St Petersburg metro explosions 'kill 10' - BBC News

At least 10 people have been killed in explosions at underground stations in St Petersburg, Russian media report. News agencies reported the blasts hit the Sennaya Ploschad and nearby Tekhnologichesky Institut stations in the centre of the city.
Images posted on social media showed a carriage in Sennaya station with its doors blown out with casualties nearby.
President Vladimir Putin said all causes, including terrorism, were being investigated.

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Автор Similo Ndiweni ( назад)
humanity has lost its way...
Another sad did by those who would cause harm

Автор znasser1 ( назад)
Russians will continue to pay heavy prices like this so long as Putin and his things run Russia and so long that they stand on the side of scums like ASSad, fat Kim and other invalids world wide.

Автор Lord Slashington III ( назад)
If any Muslim is coming here to see the comments don't continue
The ignorance that is displayed down here is too damn strong
Makes me lose hope in humanity

Автор bryan cordova ( назад)
Some how im thinking of persona 5

Автор Александр Нет ( назад)
Lie. 14 people died.Trust me I am from Russia.

Автор Банан Еблан ( назад)
слава украине!

Автор Joseph sideman ( назад)
Another CIA/MI6/MOSSAD/Rothschild/Khazarian mafia and the Jesuits to destabilise Russia or it's an inside job from the FSB for any reason to put the blame on whatever suits the need at hand. Wake-Up people of the World, Say no to war, say no more conflict to your politician at all level you can reach. Say to them that you don't want this situation to persist, you want an end to all wars on the planet. Peace and Love to Humanity !

Автор Alie Olie34 ( назад)
I'm so sorry. My prayers for you and families involved . Sorry for your loss.

Автор Green ( назад)
My condolences to those affected by this. It is truly horrible what people can do to humanity, but we must not give in.

Автор Criftin ( назад)
1) Alina Dinara Samandarovna, 10/08/1996

2) Aryshev Maksim Vitalyevich, 18.08.1996

3) Malyukova Ksenia Sergeevna, 11.09.1998

4) Medyantseva Irina Kuzminichna, 06/05/1966

5) Svistunova Angelina Sergeevna, 17.02.1990

6) Nalimov Yuri Pavlovich, 07/06/1945

7) Danilenko Oksana Gennadievna, 03.10.1991

8) Shchekina Larisa Grigoryevna, 06/02/1950

9) Petrov Denis Romanovich, December 27, 1991

10) Mansour T. Sagadeev, 27.08.2000 or 27.03.2000
List of victims(

Автор Ancheron The Witch ( назад)
After im seen videos in news (happen in Syria) shown that massive civillian include kids killed by what they believe 'chemical bomb' dropped by authorities of Syrian WITH Russian army..this St petersburg attack made me thought..Russia..u Deserved it!!

Автор Galaxial ( назад)
All these dumbass liberal white gringos be doing the most. Idiot crackers defending a religion they know nothing about. Glad to see they crawled back in their privileged home since the terrorist was evidently a muslim.

Автор Pogues Mahone ( назад)
Islam is a cult of hatred, oppression, homophobia, and misogyny. Eradicate the cult of Islam now!

Автор EpicWarrior Gaming ( назад)
Metro boomin

Автор Leo Science ( назад)
Russia is bombing isis in syria and they retaliat it wasn't islam, islam is fighting isis right now in the middle east along with russia and the NATO. Drill that into your head my dear bigots, ISIS will only be defeated by the hands of Muslims which is exactly​ what's happening now in Iraq.

Автор Isabel S ( назад)
*God Bless You St Petersburg*

Автор Danish Rusdi ( назад)
Errrm, guys, don't assume this was done by Muslims. Islam says it prohibits terrorism, even using it's name. Terrorism is a huge sin to any religion. If ISIS did this, don't say that they are "Muslims" that bombed the St Petersburg metro. Islam says "No, I have nothing to do with terrorism, I totally ban it from the start."

Автор viaumagma ( назад)

Автор Amir Kazemi ( назад)

Автор Keyboard Warrior ( назад)
It was the Cuban Communists.

Автор Russhill Brand ( назад)
hi bbc, are you going to show your news anchor doing the throat slit "cut" action when your editer cocks up this fake hoax ala westminster? cheers

Автор Okay Curt ( назад)
Any ideology that can be interpreted in such a way as to advocate the killing of humans simply because they do not believe in that ideology is a disease against humanity. It cannot be sanctioned as a religion, as it is truly a cultish belief that promotes evil and spreads hatred as it grows.

Автор আমরাই পারবো ( назад)
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Автор Jose cruz-veliz ( назад)
guys let's not jump to concl- annnnnd it was a muslim....

Автор dambigfoot ( назад)
The extended family of the suicide bomber has already been sent to the Siberian gulag for life time of forced hard labor.

Автор Christopher Ortega ( назад)
ohhh they fucked with the wrong country

Автор Ja711Bx ( назад)
Russia is so corrupt I wouldn't even doubt this was done to stop the protests

Автор John Jacob ( назад)
How much of a puss do you have to be?

Автор Shawn O'Connor ( назад)
best wishes to those injured and condolences to the families of those killed in Russia - a future us airman

Автор Carol Devine ( назад)
Wicked Teresa May (day ...sos)  and European leaders ... BUT congratulations ...    YOUR coverage of this shocking act ( seem to remember it happened in London a few years ago )...and IMMEDIATELY calling it a FALSE FLAG ...tells EVERY PERSON in Europe that ...the LEADERS  are wicked ..  YES ...   and they are going to suffer from I CANT BELIEVE IT..   WE LOST ..DEMONCRATS ...   lets blame someone else and prove Russia did it ...BECAUSE we do NOT take responsibility for our WICKED BEHAVIOUR ..  SHAME on YOU ... BUT  well done for exposing your vile   evil and wicked  deeds ... WE the PEOPLE ...will NEVER support you ..    GOD BLESS RUSSIA ...   and may the bbc  be judged by GOD only ..

Автор Tommy D ( назад)
What type of religion condones this. So sad

Автор Mario Comparan ( назад)
we have to get rid of religion, its the only way to stop the killings, im so sorry for the deaths of the families, but for them to die for a stupid reason such as religion is unfathomable

Автор Rajput ( назад)
Wht russian hav bn doing to othrs now coming back to thr shore

Автор Abo 3hed Ssss ( назад)
its a terrorist Attack, but no One has said, that, what russia Do in Syria is terrorist. russia has Destroyed Aleppo, every day kill alot of people, than come Person and say but the war in syria is a civil War. if it is, why russia is fighting With bashat alasad

Автор The Big Pickle ( назад)
Lemme guess. Muslim terrorists

Автор Bannanasammich ( назад)
guys lets set the record straight, not all muslims are like this. its their religion that is the problem, islam needs to be modernized or destroyed. i dont hate any musilims. i hate the "religion of peace"

Автор Osama bin liftin ( назад)
Thanks Bbc for not covering this story. Not even 2 mins? Bbc is fake news through and through. Paid media.

Автор RoadTripVidz ( назад)
Islam just fucked up...

Автор markov lenitsky ( назад)
why you guys blame islam! u guys are don't have a proof!

Автор Christian Hagerman ( назад)
No one is blaming ALL muslims. But Islam at its core is violent, opressive, and unwelcoming to all other beliefs

Автор Christian Hagerman ( назад)
how many people have to die before we wake up and see the real issue... RADICAL ISLAM!

Автор etran ( назад)
I read a lot of comments on Russian social networks - ppl believe that Russian government is behind these attacks to redirect people' attention away from the recent corruption scandal about Medvedev.

Автор Raiden_586 ( назад)
We need the Avengers.

Автор AleVids ( назад)
"religion of peace"

Автор Joshua O. ( назад)
70% of pakistanis are inbreds.

Автор Matt ____ Thomas ( назад)
Man. I can't imagine what the religious beliefs of the attacker might be. (JK. We all know he's Muslim) Europe is a clear example of what happens when you take in too many refugees

Автор Joe Leo ( назад)
Russia needs us and we need them more then ever. I'm tired of the medias dislike of Russia at this point it makes not sense why can't we be allies. god knows what we could accomplish if we worked together. My condolence to all the Russians who lost there lives to crazed zealots who have nothing but hate for anyone who isn't apart of there patriarchal cult.

Автор Extreme Donald Trump ( назад)
Muslims and Liberals blaming US and Russian involvement in the middle east, their stupidity knows no bounds. To Russians, these are our common parasitic enemies for the wars to come. Be ready.

Автор ufelcher ( назад)
The Russians bankrupt themselves on a military that can't even prevent this. What will happen when vengeful Ukraine pays a visit?

Автор thatsLIT Fam ( назад)
And people want to get rid of Trump's travel ban...

Автор Extreme Donald Trump ( назад)
Look at all the gullible Muslims and Islamic Sympathizers being the miserable losers they are making excuses for this ISLAMIC terrorist attack, they're getting desperate for their time is about to end #OpenGasChambersAgain

Автор The Iguana ( назад)
Tekhnologichesky Institut translates to "Technological Institute" Just call it that ffs, makes things easier.

Автор Skeletonz ( назад)
was anybody else thinking " please not Muslim please not muslim... God Dammit!"

Автор Russia ( назад)
Time to drop some bombs on these towel head rats

Автор Adrian Soriano ( назад)
My heart's out to all those affected

Автор Vladimir Meskheli ( назад)
putin did it

Автор Joe S ( назад)
Russia is the last country you want to mess up with

Автор Kogasiri ( назад)
Henry Ford said "Corral the 50 wealthiest Jews and there will be no wars".
If we rephrase these words "Destroy Saudi Arabia and Qatar, as the main sponsors of terrorists and terrorist attacks will end"
No money no funny.

Автор FittyAqua ( назад)
Wait, a member of the Islamic religion did this?! I'm shocked!

Автор Best Reaction Channel Ever ( назад)
Only a matter of time before someone politicizes it! Keep them in your prayers and check out my response!

Автор Charles Pinsky ( назад)
BBC are in bed with Islamists.

Автор Hillonald Clintrump ( назад)
Everyone please pray to whatever deity you may worship for those who've been injured and/or lost a loved one in the attack. If you're atheist please pray to science for said reasons.

Автор yolence tshamala ( назад)
Jesus Christ of the Nazareth please visit Islam So, they can stop killing innocent people. STOP KILLING PLEASE

Автор Publius Cornelius Scipio ( назад)
America supports you Russia (except cancerous Liberals). You have our prayers.

Автор Isra Paredes ( назад)

Автор Matthew Baker ( назад)
Explosion of peace

Автор Tony tony slaughter ( назад)
start klling muslims all over europe also kill niqqers they are all evil trash

Автор Random Itailian Man ( назад)
That's what they get for Crimea and Chechnya

Автор Ryan Campbell ( назад)
As an American my heart goes out to all who were affected by this tragedy

Автор Illegal Commenter ( назад)
If this were in Europe it would definitely be an Islamic attack, but since it is Russia we can't quite rule out a gas leak or something of that nature.

Автор Steve Rivera ( назад)
Why isn't American media covering this story?

Автор Daniel N. ( назад)
at this point if you support islam you should be hanged for treson :)

Автор Tip Tig ( назад)
when is this going to stop we have had it do you hear me

Автор Nathan Stevenson ( назад)
Not all Muslims are evil. They're just generally more explosive than the rest of us

Автор John Jacob ( назад)
The religion of peace strikes again...smh

Автор Username47948 ( назад)

Автор tworains2 ( назад)
meh the syrians have it worse

Автор soldierboymedia ( назад)
America send love to families in Russia.

Автор Pawknee123 ( назад)
These Muslim scum need to be booted right back to the Middle East and then have an atom bomb dropped on them. Their Islam is a cancer that none of us want.

Автор 2008sbaman43 ( назад)
if young metro don't trust you imma shoot ya

Автор I heart Lyoko ( назад)
Thoughts, love and prayers from the United States. I hope the survivors will be okay and I hope whoever did this will be brought to justice.

Автор Ursa Major ( назад)
Not gonna lie, people in the comments are rejecting all Americans prayers, like seriously? I'm not racist in anyway shape or form but I believe in equality. If someone sends their prayers and love to the hurt, accept it.

Автор Anthony Marici ( назад)
What a coincidence. The anti Russian pro Islamic democrats have been attacking Russia in the news for months now and then there's an explosion in Putin's home town.

Автор Daniel Slater ( назад)
Im going to
Pray for these victims

Автор No Name ( назад)
Oh Putin! 😐

Автор SabuPtolemy ( назад)
Muslimes doing Muslimey things no doubt. R.I.P. to the victims.

Автор David Vasquez ( назад)
Fake news by CNN.

Автор DualTube ( назад)
Its all set up by the government so it gives them excuse to blame muslims etc but the media cover the story up and brainwash innocent people it is sickening!!

Автор Kor Yica ( назад)
As soon as I saw St. Petersburg on the trending page, I was praying it wouldn't be another act of violence... 😢#prayforpetersburg

Автор Trace Taylor ( назад)
God Damn Hindus, at it again I see.

Автор Save America ( назад)
BBC is fake leftist news like CNN and MSNBC.

Автор david gracie ( назад)
Bullshit. Wake up this is an inside job by fsb.

Автор RandomLuis ( назад)
like = Jesus saves

Автор jravage77 ( назад)
Trump, Putin please close down the Mosques and ban Islam! The Quran is nothing but a brainwashing tool to turn men into killers and women into their property!

Автор NamasteCC ( назад)
I am so sorry 😪

Автор Parabellum 1988 ( назад)
Every russian should remember what western "condolences" mean for them. Napoleon, hitler, the USA during the Cold War and this unbelievable racism russians are facing. Read the hatred in western newspapers against Russians and imagine someone writing the same about arabs. The Russians should always remember the genocide committed by Western Europe

Автор Parabellum 1988 ( назад)
Wouldn't surprise me if it was the CIA, MI6 or german BND who detonated the bomb. Their support for islamist fighters is well known.

Автор jared leo ( назад)
the same tactic the russian government used when they blew up that apartment building, then blamed it on Chechnya so they could invade them, this is just another distraction from all the corruption in the kremlin

Автор R A ( назад)
whitey aka crackers: most destructive and murderous race of all time

Автор David W. ( назад)
although this is disgracful and should be condemned at any level, I think that peolpe in russia as well as in europe and the US forget: this is nothing compared to what people experience in syria from russian assaults towards children.

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