Epic ACCIDENTALLY Brought Back This ZERO Fall Damage Glitch! (Fortnite Battle Royale)

  • Published on Nov 18, 2019
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  • SypherPK
    SypherPK  23 days ago +331

    There was an old version of this trick that worked the same way with the Meteor's gravity back in Season 10.
    Epic has now accidentally brought this glitch back in Chapter 2! Be sure to SUBSCRIBE to never miss a trick!

    • Edward0 Santorres
      Edward0 Santorres 16 days ago

      Nice save 🤣🤣🤣

    • ツMedina
      ツMedina 19 days ago


    • Jeff Lee Bass
      Jeff Lee Bass 21 day ago

      if you think this is accidental, then you gotta think twice. Epic puts somes "bugs" for you content creators to exploit it and make videos about it

    • Happy Thanos
      Happy Thanos 21 day ago

      Hello, cypher pk I won't to buy your grooming kit I want to look lik u I am fat and ginger

  • Baileyz
    Baileyz 2 days ago

    I think it’s meant to be in the game

  • Jeffrey Palardy
    Jeffrey Palardy 8 days ago

    You can call that men’s grooming kit the “Trap Box” gonna trap all the hot people you want with your fresh hair.

  • Soyem Ahmed
    Soyem Ahmed 11 days ago

    he do be lookin kinda nice tho

  • Vhile Skit
    Vhile Skit 14 days ago

    That gap tho

  • Mazen Younes
    Mazen Younes 14 days ago


  • Gaming Boy
    Gaming Boy 14 days ago

    Sypher : i found a bug!!
    Epic Games: Why you bullying me?

  • SierraJoFox
    SierraJoFox 15 days ago

    Lazarbeam make this type of vid earlier

  • Dr. Costa
    Dr. Costa 15 days ago

    i was there

  • Nehal Patel
    Nehal Patel 15 days ago +1

    You can sky base with that glitch

  • Jesus De la torre
    Jesus De la torre 15 days ago

    You should also make a kids version kit

  • Draven Xikor
    Draven Xikor 15 days ago

    i was there

  • Patryk Szlezak
    Patryk Szlezak 16 days ago

    What is this skin that he is playing?

  • RyxnCraft
    RyxnCraft 16 days ago +1

    Fortnite: these Chapter 2 updates won't be game-breaking

    The updates:

  • September
    September 17 days ago

    So they do it to kill people for “Content”
    But if someone dose the same to them it’s a perma ban.

    ZOMBIES BOSS453 17 days ago

    I was here lmao

  • Nathan Carlie
    Nathan Carlie 17 days ago

    The fact he missed the blue ar and the purple burst is sad

  • Ethan Scheuble
    Ethan Scheuble 17 days ago

    Sypher PK is really annoying

  • mohamed elhadi
    mohamed elhadi 17 days ago

    who watched this after lazarbeam's VIDEO?

  • JiNx-Corner
    JiNx-Corner 17 days ago

    Who heard sypherpk kid and not sypherpk kit

  • lil Twilly
    lil Twilly 18 days ago

    The ending😂

  • xGreatest Dad
    xGreatest Dad 18 days ago

    Id buy sypher mens products😂💪

  • Issa Croissant
    Issa Croissant 18 days ago

    Hey Sypher ru gonna ever upload any Modern Warfare gameplay?

  • Zexity YT
    Zexity YT 18 days ago +1

    I failed nnn

    LNS FUN 18 days ago +1

    I love this game🎮🔫🤪👌🏽

  • cringe,x moose
    cringe,x moose 18 days ago

    Your good

  • norlom Ork
    norlom Ork 18 days ago


  • norlom Ork
    norlom Ork 18 days ago


  • Ambili  Suresh
    Ambili Suresh 18 days ago

    Why are you so toxic all of a sudden

  • Sparx
    Sparx 18 days ago

    What is you walk out of a Thing of Corn and do it?

    EXPAL GAMING 18 days ago

    I sub because u are an anime fan...
    Not sure

  • DY Inc.
    DY Inc. 18 days ago

    3:02 spicy ballsack

  • Vizzion
    Vizzion 18 days ago

    King of Traps

    More like King of Third Party

  • JusticeGlenn
    JusticeGlenn 18 days ago

    Did EPIC actually add Big Chuggus into the game?(oringinally Bog chungus)clever!

  • Dextrous Btw
    Dextrous Btw 18 days ago +1

    He’s untouchable!!!!!🔥🔥🔥🐲

  • Creamy Ginger
    Creamy Ginger 18 days ago +1

    2:48 200 iq

  • itzReddFN
    itzReddFN 19 days ago

    2:56 boomer jk ly

  • oaktownshorty
    oaktownshorty 19 days ago

    Hello person scrolling through the comments I have made a few videos on my channel and I just want to know if I can some tips about how I can make my videos better.

  • Justin Grissom
    Justin Grissom 19 days ago

    sypher should just call it sypher, not sypher pk kit

  • Scottie Schenerlein
    Scottie Schenerlein 19 days ago

    I'd cop that if you added some merch to like a t shirt

  • ツMedina
    ツMedina 19 days ago


  • LuWill
    LuWill 19 days ago

    80% of his viewers gonna have to wait 10 years to use the grooming kit lol

  • Sunny
    Sunny 19 days ago


  • abh on ipad
    abh on ipad 19 days ago +1

    Did they remove the glitch

  • Gucci Savage
    Gucci Savage 19 days ago +3

    Sypher before: The Aug is the new best weapon in the game

    Sypher now: Takes a green AR over two purple Augs

  • FrankeCupido136
    FrankeCupido136 19 days ago

    Don't forget the SpK wave-brush

  • carlos d 3
    carlos d 3 19 days ago +1


  • Candice Roy
    Candice Roy 20 days ago

    Nice aimbot were you got it from.

  • Jonah
    Jonah 20 days ago

    4:00 leaves purple burst there

  • Rohit Aggarwal
    Rohit Aggarwal 20 days ago

    Syther should have more subs then he atuellt has

  • Brandon Palmer
    Brandon Palmer 20 days ago

    Purple scar

  • Yapiro
    Yapiro 20 days ago

    SypherPk's grooming kit, I WAS HERE YEAH

  • Animationcraft 2019
    Animationcraft 2019 20 days ago

    Sypher:dont do it in a real game. Also sypher:does it in the same game

  • Muxly
    Muxly 20 days ago

    lol idc because the game is shit now make not the vid on something els

  • Sam Bro / spray art
    Sam Bro / spray art 20 days ago

    Level 223 😱😵😳my god 👍🏻

  • JakeALLmighty
    JakeALLmighty 20 days ago

    I'm buying the SypherPK Mens grooming kit when it drops! 🙉

  • dude and zack
    dude and zack 20 days ago

    Can i add you epic hotpure

  • Eu gosto De Memes
    Eu gosto De Memes 20 days ago

    I lost a match because foi this bug

  • Dylan Cordova.04
    Dylan Cordova.04 20 days ago +1

    He copy the glitch from plu 2 😂😂😂

  • Nyggz 98
    Nyggz 98 20 days ago

    How do i do this?