THE OUTCASTS Official Trailer (2017) Victoria Justice Comedy Movie HD

THE OUTCASTS Official Trailer (2017) Victoria Justice Comedy Movie HD

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PLOT: After falling victim to a humiliating prank by the high school Queen Bee, best friends and world-class geeks, Mindy and Jodi, decide to get their revenge by uniting the outcasts of the school against her and her circle of friends.

CAST: Eden Sher, Victoria Justice, Peyton List, Ted McGinley

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Длительность: 2:33
Комментарии: 106

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Автор Brooklyn Simmons ( назад)
This looks stupid af

Автор Sydney Morenike ( назад)
So the black character is an overly aggressive plus size girl who can only think in terms of race. the popular girl is a skinny, rich, platinum blonde bully. And the nerds are actually attractive kids who just happen to wear glasses. Right. These stereotypes are so tired, and old; especially for this new generation of tweens. My high school wasn't even like this, and I'm a 90's baby. If anything I think today's kids celebrate more things that are unique, artistic, intellectually challenging, and a little weird.

Автор amazingabby25 ( назад)
They look legit college aged. Not even close to high school age. Horrific casting. Wow

Автор essennagerry ( назад)
Dude, Victorua Justice and Avan Jogia?

I was about to go like "ugh, just another immature and stereotypical highschool movie..."

But now I'm like "I'm PUMPED, let's DO THIS, where this movie at, this is gonna be AWESOME!!!"

Lol, talk about biased. Beck and Tori finally happening. :D

Автор Zenis Begum ( назад)
This is such a cliche movie.

Автор Sara Teixeira ( назад)
I'm so tired of listening that highschool is the best of times and the worst of times. We get it no need to remind everyone time I see a highschool movie

Автор Anna ( назад)
PleASe don't tell me Beck and Tori are getting together and Star Butterfly is just gonna stand there while Emma Ross plays a bitchy white popular girl

Автор Emma Coleman ( назад)
only watching for avan jogia. this is trash. also those bangs look DREADFUL on victoria - how long will this GROWN WOMAN play a struggling teenager :( this has got to be dealt with

Автор Northern lights ( назад)
this is like a wattpad trailer

Автор Melinda Dee ( назад)
►► *The Outcasts 2017* fuII movie available on http://lkn.li/NPcYu?The-Outcasts-2017

Автор sofia sloat ( назад)
So the only "jokes" black actors can make are about slavery and skin color? fun

Автор ToriTv ( назад)
So beck and tori are finally going to be together

Автор Hi_ Steffy ( назад)
Oooooohhhh tori and beck 😂😂😂

Автор Bea the Hufflepanda ( назад)
This is literally every high school movie ever like can people actually start writing new plots for high school movies instead of this crap

Автор Maya Robinson ( назад)
I know 3 girls from the movie

Автор Lilly C ( назад)
Avan Jogia and Victoria Justice from VicTORIous AAAAND Eden Sher from The Middle OHH MY

Автор Ethaperia Falanthis ( назад)
Yes him and Victoria finally together ! lol

Автор AquabaexRose ( назад)

Автор AquabaexRose ( назад)
i swear one of the blondes is one of the mean girls from kick ass 2

Автор Young Discord ( назад)
I used to hate being bullied but a few years after graduating and realising that it's actually the people who were picked on in school that penultimately grow up to be successful people who study and decide which way the world and humanity develops through their ideas, it stopped bothering me.
I may have been picked on in school but the world and it's future is ours in the end :)

Автор Ivette Gomez ( назад)
So all the Nick and Disney rejects are in this movie? Wow! This movie is going to be in deep shit!

Автор MFSVH ( назад)

Автор Rebecca Cothern5416 ( назад)
This came out 18 years too late. I would have loved this back in '99, but it's so out dated now. Nerds get laid like crazy!

Автор Leodaniel Dani ( назад)
victoria justice Isa todo old todo pretend todo be in highschool

Автор Mike Mcneill ( назад)
drop the racist black girl and people may have watched it

Автор Tizyanna ( назад)
All my childhood stars in one movie 😂

Автор Wanda Maximoff ( назад)
This feels like a 2009 nickelodeon movie that came out eight years too late. They even got half of the Victorious cast to star in it.

Автор Tasha Hill ( назад)
Beck and Tori FINALLY together <3

Автор TK Tyler ( назад)
Nickelodeon and disney

Автор Galactic123 ( назад)
That Asian kid that dresses like Steve Jobs looks like he's 40.

Автор caroline salv ( назад)
Not another teen age movie!!

Автор Victoria Milian ( назад)
Is nobody going to comment that FINALLY Tori and Beck are happening? I mean that was my main thought with victorius...

Автор Dessi Green ( назад)
is this movie really coming out? I seen the trailer in 2015 and never saw the movie come

Автор Neptune Vasilias ( назад)
The two victorius actors having a scene together? Neat

Автор Ollie Connors ( назад)
20 somethings still playing high schoolers.

Автор Mishty Majumdar ( назад)
Avan Jogia <3

Автор Shasha ( назад)

Автор bfan82 ( назад)
Revenge of the High School Nerds

Автор Shama Parveen ( назад)
smells like comic con ....bitch i love that smell

Автор Liberal Thamizhan ( назад)
Awkward Starrer Ashley Rickards is In the Movie of High School Genre - Purrfect.

Автор Rahul Saini ( назад)
hi how r u

Автор Selene Prince ( назад)
not another teen movie....lmao....but seriously....its been done before, so in a sense....we have all SEEN this movie.

Автор tigerlily ( назад)
Why do the nerdy characters always have glasses? Most of the nerds I know have perfect vision and I know several popular and social people with glasses

Автор 11Cassaroo11 ( назад)
Ahh Tori and Beck <3

Автор that guy ( назад)
even wearing dorky stuff victoria justice is hot AF

Автор Twimbo ( назад)
One of those high school/college movies to half watch on a Sunday morning while you do your chores and pay 30-40% attention to the dialog. Not like it's a M Night Shaylamalananananan flick with absurd twists.

Автор Challah Bread ( назад)
It's ok, Victoria Justice, you'll graduate from shitty high school movies eventually.

Автор Victoria Justice Republica Dominicana ( назад)
Who agrees that this movie is going to make a success

Автор Pepper Mint ( назад)
holy shit they got the girl who plays sue from the middle

Автор Thomas Paul ( назад)
its films like these that make me doubt evolution

Автор aramistech ( назад)
They now always have to make black people make a stupid comments like that. I'm a Cuban guy and I don't understand how all these movies try to make white people look bad.

Автор aramistech ( назад)
What a stupid movie

Автор Sageyi .asdtok ( назад)

Автор Levar Mitchell ( назад)
It feels so much like a 90s movie. All it needs now is Jennifer Love Hewitt, Sarah Michelle Geller, Selma Blair, Drew Barrymore, Neve Campbell, Jamie Kennedy, Matthew Lillard, Ethan Embry, Sean Patrick Thomas, Freddie Prinze Jr, Rose McGowan, Rebecca Gayheart, Seth Green, Fairuza Balk, Clea DuVall...

Автор jeremie osbourne ( назад)
they shot this movie like 3 years ago what the hell

Автор oh okay then ( назад)

Автор Mustafa Jackson ( назад)
I liked it better the first time I saw it in the 80's when it was called REVENGE OF THE NERDS.


Автор Johnny NiteTrain ( назад)
who really went to a high school where these different groups of kids were so clear cut? and made out to be like, at war with each other? i mean, seriously, wtf?? i went to high school in upstate NY in the '90s and sure, you had your athletes, hippies, skaters, etc.. but everyone got along for the most part, and there wasn't all this hatred 'n shit between groups. The only fights were between the scrubs, just dirtballs fighting dirtballs. Really it just boiled down to everyone had their own group of friends, no matter what type of person you were... This whole "movie high school land" just doesn't exist. Going back to the '80s, it's always the same, they cast 30 year old dudes as the "jocks", beating up the 'geeks', that are casted 13 year olds... so lame. smh

Автор VALENTINEproductions ( назад)
Victoria Justice is not a good actress but I'd like to stuff my face in her ass.

Автор Grant James ( назад)
Cliche black girl can only think in terms of skin color and slavery

Автор DFrost25 ( назад)
*blank stare*

Автор M E M E Gonzales ( назад)
So Victoria Justice as nerd is believable especially with glasses? Ok sure

Автор Cesar Perez ( назад)
My high-school was nothing like that... it was disappointing really, besides a few fights nothing ever happened.

Автор MikeJ01 ( назад)
So does this air on Disney or Nickelodeon First????

Автор wcjeep ( назад)
Isn't Victoria Justice in her mid 20's? She doesn't even look the part. Hopefully she was paid in advance.

Автор Gargoyle Senior ( назад)
Is highschool even still like this nowadays?

Автор Mac Benitez ( назад)
the funniest thing is that this is marked "comedy"

Автор Mac Benitez ( назад)
the funniest thing is that this is marked "comedy"

Автор shane jones ( назад)
you see that really hot chick?? yeah we need to make her a geek who isn't hot......um...some glasses???? yes!!!!

Автор Lorem Ipsum ( назад)
Daria meets Mean Girls? Got'cha

Автор Hunter Zolomom ( назад)
victoria still dating this lazy ass mexican + arabiam ISIS Hybrid
why woman r soo dumb ?

Автор leo50perez ( назад)
High schoolers are apparently 30 years old

Автор kevgret ( назад)
that girl with the long nose from the middle is going to be typecast her entire life.

Автор brandon baerga ( назад)
if your trying to make victoria justice a nerd try harder she's to good looking lol.

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