This Puzzle Box owns a secret!!

  • Published on Dec 6, 2019
  • The "First Box" was designed by Wil Strijbos in 1984. 35 years later I recorded my first attempt to solve this unique puzzle box. The target "Make me Smile". As soon as you have a closer look you will understand what that means! Enjoy!
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Comments • 141

  • Mr.Puzzle
    Mr.Puzzle  Month ago +20

    If you want to get notified about future episodes subscribe and don't forget to turn on youtube notifications. Otherwise, it won't work.
    Enjoy today's video of another puzzle masterpiece!

    • Eric Petersen
      Eric Petersen Month ago

      X-Ray vision!!! 😊🤓👍

    • Eric Petersen
      Eric Petersen Month ago

      Mr.Puzzle - that is a masterpiece/such a beautiful color and design! It looks very modern not as old as it is. Absolutely wonderful!
      Edit-made me smile too!

    • Lewis Bucklew
      Lewis Bucklew Month ago +1

      Brought back the best spoiler break music ever!

    • Angi Quinney
      Angi Quinney Month ago

      I love seeing you and Chris Ramsay solve the same puzzles, how you both have such different approaches to solving them 😊

    • PrincessSixThirteen
      PrincessSixThirteen Month ago

      I love the color.

  • smbcollector
    smbcollector 2 days ago

    I think you did an excellent job explaining such a complex mechanism, especially considering how most of it was internal and obscured by the puzzle's outer shells.

  • Curt Hatt
    Curt Hatt 6 days ago

    Brilliant design!
    Great job figuring it out.

  • jagmarz
    jagmarz 7 days ago

    So the nut at the top was attached to a threaded piece, and I wonder whether it wasn't the original intent to remove the hex bar, shift the top pin under the hole and then tighten that little set-screw back into the top hole, to secure the pin in the unlocked position? It kind of feels like that part was separate from the nut for a reason?

  • phosphor8416
    phosphor8416 9 days ago

    Great piece of work. I enjoyed the frustration followed by relief. Anyone around here would like to buy this masterpiece?

  • Josh Ulmer
    Josh Ulmer 15 days ago

    Your timer is so much more believable than another popular puzzle solver I won’t name coughris Rachooo! Ohh man, this cold.

  • Baxi
    Baxi 15 days ago +1

    A secret in a puzzle? Who woulda thunk!

  • Dutch Blades
    Dutch Blades 19 days ago

    The lotus is a puzzle I still want badly, but it's really pricey...

  • Kuya B
    Kuya B 25 days ago +1

    I came for the epic spoiler break, stayed to see the awesome puzzle.

  • Random J
    Random J Month ago

    Hi guys and gals. I'm so sorry to do this but would you please mind subscribing to my crappy little channel? Mr Puzzle is awesome.

  • Zane Durga
    Zane Durga Month ago

    A key...My kingdom for my key

  • G7 C6
    G7 C6 Month ago

    Signature with the puzzle's amazing! Great sequence of thoughts there!👆🏼

  • fizixx
    fizixx Month ago

    Beautifully made puzzle, and you did a great job explaining the mechanism. I'd be afraid to see the price tag for this puzzle however. :\

  • DenisK
    DenisK Month ago +1

    Wait so what's the purpose of the bottom pin? The one he tapes.

  • Shlug life
    Shlug life Month ago

    this guy is basically a cheap version of chris ramsey

  • Justin C
    Justin C Month ago

    I would love to watch the face of the designer when he watches you try to solve his puzzle!

  • Cyrus d'Vulture
    Cyrus d'Vulture Month ago +1

    >blue box with a thing on top
    What is this, some kinda TARDIS for ants?

  • alec j
    alec j Month ago

    Why is the spoiler music break so loud? They startle me every time. I honestly had to take your videos out of my background playlists because of them.....its cool if everyone like them, i just find them unnecessary and obnoxious.

    I enjoy your videos quite a bit otherwise.

  • ozskeeter
    ozskeeter Month ago +1

    £249.99 ... yeah okay

  • H.J. Wicko
    H.J. Wicko Month ago +1

    Coolest puzzle in a long time. Nice piece!

  • Dina Brioni
    Dina Brioni Month ago +23

    One of my favourite parts is when Mr.Puzzle says: Let me get something to draw.
    I'm always fascinated how one can figure out internal structure of the puzzle by just fiddling it around.

  • superhunk1989
    superhunk1989 Month ago +1

    Love your clear explanation of the mechanism of the puzzle.

  • Khald Aissia
    Khald Aissia Month ago

    كم أنت بطيء جدا في الشرح من المفروض لا يتطلب 3 دقائق

  • Mika de Grote
    Mika de Grote Month ago +3

    Wow, this puzzle is £250!

  • Dragon maid
    Dragon maid Month ago +1

    That's so neat. See I don't wish to solve these but I love to see how they work. So this channel is perfect for me

  • Maulau Craw
    Maulau Craw Month ago +1

    No bumping, just tighten the lid, ye channel will be obstructed, clamping down the pin

  • stvncraig
    stvncraig Month ago +3

    Always have: Tape, Pencil, Paper, and Mr. Puzzle when you solve a trick box.

  • E Knaap
    E Knaap Month ago +12

    Saturday evening, browsing YT, looking at a guy with a heavy German accent try to open a box, lit my cigar and relaxing; yes I became an old fart... 🥴

    • E Knaap
      E Knaap Month ago

      @Mr.Puzzle: Es ist klar, dass ich die Videos genieße ... 🤗

    • Mr.Puzzle
      Mr.Puzzle  Month ago +1


  • Kevsepticaye OG
    Kevsepticaye OG Month ago

    That spoiler break tune tho...

  • Gilles111
    Gilles111 Month ago +1

    My first thought was there is only one moving cylinder (with the smiley) inside and you had to move it halfway up and lock it with the screwing mechanism to release both pins. Two cylinders make it even more brilliant. Nice box!

  • Nex us
    Nex us Month ago


  • Galal Almasri
    Galal Almasri Month ago

    Can you tell me please which metal puzzle is your favorite, cause I'm thinking buying one

  • loxxxton poxxxton
    loxxxton poxxxton Month ago

    I puzzled by someone paying £250 for a puzzle!!

  • Sh!tsAndG!ggles !
    Sh!tsAndG!ggles ! Month ago +3

    If you combined Ramsay's intros with you solving the puzzles! Holy mother of jesus! I'd be in heaven...I prefer your method of thinking...but again how you explain in detail afterwards, and also test it again to make sure...ramsay doesn't, he tries😂😂 but sometimes I think if hes scared of trying again it wont open lol

  • PetermusPrime
    PetermusPrime Month ago +1

    Could you use the other screw (that was part of the top nut) to hold the top pin from sliding by screwing it back in against it?

    • Mr.Puzzle
      Mr.Puzzle  Month ago

      That's a good idea. But it's not really necessary.

  • Willowsticks
    Willowsticks Month ago +7

    Can anyone recommend, if they exist, a good sequential puzzle box in the $25-$50 range?

    • ZildjianGuy Man
      ZildjianGuy Man Month ago

      I'm no puzzle price expert, but $25-$50 for a sequential puzzle seems quite low to me. Good, high quality puzzles are usually not sold in high volumes, so they don't make alot to begin with and as you can see with this puzzle, they are usually very well made, so I'd guess low priced puzzles would start around $80-$100. Google is your friend. Look around on Google. You might find something in your price range.

  • Luis Ramírez
    Luis Ramírez Month ago +4

    Take a shot every time he says screw in this video haha.

  • Uatemydoodle
    Uatemydoodle Month ago +3

    You're a genius.

  • James Chen
    James Chen Month ago +2

    3:15 I think he forgot about the word "frown" 😆

    • Showsni
      Showsni Month ago +1

      "Frown" is one of those words that means different things in different parts of the world. Here, a "frown" is something that is done by the forehead - a furrowed brow. I'd just call that face a sad face, since it has a downturned mouth but no frown.

    • notahotshot
      notahotshot Month ago +2

      I don't think that word is in his vocabulary. With his apparent high level of positive attitude, I'm not sure he would understand the concept.

  • Jon Duke
    Jon Duke Month ago +1

    Got my ears blown out by the spoiler break

  • Jeramie T
    Jeramie T Month ago +1

    Does the bottom pin not also lock the lid? Or did it only keep the bottom smiley from dropping low enough for the screw to go back in?

    • Jeramie T
      Jeramie T Month ago

      @Mr.Puzzle understood.

    • Mr.Puzzle
      Mr.Puzzle  Month ago

      No it does not directly lock the lid. It only prevents the vertical pins from dropping down. Which makes it impossible to open the box in this condition.

  • offroadguy56
    offroadguy56 Month ago +3

    That puzzle has a really nice finish to it. Really like the color

    • Coco 11000
      Coco 11000 Month ago

      I was constantly thinking he's gonna scratch it lol

  • Skip Oltz
    Skip Oltz Month ago +1

    Are you sure you are not on the movie beerfest??

  • Superdrinker B
    Superdrinker B Month ago +1

    04:07 Whats the purpose of the aditional screw in the cap? (Mr. Puzzle call it "worm screw"). Could be used to block one pin into position? On the top hole, perhaps?

    • Gigs
      Gigs Month ago

      @Mr.Puzzle what was the point of the bottom pin you taped in

    • Superdrinker B
      Superdrinker B Month ago

      May be this is why it is called "sequential solving", because all the components are used one by one.

    • Mr.Puzzle
      Mr.Puzzle  Month ago

      I think you can also use it as a grip for a the tool

  • Kris Willems
    Kris Willems Month ago +1

    You use the word "opposite" quiet often, when solving puzzles. Maybe you could check out the pronunciation on google translate? We can perfectly understand you, but anyway :)

    • Kris Willems
      Kris Willems Month ago +1

      @Brian Cairns Nope it doesn't matter. My English isn't very good either. I am not a native speaker. I make similar mistakes and appreciate it when people point them out. I was just hoping we could help each other.

    • Brian Cairns
      Brian Cairns Month ago +1

      Kris Willems so why does it matter if you can understand clearly

  • Zachariah Grubb
    Zachariah Grubb Month ago +8

    Mr.Puzzle just has it all. The comedy, the music, the mystery, and the introduction.

  • Nathan Chisholm
    Nathan Chisholm Month ago +1

    Make a box smile! OK then😊

  • This is the way
    This is the way Month ago +1

    Any vintage puzzle boxes out there to solve?

  • SeanDS89
    SeanDS89 Month ago +2

    Hello, I want to get my math-loving brother a puzzle for Christmas... do you have any suggestions for some that would make a good gift? Any suggestions would be appreciated, even if they aren't math related. Thanks in advance if you do take the time to respond.

    • SeanDS89
      SeanDS89 Month ago

      @Mr.Puzzle awesome, thank you so much!

    • Mr.Puzzle
      Mr.Puzzle  Month ago +3

      Get him an nry puzzle. For example the N5-6

  • Galal Almasri
    Galal Almasri Month ago +1

    Try lotus flower one too designed by Chinese

    • Mr.Puzzle
      Mr.Puzzle  Month ago +1

      Made, but not designed. Also designed by Wil.

  • Mike Singleton
    Mike Singleton Month ago +4

    The sad looking smile would be called a frown 👍

    • DenisK
      DenisK Month ago

      @Showsni Very interesting 🤔

    • Showsni
      Showsni Month ago +1

      "Frown" is one of those words that means different things in different parts of the world. Here, a "frown" is something that is done by the forehead - a furrowed brow. I'd just call that face a sad face, since it has a downturned mouth but no frown.

  • Mike
    Mike Month ago

    My go to Puzzle Man, great work. Happy Puzzling People...


  • pauldzim
    pauldzim Month ago +1

    But you didn't explain what the lower pin does?

    • Mr.Puzzle
      Mr.Puzzle  Month ago

      It keeps the other pins up. Impossible to open in this condition.

  • Beats by Gaz
    Beats by Gaz Month ago

    £250? 😳

  • Sparrow
    Sparrow Month ago +1

    I really love your videos but is there any way we can get your thoughts on the puzzle without getting the spoiler? This looks amazing but I can’t see what you think of it from the first part and don’t want to watch the spoiler.

    • Mr.Puzzle
      Mr.Puzzle  Month ago +1

      It's great. From my point of view a trick box and not a sequential discovery. The price makes it rather a collectors item but still the puzzling is also great.

  • Dom AZ
    Dom AZ Month ago +1

    Very nice.. I understand now why "make me smile"!!!

  • Mary Lince-Glidewell
    Mary Lince-Glidewell Month ago +1


  • Xion Dominagus
    Xion Dominagus Month ago +4

    Errmmm, "The First Box."

    *cough* *cough*

    • Xion Dominagus
      Xion Dominagus Month ago

      @Coco 11000

    • Coco 11000
      Coco 11000 Month ago

      @Xion Dominagus lol

    • Xion Dominagus
      Xion Dominagus Month ago

      @Coco 11000 no... it was an adult joke.. I'm not going to explain the birds and the bees, and the book of Genesis... someone will figure it out :D

    • Coco 11000
      Coco 11000 Month ago

      Box of the covenant reference?

    • Mr.Puzzle
      Mr.Puzzle  Month ago +1

      Name of the puzzle

  • J. AULT
    J. AULT Month ago +7

    I much prefer your videos over Chris Ramsey's.

    • romatic
      romatic 15 days ago +1

      How uncouth.

    • ZildjianGuy Man
      ZildjianGuy Man Month ago

      I agree. Nothing against CR, but Ive only watched a couple of his vids. I watch every vid Mr. Puzzle posts.

    • Jamez N. OR
      Jamez N. OR Month ago +2

      not cool dissing another youtube'r on someone channel, especially when the both have great mutual respect for each other

    • ariesmars29
      ariesmars29 Month ago +1

      There is no comparison, Chris is a magician who likes puzzles and is rich to buy all those puzzles. Puzzles are not cheap! I subscribed to Mr puzzle for the puzzles and challenges, I subscribed to Chris for his magic. Chris, though does not reply to comments, Mr puzzle does!

    • a -j
      a -j Month ago +1


  • Moose
    Moose Month ago +3

    If only these wonderful puzzle boxes weren't so expensive. :(

    • Mr.Puzzle
      Mr.Puzzle  Month ago

      The manufacturing driving the cost on this one. The mechanism is quite simple.