Restoration of the DJ console from the 70's part 2

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  • Gilberto Ribeiro
    Gilberto Ribeiro 3 месяца назад

    Episódios posteriores, existem?

  • john shersby
    john shersby 3 года назад

    Did you ever get this old girl up and running? Would love to see some pictures if so. I restore a lot of vintage disco gear myself in my spare time, never got my hands on anything as special as that one though.

  • anna jeannette Dixon
    anna jeannette Dixon 3 года назад

    there will not be many of these decks around now.

  • anna jeannette Dixon
    anna jeannette Dixon 3 года назад

    real interesting

  • MrWaynetolson
    MrWaynetolson 4 года назад

    hi all these were mainly used in night clubs with the joystic, the entertainer in dewsbury had one it was embosed custom built for howard. The idea was you had 4 sets of speakers one in each coner of the room and could swerl the sound around.

  • TransportationSpecialties
    TransportationSpecialties 4 года назад

    Hey, you sound like the Angry Kid!

  • Grim wriggler
    Grim wriggler 4 года назад

    I got a Russco studio pro with a russco tonearm at home and it's truly impressive came from Radio antenna 3 in Spain from the late 80s, build, looks, and the sound are amazing.

  • Pri yon Joni
    Pri yon Joni 4 года назад

    that's gotta be heavy as hell

  • Randy, The Lazy Comic
    Randy, The Lazy Comic 4 года назад

    Wow, those turntables bring back memories for me. I used a pair of those in 1974 when I was interning in a radio station. Those things are practically indestructible. That middle position on the speed selector is neutral. It takes the idler wheel away from the motor shaft and turntable rim, so that it does not develop flat spots on the idler wheel. To replace those idlers these days is quite pricey. You can get the new ones on eBay.

  • tough213
    tough213 4 года назад

    Hello great video I am wondering if you had ever continued to work on this and did you ever make any more videos on this unit

  • Lord Kill
    Lord Kill 4 года назад

    i believe radio caoline also used those decks in their studios

  • djsherz
    djsherz 5 лет назад

    Still waiting for the next update!

  • dirk weckwerth
    dirk weckwerth 5 лет назад

    Here is my Matamp Disco Konsole for 3 turntables---the only one from mat mathias

  • jens knapper
    jens knapper 6 лет назад

    2:06 lots of sigaret burn stains! absolute vintage piece would love to own one of those

  • DJ Krissi B
    DJ Krissi B 7 лет назад

    i've been watching your Mathias restoration and it's fascinating! went googling and found out about DJ Froggy as well, interesting stuff! Been watching your vids for years, your technique on pitching 1200s without touching the platter is definitely inspiring as well, you must live near me somewhere! If theres any chance I can ever come and salivate over your retro gear I'm interested!! Respect

  • David Lewis
    David Lewis 7 лет назад

    This is a real quality unit built by matamp they still build today to the same exacting standards, it's quite similar to the one i have, that was in just about the same condition when i got it, at least yours as the original turntables, i remember seeing one of these units 30 yrs ago.......................................

  • David Lewis
    David Lewis 7 лет назад

    your gonna need more than tissue and a sucky end bit as you put it, stick with practice and enjoy you have a way with words :-) let me know if you wanna get rid of that console, i could do with the spares for mine............yep there is another one...................

  • Dylan K. Wahlen
    Dylan K. Wahlen 7 лет назад

    What happened? No more restoration videos?

  • Skeeter On The Road
    Skeeter On The Road 7 лет назад

    I am the current owner of RusscoTurntables (.) com, and if you need motor (vibration) mounts, 33/45 lamps or idler wheels for your Studio-Pro Model B, they are available at our site, along with other parts. If your motors are in good shape, there's no reason the decks can't be rebuilt and running again!

  • Dylan K. Wahlen
    Dylan K. Wahlen 7 лет назад

    If you can't restore it send it to me I'll fix it up and send it back if, I'll do it for an autograph.

  • Gavin Moore
    Gavin Moore 7 лет назад

    this would be an awesome thing to update! slip some direct driven turn tables in, those original arms look as if you could just mount the arms from direct drive turntable in them. you could even re solder all the potentiometers to a midi usb board that plugs into a laptop, or just restore it to it former glory either way it would be a sick project. clubs would pay good money for retro stuff like that. keep it up

  • Renegadeproject
    Renegadeproject 7 лет назад

    Old school decks WOW

  • Thijs Gieben
    Thijs Gieben 7 лет назад

    This is so cool!:P
    And 'The boat that rocked' is such a funny movie:D

  • Spin Gnome
    Spin Gnome 7 лет назад

    very cool yo.

  • Dale Hoffman
    Dale Hoffman 7 лет назад

    would this here be one of the first turntables?

  • twin2k
    twin2k 7 лет назад

    I found some infos about russco tts,
    here's the url
    w w w (.) russcoturntables (.) com

    Cheers, dj twin2k from Germany.

  • Stoney3K
    Stoney3K 7 лет назад

    I'm not really confident the decks are going to work. The tonearm control on the right-hand one is completely shot (handle broke off), and the headshell looks to be nackered. I'm not sure if the motor will run...
    If you want the quick solution to make this work, get the decks out and drop SL1200's in. But getting the Russco's to work is obviously more challenging.

  • djmaxmv
    djmaxmv 7 лет назад

    wy you dont try Soda Blast
    is like sand blasting for car but cheper and dosnt
    hirt the steel
    nice one
    i restore a Estudio Master 18 Channel mixer
    full restor working from a old radio station i used to work and the same radio buy me the Mixer ;D

  • 792218005
    792218005 7 лет назад

    I really like this project, J. Hope to see more of it soon!

  • Disc Jockey Choco Padilla
    Disc Jockey Choco Padilla 7 лет назад

    nice video bro i love vinyl's

  • Günther Vene
    Günther Vene 7 лет назад

    nothing compared to the new djm-2000, yes djm-2000. check out the pioneer site:D

  • serruscio
    serruscio 7 лет назад

    it's quite funny to imagine a mobile dj in that period doing his set up with stuff like that XD

  • dj matr
    dj matr 7 лет назад

    Haha, keep at it, that is a major task mate. Love to see more of these:) Best of luck to you, your cat and the inner workings of that behemoth.

  • djvjnigel
    djvjnigel 7 лет назад

    hey J, i would love to come and see the marster peice in action some day when i frist did hospital radio in 1984 we had a later version of those decks i will try and find some pic's for you, good luck with getting it working! :-)n.

  • theillestboYee
    theillestboYee 7 лет назад

    Really cool J! Crazy...but cool!

    COBALTJACK33 7 лет назад

    the youtube sub titles are really funny there gets loads wrong
    Nice vid

  • Gareth Neale
    Gareth Neale 7 лет назад

    Ah the speakers i used to borrow before i got my own pa were mattamp, thought they seemed pretty old

  • misterpotatoheaduk
    misterpotatoheaduk 7 лет назад

    That Matamp console would have been a fortune when new,probually the equivilant of a year's wages...or the cost of a new small car back then.

    The mixer in that console was the predecessor to the amazing Matamp Supernova,designed by Mat Mathias and london DJ Froggy,reckoned to be the best vinyl mixer ever made,only 300 were ever built,and cost £1500 each back in 1982,

  • ellaskins
    ellaskins  7 лет назад

    Was made for a Mobile DJ and as far as i know there where only 3/4 made like this by Mat Mathias himself!

  • bigbthedj1
    bigbthedj1 7 лет назад

    Did this until come from a radio station or recording studio? just curious

  • bigbthedj1
    bigbthedj1 7 лет назад

    The first radio station I worked at in New Mexico had turntables like WKRP hahah

  • jonnyhulk
    jonnyhulk 7 лет назад

    made of metals lol

  • Aaron Payne
    Aaron Payne 7 лет назад

    hey J ,
    where did u get a hold of that ?, looks awesome

  • Sub.txt
    Sub.txt 7 лет назад

    Can't wait to see where you go with this one! It seems pretty awesome, you should record a mix with it after!!!

  • PsyJunk
    PsyJunk 7 лет назад

    man, where the fruit, did you find that fine piece of antiquitie...

  • (nee amb3rgambl3r) (nee amb3rgambl3r) 7 лет назад

    To think, in about in 30/40 years there will be people doing vid's like this about stuff like Sl1200's *hums theme from How We Use To Live*

  • Sabolch Greba
    Sabolch Greba 7 лет назад

    @MrDJSuBBass oups third! :D try to disassembly all the stuff and than clean it, looks like an old mummy from Egypt :D

  • gvQmusic
    gvQmusic 7 лет назад

    This looks really nice to recover it :D If I'd live close to you I'd love help, to bad I'm far away.
    Is it actually worth something? Not that is important cause such gear is not been sold :p

  • Sabolch Greba
    Sabolch Greba 7 лет назад

    second one! :) let see what you have here :)

  • doertepn
    doertepn 7 лет назад

    first one :D
    nice video!!!