• Published on Aug 28, 2017
  • The Hong Islands are a small group of tropical Islands a short distance up the coast from Aonang. The Hong group of Islands is about 50 minutes longtail boat ride from Aonang. The boat travels quite close to the shore giving a great view of the coastline.
    Island hopping in Krabi is what puts the tings to do in Krabi at the top of the list of Thailand travel destinations. The water around the Island is crystal clear and perfect for snorkelling and swimming. Todays Vlog I do the 4 island tour of Koh Hong Island Thailand. Enjoy!
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  • Maurice Legge
    Maurice Legge 6 months ago

    Sorry but if the princess not with you I don't want to watch you dummy

  • gadget88 fdo
    gadget88 fdo 7 months ago

    Is this krabi close to pataya

  • György Izsák
    György Izsák Year ago

    Where and when did you meet the fairy-tale cute woman you have in the later videos? You are very lucky to have found such a woman !!!

  • Dtacรายการนีพาคนมาลบกันไม่ผ่าน Oppo


  • Roberto Márquez
    Roberto Márquez Year ago +1

    Awesome. ¿Where is SAI?

  • Bryce Yang
    Bryce Yang Year ago +2

    Where’s sai

  • Prathap Shetty
    Prathap Shetty Year ago

    Thanks for sharing the trip videos.

  • damned1313
    damned1313 Year ago +1

    Where is the hot chick?

    1CBRDUDE Year ago

    Speed boat for me I've been there it's beautiful

  • ranold dsouza
    ranold dsouza Year ago

    Nice video , How much did you pay to go 4 island

  • gods boy
    gods boy Year ago

    Awesome video i am planning to visit Thailand next month could you please let me know about the tour agency which you hired?

  • Paul Commodore
    Paul Commodore Year ago

    Wow what a perverted degenerative.
    White women wouldn't give your clown ass the time of day so you go to Thailand you fukn pedo.

  • Jo Riggs
    Jo Riggs Year ago +5

    Where’s Sai?

    • Gabriel Medina
      Gabriel Medina Year ago

      @mark holland Didn't you realized yet that sai is actually a pattaya hooker that he hired for this clickbating videos? You can already see it in his old videos thumbnails. This is all business

    • mark holland
      mark holland Year ago

      I hate to say it, but just another boring video without sai. Cant get through this video

    • Waigoon Rittirut
      Waigoon Rittirut Year ago

      I guess he did not have her at the time.

  • cabzombie.rb
    cabzombie.rb Year ago +1

    Not enough pussy in this one !

  • Sam G
    Sam G Year ago

    Very nice tour. Be careful not to burn in the sun I know its damn hot and humid there

  • Ben Steel
    Ben Steel Year ago

    Am sure the trips are very nice but constraints and timescales are not my thing ....

  • Jean-Claude FERDINAND

    100000000 KISSES

  • James Leach
    James Leach Year ago

    big thumbs up

  • Johno F
    Johno F Year ago +1

    Longboat is the way to go. We did the speedboat one day. Great if you like being crammed aboard a bucking speedboat. We did the longboat the following day, split 3 ways. We tipped Skipper Pete to deviate from the tour route. Visited a few beautiful deserted beaches and beachheads. Even bypassed all the national park fee! One word of caution, the tide levels can dictate where the longboats have safe/close access to some of the less crowded beaches.

    • The Holistic Trainer
      The Holistic Trainer  Year ago

      Johno F I need to learn 😅

    • Johno F
      Johno F Year ago

      We just asked our skipper... Take us where we are can be alone and he sure did, nice break from the speedboat tour for certain. Helps if you know some basic Thai at least. I can just get by....

    • The Holistic Trainer
      The Holistic Trainer  Year ago

      Johno F that sounds great 👌 would love to go to the deserted beaches.

  • Sofea Eliza
    Sofea Eliza Year ago

    Seen your boat tour services good, I'm planning to go the islands on coming June'18, would greatly appreciated if i have a same boat agent..or anyone's hv better suggestions?

  • mr.greshoo
    mr.greshoo 2 years ago


  • Mel Mel
    Mel Mel 2 years ago


  • Mickey Carlton
    Mickey Carlton 2 years ago

    Love the opening shot

  • Rosas Beauty Fashion
    Rosas Beauty Fashion 2 years ago +1

    Thumbs up TFS💋😘

  • Glenn Shelby
    Glenn Shelby 2 years ago


  • Gail
    Gail 2 years ago

    what a beautiful place cute kitten :)

  • MyJoy2You
    MyJoy2You 2 years ago

    paradise! tnx for sharing friend.

  • S & J ActiveVideos
    S & J ActiveVideos 2 years ago

    Awesome scenery... thanks for taking us with you and showing us..
    Take care and have an awesome day..

  • Cheryl Mims
    Cheryl Mims 2 years ago

    Loving the Thailand vlogs

  • Michael Wilson
    Michael Wilson 2 years ago

    Some amazing scenery 🤘🏼

  • Sally McKim
    Sally McKim 2 years ago

    It looks like you had such a good time

  • Rebecca Sells
    Rebecca Sells 2 years ago

    Awesome video of hing island reminds me of when I went

  • MattLeeFit
    MattLeeFit 2 years ago

    Those were some world class sights man. Awesome video!

  • RasBookie
    RasBookie 2 years ago

    Yeah the rain stop. What a beautiful island. No the rain started again 😎

  • DG Custom
    DG Custom 2 years ago

    Great video 👍

  • Tfboys & More!
    Tfboys & More! 2 years ago


  • Kathleen Bueno
    Kathleen Bueno 2 years ago

    The water at the start of the video is crazy blue

  • Barbara Pelletier
    Barbara Pelletier 2 years ago

    Beautiful clear water

  • Douglas Williams
    Douglas Williams 2 years ago

    Love it Adam 😍

  • Paul Stowe
    Paul Stowe 2 years ago

    Best video yet

  • BoRaXiN72 TR - 4K Travel Videos

    Splendid islands and you should pay a visit to Ko Chang if you have not already ;)

  • Shirley Taylor
    Shirley Taylor 2 years ago

    Great video

  • Kevsey D
    Kevsey D 2 years ago

    Nice, cool video fella! makes me want to go back there so bad!!

  • Robert Tyler
    Robert Tyler 2 years ago

    Keep it up

  • Robert Simmons
    Robert Simmons 2 years ago

    Wow I love it

  • Mega family Time
    Mega family Time 2 years ago +1

    Love your channel a lot of traveling awesome, hope to see some of this or all this places one day 😜👍🤠

  • Mega family Time
    Mega family Time 2 years ago +1

    15👍MEGA LIKE 👍. 😜👍🤠

  • Margz Life
    Margz Life 2 years ago

    Awww so beautiful nice blog

  • Zanewhite V
    Zanewhite V 2 years ago

    Thumbnail at 11:04 thank me later if this is what you came for

    • Denis Molina
      Denis Molina 6 months ago

      I'm USA at I'll like your travel channel thanks for everything good luck at everything my name is Denis Molina i live at Wisconsin USA

  • NahlaFunVlogs
    NahlaFunVlogs 2 years ago

    Super beautiful 👍🏻🎈🎈👏🏻

  • Eva Goree
    Eva Goree 2 years ago +3

    The water looks amazing

  • Barhu Gameplay
    Barhu Gameplay 2 years ago +1

    Nice vídeo like 8th check my recent vídeo please bro ✌🖒👏🤗🤗🤗🤗

  • Hardcore Workouts
    Hardcore Workouts 2 years ago

    This vlog was amazing

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    Wonderful World 2 years ago +1

    Great video. Loved watching.

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  • Bam Bam Kids TV
    Bam Bam Kids TV 2 years ago +2

    Wow, that reminds me of home. So beautiful and green. Great way to create youtube videos right? Great upload my friend. Like 3

  • Yahspoet Yahu- The Poetic Wordsmith

    Wow! Beautiful vacation!👍👍👍

  • Jeanilyn Fab
    Jeanilyn Fab 2 years ago +2

    Awesome views..💕💕💕💕💕💕

  • Anneli Mauricio
    Anneli Mauricio 2 years ago +2

    Amazing place. Looks like you had so much fun. 😀