Top 10 Unbelievable Animals That Saved People's Lives

Top 10 real stories of wild animals and pets saving human's lives
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The relationship between humans and animals is both complicated and beautiful. Humans eat animals, but also take care of them as pets. We depend on animals for food as we eat the meat, milk, and eggs. We keep cats, dogs, fish, birds, reptiles, and more as pets. We try to preserve dying species and help save them through reproduction, all while other members of the human race are causing the extinction of some of the world’s most beautiful animals. It’s truly a love-hate relationship, and while we think animals may be dumb and unaware of their human heroes, we are quickly learning that they are paying attention.
In this video are some of the most remarkable stories of animals who have saved the lives of humans.

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Автор Top-5 Top-10 ( назад)
Top 20 Incredible acts of kindness, true stories that will restore your faith in humanity

Автор Camel With No Humps ( назад)
Cumpeenus, Brazil

Автор Dawna Jones ( назад)
Those are marmots not beavers. Great story.

Автор Andrew Bain ( назад)
Cats are heros

Автор Diana Nikolova ( назад)
the cat that saved the boy from the dog was a real lion... and the dog that saved the new born baby from the trash was an angel. OMG

Автор frozty93 ( назад)
excellent background music but bad mic quality "other wise" topnotch

Автор GizzmoD ( назад)
the cat wrecking that dog is one my all time fav YT clips..

Автор Colossal 3 ( назад)
your voice is so annoying!

Автор Bee Sue ( назад)
Geeeeeeeeeshush your voice is ANNOYING! But great video nonetheless! lol

Автор DomFifa Hd ( назад)

Автор Fatal 721 ( назад)
some people just don't deserve the life they have. how can someone do that to baby! I would love to get my hands on someone like that. I would have them eating through a straw inside of a body cast, and that's only if killing them wasn't a success.

Автор Leah DiGiallonardo ( назад)
this warms my 💓

Автор Helena Musaka ( назад)
Am I the only one who thought that #4 was soooo Canadian like 😂

Автор Tyla shy ( назад)
beautiful isn't it

Автор TheMillionaireGenie ( назад)
tired of crying

Автор Shivanshu Singh ( назад)
Yes, intolerance among humans have increased a lot ,by luking at these heroes we might learn value of life, it is precious and none has right to take it on any basis..

Автор Melani Vlah ( назад)
and still there are people who kill animals for fun and they call it a sport.

Автор aalap desai ( назад)
Superb! Great Job ... Great research.

Автор Kute Kupcake ( назад)
girl be like: yeah that's right! *Turns around* sh***********

Автор Jim Buckley ( назад)
I enjoyed your video. I couldn't help noticing that little boy that spent the night in the woods and was saved Those are not beaver. They are woodchucks or groundhogs.

Автор 1989NickyD ( назад)
Beautiful creatures.

Автор Critter Crazy ( назад)
Stunning ... people just don't give critter's enough credit for thier smarts🙃

Автор Albert Gasu Stone ( назад)
Animals are smarter Than a human

Автор Lynn Ray ( назад)
Beautiful! Just beautiful!

Автор Elizabeth Bradshaw ( назад)
why is canadas national animal the Beaver? THIS IS WHY.

Автор Lor Devil225 ( назад)
OMG I know the amount of love they have for these animals bc my dog literally saved my life I had almost killed myself and I just looked into her eyes and I broke down crying and I never cry but I saw the fear and love she had for me and I LOVE THIS DOG TO DEATH! With ALL of my heart! ❤️

Автор Chronicle37 Gaming ( назад)

Автор Roseanne Peniero ( назад)
Wow this was so sad but amazing!

Автор Jack Marks ( назад)
This is so sad I am about to 😭

Автор Lorine Mudaliar ( назад)
the first cat is a life safer wish I had had a cat like it

Автор Miquel Graanoogst ( назад)
Animals are more trustfully then humans.

Автор Celldweller Stahli ( назад)
this proves it all.....humanity exists more in animals than in humans...

Автор njack1994 ( назад)
The lion did not save a person on purpose she was just apparently so bad ass that it thought she was a lion!!? If I am getting that right then not going to Ethiopia any time soon. To be to able display empathy you must first understand what the person is going through. A pig empathized with a women who was having a heart attack presumably from her lifestyle. Do the math not that misunderstood creatures. Ever heard the expression fuck like rabbits. Yes that guy got fucked by a rabbit. Ok at most 6 mile swim to shore the boat tips over but the parents tread water meaning that are kind of ok but they still tread water and drown? Why the fuck are you on a boat in a lake that far from shore and can not swim? And who the fuck leaves a child on shore alone on a camping trip to go fishing on a boat and can not swim!? Honestly what the fuck?

Автор Kitty Kat ( назад)
sadly Lulu the pig died because people fed her too much candy

Автор Ameer Saraji ( назад)
I Still Remember the Tiger :(

Автор Assassinscreed raptor. ( назад)
god daмn ιт wнy мυѕт yoυ reмιnd мe oғ wнaт нappened тo нaraмвe?

Автор White omni god Goku ( назад)
Gotta love the haters

Автор MIke Smith ( назад)
i feel that number 10 with the lion saving the girl should be number 1 i mean how often do u see lion chasing away people from one person that they are protecting that girl is lucky the lion did not eat her and the fact the lions ran when they saw that good people or the police came just says its a sent from God

Автор lps arctic wolf ( назад)
this made me cry

Автор Beauty By Sophie ( назад)
man i love my animals

Автор Sarcastic Duck ( назад)
A chicken saved me! I was hungry, so she fed me

Автор Ssamppa ( назад)
all dislikers has no life

Автор Daniel Hickey ( назад)
man's best friend is a dog

Автор TopNotch Gaming ( назад)
number 5 is just heart touching

Автор Malai Robinson ( назад)
i think animal should be free and be loved forever

Автор Thomas Kipfer ( назад)
Compassion pure and simple. Animals , even ravenous lions, hungry dogs, zoo orangutans have compassion. What a wonderful reminder of our fascinating creator! Each member of creation has compassion, some more than others. These examples of extreme compassion are welcome fascinating wonders of created beings. We are reminded that even these animals have been created with an intelligence like that of the supreme creator. We as the top intelligence of earth marvel at these fine examples of compassion at it's best. T Kipfer

Автор Violet Niccals ( назад)
This hit me hard in the feelings HARD. Not gonna lie, i teared up a little. bless these animals. 💛💙💜💚❤

Автор Missionary on Wheels. Austin ( назад)
Praise the Lord!!!

Автор Beast mode Gamer ( назад)
A loiln saved me

Автор Avery and Maleigha W ( назад)
That's so cute 😘😘

Автор Sheldon Bass ( назад)
I simply love these types of videos. I have a deep appreciation for all animals and I sense our responsibility to care for them well, as we are the custodians of the earth, per God's decree. My wife and I both are avid animal lovers, and we've witnesed them doing such amazing things! Sometimes I believe we should give credit to God rather than the animal. He used animals many times in the bible. He used ravens to feed Elijah in the wild. The coolest one to me is when God made Balaam's donkey talk. ☺

Автор Lonely Soul ( назад)
this proves that animals have souls

Автор Homie Cheetah ( назад)
I was saved by a tiger like omg

Автор Yaman Alsaleh ( назад)
How death can make me laugh

Автор Wild Lion12 ( назад)

Автор Rashed Ramzi ( назад)
Animals are better then humans animals are amazing and some PEOPLE KILL THEM

Автор S Davies ( назад)
I like animals more then humans

Автор banana minion ( назад)
my dog saves me there was a dog barking at me my dog came up and fought him ☺☺☺

Автор Camden Lundgren ( назад)
the cat doo

Автор Camden Lundgren ( назад)
evevrey one of these animals are MLG to the max

Автор Camden Lundgren ( назад)
mlg gorrila strikes again

Автор Thomas NAN ( назад)

Автор James the activist ( назад)
This is their world and we ruined it, and they still forgive us and we still don't learn.

Автор Tina Lima ( назад)
tanks mi dog save me too from a nother dog i realize i have a incradibli bond with annimals

Автор ShiestyFPV ( назад)
The lions 🦁 only left once the police 👮🏻 arrived lolololololol

Автор Sara Jensen ( назад)
I started to get tears in my eyes, animals are so amazing😭❤

Автор I'm Ash , that's A to the Shush! ( назад)
The question is WHAT KIND OF A FUCKING MONSTER THROWS a baby girl in garbage . *flips table* 😤😤😤😤😤

Автор Huracan 716 ( назад)
fuck yeah cat REKTED the dog NICE TOP KEK R3KT M8

Автор 1wolfpack100 mania ( назад)
There should be called try not to cry I cried out everyone so sweet

Автор Oogway Turtle ( назад)
Rip Harambe

Автор Cheese Proxy ( назад)
Only one explanation on there animal behavior it's called reincarnation

Автор julie stewart ( назад)
I love the won when the cat saved the boy from the dog 🐈🐕❤️

Автор valdemar alves ( назад)
Your English is annoying dude

Автор John Owen ( назад)
Why not harambae

Автор Lilly Play Msp ( назад)
Did you guys here that click it's at..............uhhhhhhhh........ Let me check

Автор Mr. GreenGamer blur ( назад)
i love animals too much !

Автор RC Vids ( назад)
My husky saved my life because one day I was walking home and a germen sheoered attacked me and then my husky came over to me while the germen was attacking biting me and he started biting me too, not sure why all I know is he saved my life by showing me to never trust a dog. fuck u Mr husky

Автор Stue lal ( назад)
also pigs are tasty and have tasty bacon :D

Автор Grace Omotayo ( назад)
God is the only one controlling the animals ngl.

Автор 12saatvik ( назад)
Video says other animals besides cats and dogs can save lives, most of the video is about cat and dogs

Автор Sholitotz ( назад)
Hmm, Maybe Im gonna need a Gorrilla, A Lion, A Dog, A Pig,A Rabbit, A beluga.. Just to be sure..😂

Автор Sholitotz ( назад)
Dang I shed a tear😂😂

Автор Plushie boy- Gaming ( назад)
Seeing theses dogs made me sad because of my old dog she didn't do nothing special but she treated my like I was her puppy when I was born she had a good life until she became really ill and they had to put her down I cried that day in fact I'll still do but she was put to rest either by a long painful death or a short quick death but that sad part was she had 5 weeks left to live I miss her and I'll never stop
R.I.P Mollie from when my mum was a kid-2011((I don't know when they got her but she would be around 90-99 if she wasn't I'll))
((Also this is not for likes its true))

Автор No Stop ( назад)
That poor kid lost his parents...#4.

Автор No Stop ( назад)
I hate being human. This is making me emotional.

Автор amilah naila ( назад)
nowadays animals act more humane than we do

Автор Cloud Twirl ( назад)
That gorrilla tries to rescue the kid it's the savior... BUT NO!! When our boy Harambe tries to save a kid dude gets shot in the head... Bullshit

Автор Lvg Philosophy ( назад)

Автор venus vanaman ( назад)
It's amazing what animals can do. I love animals that is why I have 4 guppies,4 hamsters,  1 golden husky,4 cats,4 fish, 4 rats, and 1 Alaskan husky

Автор Karen Thibodeau ( назад)
this saw so cool

Автор The Rosario's ( назад)

Автор Adam Mahmood ( назад)
It's sad that animals are saving humans and humans are killing animals

Автор Gubby Honey Productions ( назад)
beaver A BEAVER! does that look like a beaver to you its a marmott

Автор Lance Ashley Tejares ( назад)
im crying hard

Автор jeffery williams ( назад)
very good.....that's god at work using whats available at the time when needed.......

Автор Cody Deforest ( назад)
humans may not not how to take care of each other or other animals but they sure know how to take care of us.

Автор Family Safa ( назад)

Автор young wolf ( назад)
7:42 he says the baby is a girl and than at 7:47 he says the baby's a boy ???

Автор super captain Lyall man ( назад)
look at all the stuff animals do for us but we decide "nah fuck it we humans are more important." look at the animals they're glad with the fact humans are more important than animals and they're sacrificing they're lives just to save you. we need bees in this world other wise all life would be dead including humans. spiders hunt down house pests so if you see a spider you should give it a pat on the back or the belly idk and thank it for getting rid of rats and flys and other animals that can break into your house. these sick people don't understand animals have emotion too and feel depression like we do. we're animals as well btw so yeah.

Автор DK Laishram ( назад)
salute to all animals that save humans live.......

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