'Superman: Requiem' (Full Authorized Fan Film)

  • Опубликовано: 7 мар 2012
  • Official uncut theatrical version of Gene Fallaize's 'Superman: Requiem' fan film, starring Martin Richardson, Stacy Sobieski, Paul Khanna, Serena Lorien, and Jack O'Halloran.
    Superman is the world's greatest super hero, and law enforcement across the globe has come to rely on him to deal with some of the major tasks that face society. When the Man of Steel loses some of his powers after an evil villain attacks him with Kryptonite though, he must overcome his obstacles and prove he really is a super man.
    Superman: Requiem is a high-value fan-film that depicts the life of Superman several years after the events of Superman Returns, and takes into account the events of Superman (1978), Superman II (1980) and Superman Returns (2006), and focuses on an event by an evil villain who attempts to make Superman lose his powers.
    The film was conceived in 2011 by producer Gene Fallaize who decided to he was going to make an independent Superman fan-film, and wrote the first draft of the script in less than a week. Fallaize brought Tony Cook on board to co-produce the project to allow him the freedom and time to direct the project.
    The film was released globally online on 11.11.11 after a red carpet World Premiere in London's Odeon Covent Garden.
    For more information visit www.themanofsteelisback.com or facebook.com/supermanrequiem
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  • Tralian1
    Tralian1 Год назад +1

    Excuse me, but this motion picture is perhaps the best of Superman I've watched. This proves that special effects do not a great movie make. Lots of compassion and passion both on the good and evil sides. Wonderful. I found myself completing the film when i usually just move on. The actors were well chosen, no brawn, no pretty boy, just a man that had metaphysical powers. Also let me correct the bad acting comment another made. This acting was non pretentious, not bad at all. Compare the acting to pretentious actors, and you'll find that they all together embraced the very heart of who Superman is supposed to be. They pulled it off brilliantly. Just because one is not familiar with them does not disqualify them as bad actors. I wish I could write more about this well crafted original film, that I think brings Superman to even a higher degree of understanding. Thanks

  • western spud
    western spud Год назад

    it is not a bad movie considering the budget and the acting ,,

  • MarkandAimee Shorter
    MarkandAimee Shorter Год назад

    For almost no budget, it's hard to criticise it. Fair play to everyone involved. Lot of respect for the time and effort put in to it. Not my least favourite superman movie, which in itself, is pretty incredible considering the budget was less than a McDonald's commercial.

  • Sid Hudson
    Sid Hudson Год назад +1

    For me the acting was not that good. I mean really, Kent doesn't have his own office?

  • Team Berryblue Blazzards
    Team Berryblue Blazzards Год назад

    on a scale of 1-10 I give it a 7.5 for its been a long time since ive saw a superman film I love it it turned out so well it inspires me to patrol as the hero I once was before the amazingly stern birdman I love being a hero ive gonna unlock my superpowers real soon using the power of binaural beats hypnosis meditation and youtube and my mp3 player

  • Bolshevik Carpetbagger
    Bolshevik Carpetbagger Год назад

    This first voice heard is that of Jack O'Halloran (Non).

  • Raphael Tarazy
    Raphael Tarazy Год назад

    Well done for this, everyone.

  • Zahie Amer
    Zahie Amer Год назад +1

    I don't like this guy to be the Superman I only like Christopher Reeve he's number one actor of Superman

  • Erin Thorkildsen
    Erin Thorkildsen Год назад +1

    Interesting, some good moments, some good acting, interesting premise, writing was better than I expected. But Oh my stars, the super pudgy super dopey super boring lead actor was the worst imaginable actor for the part ever. Like epically bad, horribly bad, embarrassingly bad, what were they thinking bad. Chops to the dweeb for trying, kudos to him for... for... O.K. I got nothing.

  • Shooky Kookie
    Shooky Kookie Год назад +1

    Love the movie, but that superman need to workout...

  • billy sambuli
    billy sambuli Год назад

    So cheap!

  • J McClain
    J McClain Год назад

    Still better than Superman IV: The Quest For Shit. Why are the flying scenes in this better than IV? I can say that the guy who played Superman was not good...not good at all. If they had taken a little more time with a few things, it probably would have turned out o.k.

  • 298Nova
    298Nova 3 года назад +42

    thank you thank you sooooooooooooooo much for uploading this here was trying to find it every were to watch this,
    so thank you again yay =) your the best !!

  • Paul M
    Paul M 3 года назад +6

    I could be wrong, but the dialogue might just be on par with the original Superman Comics type dialogue ~~ just a thought.But it's worth it just to read the hilarious comments... I love it!!

  • Marek Wabanonik
    Marek Wabanonik 3 года назад +2

    Good film

  • Mary K Thompson
    Mary K Thompson 3 года назад +278

    For a fan flick it's pretty good. I liked it, maybe even because of the bad acting and really lousy audio track. The music is good, though. Consider that it's the work of individuals who really love the Superman ethos. It shows a lot of effort. There are a LOT of actors in this flick. A lot of people willing to do this. So give them credit. It's not A level, but it works.

  • manny vasquez
    manny vasquez 3 года назад +13

    Didn't really like it but nice try

    MERRILL DALE BARNARD 3 года назад +14

    a very great movie.

  • Durrall Armand
    Durrall Armand 3 года назад +85

    The Worst Superman Fan Film ever made.

  • FaerieFyreGirl
    FaerieFyreGirl 3 года назад +60

    Anyone who thinks this is the worst Superman film ever hasn't seen the Superman musical that ran on TV in '75.... ("It's a Bird, it's a Plane, it's Superman!", and last I looked you could still find it on RUclip).
    But seriously, yes as fan films go it went rather well! You can't compare fan films to big budget Hollywood productions. Come to think of it I have seen some stuff out of Hollywood that barely scrapes by, and those are just ones that actually got released. There are pictures that got made that make 'Plan 9 From Outer Space' look like 'Citizen Kane'!
    It doesn't take great wit to trash a fan's labor of love. So, me 'at's off! *I* couldn't have done it.

  • Dick Dickerson
    Dick Dickerson 3 года назад +67

    I think that this was an amazing film. If this was made back as one of the movies in the Trilogy with Christopher Reeve, I think it would have fit in perfectly. I loved Mr. White's actor, he was great for the part, his acting wasn't too amazing. Other than the acting which I do think is better than I would ever be able to do, This is my favorite Superman movie. Although I haven't seen any other Fan Films.

  • Alex Lopez
    Alex Lopez 3 года назад +137

    Not bad for amateurs. BUT The actor that plays Superman is PHYSICALLY TO SKINNY! 4 the ROLE! Dam I'm suggesting a fat actor either. HES NOT IN SHAPE NO MUSCLES!

  • charlax7
    charlax7 3 года назад +31

    cant understand the use of the kryptonite on Supermans Blood Cells HE would not have BLOOD taken no NEEDLE could do this to him

  • Evan Christman
    Evan Christman 3 года назад +3

    did the kid ever get the batman toy out of the water?

  • lynda renaud
    lynda renaud 3 года назад +40

    I have seen this before....it,still,is a job well done....great colours...vivid production.
    Thanks for sharing with us.

  • Billy Masterson
    Billy Masterson 3 года назад +150

    The kid drowning... funniest shit I've seen in a while.

  • believerornot
    believerornot 3 года назад +63

    So they managed to put together enough cash to make a movie,but couldn't raise one cent for some acting classes for the cast?

  • Hiandrojr. Lucas
    Hiandrojr. Lucas 3 года назад +7

    Eu serei o Novo e único super mam da vida real , E combaterei o mal com issu eu serei um Herói , eu sou feliz

  • Keith Kemper
    Keith Kemper 3 года назад +7

    He really cannot think for himself lol

  • Tran Huu Yen Ngoc
    Tran Huu Yen Ngoc 3 года назад +3

  • Damo Dude
    Damo Dude 3 года назад +1

    This awesom

  • davidgriffin14
    davidgriffin14 4 года назад +14


  • Dan Howard
    Dan Howard 4 года назад +48

    Blech. Almost as bad as Man of Steel.

  • Alex Cherry
    Alex Cherry 4 года назад +42

    So wait, the plot is that Superman STOLE the deeds to Lex Luthor's son's property and refuses to return them because he doesn't like what Alex Luthor wants to do with them? How is Superman the good guy here?

  • Lorraine White
    Lorraine White 4 года назад +11


  • J.R. Smith
    J.R. Smith 4 года назад +2

    Soooo, Superman takes aspirin?

  • Ted Newsom
    Ted Newsom 4 года назад +6

    Guys... congratulations. OK, it's no "Superman & the Secret Planet" (q.v.)... but you did a remarkable job. Having made films since I was a teenager, and seeing what a phenomenal epic you have made, I'm in awe. Perfect? No, you didn't have $50 million dollars. Big, cinematic, touching, well-paced, mellifluous, visually striking? Yes. You did well. Keep at it.

  • Marios Mate
    Marios Mate 4 года назад +1

    Where's Mpaa. I see Dolby digital theres no Mpaa

  • Peter Hill
    Peter Hill 4 года назад +115

    Horrible film.
    Acting is medicore. The soundtrack isn't bad though.
    Corny dialogue and scenes that just drag on and are incredibly boring.
    Lex Luthor is a pansy here. Comic Luthor is a brilliant man that is on the level of Doctor Doom.

    • Garth Drake
      Garth Drake 3 года назад +70

      Soundtrack isn't bad because it's the original by John Williams

  • Anthony Bucaro
    Anthony Bucaro 4 года назад +1

    Huge piece of shit.

  • Jacob Tennyson
    Jacob Tennyson 4 года назад +14

    It's a synthetic copy of Superman movie/

    • Mary K Thompson
      Mary K Thompson 3 года назад +20

      +Jacob Tennyson A "fan flick". Made by fans because they love the genre.

  • Sergio Tunes
    Sergio Tunes 4 года назад +1


  • mindsaglowin
    mindsaglowin 4 года назад +60

    How did I, a Superman-phile, miss this film?! I've never heard of it before.

  • Sky79
    Sky79 4 года назад +2

    I love the effort, but right off the bat, if you're going to play Superman. Hit the gym. I'm not trying to be mean, however the suit has never been known to be very flattering to the wearer. Hindsight 20/20, I think you know that too.

  • Shahzad Hussain
    Shahzad Hussain 4 года назад +3


  • Koen Jochems
    Koen Jochems 4 года назад +2

    Why is superman so incredibly white like a fluorescent light. Thought he was a Solar Battery, he looks like he gets ability/ powers from the moon lol.

  • krushedNsorted
    krushedNsorted 4 года назад +5

    WHAT!? Clark Kant is the Superman? mind blown!

  • slyce89
    slyce89 4 года назад

    What the fuck was that 😤

  • Mario Pascal
    Mario Pascal 4 года назад +1

    You RUN clarke LOL

  • kagn7493
    kagn7493 4 года назад +7

    good for a fan made!

  • Oliver Margetin
    Oliver Margetin 4 года назад +2

    where did they find this dweeb? the one who plays sup's.

  • Walter Laughlin
    Walter Laughlin 4 года назад +4

    For a fan film, this was exceedingly well-made, yes there are a few mistakes at the beginning and one at the end, but overall not bad!

  • Nancy Lopez
    Nancy Lopez 4 года назад +1

    Why can't u fly superman

  • Jenny Lampard
    Jenny Lampard 4 года назад +1

    Hello, PLEASE PLEASE will you put a warning on this. I and my 7 year old son were checking it out, thinking it was the original Superman and now my 7 year old son has damn well seen someone shot in the head and blood and brains come out. Please this is youtube and there are vulnerable people watching and exploring, a warning not suitable for under 12's, 15's in that first 2 minutes would be reassuring and a warning. I'm feeling so frustrated and disgusted at this. Thank you

    • cringy teenage hormones
      cringy teenage hormones 3 года назад +1

      +Jenny Lampard Glad we've come to a compromise. Now let's spread this positive prospect with the rest of the world. :)

    • Jenny Lampard
      Jenny Lampard 3 года назад +1

      Saying it is a fan film only tells me its a film for fans of superman? A clearer wording - 'graphic violence', 'not suitable for children would make it clearer'. And yes, I take your point that I should have checked before showing my son. Clearer wording and parents checking beforehand would mean we're all being more responsible to young people

  • rockie0708
    rockie0708 4 года назад +3

    Lol he looked like Dracula

  • rockie0708
    rockie0708 4 года назад +2

    This is shit but good effort I suppose

  • Tataso Blues
    Tataso Blues 4 года назад

    That nose omg xD.

  • Juvie
    Juvie 4 года назад

    I do love superman ever since when I was a kid. and felt pretty bad when original actor of superman got an accident . Computer technician is funny lol

  • Skankhunt42
    Skankhunt42 4 года назад +10


  • مدونة المحترف
    مدونة المحترف 4 года назад

    bien !!

  • Brian King
    Brian King 4 года назад +2

    Been a superman fan since the first MOVIE in the 70's came out. I like the effort given in this film and I especially like the props given to the original actors. I wrote a giant critique while the movie was playing. lol Was upset that the bomb hurt him and wanted to have some sort of explanation then... Superman said it for me. So far so good.

    • Brian King
      Brian King 4 года назад +1

      He sure is stupid though... Maybe its the after effects of the kryptonite.

  • Chron El
    Chron El 4 года назад +9

    Alex Luthor was horrible. Can the guy speak a sentence without slapping his spit? It made his scenes unbearable to me. But thats just my opinion. Decent effort though.

  • Nonamearisto
    Nonamearisto 4 года назад +66

    So, Superman couldn't take Jimmy to the hospital why? Budget, I know, but still.
    Also, that was the world's lamest "drowning one meter from the shore" sequence ever.

  • ewaf88
    ewaf88 4 года назад +1

    Looks like Superman will need a super dry cleaner after his dip in the lake.

  • The Big Guy
    The Big Guy 4 года назад +6

    Did someone steal the budget for this film as a franchise this was very very poor & when u think it can't get any worse pat sharp shows up as a doctor

  • steviejacko
    steviejacko 4 года назад +119

    im just so glad simon cowell isnt watching this

  • Kelly Yu
    Kelly Yu 4 года назад +11

    the costume is so bad, and what a short cape.

  • Kelly Yu
    Kelly Yu 4 года назад +10

    i would go for actors
    Brandon routh
    dean cain

  • Cheiro O
    Cheiro O 4 года назад +48

    Face it. This is bordering on being " C" picture, but my wife syas its a B pic with no
    gold star. Managed to look at the whole pic. Good thing we had beverages and
    snacks. Good day!

  • Brett Symons
    Brett Symons 4 года назад +37

    Surprisingly good for nonprofessionals. But a second week on the script polishing the dialogue would have been good*. Still very cleverly done, especially when it comes to not showing superpowers/ effects. Just do them off scene, we know the score.
    *I wouldn't have even mentioned it except the script in a week thing sounded like a brag in the blurb.

    • lynda renaud
      lynda renaud 3 года назад +10

      +Brett Symons ....'First draft of the script..........in a week..'
      is a far cry from a finished script! I didn't take it as boasting or bragging,
      but excitement,at the project ahead.

  • Cherihae lee
    Cherihae lee 4 года назад +9

    fan film very good

  • Sky. Prince
    Sky. Prince 4 года назад +1

    Very good

  • R.A. Bobby B
    R.A. Bobby B 4 года назад +5

    I'm guessing the people playing "American" are not. It throws it off a bit, And someone didn't look up American slang. They used what seems to be English slang.. But I like the idea...but the cadence, wrong slang and accents are distracting. Good effort. Thank you.

  • john landis
    john landis 4 года назад +29

    perry White must have been trained at the post office

  • shakhawat hossen
    shakhawat hossen 4 года назад +1


  • Skyggen Psicopatico
    Skyggen Psicopatico 4 года назад +3

    Haha that was kinda nice movie haha :D nice done guys :D

  • maxulic
    maxulic 4 года назад +26

    That Superman has the charisma of an oyster :/

  • Adam Mangler
    Adam Mangler 4 года назад +14

    He reminds me of Harry Potter...

  • James R.
    James R. 4 года назад +7

    exhalant.... true to original in every detail!!

  • GrumpierFaceman
    GrumpierFaceman 4 года назад +3

    PAT SHARPE!!!!! #FunHouse also little goosebumps at the superman ending bit like chris reeves used to do :)

  • Otavinho Santos
    Otavinho Santos 4 года назад

    bom demais

  • Terry Raines
    Terry Raines 4 года назад


    TheSUPADON 4 года назад

    Y didnt they make this movie a comedy ? This is a disgrace 2 superman legacy

  • Howard Moses
    Howard Moses 4 года назад +1

    Not too bad.

  • Hillbilly_Bashtid
    Hillbilly_Bashtid 4 года назад


  • Jeffrydin Ddin
    Jeffrydin Ddin 4 года назад +1


  • Whisper Darkling
    Whisper Darkling 4 года назад +13

    Amazing fan film! Very well done. Bravo. :)

  • stramayne
    stramayne 4 года назад +11

    At least he has the S on the back of his cape. Always miss that when they leave it off. ;)

  • Justice Productions
    Justice Productions 4 года назад +5

    Awesome but... Where was The justice league?

  • Doctor sag
    Doctor sag 4 года назад

    seguo con molto interesse la serie smallville e mi piacerebbe poter parlare con tom welling il protagonista di smallville

  • leland frame
    leland frame 4 года назад +4

    Not bad at all for a fan film!

  • Cristian David Bonilla Serna
    Cristian David Bonilla Serna 4 года назад +15

    I have more muscles than superman! lol

  • Kevin Mojica
    Kevin Mojica 4 года назад +3

    I like it im impressed about how u guess do the effects for the opening n the flying

  • Jen pro moje potěšení
    Jen pro moje potěšení 4 года назад +2

    What the hell ? Makig that what was maked 5 times and with better effects. That does not make sense.

    LFOVCF 4 года назад +11

    For a limited budget etc etc, that was pretty good. Only arseholes would slate this because it's not blockbuster quality, I don't see them able to do any better!
    Well done guys!

  • castletriglav
    castletriglav 4 года назад +2

    Superman needs to hit the gym and the tanning bed! Word.

  • Everett Dunlap
    Everett Dunlap 4 года назад +19

    Superman needs to lift a couple of buildings for some muscle mass. Don't you agree?!?

  • Christopher Olsen
    Christopher Olsen 4 года назад +43

    Cheesy shit like this makes me wish I still smoked pot.

  • Everett Dunlap
    Everett Dunlap 4 года назад +2

    In the beginning, the boy falls in the water, who is drowning, does not cry for help to his dad who is 6 feet away and all of a sudden Superman appears. This film has Academy Award all over it.

  • Paul Byrne
    Paul Byrne 4 года назад +1

    twas funny and well done lots of fun little inclusions and ties to the iconic movies as bad as it was it was reallyu enjoyable shared