FEASTING in The Philippines & Getting Scammed by Taxi Driver

  • Published on Mar 25, 2018
  • Just an overview vlog of my stay in the Philippines, and I had such a great time! The food was incredible and the people are just so so nice! (well, besides that taxi scam...)
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  • MR. ZOOM
    MR. ZOOM 19 days ago

    Sir next time if you come here try to use grab. It is just like an uber in the philippines ☺ hope you read it... 😊

  • Charlotte Dashwood
    Charlotte Dashwood 23 days ago +1

    Yeah but don't worry Mike because you got him on you tube. I bet he nearly died when he saw you were filming. You were right to go to the police. That was outrageous

  • J M
    J M 25 days ago +3

    Even filipinos get scammed here. Even if I live here I don't take taxis. Uber or grab only.

  • Larissa Phouvanay
    Larissa Phouvanay 25 days ago

    Shame on that taxi driver! Sorry that happen to you guys

  • Genxooh
    Genxooh 26 days ago

    Hey all please like this comment for Mike to give it a look! I would love to give you a complimentary ticket to UNIVERSAL Orlando Resort so you can come check it out and rate all the food and the unique eats at this park ! Please please message me about this it would be awesome to see a video of yours about the park I work at and love :)!!!!!

  • Det3ctive Conan
    Det3ctive Conan 26 days ago +2

    Mikey Revolution! ❤Justice for Mikey! DON'T MESS WITH MIKEY!

  • jackie Cebu
    jackie Cebu 26 days ago

    OMG, I have made that same mistake going from Manila to Cebu and Manila to San Francisco 3 times total to the wrong terminal. Luckily I got nice cab drivers that didn't charge me 50 bucks!

  • Milan B.
    Milan B. 26 days ago

    I'm. Glad. You don't let go. You did something.

  • UnknownDarkDragon
    UnknownDarkDragon 26 days ago

    wilkins water is disgusting! the pH lvl is horrible. glad i would drink kangen (can - gehn, hard g sound) water instead.

  • Darlenee Herrera
    Darlenee Herrera 26 days ago

    Hi I’m going to New York in July 27th

  • Sunand truly
    Sunand truly 26 days ago

    Hey @mikey how many channels you have on RUclip I want to follow all

  • osiris
    osiris 26 days ago

    Who's the girl? What's her insta?

  • Sherwin Sayas
    Sherwin Sayas 26 days ago

    we are very sorry you have been scammed by a taxi driver. i hope i doesn't affect your perspective to our country.

  • Jovial Faltisco
    Jovial Faltisco 28 days ago

    I'm scammed by a Filipino dentist.

  • Gabriel Dela Cruz
    Gabriel Dela Cruz 29 days ago

    Beware of scammers here in the Philippines 🇵🇭

  • Aira Mae Revilla
    Aira Mae Revilla Month ago

    Pinoy pride. 😩✊👌

  • A FEATHER AWAY Johnston

    Love watching your videos...but are you okay, Mikey...why are you somewhat limping when you walk. 🙏🏻😢😩

  • Kimkim Kim
    Kimkim Kim Month ago +1

    Yeah everyone gets scammed by those devils even locals

  • Jose Masado
    Jose Masado Month ago

    Your videos make me so mad when I watch them midnight and you’re eating all kinds of good food 😭😩

  • Strawberry Pimp
    Strawberry Pimp Month ago

    tip. ask the people how much the price is for the fair before using it. those fools will scam anyone as long as they can

  • Quasar
    Quasar Month ago

    It cost me 900 pesos to go to terminal 1 from terminal 2. The taxi driver said that 900 pesos is cheap compared to what they charge on foreigners. Im still pretty mad about it lol

  • Jonathan Medrano
    Jonathan Medrano Month ago

    you should've called me Mikey.. I will be happy to drive you around Manila for free hehe

  • Chynna
    Chynna Month ago

    I'm sorry you had to experience that... :-( Just awful, this is why I wouldn't recommend going by yourself.. Always go with either a group of people or a guide with you...I'm glad that person was caught.. Safe travels where ever you go... :-)

  • Miyura Kanzaki
    Miyura Kanzaki Month ago

    Please do a brunch in the Philippines 7 11

  • Jorja
    Jorja 2 months ago

    I’m sorry you had to experience that I hope you don’t think bad about the Philippines now I asked my mom why people do that and she said it’s always kinda been like that which I sad I’ve shown my mom which is a filipino your Philippines flogs and I love it I honestly feel like this is something we could connect on in a while thank you anyways just be careful next time Salamat sa iyo

  • theyahoo you
    theyahoo you 2 months ago

    That brocolli bit was funny...haha

  • theyahoo you
    theyahoo you 2 months ago

    Thank goodness you reported that jerk to the police

  • Jaime Marco
    Jaime Marco 2 months ago

    I'm sorry about the bad experience with the cab driver Mikey. That also happens to us.

  • Cassandra Sta. Maria
    Cassandra Sta. Maria 2 months ago

    I learned that the hard way as well, getting in before knowing the charge I am glad you reported it.

  • pinoypapapizza
    pinoypapapizza 2 months ago

    Kakahiya! Proud to be Penoy!!!

  • huk bb3
    huk bb3 2 months ago

    Damn taxi people . Nxt time they ask you to come inside first. just say hell nahhh tang ina ka .

  • Cedie De Leon
    Cedie De Leon 2 months ago

    Pota kahiya mga ulol

  • Lord Cedric
    Lord Cedric 2 months ago

    i hope the license of that taxi driver will be revoked. sarap batukan

  • Bob More
    Bob More 2 months ago

    Always ask for a price estimate before getting into a cab in the Philippines. Most cab drivers can give you a reasonable estimate to your destination. Anything that sounds reasonably high just walk away.
    Only 50%of the people in Manila have jobs so scams are quite commonplace.

  • Dirtydigger StuffandJunk

    This guy has never seen five gallons of water? How is that the biggest hug of water anyone has seen? Weird. PS. I've seen every show. I'm hungry. Edit. New sub! Good on ya. Edit. Hit the bell. Lucky,takes alot for me to sub.

  • RainDropStar Rock
    RainDropStar Rock 2 months ago

    ik im late n all but like, THERE IS A WHOLE WEBSITE ARTICLE ABOUT MIKE AND THE TAXI DRIVER WHO SCAM HIM. LEGIT! Just search it up! The taxi driver did get arrested tho. Lol.

  • Jh3tski Brave
    Jh3tski Brave 3 months ago

    I am 100% Filipino and a taxi driver victimized me too last April 2018 on my vacation... I asked the driver to turn on his meter but told me he will charge me only 300php from Mall of Asia to Buendia LRT train station.. never thought it wasn’t that far 🤬 because I paid 325pesos from Quezon City (Sto Domingo Church) all the way to Mall of Asia using Grab App... I hope they will do something about it..

  • Jake Pursch
    Jake Pursch 3 months ago

    What's up with that girl

  • Yong Pineda
    Yong Pineda 3 months ago

    The cab driver was caught Mike, here's the link: ruclip.com/video/9RRfsKF0Pjs/video.html, his license was revoked and the car was impounded by the authorities.

  • Alterss Bot
    Alterss Bot 3 months ago +1

    Bah..even we get scammed by those taxi drivers especially if you're from da probinsya

  • Daryn Ducabo Francisco
    Daryn Ducabo Francisco 3 months ago

    Come back in the philippines 😊 eat some special Lomi in Batangas and Pancit Malabon in Malabon and in Silver Crown in Caloocan

  • Henri Hu
    Henri Hu 3 months ago

    A neighbor being bothered. 1 couple. 1 single . There is a mole in the French President’s.
    Maybe I should take neighbor

  • Henri Hu
    Henri Hu 3 months ago

    A neighbor being bothered. 1 couple. 1 single . There is a mole in the French President’s.
    Maybe I should take neighbor

  • Henri Hu
    Henri Hu 3 months ago

    A neighbor being bothered. 1 couple. 1 single . There is a mole in the French President’s.
    Maybe I should take neighbor

  • DragonPupEclipse
    DragonPupEclipse 3 months ago

    There are good people in the world, but unfortunately not that taxi driver.

  • GhostKusanagi
    GhostKusanagi 3 months ago

    You need to threaten to beat up the taxi driver, then they back out from scamming you.

  • form glazing
    form glazing 3 months ago

    its good that you reported it to the police...good luck to you..

  • j t
    j t 3 months ago

    This happened time in my own city Chicago. Tried to charge us $20 to go to lower level. He got the police and the officer told us to go inside and told the driver if he didn't want to get arrested to leave.

  • ChibiSilent16
    ChibiSilent16 3 months ago +1

    Next time take the terminal shuttle! That's been in operation for a few years now.

  • Tim Town
    Tim Town 3 months ago

    Thanks for the heads up on the cab thing....this almost happened to me in NYC...the cab driver sensed I was on business from outside of the city. I looked at him with a certain look said are you scamming me bro? Because you're not going to like what comes next. Bam, instant rate reduction.

  • Masaya Pyrok
    Masaya Pyrok 3 months ago


  • Noelle Abella
    Noelle Abella 3 months ago

    What's the name of your camera man? For project purposes only.

  • Evejai Jarabe
    Evejai Jarabe 3 months ago

    I'm a huge fan and I'm from the Philippines. I'm really sorry for what happened.

  • Charlton Williams
    Charlton Williams 4 months ago

    Mmmmmmmmm... Jasmina..

  • Sheryl Ramos
    Sheryl Ramos 4 months ago

    Thank you for visiting the Philippines 🇵🇭

  • Aisu Melef
    Aisu Melef 4 months ago

    i think there are now shuttles in between terminals. Not so sure as I am usually dropped off at the airport by family. You can check the departure and arrival terminals on your e-ticket or contact the airlines to find out. Most airlines are also assigned specific terminals globally, so, you can check out the country's city airport guide to avoid confusion. Next time, don't pay the taxi driver, just tell them you're not going to pay any more than necessary after you get your luggage. They can fume, but, they can't pursue the matter. Thankfully, those taxi scammers in the airport have been dealt with, thanks to a post by Haley Dasovich from her experience.

  • dash closet
    dash closet 4 months ago


    ✔justice served.

  • Chrisitan Rojas
    Chrisitan Rojas 4 months ago

    Fck em scammers

  • protreeclimber 30
    protreeclimber 30 4 months ago

    Happens all over the world!! The 🚕 driver ting

  • mg P
    mg P 4 months ago

    We are very sorry u experienced the taxi scammed and delayed flights..but we promise u that there are more kind people in the PHILIPPINES..And ur next visit we can promise u we are a lot more better bec we have a good President taking good care of country..build build build project for the PHILIPPINES

  • cb
    cb 4 months ago

    tah gee taiy

  • Yves Jan Atienza
    Yves Jan Atienza 4 months ago

    sorry man, not all are like that

  • mallows lover
    mallows lover 4 months ago

    that's why i prefer grabtaxi,..

    LA JI MO LA LA 4 months ago

    Even Filipinos are getting scammed by Taxi drivers. I've seen many posts about the same thing. The taxi was from the airport too. 😒 tsktsk

  • Neil Armstrong
    Neil Armstrong 5 months ago

    Sorry for that incident

  • Neil Armstrong
    Neil Armstrong 5 months ago

    Who ever that taxi driver im ashamed of him .

  • Red Hot Chili Pepper
    Red Hot Chili Pepper 5 months ago

    sorry you experienced that. it think it was a dollar taxi! you should have take a grab or uber

  • Sunny Kay
    Sunny Kay 5 months ago

    Always use Grab or Uber in Philippines. The taxi drivers especially in Manila are always looking to scam foreigners and locals too.

  • carableu
    carableu 5 months ago

    Wow, that gentleman from the fish market was so hospitable!

  • Metazio Gaming
    Metazio Gaming 5 months ago

    Yeah even locals gets scammed

  • yohanan Renz
    yohanan Renz 5 months ago

    1st you go in philippines dont trust Taxi driver in Airport.. ^^

  • era Zor
    era Zor 6 months ago

    Who's the girl? She's so pretty lol

  • Nestor Visto
    Nestor Visto 6 months ago

    This are syndicated Taxi Drivers, Dont ride a Taxi cab in Philippines, Handling Fare Tarriff, Legal Taxis are using legit meters with seal, And Try To Examined if the Drver has An I.D. Posted inside? If none, Dont Ride. There are 2 types of Taxi in The Ph. 1. Airport Taxi, A bet expensive but they can only pick passengers from Airport Terminals.
    2. City Taxi (Regular), Body must be labeled with plate number
    And Govt. Contact of LTFRB, and Legit Taxi Drivers are wearing Uniforms, with Big I.D. and operators information and contact numbers, And Also Posted on the back Seat.

  • Shaunn Chlouie Legaspi
    Shaunn Chlouie Legaspi 6 months ago

    Nakaka hiya talaga pilipinas pag dating sa ibang mga taxi drivers, mga garapal sa pera.

  • Crazy Pen
    Crazy Pen 6 months ago

    (2:57) that is not bulalo its kare-kare.
    the one with lettuce and broth is the bulalo (the second black cauldron you opened)

  • Woop Woop
    Woop Woop 6 months ago

    Sorry for the scam in the PH 🇵🇭 sir Mikey 😔
    But hope you enjoy the food and the view

  • Jassidhu 95
    Jassidhu 95 6 months ago

    Nakakahiya nmn ung driver..

  • drmseeker
    drmseeker 6 months ago

    Been there done that for a whole month& it was cold out

  • den castillo
    den castillo 6 months ago


  • dawniepooh526
    dawniepooh526 6 months ago

    Why aren't you describing any of the dishes you're eating?

    • realme rara
      realme rara 6 months ago

      Go to strictly dumpling. That is where the food is all about, from Mikey.

  • vinzran
    vinzran 6 months ago

    Sorry about that mikey. 😔

  • tatonghudas
    tatonghudas 6 months ago

    There’s a convenient shuttle that leads to a train station out of the airport and back that will cost you less than a dollar plus you’ll expirience filipino commuting life. Geez, I hope those taxi drivers get rekt... my apologies on behalf of the good taxi drivers in the phils.

  • kolaido star
    kolaido star 6 months ago

    mikey sorry for bad experience .. hope u will visit our counrty again..

  • Michaella Morales
    Michaella Morales 6 months ago

    Hey mike.. Would suggest to download this app called "Grab" whenever youre here in manila... More like uber here in the philippines . good fare rate.

  • miggy ignacio
    miggy ignacio 7 months ago

    Sorry about the taxi it is common in Philippines

  • Roblox Studio
    Roblox Studio 7 months ago

    So true,they scam

  • Yllas Rodavlas
    Yllas Rodavlas 7 months ago

    I'm glad you finally went here, I just wish that I get the chance to meet you in person. And also I'm very sorry with taxi driver experience, but please don't hesitate to come back. I'm obviously a fan 😘

  • Ambulatory Gait
    Ambulatory Gait 7 months ago

    We are even scammed that we are locals, sorry for the stupid people..

  • toxman99
    toxman99 7 months ago

    I'm glad he was not cynical enough to just let it go. A lot of people don't bother reporting thinking what's done is done or nothing will come of it.

  • jrizzy andrie dumlao
    jrizzy andrie dumlao 7 months ago

    Sorry for the experience but he’s not the only one there is some taxi drivers who scam people

  • Tonny Angkawan
    Tonny Angkawan 7 months ago

    At least the taxy driver got famous and Mikey got experience being scammed lol

  • Mike Rotch
    Mike Rotch 7 months ago

    Mike, next time you go to the Philippines, you need to use the GRAB app. It's their version of Uber.

  • Aaron Oliva
    Aaron Oliva 7 months ago

    taking cold showers feels great especially in a beautiful heat filled country such at the Philippines

  • Ralph Furley
    Ralph Furley 7 months ago

    It’s very unfortunate that you had terrible incident in the Philippines!!! I hope you enjoyed the rest of your stay!
    I just hate Manila!!! It’s so busy and polluted!!! I prefer to stay in the provinces like Bohol!!!
    Just curious, who is the beautiful brunette lady that is accompanying you? ☮️🖖🏽

  • Taxi
    Taxi 8 months ago

    I would say taxi scam happens pretty much everywhere. Especially if you are traveling cities that does not many metro lines, you should prepare to deal with taxi scam. I experienced taxi scam a lot. And I am learning from my experiences.

  • Miss AE
    Miss AE 8 months ago

    Mikey the bastard driver got arrested www.google.com.ph/amp/www.gmanetwork.com/news/news/metro/648231/taxi-driver-caught-scamming-taiwanese-blogger-arrested/story%3famp

  • Junix Retiza
    Junix Retiza 8 months ago

    sorry for what the driver did sir,he will be arrsted i no time for sure.

  • chay sarmiento
    chay sarmiento 8 months ago

    You should have gotten the taxi's plate number.

  • pearlintheoyster
    pearlintheoyster 8 months ago

    Shuttle busses?? Grab (their uber) is excellent
    Terrible those scammers. Terrible

  • Ksdks Pdn
    Ksdks Pdn 8 months ago

    Im sorry that you have to experience that taxi incident, when you come back here in PH, make sure the taxi fare is metered, if they charge you additional fare, get the plate number/drivers name, dont pay him and report it to the police :)