The Try Guys 400 Dumpling Mukbang ft. Strictly Dumpling

  • Опубликовано: 6 фев 2019
  • Will the guys be able to make it through 400 piping hot soup dumplings? Don't try this at home!
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  • Ahmad Alaqib
    Ahmad Alaqib День назад

    dumpling is like mento lije if you now

  • Kawaii kitty17
    Kawaii kitty17 День назад

    oh god i wish i had enough money to but that many dumplings 🤤

  • Sloane
    Sloane День назад

    Omg I haven’t seen a try guys video in forever and I thought they replace Eugene with another Asian and I was so sad!!! You can’t replace Eugene he’s cute!!

  • albino milk is white
    albino milk is white День назад

    They look like their drunk

  • Water MeeELon19
    Water MeeELon19 День назад

    Matt stoine aka the mega toad is a one man army

  • plumsweet
    plumsweet День назад

    hahaha i think i can do 40! but i dont have the money to :-(

  • serendipitaet
    serendipitaet День назад

    meanwhile in the third world

  • joudeika durden
    joudeika durden День назад

    when we have these, we tend to break open the dumplings while theyre still on our spoons to let them cool so its not like a tiny lava balloon exploding in your mouth lol!

  • 그런바램이야
    그런바램이야 День назад

    딤섬.... 짱맛있는데... 비싸ㅠㅠ 만두피도 얇고... 나는 쫄면이나 만들어 먹어야지‥

  • Michelle Jones
    Michelle Jones День назад

    Holy shit, Eugene is ASIAN??

  • Rokhaya Sadji
    Rokhaya Sadji День назад

    Zach is me !

  • Kolbot Pen
    Kolbot Pen День назад +1

    8:02 Listen to this without any context

  • Tou Lee Yang
    Tou Lee Yang День назад

    Did the dumplings drunk them? 😂🤣🤣

  • Papa Doops
    Papa Doops День назад

    Matt is thee man. Good going guys and mike love your food tour bro.

  • Cobalt
    Cobalt День назад

    I was today years old when I learned the "long" part of xiao long bao meant cage/basket, not dragon.

  • anonymous mc
    anonymous mc День назад

    ned burped and farted hes a true scientist

  • anonymous mc
    anonymous mc День назад

    mickey nuts on the Chen......suck it you terd burglar

  • Ericca Lim
    Ericca Lim День назад

    my favorite guys plus my another favorite guy! SO HAPPY!

  • Al Junaibi
    Al Junaibi День назад

    anyone thinking of kung fu panda

  • Selthrim Cloud
    Selthrim Cloud День назад

    Im quite sure this might have been easier if they were high

  • FranTubbyRose
    FranTubbyRose День назад

    I’m sad

  • Andy M
    Andy M День назад

    Eugene and the dumpling guy were low key competing to be the best Asian on RUclip lol

  • Cheddar Jack
    Cheddar Jack День назад

    they should have started from the bottom first, because those were made first so it would be not as hot

  • Mira Swartz
    Mira Swartz День назад

    I don't think xiao long bao counts as dumplings because dumplings are boiled and bao zi are steamed, also they are wrapped differently. :/ That being said, I fucking love xiao long bao!

  • Kimberly Almendras
    Kimberly Almendras День назад

    Nice one

  • Shannon Bridgman
    Shannon Bridgman День назад

    Salivating over here. I miss Din Tai Fung!!!!

  • peachygabby
    peachygabby День назад

    i loveeee din tai fung ❤️🥟

  • mitchell rudeforth
    mitchell rudeforth День назад

    3.46 still has dumplings ?

  • girlla123
    girlla123 День назад

    Ned is hilarious on this one! I kept shouting you can do it Ned!

  • steamed dumpl1ng
    steamed dumpl1ng День назад

    I wish I was part of the Try Guys... I LOVE DUMPLINGS!!! This video is my dream!!!

  • Samuel Tan
    Samuel Tan День назад

    Dumplings are just so expensive in where I live that we eat "Tang Yuan" during winter solstice lol

  • NSMS _sm97
    NSMS _sm97 День назад


  • Dada Volks
    Dada Volks День назад

    It's not just any dumpling guys, that's Din Tai Fung 😍

  • chiminie chim
    chiminie chim День назад

    I'm craving dumplings now!!

  • Dinnerdash2
    Dinnerdash2 День назад


  • Christine Manawatu
    Christine Manawatu День назад

    Am I the only one that lovessss fried dumplings 100x more? 😊👌🏻🤣

  • Screaming Lunchbox
    Screaming Lunchbox День назад

    The collaboration we needed!!! YESS!!!

  • Creed ArTiCs _
    Creed ArTiCs _ День назад

    I would just put it in my mouth and let it cool

  • Catherine Tran
    Catherine Tran День назад

    I would of failed at 40

  • Billy Rihani
    Billy Rihani День назад

    This was good up until the history lesson at five minutes in.

  • Suppork
    Suppork День назад

    I thought it was Jackie Chan in the thumbnail.

  • Amanda S
    Amanda S День назад

    Mike Chen!!!! 💙💙💙💙💙💙

  • Hαи Sqυιяяєl
    Hαи Sqυιяяєl День назад

    I am so hungry just looking at those dumpling 🥟

  • Sarah Seriah
    Sarah Seriah День назад

    I wonder if Keith or Link Neal has a bigger mouth

  • DestinyDK
    DestinyDK День назад

    Zach is blossoming!

  • Rich Y
    Rich Y День назад

    ... and they never ate dumplings again.

  • SHAZEpoopy_doggo
    SHAZEpoopy_doggo День назад +1

    This is the most buzzfeed thumbnail

  • Dan
    Dan День назад

    Mikey Chen is classic great combo with try guys!!!

  • Carol Thompson
    Carol Thompson День назад

    Yo boys, if you want a research team or just a person to do general research. I live in Florida but I'm down!

  • Sophie's Here
    Sophie's Here День назад

    I was really hungry so I went to cook I found this vid and watched it now I haven’t ate and I feel like throwing up

  • Makeupl0ver007
    Makeupl0ver007 День назад

    Nikocado Avocado would have won this challenge invite him next time

  • Abbigale Shi
    Abbigale Shi День назад

    Their pronunciation of din tai fung 😭😩✋

    • Abbigale Shi
      Abbigale Shi День назад


  • Taurus Vibes
    Taurus Vibes День назад

    How sleepy were they after this?😂

  • Rexenor See
    Rexenor See День назад

    What the hell is that noise when you like the comment?

  • Artsy
    Artsy День назад

    Lol when the music slowed down and the girl feel over I actually fucking lost it.

  • Every time I see you I shit myself

    I love dumplings but pork buns are where it’s at

  • Ziaw Purple Jacket
    Ziaw Purple Jacket День назад

    Everyone's goal should be: beat Eugene

  • Basil Lestale
    Basil Lestale День назад

    Long = Dragon. Not basket. XD

  • Nadessia Ilena Mohd Rudi
    Nadessia Ilena Mohd Rudi День назад

    Zach is just so cute

  • Princess Bunnnii
    Princess Bunnnii День назад

    Make more videos like this please!!!!!

  • Ethan the fool
    Ethan the fool День назад

    100 soup dumplings is 4,500 calories,,, you can die from eating too much, you're stomach can explode

  • Xiande Liu
    Xiande Liu День назад

    Jesus Matt Stonie is a beast

  • Blinkツ
    Blinkツ День назад +1

    “The virgin guys”

    Jk nice vid

  • Crying_Cat
    Crying_Cat День назад

    *They make them dumplings look so delicious through the screen*

  • Ryan Takerian
    Ryan Takerian День назад

    Zack I can relate

  • Dragon breath supreme Supreme
    Dragon breath supreme Supreme День назад

    In this vid zach looks like logic

  • Samantha McInnis
    Samantha McInnis День назад

    I love how wen everyone gets hype ned gets hype and gets a second wind 😂 haha

  • C my Clay
    C my Clay День назад


  • Fluffy_Candicorn
    Fluffy_Candicorn День назад

    13:06 *my last five brain cells trying to working together during a test.*

  • Bekkaanneee
    Bekkaanneee День назад

    i love that eugene is in his track suit like it's gonna help him

  • Abi Tulabot
    Abi Tulabot День назад

    I was not expecting this but I'm here for it

  • Natasha Cappadocia
    Natasha Cappadocia День назад

    genuinely concerned for their esophagus' and tumtums

  • Jackie Michelle
    Jackie Michelle День назад

    To anybody scrolling, have a awesome day 🤗 !

    btw I make content to, I’m tryna reach 5k come over to my channel and let’s support each other 🦋

  • Nicholas Alfonso
    Nicholas Alfonso День назад

    Look at the people when they bring the dumplings 😂😂
    They look concerned and like "Lemme get paiiid"

  • Christina Super
    Christina Super День назад

    Ned and Keith are like “I WANNA DIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEE” and Eugene, Mike, and Zach are like “Ha ha! Eating with friends!”

  • Willieum1016
    Willieum1016 День назад

    Matt Stonie got 377 and doesn’t have the world record. The guy beat him and he had 383

  • lozerz club666
    lozerz club666 День назад

    I've never had a dumpling IRL there must be something wrong with me

  • Heather Shamblin
    Heather Shamblin День назад +1

    I have never had these but they look soooo good

  • Laxus Dreyar
    Laxus Dreyar День назад

    Eugene how can you eat so much and still be fit. I can barely eat 12 soup dumplings so congrats to you guys.

  • Official Lucifer
    Official Lucifer День назад

    We think of them having the hard work of eating, imagine making 400 dumplings lol

  • Eshwar saikumar
    Eshwar saikumar День назад


  • Sommy Bunny
    Sommy Bunny День назад

    There’s something called being “FOOD HIGH” it’s when your at so much and you feel really drowsy but you don’t want to rest and you just ramble inconsistent words and laugh like you’re drunk.

  • Lil fan girl for life
    Lil fan girl for life День назад

    7:33 ''My heart saying yes, but mu body saying no'' LMAOOOO

  • Teddy Craig
    Teddy Craig День назад

    Studies have shown that eating very hot food is bad for your stomach. If you have issues already, then I would suggest you allow dumplings to cool before eating them, it isn't worth risking your health/safety.

  • Ashley Krawczuk
    Ashley Krawczuk День назад

    How the fuck did Eugene consistently eat faster than THE MIKE - STRICTLY DUMPLINGS

  • al katraz
    al katraz День назад

    What are you doing with these soyboys mikey???

  • PinkyBearToys
    PinkyBearToys День назад

    I have not tried Ding Tai Fung, but heard it was good.

    LMNTRIX YT День назад +1

    8:12 Hahahahah OmG this made me actually laugh! Especially when the women fell down

  • George Douglass
    George Douglass День назад +1

    My two favorite numbers, 15 & 16? NAMBLA pedo....

    MAKENNAMUA День назад

    I want 400 dumplings ☹️

  • Tongan Gal
    Tongan Gal День назад

    I’m hungry now :((

  • Alecia Chang
    Alecia Chang День назад

    zack: *sips tea*

  • Alecia Chang
    Alecia Chang День назад

    ned's face at 6:42 lol

  • Silver Sapphire
    Silver Sapphire День назад

    What the actual fuck is wrong with your brains

  • Ashley Morrisett
    Ashley Morrisett День назад

    I want dumplings now. 😂

  • R2 Dantelius
    R2 Dantelius День назад

    That resturaunt is a serious line, but AMAZING

  • Brobafett Rachael
    Brobafett Rachael День назад

    Can I be hired as the Research person? Thanks.

  • iga cecylia
    iga cecylia День назад

    if you want a research department pls hire me (pls)

  • PureKaoZ
    PureKaoZ День назад

    Mike could have eaten more. How do I know? He didn't sneeze. That means he's not full.

  • Alejandro Vivas
    Alejandro Vivas День назад

    Keith: I'm gonna beat Eugiene.... Eugiene eats 40 dumpling by the time Keith barely eats 20.... LOOSER!!!!