St Petersburg metro explosions 'kill 10' - BBC News

  • Опубликовано: 3 апр 2017
  • At least 10 people have been killed in explosions at underground stations in St Petersburg, Russian media report. News agencies reported the blasts hit the Sennaya Ploschad and nearby Tekhnologichesky Institut stations in the centre of the city.
    Images posted on social media showed a carriage in Sennaya station with its doors blown out with casualties nearby.
    President Vladimir Putin said all causes, including terrorism, were being investigated.
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  • akrom saitbekov
    akrom saitbekov 7 месяцев назад


  • Nellie K. Adaba
    Nellie K. Adaba 11 месяцев назад

    RIP and condolences

  • znasser1
    znasser1 Год назад

    Russians will continue to pay heavy prices like this so long as Putin and his things run Russia and so long that they stand on the side of scums like ASSad, fat Kim and other invalids world wide.

  • Lord Slashington III
    Lord Slashington III Год назад

    If any Muslim is coming here to see the comments don't continue
    The ignorance that is displayed down here is too damn strong
    Makes me lose hope in humanity

  • bryan cordova
    bryan cordova Год назад

    Some how im thinking of persona 5

  • Александр Нет
    Александр Нет Год назад

    Lie. 14 people died.Trust me I am from Russia.

  • сын фуги
    сын фуги Год назад

    слава украине!

  • Joseph sideman
    Joseph sideman Год назад

    Another CIA/MI6/MOSSAD/Rothschild/Khazarian mafia and the Jesuits to destabilise Russia or it's an inside job from the FSB for any reason to put the blame on whatever suits the need at hand. Wake-Up people of the World, Say no to war, say no more conflict to your politician at all level you can reach. Say to them that you don't want this situation to persist, you want an end to all wars on the planet. Peace and Love to Humanity !

  • Alie Olie34
    Alie Olie34 Год назад

    I'm so sorry. My prayers for you and families involved . Sorry for your loss.

  • Green
    Green Год назад

    My condolences to those affected by this. It is truly horrible what people can do to humanity, but we must not give in.

  • Criftin
    Criftin Год назад

    1) Alina Dinara Samandarovna, 10/08/1996
    2) Aryshev Maksim Vitalyevich, 18.08.1996
    3) Malyukova Ksenia Sergeevna, 11.09.1998
    4) Medyantseva Irina Kuzminichna, 06/05/1966
    5) Svistunova Angelina Sergeevna, 17.02.1990
    6) Nalimov Yuri Pavlovich, 07/06/1945
    7) Danilenko Oksana Gennadievna, 03.10.1991
    8) Shchekina Larisa Grigoryevna, 06/02/1950
    9) Petrov Denis Romanovich, December 27, 1991
    10) Mansour T. Sagadeev, 27.08.2000 or 27.03.2000
    List of victims(

  • Ancheron The Witch
    Ancheron The Witch Год назад

    After im seen videos in news (happen in Syria) shown that massive civillian include kids killed by what they believe 'chemical bomb' dropped by authorities of Syrian WITH Russian army..this St petersburg attack made me thought..Russia..u Deserved it!!

  • Pogues Mahone
    Pogues Mahone Год назад

    Islam is a cult of hatred, oppression, homophobia, and misogyny. Eradicate the cult of Islam now!

  • EpicWarrior Gaming
    EpicWarrior Gaming Год назад

    Metro boomin

  • Haider SK
    Haider SK Год назад

    Russia is bombing isis in syria and they retaliat it wasn't islam, islam is fighting isis right now in the middle east along with russia and the NATO. Drill that into your head my dear bigots, ISIS will only be defeated by the hands of Muslims which is exactly​ what's happening now in Iraq.

  • Isabel S
    Isabel S Год назад

    *God Bless You St Petersburg*

  • Danish Rusdi
    Danish Rusdi Год назад +1

    Errrm, guys, don't assume this was done by Muslims. Islam says it prohibits terrorism, even using it's name. Terrorism is a huge sin to any religion. If ISIS did this, don't say that they are "Muslims" that bombed the St Petersburg metro. Islam says "No, I have nothing to do with terrorism, I totally ban it from the start."

    • AbdulQader Mustafa
      AbdulQader Mustafa Год назад

      Blazed and Confused
      Aha an Atheist. What the hell I don't have time for your stupidity to be honest. I've dealt with all you emotional beings too much to conclude that you have no intellectual honesty nor the evidence to disprove the existence of a Creator.
      So you know about Islam? Tell me about the maqasid of the laws, something about the as hab us-Suffa and the biography of Imam Bukhari.
      What are the 17 sciences a Talib ul Ilm need to master to be able to interpret or understand the Quranic discourse?
      Tell me one thing about Islam that is objectively wrong for human beings living at all times and all places around the world? Also site your evidence and sources since you know more than me about Islam.

    • Blazed and Confused
      Blazed and Confused Год назад

      I'm clearly more objective than you, yes. I've read the Quran, Sunnah and Seerah. From context here I'm sure you haven't. Of courseeee ithey were defensive wars. They always are when you have the supposed moral highground by fighting for ''god''. The quote ''history is written by the victors'' comes to mind.
      Islam always came by the sword, and because that was the way of the world back then I'm willing to overlook it. Just don't ask me to respect it in this day and age if you refuse to reform your outdated ideology. Easy.
      Oh,, nooooo. I'm going to hell to burn for eternity because god couldn't control his own flawed creations. I'd never worship an insecure little god who needs to threaten his own flawed handywork like that anyway.
      Guess I'll just enjoy my short time on this planet instead instead of cowering and bowing for the unknown and unproven.

    • AbdulQader Mustafa
      AbdulQader Mustafa Год назад

      Blazed and Confused
      Clouds my objectivity ? And you being brainwashed with false information about Islam is very objective correct?
      Most of the wars in the early years of Islam were defensive wars. Even infidel historians agree to this. But of course you are biased but don't want to show it. Where was the sword when Islam cams to Indonesia, Malaysia, Bangladesh, China, India and in the post modern times in America, Europe?
      What planet you live on? You see the problem is your intention and the prison of hell is for eternity not because you lied for 60 - 70 years, but you had the intention to lie about God for eternity. So don't complain about injustice because no injustice is being done to kuffar who are drowned in falsehood about Islam.

    • Blazed and Confused
      Blazed and Confused Год назад

      AbdulQader Mustafa
      Of course you're a Muslim who loves Islam. All Muslims love Islam. It clouds their objectivity. Again; like I pointed out Muhammad's exploits after his Meccan period. Did Muhammad conquer the whole of tribal 6th century Arabia through pacifism?
      What laws of the Bible or ''secularism'' [which are fundementally different concepts] would these people have been following according to you?

    • AbdulQader Mustafa
      AbdulQader Mustafa Год назад

      Blazed and Confused
      I am a Muslim and I love ❤️ Islam. Give me evidence of why you think these false flag attacks have anything to do with my scripture or my beautiful religion. If anything, they (either the extremists or secret service operatives) were following the laws of the Bible and/or secularism to advance their materialistic agenda. And in this process they don't even care about taking the lives of their own citizens let alone demonize the true religion.

  • viaumagma
    viaumagma Год назад


  • Amir Kazemi
    Amir Kazemi Год назад

  • Razor
    Razor Год назад

    It was the Cuban Communists.

  • Russhill Brand
    Russhill Brand Год назад

    hi bbc, are you going to show your news anchor doing the throat slit "cut" action when your editer cocks up this fake hoax ala westminster? cheers

    • Russhill Brand
      Russhill Brand Год назад

      speaking of westminster...why did SIX paramedics watch on as an MP tried to give CPR to the dead cop?
      Why did they take the injured to a HOTEL when ST THOMAS' HOSPITAL WAS DIRECTLY ACROSS THE ROAD?
      Why did the Romanian woman jump after the "attacker" was a good 200 yards past her?

  • Okay Curt
    Okay Curt Год назад

    Any ideology that can be interpreted in such a way as to advocate the killing of humans simply because they do not believe in that ideology is a disease against humanity. It cannot be sanctioned as a religion, as it is truly a cultish belief that promotes evil and spreads hatred as it grows.

    • AbdulQader Mustafa
      AbdulQader Mustafa Год назад

      Okay Curt
      How do you know that I don't have any evidence for a Creator?

    • Okay Curt
      Okay Curt Год назад

      First, true religion is an oxymoron. You believe it is the truth with absolutely no evidence to support your belief.
      Just believing something does not make it true.
      The fruit that your religion bears is death and destruction. The fact is the world would be a better place if your religion had never been invented. You can say whatever you want, but the reality is that it did not exist prior to your so-called prophet Mohammed invented it. And ever since then it has been nothing except a disease to mankind.
      Peace will never exist so long as the vile disease that is your religion exists. When people open their eyes to the truth, which is not based on fairy tales or beliefs, then we can move forward rather than backwards towards the dark ages, which is where you and your kind seem intent to take us.
      You will fail.

    • AbdulQader Mustafa
      AbdulQader Mustafa Год назад

      Okay Curt
      I am a Muslim and I love ❤️ Islam. Give me evidence of why you think these false flag attacks have anything to do with my scripture or my beautiful religion. If anything, they (either the extremists or secret service operatives) were following the laws of the Bible and/or secularism to advance their materialistic agenda. And in this process they don't even care about taking the lives of their own citizens let alone demonize the true religion.

  • আমরাই পারবো

    Guys I swear I just got.$ from this amazing website: (just type in g00gle)=> *_freeppalmon xyz_*

  • Jose cruz-veliz
    Jose cruz-veliz Год назад +1

    guys let's not jump to concl- annnnnd it was a muslim....

  • dambigfoot
    dambigfoot Год назад

    The extended family of the suicide bomber has already been sent to the Siberian gulag for life time of forced hard labor.

  • Chris O
    Chris O Год назад

    ohhh they fucked with the wrong country

  • Ja711Bx
    Ja711Bx Год назад +1

    Russia is so corrupt I wouldn't even doubt this was done to stop the protests

    • Pyetrovi
      Pyetrovi Год назад

      I don't doubt you're a retarded conspiracy-theorist.

    • Blazed and Confused
      Blazed and Confused Год назад

      I wouldn't be suprised if it was just another peace-loving Muslim.

  • John Jacob
    John Jacob Год назад +1

    How much of a puss do you have to be?

  • Shawn O'Connor
    Shawn O'Connor Год назад

    best wishes to those injured and condolences to the families of those killed in Russia - a future us airman

  • Carol Devine
    Carol Devine Год назад

    Wicked Teresa May (day ...sos) and European leaders ... BUT congratulations ... YOUR coverage of this shocking act ( seem to remember it happened in London a few years ago )...and IMMEDIATELY calling it a FALSE FLAG ...tells EVERY PERSON in Europe that ...the LEADERS are wicked .. YES ... and they are going to suffer from I CANT BELIEVE IT.. WE LOST ..DEMONCRATS ... lets blame someone else and prove Russia did it ...BECAUSE we do NOT take responsibility for our WICKED BEHAVIOUR .. SHAME on YOU ... BUT well done for exposing your vile evil and wicked deeds ... WE the PEOPLE ...will NEVER support you .. GOD BLESS RUSSIA ... and may the bbc be judged by GOD only ..

    • Dalton Morgan
      Dalton Morgan Год назад

      Russian trolls are the kings of pushing "false flag" theories when others are attacked....why so sensitive comrade?

  • Tommy D
    Tommy D Год назад

    What type of religion condones this. So sad

  • Mario Comparan
    Mario Comparan Год назад

    we have to get rid of religion, its the only way to stop the killings, im so sorry for the deaths of the families, but for them to die for a stupid reason such as religion is unfathomable

    • Mario Comparan
      Mario Comparan Год назад

      we need to base our creedence on facts, not faith and magic, realize what is logical is that what we have learned through knowledge and science, everything else is garbage

    • Blazed and Confused
      Blazed and Confused Год назад

      Getting rid of religion is getting rid of freedom of thought, which creates an Orwellian state. There is just one religion we do need to get rid of as far as I'm concerned.

  • Rajput
    Rajput Год назад

    Wht russian hav bn doing to othrs now coming back to thr shore

  • abo 3hed
    abo 3hed Год назад

    its a terrorist Attack, but no One has said, that, what russia Do in Syria is terrorist. russia has Destroyed Aleppo, every day kill alot of people, than come Person and say but the war in syria is a civil War. if it is, why russia is fighting With bashat alasad

  • The Big Pickle
    The Big Pickle Год назад

    Lemme guess. Muslim terrorists

  • Bannanasammich
    Bannanasammich Год назад

    guys lets set the record straight, not all muslims are like this. its their religion that is the problem, islam needs to be modernized or destroyed. i dont hate any musilims. i hate the "religion of peace"

    • AbdulQader Mustafa
      AbdulQader Mustafa Год назад

      Islam is the truth. You hate truth?
      I am a Muslim and I love ❤️ Islam. Give me evidence of why you think these false flag attacks have anything to do with my scripture or my beautiful religion. If anything, they (either the extremists or secret service operatives) were following the laws of the Bible and/or secularism to advance their materialistic agenda. And in this process they don't even care about taking the lives of their own citizens let alone demonize the true religion.

    • ఫణిరాజ సునీల్
      ఫణిరాజ సునీల్ Год назад

      Bannanasammich #nochin

  • Osama bin liftin
    Osama bin liftin Год назад

    Thanks Bbc for not covering this story. Not even 2 mins? Bbc is fake news through and through. Paid media.

  • Urban Outdoorsman
    Urban Outdoorsman Год назад +1

    Islam just fucked up...

  • Franklin Dark
    Franklin Dark Год назад

    why you guys blame islam! u guys are don't have a proof!

    • Blazed and Confused
      Blazed and Confused Год назад

      Numbers are a social construct, m'kay buddy. It's certainly closer to science than a man in a cave who thinks he's talking to god.
      ''Belief'' says it all. blind ''faith''. Knowing is something else entirely isn't it?
      lol. No, the onus is on the believer actually. You need to prove god is real for me to accept it.
      I mock organized religion, and certainly Islam, which is particularly laughable. Which is also something else entirely. Maybe god is real, maybe he isn't. You can't say with certainty, I can't say with certainty. Those are the simple facts. Anyone who claims to know otherwise is clearly lying. I'm certainly not buying into your ancient magical stories.

    • AbdulQader Mustafa
      AbdulQader Mustafa Год назад

      markov lenitsky
      Math is based on the assumptions that numbers are real and science does not claim absolute certainty nor does it attempt to. Science does tell us things that are wrong. So all I am asking for is to disprove the existence of God or show me one piece of evidence that Quran is not the absolute truth.
      How is belief in God anti-scientific ?
      Don't be a child looks like you need to do a bit more research.
      The onus is on you not on me to disprove the existence of a Creator.
      You mock the supernatural but yet accept that laws of gravity and other constants coming into existence to enable life was somehow caused supernaturally.
      Before you even say it let me reply - Just because you don't know doesn't mean a Creator doesn't exist.
      Every single of these Agnostics are formulating a world view based on complete speculation and double standards.

    • Blazed and Confused
      Blazed and Confused Год назад

      AbdulQader No, you're lying. The Muslim bias against infidels surfaces though. You Muslims are such predictable beings.
      Ironic. Math is a science, yet you instead choose to believe unproven&unprovable anti-science claims by a schizophrenic semi-litterate warlord who lived and died in 6th century tribal Arabia.
      I'll pick my chances with being a blaspheming infidel, thank you very much. Eternal paradise sounds excruciating anyway. After a few years I'll be bored no matter what. A finite time spent enjoying is worth more to me than an infinite time of burning/paradise. Infinity has no meaning to me.

    • AbdulQader Mustafa
      AbdulQader Mustafa Год назад

      Blazed and Confused
      That's a lie. To me this is an indication that nonMuslims don't want peace. The infidels as usual falsely accuse Muslims of deceiving. Breakdown of trust and communication is what leads to violence and your statements are a living proof of what kuffar nations are doing all over the world. It's 70 years of fake enjoyment vs eternal punishment. You do the math.

  • Christian Hagerman
    Christian Hagerman Год назад +1

    No one is blaming ALL muslims. But Islam at its core is violent, opressive, and unwelcoming to all other beliefs

    • AbdulQader Mustafa
      AbdulQader Mustafa Год назад

      Christian Hagerman
      Here we go again another stupid statement blaming Islam.
      As if Muslims have no clue about Islam and the only smart ones are the kuffar who go on the media and get a 4 minute brainwashing and then come on the comment section to blame Islam.

  • Christian Hagerman
    Christian Hagerman Год назад +2

    how many people have to die before we wake up and see the real issue... RADICAL ISLAM!

    • AbdulQader Mustafa
      AbdulQader Mustafa Год назад

      Christian Hagerman
      What is radical Islam? Why make up concepts that don't exist? You can call it radical Muslims. Idiots like yourself are a disgrace to human intellect.
      Kuffar have nothing better to do but go on comments and blatantly lie about Islam without any evidence.

  • Tiny kitten
    Tiny kitten Год назад +1

    I read a lot of comments on Russian social networks - ppl believe that Russian government is behind these attacks to redirect people' attention away from the recent corruption scandal about Medvedev.

  • Raiden_586
    Raiden_586 Год назад

    We need the Avengers.

  • AleVids
    AleVids Год назад

    "religion of peace"

  • Joshua O.
    Joshua O. Год назад

    70% of pakistanis are inbreds.

  • Matt ____ T
    Matt ____ T Год назад +1

    Man. I can't imagine what the religious beliefs of the attacker might be. (JK. We all know he's Muslim) Europe is a clear example of what happens when you take in too many refugees

  • Joe Leo
    Joe Leo Год назад

    Russia needs us and we need them more then ever. I'm tired of the medias dislike of Russia at this point it makes not sense why can't we be allies. god knows what we could accomplish if we worked together. My condolence to all the Russians who lost there lives to crazed zealots who have nothing but hate for anyone who isn't apart of there patriarchal cult.

  • ufelcher
    ufelcher Год назад

    The Russians bankrupt themselves on a military that can't even prevent this. What will happen when vengeful Ukraine pays a visit?

  • alex .asian
    alex .asian Год назад

    And people want to get rid of Trump's travel ban...

  • The Iguana
    The Iguana Год назад

    Tekhnologichesky Institut translates to "Technological Institute" Just call it that ffs, makes things easier.

  • Skeletonz
    Skeletonz Год назад

    was anybody else thinking " please not Muslim please not muslim... God Dammit!"

    • 3V KW Space Ghost
      3V KW Space Ghost Год назад

      Except those multiple shootings in America last year, or did you forget. Selective memories.

    • Muffinmanerino Ealgerino
      Muffinmanerino Ealgerino Год назад

      YEAH let's hope it's a white Christian next time
      except it never will be

  • Russia
    Russia Год назад +1

    Time to drop some bombs on these towel head rats

  • Adrian Soriano
    Adrian Soriano Год назад

    My heart's out to all those affected

  • Vladimir Meskheli
    Vladimir Meskheli Год назад

    putin did it

  • Joe S
    Joe S Год назад +1

    Russia is the last country you want to mess up with

  • Observer of the Northern Lights

    Henry Ford said "Corral the 50 wealthiest Jews and there will be no wars".
    If we rephrase these words "Destroy Saudi Arabia and Qatar, as the main sponsors of terrorists and terrorist attacks will end"
    No money no funny.

  • FittyAqua
    FittyAqua Год назад +3

    Wait, a member of the Islamic religion did this?! I'm shocked!

  • Best Reaction Channel Ever
    Best Reaction Channel Ever Год назад

    Only a matter of time before someone politicizes it! Keep them in your prayers and check out my response!

  • yolence tshamala
    yolence tshamala Год назад +1

    Jesus Christ of the Nazareth please visit Islam So, they can stop killing innocent people. STOP KILLING PLEASE

  • Publius Cornelius Scipio
    Publius Cornelius Scipio Год назад +1

    America supports you Russia (except cancerous Liberals). You have our prayers.

  • Isra Paredes
    Isra Paredes Год назад


  • Pinochet Pepe
    Pinochet Pepe Год назад

    Explosion of peace

  • Have a seat Over there
    Have a seat Over there Год назад

    That's what they get for Crimea and Chechnya

  • Ryan Campbell
    Ryan Campbell Год назад

    As an American my heart goes out to all who were affected by this tragedy

  • Illegal Commenter
    Illegal Commenter Год назад

    If this were in Europe it would definitely be an Islamic attack, but since it is Russia we can't quite rule out a gas leak or something of that nature.

    • Vladimir Shestakov
      Vladimir Shestakov Год назад

      Since when is Russia not a part of Europe? Especially Saint Petersburg - the western part of the country

  • Steve Rivera
    Steve Rivera Год назад

    Why isn't American media covering this story?

    • viaumagma
      viaumagma Год назад


  • Daniel N.
    Daniel N. Год назад +1

    at this point if you support islam you should be hanged for treson :)

    • Blazed and Confused
      Blazed and Confused Год назад

      Define ''radical Islam'' because by Western civilized standards the majority of Muslims are extreme radicals.

    • James Phelps
      James Phelps Год назад

      Daniel N. radical Islam is only a small fraction of the followers of the religion smart one

  • Tip Tig
    Tip Tig Год назад

    when is this going to stop we have had it do you hear me

  • Nathan Stevenson
    Nathan Stevenson Год назад +1

    Not all Muslims are evil. They're just generally more explosive than the rest of us

  • John Jacob
    John Jacob Год назад +13

    The religion of peace strikes again...smh

  • Username47948
    Username47948 Год назад


  • tworains2
    tworains2 Год назад

    meh the syrians have it worse

  • Soldierboymedia
    Soldierboymedia Год назад

    America send love to families in Russia.

  • Pawknee123
    Pawknee123 Год назад

    These Muslim scum need to be booted right back to the Middle East and then have an atom bomb dropped on them. Their Islam is a cancer that none of us want.

    • Dr. Gamer
      Dr. Gamer Год назад

      Pawknee123 I smell some shit from your bigoted comment, majority of muslims aren't middle easterners

  • 2008sbaman43
    2008sbaman43 Год назад

    if young metro don't trust you imma shoot ya

  • a very green gamer
    a very green gamer Год назад

    Thoughts, love and prayers from the United States. I hope the survivors will be okay and I hope whoever did this will be brought to justice.

  • Ursa Major
    Ursa Major Год назад +1

    Not gonna lie, people in the comments are rejecting all Americans prayers, like seriously? I'm not racist in anyway shape or form but I believe in equality. If someone sends their prayers and love to the hurt, accept it.

  • Anthony Marici
    Anthony Marici Год назад

    What a coincidence. The anti Russian pro Islamic democrats have been attacking Russia in the news for months now and then there's an explosion in Putin's home town.

  • a dog
    a dog Год назад

    Oh Putin! 😐

  • SabuPtolemy
    SabuPtolemy Год назад

    Muslimes doing Muslimey things no doubt. R.I.P. to the victims.

  • David Vasquez
    David Vasquez Год назад

    Fake news by CNN.

  • DualTube
    DualTube Год назад

    Its all set up by the government so it gives them excuse to blame muslims etc but the media cover the story up and brainwash innocent people it is sickening!!

  • Kor Yica
    Kor Yica Год назад

    As soon as I saw St. Petersburg on the trending page, I was praying it wouldn't be another act of violence... 😢#prayforpetersburg

  • Trace Taylor
    Trace Taylor Год назад +1

    God Damn Hindus, at it again I see.

  • Save America
    Save America Год назад

    BBC is fake leftist news like CNN and MSNBC.

    • Save America
      Save America Год назад

      Sasha Tamara Keegan what is stupid is believing BBC leftist propaganda that is always twisting the truth.

    • Sasha Tamara Keegan
      Sasha Tamara Keegan Год назад

      Shut up! boy you people are so stupid.

  • lord humungus
    lord humungus Год назад

    Bullshit. Wake up this is an inside job by fsb.

  • RandomLuis
    RandomLuis Год назад +1

    like = Jesus saves

  • jravage77
    jravage77 Год назад +12

    Trump, Putin please close down the Mosques and ban Islam! The Quran is nothing but a brainwashing tool to turn men into killers and women into their property!

    • jravage77
      jravage77 Год назад

      I thought Russia banned huge portions of the Quran? Like that would make a difference.

    • jravage77
      jravage77 Год назад

      Better, I've read the Quran. Want a run down of entire chapters? I'm sure you'll change your tune.

    • James Phelps
      James Phelps Год назад

      jravage77 that's not true. By the way read the first amendment

  • NamasteCC
    NamasteCC Год назад

    I am so sorry 😪

  • Parabellum 1988
    Parabellum 1988 Год назад

    Every russian should remember what western "condolences" mean for them. Napoleon, hitler, the USA during the Cold War and this unbelievable racism russians are facing. Read the hatred in western newspapers against Russians and imagine someone writing the same about arabs. The Russians should always remember the genocide committed by Western Europe

  • Parabellum 1988
    Parabellum 1988 Год назад

    Wouldn't surprise me if it was the CIA, MI6 or german BND who detonated the bomb. Their support for islamist fighters is well known.

    STAUNCH NZ Год назад

    the same tactic the russian government used when they blew up that apartment building, then blamed it on Chechnya so they could invade them, this is just another distraction from all the corruption in the kremlin

  • R A
    R A Год назад

    whitey aka crackers: most destructive and murderous race of all time

  • David W.
    David W. Год назад

    although this is disgracful and should be condemned at any level, I think that peolpe in russia as well as in europe and the US forget: this is nothing compared to what people experience in syria from russian assaults towards children.

  • KingSmith 2
    KingSmith 2 Год назад +1

    What's hilarious is that 97% of ISIS isn't even Muslim. The sole purpose of the group is so bring Muslims down, while this may have been a Muslim this time, you are accusing the whole religion of Islam of being terrorists, you are letting ISIS win. I have at least thirty Muslims friends, and the first time I met them, they brought me into a entire table full of snacks, warm hearts and family. Whenever you accuse all Muslims of being terrorists you are bringing Muslims down, and pushing ISIS up.

    • KingSmith 2
      KingSmith 2 Год назад

      I'm not gonna say Islam is a 100% peaceful religion, but what I can say is ISIS, does not represent them. You are just another victim of islamiphobia.

    • KingSmith 2
      KingSmith 2 Год назад

      +SabuPtolemy Please check your facts.

    • SabuPtolemy
      SabuPtolemy Год назад +3

      U R a complete 'tard! Of course everyone who joins IS is Muslime - WTF else?! Islam has been a terrorizing death cult since the year 622 AD when Mohammed rose to warlord in Medina and spent the next/last 10 years of his life spreading Islam by the sword. He even bragged about it in the Sunna: "I was made victorious through terror!"

  • Shindler39
    Shindler39 Год назад +1

    Are these terrorist attacks will ever stop? My thoughts & prayers to Russia.

  • the eagle
    the eagle Год назад

    Donny you're a naughty boy!!!!

  • Yatukih001
    Yatukih001 Год назад

    I want those St. Petersburgers!

  • deborahmoses
    deborahmoses Год назад

    BBC one sided disrespectful shifty news chanel...God bless poor victims of this TERRORISM

  • John Morgan
    John Morgan Год назад

    no one has typed it yet but...
    the religion of peace strikes again !