr Mike Mew has some very convincing evidence that a big factor in crowded teeth and under developed jaws may be due to not only a soft diet but also the position of the tongue in the mouth and swallowing habits as well as mouth breathing. I would LOVE to see Sci show do something with him hes an amazing guy.

Автор Cameron Johnson ( назад)
I feel bad for most people, i've never had any problems with teeth. all mine are straight and "perfect" fitting

Автор Lovell Mills ( назад)
Who else is here because they have Braces!?

Автор ASSASSYN ( назад)
What the fuck do you mean by, "we?"

Автор TheJamesRedwood ( назад)
Vitamin K2
My teeth fit perfectly, never had any constructive surgery. As you said hunter-gatherers - who have a diet high in K2 - don't have this problem.

Автор cookie22100 ( назад)
This theory is weird though because I have a small mouth and jaw and my teeth ended up being naturally straight.

Автор ThatOne Dude ( назад)
bitches be saying crookit

Автор Koshunae ( назад)
I don't really have crooked teeth, I have a couple that are turned ever so slightly outwards. Other than that my teeth are straight and I think I could have grown my wisdom teeth normally however one of my molars developed an abscess when I was 16 and when that happened, they cut the molar out, along with my wisdoms which were developing sideways anyway. Oh and I still have a baby canine because the adult tooth grew sideways in my gums for some dumb reason. Can't see it or feel it physically, but in x-rays, there it is, all sideways.

Автор Shadowfudge ( назад)
*me: casually sits here watching this video while having no need for braces cause my teeth are perfectly straight*

Автор benox50 ( назад)
Humans have micro jaw and nose cause short front but huge back for huge brain

Автор The Astoni ( назад)
*most people* "Ah, I have too many teeth and not enough space!"
*me* "Ah, I have four extra teeth. They are all practically straight and I have plenty of space, but I'm still getting them pulled out of my face."

Автор ParkourMatt ( назад)
That first picture is not a beaver, it has red teeth therefor its nutria

Автор Kevin M ( назад)
Never had braces, my teeth aren't crooked, I have all my wisdom teeth. All I do is brush my teeth twice a day. Then again, I am applying to dental school in June though.

Автор billy persistent ( назад)
A better question is why does anyone want their teeth so straight.

Автор Jason Doss ( назад)
So, if I'm hearing this correctly, evolution was smart enough to recognize the lack of need for a more spacious jawbone, but it wasn't smart enough to adjust the number/size of the teeth to accommodate the new jawbone blueprint. Yeah, ok. That's like saying you're going to downsize your log cabin, but you refuse to use fewer logs.

Автор Kevin Cole ( назад)
EHH HEM SORRY But hyraxes are *not* rodents as you guys noted. They are under the Order Hyracoidea, not Rodentia like actual rodents. Being in the Superorder Afrotheria, Hyraxes are actually more closely related to elephants and manatees than anything else. Entirely different than rodents like rats and beavers, etc.

*The more you know*

Автор AirCooledMan2006 ( назад)
HYRAXES AREN'T FUCKING RODENTS! They're more closely related to ELEPHANTS than to any rodent! Hyraxes, elephants, elephants, and manatees are AFROTHERIAN mammals. Rodents are EUARCHONTIGLIRES. WE'RE more closely related to rodents than hyraxes are! FAIL!

Автор Ameya Thatte ( назад)
hyraxes aren't rodents. They are actually related to elephants, sea cows and aardvarks

Автор Bob Fitch ( назад)
One of my kids was born with only two wisdom teeth instead of four, and the other kid was born with no wisdom teeth at all. I tell them they are advanced humans... the next step in our evolution. :)

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