Crazy Rich Asians - Movie Review

  • Published on Aug 17, 2018
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    Chris Stuckmann reviews Crazy Rich Asians, starring Constance Wu, Gemma Chan, Awkwafina, Ken Jeong, Michelle Yeoh, Henry Golding, Sonoya Mizuno, Chris Pang, Jimmy O. Yang, Ronny Chieng. Directed by John M. Chu.
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  • Cameron Sarmiento
    Cameron Sarmiento 14 days ago

    Hated it

  • Ashutosh Pathy
    Ashutosh Pathy 15 days ago

    Boring movie

  • Shauntee Thomason
    Shauntee Thomason 21 day ago

    I frikin love this movie! Can't wait to see more. It didn't have a boring min😀

  • Sketchy Fella
    Sketchy Fella Month ago

    I just watched this... I gotta say, it was not good. It was really generic, predictable, standard garbage. The great reviews it's getting seem gimmicky. It was a standard rich person poor person family wedding blah blah whatever.

    WOLFQUEEN Month ago

    I feel like korean actors are wayyyyy better than them. Lol I rather stick to watching korean dramas.

    WOLFQUEEN Month ago

    I would give the movie 5/10 one because it felt like it was lacking both in romance and comedy. I didn’t feel like the two leads had chemistry together, they just don’t feel like an actual couple. Overall it was lacking in feeling. The only part that still had me watching the film was the scenes with Astrid, it was the only thing that had me complete interested in the relationship between her and her husband. Nick’s mom and her story was a nice touch to the movie but the main female lead and the guy just did not do it for me. I don’t know if it’s because they are probably inexperienced actors or something like that but their “undying love” for one another was not convincing. Now Peik was a nice touch to the movie just to add comic relief but still a little lacking in character. Overall the movie had some weird pauses and scenes that just didn’t fit well. Therefore it deserved a 5/10

      WOLFQUEEN Month ago

      To sum it up for you, it felt like a Netflix movie that you’ll find scrolling all the way to the bottom.

  • fairy dust
    fairy dust Month ago

    I see no other race in this movie only Asians how racist is that? No whites no blacks none at all we al know asians are racist towards other cultures

  • ExMachina70
    ExMachina70 2 months ago

    15 minutes into the movie they had to play the racist white guy card. Nice.....

  • Choose_love_
    Choose_love_ 2 months ago

    I absolutely loved this movie and besides the cultural political point it was one of the best romantic comedies I have seen I really loved it

  • Dano1947
    Dano1947 2 months ago

    Over all I liked it.

  • Dano1947
    Dano1947 2 months ago

    Not use to seeing Michelle Yeoh playing a bitch. I would have thought the character would have melted a bit more and grandma was a shocker,.seemed so nice but turned out to be a real biggot.

  • FuNWithAChemicaLBomb
    FuNWithAChemicaLBomb 2 months ago

    I’m surprised Chris didn’t say something along the lines of “I grew up watching Asian films, I’m a big fan of Asians,” to somehow convey some form of credibility towards this review.

  • Erick Tavares
    Erick Tavares 3 months ago

    Bad movie

  • Dynamite TNT
    Dynamite TNT 3 months ago

    Real Crazy Rich Asians review:
    - Crazy Rich Asians was directed by Akira Kurosawa
    - I grew up with Crazy Rich Asian friends
    *cue picture of Chris's Asian friends*
    - So Im gonna give this movie an A+
    (Cue Christian background choir)

  • Fei Xia
    Fei Xia 3 months ago

    Honestly, appreciate the effort,but this movie is as banana as it can get

  • Awesameer
    Awesameer 3 months ago

    Damn. Wish he said something like "I grew up with Asians"

  • Milie
    Milie 3 months ago +1

    I thought it was boring and generic af. I didn’t care for the main love story because the movie didn’t really give me a reason to. The main girl is literally every main character girl in YA and Romantic Comedies ever - quirky and “not like other girls”. The girl who was getting married (don’t remember her name) was crazy annoying! The first proposal was kind of ridiculous and the fact that she convinced the mother so easily with a short Gabe was just.... why? The whole weight of the mother’s approval felt like it could’ve been solved from the beginning is Rachel had just tried a bit harder to actually talk to her rather than hiding behind her boyfriend or trying to fight back by wearing a pretty dress like a teen going to prom in a Disney channel movie.... oh, and I laughed out loud several times at the dialog for being so incredibly cringe and unnatural. My impression of these actors is that only the funny bff was actually good, but then I guess that’s like judging Natalie Portman on only Star Wars.
    In short: the movie was fucking beautiful and I loved the concept, everything else was boring af.

  • Rhino Thunder
    Rhino Thunder 3 months ago

    I went into this movie with the mindset that I wasn't going to like it at all and that it was going to be boring and I wasn't going to enjoy it because of the all Asian cast. I don't have any prejudice against Asians but I just did not feel like this would be a movie for me. so when I decided to watch this movie I was in the mindset that I wasn't going to enjoy it and it was going to be boring and I was just going to have to force myself to chug along through the movie. To my surprise, I actually liked this movie a lot more than I ever would have expected. I skipped the theatrical release of the movie. I was under the impression that all the hype was for the all Asian cast and nothing else. I was expecting a pretty generic and chiche romantic comedy. There are a few chiche moments throughout the movie but over all it was pretty good. I wouldn't say I was expecting to hate this movie but I definitely wasn't expecting to like the movie. I was expecting to have my suspicions confirmed about all the hype being focused on the all Asian cast with a not so good story and not so good acting. The story and the acting was really good and surprised the hell out of me. All of that being said, this movie is one of the biggest examples of lifestyle porn that I have ever seen. this movie also looks like it was one of the most expensive movies ever made. The title of the book that this is based on and the title of the movie, Crazy Rich Asians, does not do any justice for our rich these characters are supposed to be. these were the kind of people that had so much money that even after they invested in all of these charity groups and invested in all of these other companies that they just have to keep spending the money because there's nothing else they could do with it. in the movie They said that the wedding cost 40 million dollars. That's fucking insane. at the same time they are also the type of people that will look down upon the Working Class People. these are the type of people that walk around with the assumption that they are better than you because they are rich and you are not. In the end I was completely surprised by this movie because I was not expecting to enjoy it at all. Hey this was really interesting because this was not the first time that a movie completely subverted my expectations. I also watched the movie “A Star Is Born” and I was completely disappointed. I went into the movie expecting to love it and I was completely let down and disappointed because I did not like that movie at all. This is why I think this sort of incident is interesting because I had the exact opposite expectations of going into the movie “Crazy Rich Asians”and expecting to not like it at all and instead I came out of it actually really enjoying the movie. So I actually saw two movies in 2018 that were completely and 100% the exact opposite of what I was expecting before I watched them. One of them I expected to hate but I ended up liking him a lot and the other one I expected to love but then came out of it very disappointe so I actually saw two movies in 2018 that were completely and 100% the exact opposite of what I was expecting before I watched them. “A Star Is Born” I expected to just completely love this movie but I was completely disappointed and I hated the movie. “Crazy Rich Asian” I want to know this movie expected to be let down with an understanding that there was only a hype over the cast because it was all Asian only to find out that it actually did have a really good story really good cinematography and really good acting and I highly enjoyed the movie which I was not expecting. I would consider it even better than going into a movie knowing that I’m going to enjoy it like “Avengers Infinity War” which was a movie I was hyped for and I knew I was going to enjoy and love that movie and it was everything I expected and more. I just think that the movie “Crazy Rich Asians” stand a little higher than that because it was a movie that I had very low expectations for before going into it and I was completely shocked and I really enjoyed the movie when I walked away from it. I would definitely recommend this movie. What are the standards in this movie for me was the actors Akwafina. I did not expect to like her this much in this movie. I saw the movie “Oceans Eight” earlier this year and I really did I not like Akwafina at all in that movie. In the movie “Crazy Rich Asians” I actually really enjoyed Akwafina quite a bit in this movie. All that being said this movie is on a lot of problems with it. First, the movie makes it seem like these billionaires are the only people that inhabit the entire country of Singapore. Another problem is that none of the characters have any growth or development throughout the movie. I also think that Ken John was not in the movie enough to be more than just considered a cameo in the movie just I also think that Ken John was not in the movie enough to be anything more than a glorified cameo and nothing else. Everyone is completely unsympathetic and completely disapproving of Rachel and they don’t even know her but they’re so quick to judge her at first sight upon meeting her for the very first time. I don’t like the fact that the father keeps getting mentioned but never ever shows up. Not even at the end where Nick and Rachel are getting married so you would assume that It must be some time lapse in between the time that Nick proposed and they planned at the wedding and actually had the wedding and even then the father never showed up. Yeah the mother Eleanor disapproves of Rachel because she grew up with a single mother in an under class lifestyle. I thought it was weird that Nick was bringing home a college professor as his girlfriend and yet just about everybody except for the gay guy disapproved of Rachel for no fucking reason whatsoever. I also have to point out that almost all of these characters seem ungrateful for what they have. There is also this weird side story about a woman whose husband was having an affair cheating on her and at the end of the movie they do decide to separate and get a divorce but is just like we’re rich so I’m just gonna go live in one of my other seven giant fancy hotels. That was a bit of a weird B storyline that didn’t need to be in the movie. I also wanna say that I did not understand the wedding at all. I don’t understand what they were going forward all of that tall grass and the center aisle filling up with water. That’s Chyna going beyond glamorous and fancy and falling into the worst so rich that we go to this level above and beyond fancy and glamorous which is almost laughable the ridiculous. My first thought when I saw the aisle filling up with water was that it was going to ruin the bride’s dress and her shoes. They have a 25-year-old white guy and some of the stuff seemed needlessly overdone. They’re thrown out read Dick you list figures three different parts of the movie about how much things cost. At the beginning of the wedding they’re talking about how they were only supposed to spend $20 million on the ceremony but instead they ended up spending why are you over $40 million on the entire wedding. How do you have a budget of $20 million and still end up spending $40 million instead all without even worrying that you went more than double your budget on the wedding. There was also a lot of incredibly expensive jewelry that was shown off throughout the movie. Every time there was a multi million dollar piece of jewelry shown in the movie my only thought was that I could get a replica that works exactly the same for about 50 dollars end it would look exactly the same. Then there was that part of the movie where are you start thinking about the lifestyle and the amount of money that’s being thrown around in the movie and I almost came out of it depressed. They were throwing around so much money in the movie end buying so much expensive stuff and I’m just thinking to myself the entire time what I would do if I had that kind of money available to me. There’s also a character that is basically a toned down version of Mr. chow in the movie. I really enjoyed the movie but when I go back and analyze it there are definitely a lot of mistakes with the movie.

  • Theazy Hunnit
    Theazy Hunnit 3 months ago

    So he laughed because of the food, architect, and culture ? Wtf lol @ 1:55
    Asians things are sooo funny to the white man (in Asian accent voice)

  • marco avila
    marco avila 3 months ago

    Part 2 crazy rich mexicans , part 3 crazy rich Africans. Part 4 crazy rich white Americans

  • Bruce T
    Bruce T 4 months ago

    ok, it still suck whoever act it.

  • William Perry
    William Perry 4 months ago

    Dumb movie.

  • Joey Bones
    Joey Bones 4 months ago

    I was appalled at how average this movie was. I really hopeful it was bringing something new to the genre given all the great reviews but no literally the only thing “new” is that everyone’s Asian what a joke

  • Yash Mathur
    Yash Mathur 4 months ago

    Searching 👏 is 👏a 👏better👏 movie👏 with👏 an👏 Asian👏 cast

  • The brotherhood of the wolf

    Is this reality across the board? Honestly I would not see this movie because I Can't relate with "crazy rich asians", just like they can't relate to anything outside of their world/Bubble. C- 😕

  • Elso
    Elso 4 months ago

    Am I the only person who thought that Constance Wu’s friend with the quirky hair and drives the Audi R8 was played by the same girl that played London Tipton on the suite life of zack and Cody?

  • Hogboy
    Hogboy 5 months ago +2

    I'm pissed people gave this movie such good reviews, I wasted $5.99 on this. Painfully mediocre, basic, unfunny and predictable. Can we go back to being HONEST with movie reviews please? Don't even get me started on Black Panther

  • Stoyan Memtsov
    Stoyan Memtsov 5 months ago +1

    One question: would you have liked the movie as much if it wasn't an all Asian cast?

  • Nice2347
    Nice2347 5 months ago

    This movie was terrible. What was there to gain from it? What was the message? She breaks up with him because the mom doesn't agree with the relationship. He even says he chooses her. Then she gets on the plane, he says he still chooses her. The end. Really?

  • Wacha Al Pharoh
    Wacha Al Pharoh 5 months ago

    Watched Crazy Rich Asians, & despite the fun moments and sweet set pieces, I was a bit disappointed at the cookie cutter plot, especially since ppl seem to absolutely adore this film. Then again it was my own fault as I began to expect more from this film as it went on, there was a point where I thought that Nick's dad was Rachel's mom's lover & they'd find out they were siblings & that's why his Gran liked her nose so much(since it reminded her of her boy). But nah, it was just happily ever after genericness, which again is fiiiine, but not worth the amount of hype imo. (This is coming from a half Chinese person, not that that should matter)

  • Troodon
    Troodon 5 months ago

    I'm not going to buy a ticket just to fund some cause, but if it looks good, I'll see it. This just... doesn't. It looks like every romantic comedy ever made, but in Singapore. Pass. If this was exactly this same kind of movie but with a white cast nobody would be praising it at all (or least far less people would be). You want to think I'm a racist for saying so, feel free, but I stand by that. I liked Black Panther because it was a legitimately good movie, not because of minority representation in the cast. Movies should be judged on their own merits, not on how diverse the cast is.

  • Elijah Cook
    Elijah Cook 5 months ago

    As just some normal white guy, the movie was great!

  • Marat Bakiev
    Marat Bakiev 5 months ago

    I completely disagree with Chris on this one, I think this movie was so cringy. Everything felt fake, the reactions were not genuine, there was no chemistry between the lead characters either which i think is vital in a romantic comedy. I give this movie a D

    • Jack James
      Jack James 5 months ago

      Most people disagree with you. Fuck off

  • Diane Kim
    Diane Kim 5 months ago

    I personally love the film. Being an American myself, it’s so darn refreshing to see a film that doesn’t contain that raunchiness that American films are so good at. We’re so conditioned to see and hear ghetto on the screen and in music because we’re exposed to it everyday in our lives. So when a film like this comes along, I embrace it because it makes me believe that decency still exists - even if it’s in Rachel and Nick’s world...

  • Zrayel
    Zrayel 5 months ago +1

    I'm surprised Chris hasn't said anything about the novels which this movie is based on.

  • H S
    H S 6 months ago

    Thought this was going to be a review, not a political push. Says the movie is meh, but go throw money their way just because they're Asian. Come on man, how can anyone trust the reviews. There are plenty of Asian films that are amazing, but to push this movie just because of some agenda is BS.

  • Juwar1974
    Juwar1974 6 months ago

    WTF?? Did this guy see what I saw? Man, this movie was boring as fuck. And it wasn't all that funny. I didn't laugh once. When I was in the theater, the audience laughed exactly one time. My wife was bored as well. We expected the mother to be a lot more vicious or shady, but she wasn't. I guess Asians are not that great at throwing shade. My critique is strictly of the movie. Now, the book was actually good. I read it after the movie because as an English major, I know how much Hollywood can butcher a book. I tell people to keep their movie money. I too saw this film with a lot of Asians and their response before watching was quite different than after. Lastly, I don't understand why Asians are happy Hollywood had an all-Asian film. Hong Kong cranks out all-Asian films all the time. Why does something have to come out of Hollywood for a group to feel validated? FOH. That's a fuckin' racial inferiority complex. Ridiculous.

  • DarthHater100
    DarthHater100 6 months ago

    I cannot believe all of the hate and racism in the comments section. Just ONE movie and people are up in arms that the cast isn't all white. Just ONE movie that doesn't support the white supremacist agenda, and if you support it, racists go crazy. If you don't support this all Asian cast, you hate diversity and are therefore a fascist who deserves to be shot for your views. I cannot believe what is happening to America. It's being taken over by Nazis.

  • Phil
    Phil 6 months ago

    I should've known you were an NPC

    • Liam Patrick
      Liam Patrick 24 days ago

      Does that mean what I think it does?

  • Onion Boy
    Onion Boy 6 months ago

    the movie is freaking many kissing scene just for kissing without any purposes....
    Asian doesn't simply hug and kiss when meet at first time...
    watch for 30mins and can't continue so checking for review how other say about the movie....

  • Father AxeKeeper
    Father AxeKeeper 6 months ago +1

    Crazy Rich Asians was an average movie at best. The reason it did so well is because all these non-Asian film critics and movie goers want to pat themselves on the back for supporting an all Asian Hollywood movie cast. But why do Hollywood movies have to be the standard? The market in Hong Kong or Bollywood are absolutely massive and they make tons of all Asian cast films which do extremely well. Why are we discrediting those film studios and acting like Crazy Rich Asians is the first ever all Asian cast film?

  • Adamsmoviechannel Movie reviewer

    Omg change your opening clip

    URCHIN SAM 6 months ago

    i am hong kong asian, and this movie does not represent me

  • steve dareson
    steve dareson 6 months ago

    Asians got B??you are a bad joke dude..asians are all A's
    . And that movie is legitimately amazing. Oh i see , you probably give fifty shits an A ryt?

  • Stewie Griffin
    Stewie Griffin 6 months ago

    Crazy Rich Asians: A film without Adam Sandler or Drew Barrymore , thank god 🙏

  • Abinchex Intel
    Abinchex Intel 6 months ago

    btw, asian not chinesse, we got viet,myanmar,thai,malays..we are not rich. that my punchline

  • Abinchex Intel
    Abinchex Intel 6 months ago

    billionaire status potrayed totally wrong in this movie

  • Jetsumo70
    Jetsumo70 6 months ago

    "this is something monumental" he says in reference to the all asian cast. what a load of nonsense there's nothing monumental about an all asian cast because there's nothing stopping asians from being in movies. why is it monumental? is it monumental if the cast is all white?

  • Jordan Harrington
    Jordan Harrington 6 months ago

    This is bad but I too often couldn't distinguish the younger ladies apart....

  • Mad Cat Sphere
    Mad Cat Sphere 6 months ago

    I'm not going to see this movie. Looks cliche and easy to predict. Looks stupid. Just because it has Asian's in it doesn't make it anything special... It's supposed to be special...?

  • Tim Treakle
    Tim Treakle 6 months ago

    this movie blew me away.the characters, cinematography and score were great.the actors I've never seen most of them in any other films but after this one I can't wait to see what they do next.I love romantic dramedys and this by far is up high on my list. I can't wait to watch it again so with that I gave it A-.

  • musique1o1
    musique1o1 6 months ago

    Aquafina is the highlight of the movie. I know I didn't spell that right. Love the vibrant colors and how they show Singapore. To me it makes sense to have an all Asian cast, but did not make me like the movie more or less. It's a good popcorn flick. B- for me. It's a good romcom.

  • Silent Dawn
    Silent Dawn 6 months ago

    Heh. Says the guy that was totally cool with the Ghost in the Shell whitewashing.

  • NinjaWalrus
    NinjaWalrus 6 months ago +1

    There are like three characters in this movie that aren’t annoying. Main character, main guy, perfect girl (that’s kinda just her character). That’s it. And the comedy... never lands? To me at least? Idk it definitely isn’t a funny movie. And I found a lot of the performances were good, however the dialogue didn’t feel natural. I feel as if maybe this movie is getting more credit than it deserves but that might just be me

    • NinjaWalrus
      NinjaWalrus 6 months ago

      Oh and I realize I’m incredibly late to say anything about it but whatever

  • Anti-SJW
    Anti-SJW 6 months ago +1

    I hate how they culturally appropriated Material Girl..You hate it when whites use another culture's music or styles but it is okay when THEY do it to THEIR stuff? Double standard racist bullshit.

  • Eddie Reis
    Eddie Reis 6 months ago

    Wish I could have a beer with u Chris...your cool af

  • Mlucious67
    Mlucious67 6 months ago

    I enjoyed the movie but to be honest. I felt like I was watching white people in Asian bodies. The mannerisms, speech just didn't seem like a real Asian film to me. So now let's wait for the hate replies

  • haris rhythmzeez
    haris rhythmzeez 7 months ago

    What else do you want in rom com movie chris? This is a perfect romantic comedy movie with a great plot. This ain’t blade runner 2049 where its half the time shot in CGI and Ryan Gosling looking depressed. You gave that movie an A plus. You don’t understand south east asian culture. That’s why you’re not entertain in the beginning of the movie, you didn’t even give it an A. Haha maybe I don’t understand the boring cinematics of blade runner. Hahahaha we all have diff opinions at the end of the day right

  • Mario Lanzas
    Mario Lanzas 7 months ago

    it´s just a long Singapur turism reclaim in the form of the typical romantic comedy- the same story of always. featuring the same cliches and archetypical characters of always: the mother that does´t like the son´s girlfriend, the supportive sister, the comical friend of the girl, the grandma that likes the the girlfriend..I rolled my eyes so hard with this movie

  • Warrior Gill
    Warrior Gill 7 months ago

    Are you fucking kidding me ?? This movie is entertaining?? Just watched it today and what the hell was it all about? Stupid, dumb with no plot or reason to watch it. Not a single laugh in 1 hr of the movie I could watch and then I just gave up because of boredom!!!

    • Liam Patrick
      Liam Patrick 24 days ago

      It was entertaining alright, but it was far from being a masterpiece.

  • Azam GOLAM
    Azam GOLAM 7 months ago

    Rip brown asians

  • Jay J
    Jay J 7 months ago

    This movie isn't original and I don't see why it's praiseworthy. The lead male character isn't even 100% Asian. All the other Asian males in this movie were portrayed negatively. It's just another movie made by racist Hollywood against Asian men. Just because it's an all Asian cast, it shouldn't be celebrated. A movie should be celebrated because it's good. Was Jaws a great movie because it had an all white cast? No, it was a great movie because it was a great move and the story was original at the time. If rom com is a genre you like and want to see an all Asian cast, watch 2001's My Sassy Girl. Don't bother with the various remakes as they pale in comparison.

  • india atkin
    india atkin 7 months ago +1

    white people in this film are waiters and bikini models that get money thrown at them. no lines
    there are a total of 2 brown people, both wearing turbans and are the butt of jokes about savagery. no lines
    there are no black people. just none.

  • 6ix God
    6ix God 7 months ago

    this movie was amazing, loved it. beautiful shots kept me pulled in

  • Alex Spadge
    Alex Spadge 7 months ago

    I won't go see it. It's just a gimmick to appeal to the Asia market.

  • dhdy1213
    dhdy1213 7 months ago

    this movie sucked... this is so generic Cinderella story covered by political correctness.
    There are so many series' similar to this in literally all over the world.

  • David Butt
    David Butt 7 months ago

    I can't imagine why most movies in America are white people... A country that is primarily white... Yeah, makes no sense.
    No one is mad that Chinese movies are entirely Chinese. No one is mad that Japanese movies are entirely Japanese.
    I really don't believe your review. It seems like you're giving it a pass because it's an all Asian movie.

  • Ii T
    Ii T 7 months ago

    The movie was a copy of the proposal

  • Filam Kelub
    Filam Kelub 7 months ago

    Review billionaire boys club. It's surprisingly good

  • Kip Paseo
    Kip Paseo 8 months ago

    Go see it to show Hollywood we appreciate a cast full of Asians? LOL social justice Warriors Unite!
    You know I was just thinking the other day how the genius is in Hollywood aren't politically correct enough

  • Sanjoy Kumar Mitra
    Sanjoy Kumar Mitra 8 months ago +1

    This movie should be rename as CRAZY RICH EASTERN ASIAN

  • J B
    J B 8 months ago

    This movie reminded me of fifty shades: first 90% cheezy drama and stuff, last 10% a mediocre climax
    Plenty of stuff that got set up in the first 90% are just glossed over by the expectable boring climax
    It's very forgettable as a movie, nothing interesting about it except that average comedy and wedding scene, that's it

  • RIchard Shin
    RIchard Shin 8 months ago

    it's being positive about Asian images unlike Jackie Chan or Jet Lee, two stupid Chinese who screwed and built up typical crown-like Asian images. btw life in Singapore is not like the scenes you can see in the movie.....and this Guy Chris Stuckmann has no idea how rich Asians are.... it would be completely plain and tasteless if actor/tresses are whites.

  • kenneth83DK
    kenneth83DK 8 months ago

    So is the movie any good?
    No its pretty predictable and a run of the mill rom com.
    So it's a pass then?
    No its an all Asian cast production so you should go and support it by watching it.
    But you just said it's a standard Rom com, but because it's all Asians I should look past the shitty story and predictable race baiting so we can get better all Asian cast movies?!?!
    How about we just wait for an all Asian flick that's actually good and original and then throw our money after it, that was we only get the good all Asian productions.

  • mkterrhaun
    mkterrhaun 8 months ago

    Why did I NOT know about this movie?! I have to see this.

    TIFFANY PERSAUD 8 months ago

    Just saw it. Did not regret it. Granted I don’t watch movies with such a title, but an Asian friend actually said she likes it so there I was.
    Agreed, it took a while to get to the driving home points - but they were rather satisfying when brought home.

  • Javs Alvarez
    Javs Alvarez 8 months ago +1

    your a sellout

  • yung tuna
    yung tuna 8 months ago +1

    it's just a rom com with all asian cast. mediocre at best

  • Ilia Harkins
    Ilia Harkins 8 months ago

    All Asian cast, about damn time! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • GrungyAssCinema
    GrungyAssCinema 8 months ago

    So in other words - it’s overrated

  • Cosmic Goddess
    Cosmic Goddess 8 months ago

    I hope you will be doing A Star Is Born!!

  • Derek Lamb
    Derek Lamb 8 months ago

    Buy my movie ticket?I get in for free all the time since I know someone who works there...Also,why are you dressed as a teenager?

  • Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica.

    I’m a Taiwanese, and I really enjoyed this movie as it shows so much of each Asian cultures. There are ppl speaking in Singlish, there is Cantonese, and most surprising of all, Taiwanese (that legit blew my mind I had to look over to my friend to make sure I wasn’t hearing the wrong thing). And that last wedding part was amazing... I slightly teared up at that moment, as well as the final scene, on top of that Singaporean Hotel. It’s amazing, it’s uplifting, and it’s funny. The comedy was surprisingly not forced, it is so hilarious. I want to watch it again.

  • Garr
    Garr 8 months ago

    I'll have to categorically disagree with you Chris. We shouldn't simply throw our money towards a literal "B movie", as you describe it, in hopes that Asian people will be better represented in film. You even say during this review that it is "kind of enjoyable" and "had some boring moments". I feel by encouraging people to see this movie, just to increase the production of Asian centric films, is disingenuous to their culture. They are real people, not metrics by which to increase box office turn out. Good films should be judged for their merit, and not the race of the cast, or the political implications therein.

  • Potatojerk
    Potatojerk 8 months ago

    Great review enjoyed your perspective, check out our review of the film if you get a chance :)

  • Ania Lian
    Ania Lian 8 months ago

    Refreshing to focus on people who actually have a lighter spirit and work and want to be part of a great world.

  • Kam Bennett
    Kam Bennett 8 months ago +1

    Man, this remake of Mulan looks really weird...

  • dulce golamco
    dulce golamco 8 months ago

    Very good review. I especially liked your observation about Asian Americans in movie theaters "feeling happy and included" and the film marks as a stepping stone for greater opportunities for Asians in Hollywood film.

  • Lamiyah Ahmad
    Lamiyah Ahmad 8 months ago +1

    I just unsubscribed from his channel because I always thought he gives honest reviews but this just look like part of Hollywood imposing review. really disappointed in Chris today

  • Oscar
    Oscar 8 months ago +1

    Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon review? Please?!

  • David Dacus
    David Dacus 8 months ago

    looked cliche

  • John Doe
    John Doe 8 months ago

    the lack of Triad connections is just unrealistic. Super rich families have those guys to take care of "stuff"

  • Aquila_Sieg
    Aquila_Sieg 8 months ago

    Yellow Panther & Crazy Rich Wakandans

  • Mn B
    Mn B 8 months ago

    Is anyone else a bit sick of everything being about wealth/money and materialism? Its getting old. This is basically a walking/Talking cliche of wanting basically to dream about being like British aristocracy. Surely they can create a good movie representing Asia rather than this shallow dream.

  • Fengfeng Lin
    Fengfeng Lin 8 months ago

    what you mean by ' feeling included" aren't Asian American always be included or excluded ?

  • rkem1000
    rkem1000 8 months ago

    I hate the title so much!

  • Henry Zhang
    Henry Zhang 8 months ago

    awesome nintendo consoles at the back.

  • 077 Di
    077 Di 8 months ago

    This film is so boring and even irritating to watch, it's more for americans audience that doesn't watch a lot of foreigners movies. over a decade the asian films industry is way over a head with their movies than hollywood

  • Wai Hong Lai
    Wai Hong Lai 9 months ago

    I hate the movie and it’s no where near as interesting compared to the other films I’ve watched. Like we haven’t got to know Michelle Yeoh’s husband.
    Look this maybe an unpopular opinion but take my perspective and feel how much a disappointment this film has to offer.

  • Skewy
    Skewy 9 months ago

    My teacher said he cried during this movie, I thought it was a comedy??