10 Actors Who Snuck Into Comic Con In Disguise

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    The San Diego Comic Con is a huge event filled with celebrities from all aspects of pop-culture. With rabid fan bases filling the halls each year, it’s hard for many celebrities to make their way around and check out some of the displays themselves. Thanks to the cosplay tradition year after year, celebrities have the ability to get away with wearing masks and going around comic con not being recognized by anyone at all.
    Year after year, fans are shocked at the actors who have walked by them without giving a second glance. Just look at huge movie star Ben Affleck, who donned an odd costume back in 2017. Then there’s Suicide Squad star Jared Leto who found some costume inspiration from a classic Disney movie. Lupita Nyong’o stars in both Marvel and Star War franchises, giving her multiple reasons to don a costume for Comic Con. Many stars fool others by dressing up like their own characters. Look at some of the outfits worn by Andrew Garfield or Bryan Cranston. Henry Cavill proved that even Superman could hide in plain sight, especially when going up to meet stars like Will Smith or Scott Eastwood. Game of Thrones has a rabid fan base, but Maisie Williams was able to avoid them all with a simple costume that fooled many. Daniel Radcliffe was able to avoid hundreds of fan interactions by dressing up like the webbed hero Spider-Man. Watch to see all of these costumes and several others from the days of Comic Con.
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Comments • 80

  • subcool9
    subcool9 2 months ago

    why that guy wear a PZ mask

  • Rhyley murphy
    Rhyley murphy 5 months ago

    Imagine if Dwayne johnson was wearing a costume or Chris pratt

  • stupid universe 731C
    stupid universe 731C 6 months ago +2

    This guy mispronounced henry cavill and mark Ruffalo, give this guy a reward

  • TheStreetfish
    TheStreetfish 6 months ago

    Maisie is a true face changer
    shes was spider man and V for Vendetta

    Valar Morghulis !!!

    PACHY 7 months ago

    Now we want to know what Tom Holland looks like in a Harry Potter costume 😂

  • Layy
    Layy 10 months ago

    4:43 wait wut the hec

  • Krayzi Jay
    Krayzi Jay 10 months ago

    michael keaton as the joker would be amazing.

  • Reindeer Games
    Reindeer Games 10 months ago +1

    We have to say, Thor’s green scarf thingy is the best under cover mask ever

  • mrbkbry
    mrbkbry 11 months ago

    Thors was at the end

  • FWC Disciple
    FWC Disciple 11 months ago

    It’s V for Vendetta, not V is for Vendetta

  • LiL_MoFam 11
    LiL_MoFam 11 Year ago

    *OH YEAH YE:....*

  • Plush Tube
    Plush Tube Year ago

    Andrew Garfeald

  • ItsYeBoiTrogzy
    ItsYeBoiTrogzy Year ago

    Tom Holland better

    PYTHON Year ago

    Like 👍 wow

  • Toros Ouzounian
    Toros Ouzounian Year ago


  • banished49
    banished49 Year ago

    Anyone else notice that when he's talking about jack black he say's "maybe the CLOTHES, walk or OUTFIT gave it away." they done fucked up

  • jennifer crawford

    Number one. WAR MECHEINE who the fu*k is that guy anyway

  • The24secondShotClock

    I have seen Tom Felton at comic con as joker


    I want to meet tom hardy

  • samypiggysoup
    samypiggysoup Year ago

    Dead pool is my fave click click

  • alien booty 420
    alien booty 420 Year ago

    I met -MIA KHALIFA- *MIA KHALIFA* hit or miss

  • Zay Hatake
    Zay Hatake Year ago

    I met Stan Lee he signed my comic book Venom Lethal Protector

  • Taitafola Sofara
    Taitafola Sofara Year ago +1

    Deadshot was surprised by Super man.

  • Physic Radikouz
    Physic Radikouz Year ago

    Omg ok I’ve met jack black I was so excited and nervous😀😊

  • Emanuele Cala
    Emanuele Cala Year ago


  • D4DD13 P00L
    D4DD13 P00L Year ago

    J.Jonah.Jameson in DC, wtf

  • Altay Demir
    Altay Demir Year ago

    ewan mcgregor had the best one

  • Duskstorm
    Duskstorm Year ago

    "A famous actor went to ComicCon wearing a Spider-man mask and was never recognized by any of their fans!"

  • J J
    J J Year ago

    0:37 Ben Affleck isn't 6'4 .. he's 6'3

  • Martin Cabrera
    Martin Cabrera Year ago

    "lupita EN yong oh"

  • Bruno Agnese
    Bruno Agnese Year ago

    Radcliffe as atom

  • 1GoldRunner
    1GoldRunner Year ago

    If I saw Afleck, I wouldn't give two sh*ts.

  • Slytherin for life

    Hagrid: Yer' a wizard Harry.
    Yer' a spider Harry.

  • Slytherin for life

    Who watched this because they saw Daniel Radcliffe?

  • notrehtA hannaH
    notrehtA hannaH Year ago

    I can see your face
    Not when I do this you can’t

  • King Lollipops
    King Lollipops Year ago +1

    Voldemort: Your a fool Spider-Man

  • Chobane
    Chobane Year ago

    i feel like such a normie while watching this

  • Chobane
    Chobane Year ago

    i doubt many people recognized her from star wars

  • gaurav chandra
    gaurav chandra Year ago

    Ben Affleck height is 6ft 2 ¼ or 188.6 cm tall.

  • WooAk
    WooAk Year ago +3

    Imagine Dave Bautista dressing as Drax.
    He would be invisible. Like a ninja.

  • Gilachi
    Gilachi Year ago

    What about John Cena? He wasn't even in a disguise and yet, no one recognized him.

  • KW-1000
    KW-1000 Year ago

    3:22 I was like, WHO?

  • albert th3 duck
    albert th3 duck Year ago


  • Big J Spider
    Big J Spider Year ago

    I have met Someone at Comic-Con

  • stify uh
    stify uh Year ago +1

    Harry parker

  • Gloria Ulep
    Gloria Ulep Year ago


  • Terra
    Terra Year ago

    in all honesty, daniel looks like a pretty good peter parker

  • Greg Dovlatian
    Greg Dovlatian Year ago

    you misssed adam savages costume

  • Rafael Cachero
    Rafael Cachero Year ago


  • Connor Booker
    Connor Booker Year ago

    jared leto it’s (lee-to) btw

  • im the worst YouTuber ever Le

    Jack black is also in the movie goosebumps

  • Azraf Rahman
    Azraf Rahman Year ago

    Why is this a video?

  • 赤Red
    赤Red Year ago

    Daniel should be the next spiderman

  • Jeremiah Fry
    Jeremiah Fry Year ago

    He traveled

  • Garrett R Johson
    Garrett R Johson Year ago

    I have met the actor for the Oompa Lupa and the cast for star trak

  • Jacob Cartwright
    Jacob Cartwright Year ago


  • phat phox
    phat phox Year ago +1

    My dad met Jared Leto at Comic Con because my dad aced the joker costume and he posted my dad on snapchat

  • Chat Noir
    Chat Noir Year ago

    This year 2018 comic con there was the person who played luke skywalker and i walked right past him i cant remember wha he was dressed up as but when i came home my dad told me so i said "I WALKED RIGHT PAST HIM"

  • ningenslayer116
    ningenslayer116 Year ago +1

    Why is this even a list lol

  • Julian Fazz
    Julian Fazz Year ago +12

    If Chris Hemsworth wore a muscle suit-Actually he already has the suit

  • Licht Silver
    Licht Silver Year ago +3

    Can't Henry Cavill...
    just wear eye glasses like Clark did?

  • Donny Vo
    Donny Vo Year ago

    Andrew Garfeild

    Garfeild hehehe

  • GoldenWolf AMPS
    GoldenWolf AMPS Year ago

    Jack Black can be obviously be identified easily. Either how he walks and how he wears himself.

  • Caesar Waters
    Caesar Waters Year ago

    i have met ur mom roasted

  • Its tisha
    Its tisha Year ago +1

    Daniel as a Spiderman 😍😍

  • PlanetCanada 333 E

    I can’t afford to go to America

  • Rayan Thoufeek • 78 years ago

    wHO HAvE yOu MEt iN COMmiC COn?

  • AdrianM
    AdrianM Year ago +8


  • Jaime Garcia
    Jaime Garcia Year ago

    Joker look like my cousin Jose

  • DizzlyBoom
    DizzlyBoom Year ago

    4:20 summit1g

  • SAHS Hasan
    SAHS Hasan Year ago

    whats comic con

  • E Floor
    E Floor Year ago

    I know someone i dunno who

  • Reavn HunterHD
    Reavn HunterHD Year ago +1

    I like harry potter be a spider man i call him harry man cool name right

  • Faded Six
    Faded Six Year ago

    i didnt even know the guy idk his name maybe gordon?

    but he betrayed spider man for him

  • Jonathan the Comic book nerd

    I met Stan lee

  • George Maccoy
    George Maccoy Year ago +1

    Lol omg Jack walked right past me and I had no idea xD

  • PengPenguin
    PengPenguin Year ago


  • Sound of Madness
    Sound of Madness Year ago

    Anyone remember that parody of Andrew Garfield dressed up as Spider-Man trying to get money

  • Ford Prefect
    Ford Prefect Year ago

    You forgot Robert Downey Jr.

  • Enigma71559
    Enigma71559 Year ago

    The only problem with Daniel Radcliffe playing a superhero is that he's about 5' tall!!

    • Its tisha
      Its tisha Year ago +1

      Then what about Tom Cruise, Elijah wood? They are also not much tall. Anyways Daniel is my all time favorite hero. No matter how much tall he is. Love Harry Potter.

    • Its tisha
      Its tisha Year ago

      Then what about Tom Cruise, Elijah wood? They are also not much tall. Anyways Daniel is my all time favorite hero. No matter how much tall he is. Love Harry Potter.