Jeffree Star Cosmetics MYSTERY BOX UNBOXING! HOLIDAY 2019

  • Published on Dec 15, 2019
  • Jeffree Star Cosmetics MYSTERY BOX UNBOXING! HOLIDAY 2019
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Comments • 483

  • Makeupbypita
    Makeupbypita  Month ago +196

    Who’s ready for tomorrow ?!❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Ana Angel
    Ana Angel 16 days ago

    Girl you got some good as stuff I can’t wait for it to use the pallets blue is gunna look goood af on you

  • Teresa Herrera
    Teresa Herrera 18 days ago

    Omg I love this look 😍 , Tutorial ?

  • Giselle Pereira
    Giselle Pereira 22 days ago

    Could I win any product

  • Potato Bling Bling
    Potato Bling Bling 23 days ago +1


  • Dobe4Tmrw
    Dobe4Tmrw 27 days ago

    Awe I love these videos why am I so late lol

  • Av
    Av 27 days ago

    You have to do a blue look with blue blood and the blue lip shade

  • مغربيه سمر Nikki


  • bananna tbird
    bananna tbird Month ago

    I total forgot to get a box

  • Dyamond Camacho
    Dyamond Camacho Month ago

    i need to get one of these boxes

  • Dyamond Camacho
    Dyamond Camacho Month ago


  • Kamla-Kay Modeling
    Kamla-Kay Modeling Month ago

    Love the lighting...Are you using the same lighting on this video as the one u filmed in 2018 where you and your boyfriend walked through your whole studio talking about your light set-up and backdrop...this one looks brighter.

  • Marcella Malone
    Marcella Malone Month ago

    I’m never gonna buy this but I still wanna watch

  • Rachel Birtles
    Rachel Birtles Month ago +1

    Why were the mini boxes free? Did I miss something?

  • Maria Alcala
    Maria Alcala Month ago

    Omg girl you got lucky 😢😢

  • corvisvampire
    corvisvampire Month ago

    You don’t show most of the products in your videos the proper way 😕😕😕

  • Cassy Surrette
    Cassy Surrette Month ago +1

    I'm so sad that I had no money when these dropped

  • Cassy Surrette
    Cassy Surrette Month ago

    Your makeup looks SO good. I can't wait to do a Christmas look with my mini conspiracy palette!

  • Yazmine Holt
    Yazmine Holt Month ago

    That blue blood pallet is to die for 😍😍

  • Samantha Wilson
    Samantha Wilson Month ago

    How do we enter the giveaway?

  • Ina Peeva
    Ina Peeva Month ago


  • Jeffery Jeffers
    Jeffery Jeffers Month ago

    My Mini Box contained the Stickers, Posh Spice & Fudge Pop Liquid Lipstick
    Premium Box contained Blue Blood Palette, Stickers, Liquid Frost in Frozen Peach, Coral Fixation and Mystery Red Shade Liquid Lipsticks
    Deluxe Box contained Thirsty Palette, Peppermint Frost Highlighter Palette, Bronze Blood & Designer Blood Liquid Lipstick, Supreme Frost in Caramel Kiss, Stickers, Candy Cane Straw, & Exclusive 5th Anniversary Hoodie

  • Laura Vazquez
    Laura Vazquez Month ago


  • Jessica Tsakalas
    Jessica Tsakalas Month ago

    My mini mystery box was completely different. I got a liquid lipstick is the shade 818 and a lip scrub in lemon sucker. Am I the only one?

  • Karson Steele
    Karson Steele Month ago

    a ton of people got the pink shades but i got the nude ones

  • Erika
    Erika Month ago

    I was so close to getting a medium box!! 😭

  • Nicole Glover
    Nicole Glover Month ago

    My deluxe box finally shipped yesterday! I can bask in all it's beauty by this weekend 😍😍😍

  • Karisa Nahodil
    Karisa Nahodil Month ago

    His Halloween mystery box came with a mini breaker palette! I got the big box this time and I got the androdgyny palette in my box! I'm wishing I would have got the medium box too! I enjoy watching your videos! Keep up the awesome work!

  • Samantha Barfield
    Samantha Barfield Month ago

    Ooh I love your glitter liner

  • Yolanda Mendoza
    Yolanda Mendoza Month ago

    Bien chula Pita 💞

  • Amanda Luv
    Amanda Luv Month ago

    Lucky Ducky

  • Rochelle Jones
    Rochelle Jones Month ago

    Your makeup is gorgeous and flawless in this video! Tutorial please?

  • Alex
    Alex Month ago

    Love your vids! I just subscribed 😇

  • Samantha Seager
    Samantha Seager Month ago

    girl he put the mini jawbreaker palette in the Halloween mystery boxes! lol so these would be the third palettes hes done in the boxes! its actually crazy

  • Patti Miller
    Patti Miller Month ago

    What a score!

  • Meg Binion
    Meg Binion Month ago

    I just want a straw :(

  • Yunuen Medrano
    Yunuen Medrano Month ago

    wow pita your so beautiful 🥰 much love ! ❤️

  • Delilah Pearce
    Delilah Pearce Month ago +1

    Your so beautiful and completely talented please please do more more makeup tutorials please the last one you did was 1 mo. Ago for the review of Conspiracy palette and 3 mo. Ago for the JS x Morphe palette please recreate the look you have on your eyes now it’s so pretty!!! And using the Blue Blood palette tooooo!!!

  • Joanne Barton
    Joanne Barton Month ago

    Missed out on these.... 😭😭 what is the shade name of that red please?

  • melissa mendoza
    melissa mendoza Month ago

    I paid 60 for my medium

  • #DORITOS 13
    #DORITOS 13 Month ago

    Gurl you're the millionaire makeup..... Keep growing your makeup collection....and wish u the bst thus #2020 coming yr.... With a lots and lots of makeup.....❤👍😀

  • Bailee Miller
    Bailee Miller Month ago

    Ur so beautiful..I have never tried anything from jeffree star at in my life..but hopefully I will be able the video

  • janet garcia
    janet garcia Month ago

    Omg pita you’re glowing 😍😍

  • WallOfFoppe
    WallOfFoppe Month ago

    You look snatched today 😍

  • Yamilet Garcia
    Yamilet Garcia Month ago

    I will love to have a Jeffrey Star makeup. I don't own any of his products

  • laura thornberry
    laura thornberry Month ago

    All done folling you long time would love to win this give away

  • Adrianna Thomson
    Adrianna Thomson Month ago

    I need a tutorial for this look!

  • Ava Forti
    Ava Forti Month ago

    I entered the giveaway love u

  • Els Hullaert
    Els Hullaert Month ago

    waw i'm from west flanders belgium i love to watch your movies
    have never won anything i can buy anything expensive make up go to. action I love you

  • Leloz Mirza
    Leloz Mirza Month ago +1

    imagine winning😭

  • Alessandra Ravens
    Alessandra Ravens Month ago

    She is such good vibes ♥️

  • Ryleigh Zarinana
    Ryleigh Zarinana Month ago

    ok but can we talk about how good your freaking makeup is it looks so pretty i could never.

  • Lynee Anna Salvatore

    My birthday is I'm trying my luck..

  • Einavi A
    Einavi A Month ago


  • Ingrida x
    Ingrida x Month ago

    I wanted to buy his mystery boxes, for my sister as a Christmas present, but it was sold out :((

  • Ayushi Goel
    Ayushi Goel Month ago

    I really would like to have that. This is not available here. Pleaseee would love this. I want to try these makeup products! Love love.

  • Yani smalley
    Yani smalley Month ago

    i love it

  • esha shah
    esha shah Month ago

    You look lovelyyyyy

  • Carolina Herrera
    Carolina Herrera Month ago

    I remember seeing his snap story and how he mention the the mystery boxes and I got SO EXCITED! I girl started to get ready to get one and then THEN I realized he posted it yesterday and they were already sold out when I checked 💀

  • Maggie Acosta
    Maggie Acosta Month ago

    I wanted one so bad but didn’t have money 😭😭 theirs always next year lol