Deaf Fortnite Pro Ewok Accuses Eh Bee Family Of Mocking Her For Being Deaf!

  • Published on Mar 16, 2019
  • Deaf Fortnite Pro Ewok Accuses Eh Bee Family Of Mocking Her For Being Deaf!
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  • The Fortnite Guy
    The Fortnite Guy  4 months ago +1676

    3rd edit: it’s confirmed that the account was created today using Twitter age verification, so there is still not proof whether or not the account was Ewoks or not. @twitchewok was in her commands on twitch. Idk what’s going on but nothing is proven! Will keep you all updated!
    2nd Edit: wait this account had no followers previously to this situation it seems! can anyone confirm that her twitch had this twitter before? Because if not they can just be trying to hide it.

    You HAVE to watch the ENTIRE video to fully understand everything that happened. Do NOT go to either Eh Bee Family or Ewok spreading hate because this is a VERY sticky situation. Hope you guys enjoyed the instant coverage on this situation. If you like my videos, then LIKE it! Ty for watching

  • Christofait Beauvil
    Christofait Beauvil 4 hours ago

    I was just about to say deleted

  • Madara
    Madara 11 hours ago

    Yeah it went from correct grammar and positivity
    To complete 14 year old in 2019 type shit

  • gorogda7
    gorogda7 14 hours ago

    Im not a twitter user but cant u delete tweets please inform me

  • Pulse
    Pulse 20 hours ago

    I don't trust bee family but idk

  • jerbearinthehouse lokey

    At least eh bee family less cringed than this channel

  • Marvar28 DRAGON
    Marvar28 DRAGON Day ago +2

    FGTEEV is better in making Fortnite Videos than Eh Bee Family

  • Racist Cat
    Racist Cat Day ago

    B R U H

  • RoyaleRy
    RoyaleRy Day ago +1

    I used to watch the eh bee family a lot they seem pretty nice, but some videos they don't have respect I am on Ewoks side because a girl who just got blew up would not try to make everyone hate her because that is her second dream you are probably wondering what is the first in my opinion it is to not be deaf I just hope that they both get along well and become good friends also I liked subbed and commented as u can seeCYA

  • Real Prezzy
    Real Prezzy Day ago

    Honestly they deleted the message

  • Howdie-brother Brother

    They could have deleted the message

  • MV Mystic
    MV Mystic Day ago


  • MV Mystic
    MV Mystic Day ago

    Why’d yo c

  • mlg quick scope
    mlg quick scope 2 days ago +1

    I think ewok got hacked she will never say anything like that she is chill.

  • feed mannyy
    feed mannyy 2 days ago

    Ewok cant talk shit with her deaf ass she only popular because timthetapman

  • Baseball man 22
    Baseball man 22 2 days ago

    Fuck the eh bee family they deleted the other txts

  • rx_wrld
    rx_wrld 2 days ago

    He deleted it

  • Ethan Ennis
    Ethan Ennis 2 days ago +3

    Unfortunately for her.....
    "giant like button symbol appears"

  • Neuken Kd
    Neuken Kd 2 days ago

    Ewok is just a troll

  • Cole Y
    Cole Y 3 days ago

    Why is the Bee family saying they would never say that to someone, even though they have done stuff similar in the past, I am neutral, but it is not a good look, when the Bee family has done stuff like this before

  • RNS Raspy
    RNS Raspy 3 days ago

    She’s trash

  • THC Buu
    THC Buu 4 days ago

    Wait can’t you delete a message

  • Drew Jefferies
    Drew Jefferies 4 days ago

    on cam

  • Drew Jefferies
    Drew Jefferies 4 days ago

    eh bees family's lieing they tell their kids to be perverted and not telling us no like but you will soon find it

  • Ryleigh Elaine
    Ryleigh Elaine 4 days ago +1

    I think she got hacked

  • ArishTEM / TheEmeraldMinecart

    They could have deleted the message

  • WatermellonEthan
    WatermellonEthan 5 days ago +2

    Eh bee family would never do this, I watch their vlogs and vids.

  • blu VII
    blu VII 6 days ago

    I mean the Eh Bee Family can probably delete the message you know u can delete messages or u can’t idk i don’t have Twitter

  • Time travel Hsjeleke

    Hmmm lol 😂 an Ewok like the little things from the movies lol 😂

  • -Nikoly-
    -Nikoly- 6 days ago

    ur pfp looks like it says fag

  • Neel Nair
    Neel Nair 6 days ago +1

    The eh bee family is so stupid. They are the most cancerous channel on RUclip. “NEW FORTNITE DRESS UP DANCE CHALLENGE” No one cares

  • Saimira Kodhimaj
    Saimira Kodhimaj 7 days ago

    ewok was hacked

  • ɪƈɣ ƒɾơƨƭƅɣƭє

    How's sickening some parents are these days I'm sure they edited a fake screenshot to cause eyes on them because A) sent the tweet out to Keemtar of ALL things B) Could of been a grown up and dm'd the account back C) Not tell everyone to retweet a possible situation like this but honestly they faked it for PUBLICITY plain and simple that's fucked up having a dad like that using his own kids disability for viewes,subs etc since she's his meal ticket now.. This is a case of milking a disability to the fullest and I hope her dad isn't manipulative to her in order for her to play this

  • Jakuyo _YT
    Jakuyo _YT 7 days ago

    Does anyone know that you can delete DM messages!!!!!???

  • CBT_ Donsocool
    CBT_ Donsocool 8 days ago +1

    They deleted the massage

  • Mr S
    Mr S 8 days ago

    They delete the text

  • M1N1 Clan
    M1N1 Clan 8 days ago

    Of course Ewok faked it. First of all logically a hacker wouldn’t just expose he/she’s selves and then link their twitter? Second of all she’s deaf not unable to photoshop.

  • Spotted Gamer
    Spotted Gamer 8 days ago

    Great Ewok description bud👍
    Real nice

  • Jaw Ehkueyou
    Jaw Ehkueyou 9 days ago +3

    Ewok is actually good at fortnite like real good

  • KronicXF
    KronicXF 9 days ago

    Tbh There Dog Shit at fortnite

  • Saucity
    Saucity 9 days ago

    How does she know she cant even hear

  • ALT Insidious
    ALT Insidious 9 days ago

    Lmao I remember seeing this dude 16k subs and now is at 400k+ I’m amazed 🚫🧢

  • Who dis Playz Nra
    Who dis Playz Nra 9 days ago

    He delete the message

  • mir awais mehmood
    mir awais mehmood 9 days ago

    00:36 WTF SHE IS 11 OR 12 BANNED xddd

  • T J The King
    T J The King 9 days ago


  • Nika Shengelia
    Nika Shengelia 10 days ago

    This man flexing his girl

  • fawu
    fawu 10 days ago

    sis wanted more clout PERIODT

  • TR Applehead
    TR Applehead 10 days ago

    Eh Bee Family is very cringe

  • FaZe SnIpEz
    FaZe SnIpEz 10 days ago +2

    Imagine not hearing "the lost woods"💔💔

  • FearJolteon
    FearJolteon 10 days ago

    They can just delete the message they did do it it’s not just photo shopped

  • Lachlan Creed
    Lachlan Creed 10 days ago

    This kinda thing has happened to me on instagram these random messages were sent to me in my friends accounts

  • Pringle boi
    Pringle boi 10 days ago

    Eh Bee family just is drama
    Sorry for the 12 year girl cough cough eh Bee family sucks at fornite

  • Devian Moore
    Devian Moore 10 days ago

    I’m unscribing to the eh bee family that is so wrong to do that they r so salty also don’t they realize they can delete the messages

  • reloady Jr
    reloady Jr 10 days ago

    i think ewok is about 14 or 15 correct me if im wrong

  • XxurSaltyxX bro
    XxurSaltyxX bro 10 days ago

    I said I said it

  • To Jo
    To Jo 10 days ago

    Ewok can die in a hole

  • Harv
    Harv 10 days ago

    She's like 13-14

  • Thug Life
    Thug Life 10 days ago +1

    Is it me or I’m the only one surprised that he has a girlfriend 😂😂

  • Sweats
    Sweats 11 days ago

    oh nevermind

  • Sweats
    Sweats 11 days ago

    thing is it might be true that the message was real because couldn't they just delete it?

  • YoMelody
    YoMelody 11 days ago


  • YoMelody
    YoMelody 11 days ago

    Ewok is way better than eh bee family

  • Nikita Hovic
    Nikita Hovic 11 days ago

    What does eh bee family have with gaming??

  • Infinite gamer The content king

    He could of deleted the tweet

  • Carl
    Carl 11 days ago

    Sje can’t be 12-13 you have to be 13 years old

  • Miguel Martinez
    Miguel Martinez 11 days ago

    The real one says “ if you ever decide “ and the fake one says “ if you ever decided”

    OH YEAH YEAH 11 days ago

    Shes deaf at least she can hear shit

  • Rafael Alcaraz
    Rafael Alcaraz 11 days ago

    Eh bee family is becoming irrelevant

  • MST_reaper 101
    MST_reaper 101 11 days ago

    Fu nigga

  • noah mifsud
    noah mifsud 12 days ago

    Is EWOK Chinese