Full Face of Brands That DON’T Hate Me... Yet

  • Published on May 25, 2019
  • HEY EVERYONE... Welcome BACK to my channel! Today I'm doing a full face of FREE makeup I've gotten in the mail over the last month! Makeup is my favorite thing on the planet and I haven't just sat down and played with new products in a few months! I MAY have been taken off of several PR lists but so many brands show a lot of love. Everything in today's video was sent to me but obviously my opinion is 100% MINE and brutally honest. I try everything from Tom Ford's new concealer, to the NYX x Aquaria eyeshadow palette, to Beauty Bakerie, Glow Recipe, Stila... What's a FLOP and what's Jeffree Star Approved? Watch and find out.
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  • Just siheem
    Just siheem 10 hours ago

    I'm literally thinking about ending my life

  • Ilona Janser
    Ilona Janser 10 hours ago

    25:15 the Lamer lip gloss bottle looks like a fancy screw driver

  • Rat Toes
    Rat Toes 2 days ago

    I hate myself for saying this but why does he continue to remind me of one punch man

  • MacDoesIt
    MacDoesIt 2 days ago +2

    everybody gangsta, until jeffree starts suing

  • Besties 4life
    Besties 4life 2 days ago

    My birthday is May 31

  • Melody Acosta
    Melody Acosta 2 days ago

    Jeffree i would love to try some of your products. They look so amazing. I'll start my own business next year and youtube channel as well

  • Tracey Doyle
    Tracey Doyle 3 days ago

    I’m not worried about what others think but fuck my anxiety/agoraphobia. It keeps me stuck between the walls of my house. I’m no longer that vibrant person I once was. I know we all go through shit but fuck this has been going for 27 years. Since I was a little teenager. Thank u for bringing it up luv. Life can be fun but life can be a lot of hard work, for me just getting through the day is a challenge. 😘

  • merrewyn
    merrewyn 3 days ago +1

    Dude it’s October and they’re still sold out of that blush.

  • vhope trash
    vhope trash 3 days ago +2

    28:35 omfg ahhahah "oh excuse me I was just eating like some cheese balls"

  • Lima Bean
    Lima Bean 4 days ago

    I feel like the third glitter spray Jeffree used, it seemed like he had to use a lot of product just to get that glow and sparkle

  • Cara Cox
    Cara Cox 4 days ago

    That Tom Ford mascara looks wonderful

  • hai dai
    hai dai 4 days ago

    *When I get my makeup brand up and running, Jeffree are you gonna review it? :D!!!!!!*

  • Bonnie Jane
    Bonnie Jane 5 days ago +5

    Yo I’m here checkin post dates to see where Shane’s pallet was at when you filmed.

  • Lach
    Lach 6 days ago

    So gay

  • Sydney Whitfield
    Sydney Whitfield 7 days ago +2

    6:27 tbh after listening to what he said it really helped me

  • AlexisGachas123
    AlexisGachas123 7 days ago

    Jeffree needs to make a Halloween palette called blood orange!

  • SpoonfulofSuga
    SpoonfulofSuga 7 days ago

    One of my friends bought the glow recipe sleeping mask yesterday, and we used it last night. Literally came on to just quickly back track and see if it was Jeffree star approved before I bought it myself

  • HotEmoToaster
    HotEmoToaster 7 days ago +1

    *I need a tharapist Jeffree Star compilation*

  • Paulina
    Paulina 8 days ago

    FoR a LiPGl00S?!?!?!?!

  • Samantha's Cam
    Samantha's Cam 8 days ago

    Just me or is this whole video out of focus??? Maybe just my iphone :////

  • viburnum opulus
    viburnum opulus 8 days ago


  • Lisa Marie
    Lisa Marie 8 days ago

    Hes so cute how excited he gets about makeup 😍

  • Palerina White
    Palerina White 10 days ago +2

    This would be funny if he used only his products

  • Laura Holbert
    Laura Holbert 10 days ago

    Omg so beautiful!!! That yellow shadow on the lower lashline paired with that shade of blue on your lids is absolutely stunning!!!!!! And I'm with you on make-up being your peaceful, calming happy place. I love makeup and how it makes me feel when applying it and creating a beautiful piece of artwork!!!! I always tell ppl I'm so not artistic! Truth is when it comes to make-up, I'm very talented! I can see a vision with each look and always try my best to achieve it. Makeup is my passion!!!! Thank you Jeffree, for inspiring this 51 yr old teenager, lol. You are an amazing and incredible human being. Lots of love to you💜💜💜💜💜

  • Kelly Jones
    Kelly Jones 12 days ago

    Okt 2019 Im binge watching now Again. Miss you and your video's !!!

  • madison knees
    madison knees 12 days ago

    youtuber: gets into a scandal
    youtuber: 4:36

  • Jael Emilia Aviles
    Jael Emilia Aviles 12 days ago

    My little brother and my mum like your Yt chanlge
    and this is my first time watching you hi my name is ATAAHUA.KENNY and my little brother his name is
    Artian.kenny and my mum's name is jael.Avile She is
    Watching you right now and so am I. And by the way you
    Are so! Good . Question are you famous. And by the way nice to meet you makeup artist 🎉🎊👋👍😊😃

  • Alayna Peterson
    Alayna Peterson 12 days ago +23

    Jeffree: imma just do one dip
    Also Jeffree: *dips sponge like five times*

  • Sanne G
    Sanne G 13 days ago

    Omg Jeffree.
    I just came back from the doctor today. He says I have a depression and hearing you say what you just did. It's like you knew.
    I have to remember me, I'm always the strong one, but now I'm broken, because I've always put others higher than myself.
    I don't know what to say, but you just made me cry like a little bitch.
    The only thing keeping me from jumping off a brigde right now is my family and the fact that I'm super scared of dying. I've just been in such a hole the last week, and I've been binging on you, Shane and Ryland, just to give me a few smiles and to think about anything else.

  • Soleda Deleon
    Soleda Deleon 13 days ago +1

    Somebody once told me

  • Tyce Abbott
    Tyce Abbott 13 days ago

    6:23 Thanks for the mental health reminder Jeffree!! We love you 😘

  • Cookiemonster21
    Cookiemonster21 14 days ago

    I'm by all means am no expert so pls don't come for me but imo Anastasia could have come up with a better lookint packaging for the shimmer body oil

  • Muhammad Zahir Kahan
    Muhammad Zahir Kahan 15 days ago

    Where is his eyebrows?

  • Hatake Pinku
    Hatake Pinku 15 days ago

    Can someone get me toilet paper. I'm in the bathroom

  • Jesalyn Fish
    Jesalyn Fish 15 days ago +1

    I know other people probably commented this but I didn't realize that jeffree grew facial hair 😂😂😂

  • N0bodySpecial
    N0bodySpecial 16 days ago

    Makeup and inspiration lol

  • Elva Catherine
    Elva Catherine 18 days ago

    Jefree i hope your mom gets better
    From Elva
    In Ireland 🍀🇮🇪

  • Manndie 14
    Manndie 14 19 days ago

    Love u gurl! 😊❤️

  • Gacha Sky
    Gacha Sky 21 day ago +1

    This was made the day before my birthday 😂

  • Emily Matthews
    Emily Matthews 21 day ago +2

    Really surreal watching this and seeing my face on the Stila PR in Jefree’s hands. Maybe I’m still on the floor somewhere in his beauty room lol

  • Halle Carolus
    Halle Carolus 22 days ago

    Are Cheezits acceptable Jeffree?

  • Cherise Rossmiller
    Cherise Rossmiller 23 days ago

    Why is he so hilarious!❣

  • Diana Arroyo
    Diana Arroyo 24 days ago

    Today in this video you look like a mermaid

  • Angela Bird
    Angela Bird 25 days ago

    I didn’t know much about you Jeffree all I knew is my eleven year old daughter would rant on and on about your makeup. I absolutely love makeup and love playing with different looks but being a mom of 4 was kinda hard to invest tons of money. I started watching you on RUclip and I completely fell in love with your personality and seeing how successful you are, it hasn’t changed you and I love that. Money is nice and it would be wonderful to become this successful, but it’s not the most important thing. I love all your reviews on drugstore makeup it has helped me tremendously to be able to look amazing and feel stunning like I invest tons of money on my makeup. I’ve always have had a lot of trouble finding foundations that actually match my skin tone which surprisingly we wear the exact match foundation. Thank you for helping me feel like I can be beautiful and not have to spend much money doing it. I’ve always kinda struggle with my flaws and I don’t have the highest self esteem. Also thank you for all your giveaways I love seeing people getting blessed with making them feel beautiful. People deserve to love what they see when they look in the mirror. You have a heart of gold. Thank you for being who you are and not letting anyone change you!

  • Missy Paige Johnson
    Missy Paige Johnson 26 days ago

    You go girl love you 😍

  • Lemon Cake
    Lemon Cake 26 days ago

    Ur contacts look rly pretty btw 😊

  • Kalynn Whitt
    Kalynn Whitt 27 days ago

    play from 0:00 at 0.5 speed and play the rest of the video like that XDXDXDDXD

  • Raquel Cruz
    Raquel Cruz 27 days ago

    I love you 💖💖

  • Rosa Romalis
    Rosa Romalis 28 days ago

    Pineapple is a natural exfoliant ❤🍍

  • Chris'Creatives
    Chris'Creatives 28 days ago +1

    16:30 : when someone opens the door to my room and sees the remains of last night including me.

  • ForestGWolfy Productions

    He naturally looks cute as a man

  • Breanne Barton
    Breanne Barton 29 days ago

    Jeffree is so down to earth. Love how he is so real. Everyone goes through hard stuff in their life.

  • Soxy
    Soxy 29 days ago

    Bitch! These companies need to give you kudos cos every vid of yours makes me wanna go out and buy something, babe!

  • Michelle Bolieiro
    Michelle Bolieiro Month ago

    I loved you and Nate
    You both have amazing chemistry together. I dig it. 😚

  • Michelle Bolieiro
    Michelle Bolieiro Month ago

    Doesnt the top of the tatcha face cream have a spachula on the lid?

  • Charlotte Louise
    Charlotte Louise Month ago

    Love that jeffree is a millionaire but still understanding makeup brands pricing..

  • hayle tedrick
    hayle tedrick Month ago

    Hi Jeffrey

  • Datu Rajiev Indal
    Datu Rajiev Indal Month ago +2

    27:19 *"I'm not Mariah Carey!"*

  • Lisa Becka
    Lisa Becka Month ago

    Nothing can stop you.

  • Toni green
    Toni green Month ago +1

    Jeffree do an eyelash curler video PLEASE! I have poker straight lashes...help