The App Store Race to the Bottom

  • Published on Sep 15, 2017
  • For years, apps have gotten cheaper and cheaper on the App Store until they're now mostly free, making money in other ways.
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  • PolyMatter
    PolyMatter  Year ago +454

    Don't expect weekly videos always - I try for weekly but won't ever publish a video that isn't ready, and some topics take more time than others. Next video, for example, will be a really big and exciting topic which is going to take some extra time. I think you'll find the wait is worth it though :)

    • Alexander Bourne
      Alexander Bourne 11 months ago

      Yeah take your time, your videos are awesome. It reflects how much effort you put into it. Ironically the more simplicity the video has the more effore you need to put in it. So thank you for all of yout hard work you deseve millions of subscribers and it will happen with time dont give up

    • Aaron Soh
      Aaron Soh Year ago

      PolyMatter I

    • Sam Evans
      Sam Evans Year ago

      PolyMatter I

    • NNT Flow
      NNT Flow Year ago

      It's like Budget Airlines. Everybody hates the tiny seat pitch, but everybody doesn't want to pay proper higher fare for comfort. And they blamed it on the airlines for not giving them enough seat pitch or free baggage allowance.

    • boohoow
      boohoow Year ago

      How refreshing, having the integrity to only publish stuff when you feel you have something worthwhile to publish. Many other media outlets should take that to heart, especially movies and series.

  • Brandon Stennett
    Brandon Stennett Hour ago

    Can you explain why Sweden has no bail ? Would help us understand ASAP.

  • Sam Danek
    Sam Danek 3 days ago

    Dude?! Why put Mini Metro here?!

  • Firman N
    Firman N 4 days ago

    Yeah the problem is the premium also give this buy thing for thing using money scheme too.

  • Niiue
    Niiue 6 days ago

    tl;dw Freemium is nice but it’s getting a bit too much

  • Wonder Owl
    Wonder Owl 15 days ago

    10 usd for a free movie a day? oh I guess we are really making prograss here.

  • Umesh Yennam
    Umesh Yennam 26 days ago

    Freemium is killing Indi developer.

  • Yt Yt
    Yt Yt Month ago

    Why should *we* be trying to reverse this trend?? It’s for companies to make customers want to pay. If consumers do not deem an app worthy of payment, the app will eventually die unless it finds other revenue sources. Welcome to the free market. We’re supposed to feel sorry for unsuccessful app developers now?

  • Bonde Barca
    Bonde Barca Month ago

    How do you do your research .....I'm really interested in knowing where you get this information from

  • HowToMakeMobileGames

    It will never change. There are just far too many game developers out there. And it doesn’t suit the app stores to change their model, why should they. This is why I don’t make games anymore

  • Omar Valentini
    Omar Valentini Month ago

    But why paying with your data is bad if you're already documenting your daily ass hair growth on Facebook?

  • Majorohminus
    Majorohminus 2 months ago

    freemium makes more money and apple wants their cut so they promote freemium

  • Knyt
    Knyt 2 months ago

    I'm fine with people knowing my private information, it doesn't affect me, only in good ways

  • xobolt
    xobolt 2 months ago

    i heard that pvz2 creator didn't want to make a paytowin game, but the ea was demanding it.

  • The Hoodie Guy
    The Hoodie Guy 2 months ago

    The main offender of this is Play Store.
    Paid games will bought less, even as little as $5, in Play Store. That's why Play Store is littered with freemium lootbox centric games, and don't forget social media for spreading the salt bait to others.
    This led indie devs with intention of printing money instead of those who make for labor of love, to make things even worse with ridiculous rip off with insane amount of ads, same game with different sprites, and half assed Unity asset flip.

  • KvAT
    KvAT 2 months ago +1

    lol f you when you said we consumers need to change.
    When my salary is $10 a day I can't afford to do anything else but to download freebies and sometimes torrent what paid apps I need.

  • I
    I 2 months ago

    Fun faaaaaact: I have an original iPad mini that doesn’t run iOS 9

  • Official Simbah
    Official Simbah 3 months ago

    Why not just stay off your phones live in the real world

  • 빵빵빵
    빵빵빵 3 months ago

    Reverse the trend? Not gonna happen.

  • kirk johnson
    kirk johnson 3 months ago +1

    Trial apps do exist but they are hard to notice. You have to read the description and some of them will charge an insane amount like 50 dollars a week

  • mister.nimoe
    mister.nimoe 3 months ago

    Woooo look at youtube ----- ITS FREE

  • Dexter Berend
    Dexter Berend 4 months ago +1

    It is kind of disappointing that many people are not willing to make a one time app purchase yet they'll buy a single order of french fries for that same amount.

  • Subaiyal Afzal
    Subaiyal Afzal 4 months ago

    Nah i dont think that freemium is a bad thing , i mean i would rather watch couple of ads to play a game than pay 5 dollars

  • Philip Worsher
    Philip Worsher 4 months ago

    This was covered years ago in South Park.

  • wieneckem
    wieneckem 5 months ago

    Windows Phone used to have trials.

  • Abdullah Khan
    Abdullah Khan 5 months ago

    Illuminati spotted @1:35

  • Saeed Baig
    Saeed Baig 6 months ago

    This "race to the bottom" that you're worrying about is just supply and demand (like you yourself acknowledged); people demanded more apps, so more apps were created, thus driving the average price down. That's just the expected result of healthy competition in the app market, but you act as if that's a bad thing.
    I can see why you'd be worried about freemium apps (since these tend to infringe on privacy more); but if consumers prefer freemium apps to paid apps, then what's the problem?
    The fact that free programs tend to rely on advertising & data collection isn't exactly a revelation to consumers; Google has been doing it for years, and yet most people still would prefer that than having to pay money for Google services.
    "The market actively selects for and encourages poor practices."
    Whether a practice is "poor" or not is simply your opinion. If more consumers would happily allow companies to advertise/collect some data rather than pay for apps, then that practice is simply more popular/effective.
    At any rate, I certainly wouldn't want Apple to show favouritism to particular apps in the App market (which is what you suggest) simply because you don't like their (legitimate) business model. However, I do agree that it would be nice if Apple had more ways for app developers to sell/market their apps (like free trials).
    By all means, if you don't want to use freemium apps, then don't use freemium apps. Vote with your wallet. But don't try to demonize certain apps simply for giving consumers what they want.

  • WisdomBug
    WisdomBug 7 months ago

    Which software you use to create videos?

  • Žiga Letonja
    Žiga Letonja 7 months ago

    I don't see the selling of data as an issue itself. The issue arises when the collection and selling of said data are mentioned/disclosed with cryptic "lawyery" language in a 150+ page user agreement. I wouldn't have a problem if the app said on startup/signup: look, we are collecting this and this data from you and are selling it to this and this type of businesses and in return, you get a free game/service. Are you down or not? If yes, then great, if no, then we are sadly not in business.
    That is all that I would like from developers/companies.

  • Catbert 45
    Catbert 45 7 months ago

    RUclip is freemium. You pay to get rid of ads. Lol.

  • Kyle Noe
    Kyle Noe 9 months ago

    Thiso opened my eyes

  • Adrian C.
    Adrian C. 9 months ago

    2:43 yep. Windows phone has free trials.

  • Juan Zuniga
    Juan Zuniga 9 months ago

    He is right youtube deceives me all the time

  • Terrain
    Terrain 9 months ago

    I think freemium is great! The apps are free and since my phone is jailbroken i just trick the apps inti thinking i bought everything even though i didn’t use a single penny

  • philipooi94
    philipooi94 9 months ago

    the mmorpg genre!

  • IDB Talimmatic
    IDB Talimmatic 9 months ago

    Buy what you need and get the best quality version.

  • Dan GleeSack
    Dan GleeSack 9 months ago

    Is anyone else getting two ads on some RUclip vids?

  • itz_deprestion gaming
    itz_deprestion gaming 9 months ago

    just use lucky patcher on android and so fuck no to ads

  • TheTrueMizukage Yagura
    TheTrueMizukage Yagura 9 months ago

    Video is irrelevant, South Park already made an episode on Freemium.

  • Martin Kunev
    Martin Kunev 9 months ago +1

    When you haven't used two apps, the only objective criteria to compare them by is the price. Users just do whatever is natural for anybody in their situation.

  • ch282
    ch282 9 months ago

    it's getting herpier and derpier every day

  • JoelJames2
    JoelJames2 9 months ago


  • Professor Tenebrae
    Professor Tenebrae 9 months ago

    Ok I studied mobile development and while I understand the concerns with user data being sold just so people know, ads aren't the worst thing ever.
    See freemium is not a bad practice, it's a GOOD one. It gives people a choice, get a free game, and in return watch ads, or pay for the game because you like it and don't like ads.
    Don't like either? Don't download the game.
    You literally cannot lose.
    Freemium isn't the problem, ads aren't the problem, microtransactions are. You can't just expect a product to be free.
    I know PolyMatter is suggesting that premium should be the only way apps are sold but that's silly if you even begin to do any development of apps.
    You want to sell to the highest market, that isn't evil greedy practices, that's just business.
    So when many phone users who play games are teenagers, some who don't have random expendable income, there's nothing with giving them the option to have the game free for a little bit of their time. That's completely fair. You don't/can't pay for the game with money? That's fine, watch an ad for us and it's all yours!
    I mean think of the developers, not all of them are evil powerful corporations looking to steal every penny. Many are indie developers just looking to get by. We have to make money somehow.
    There are GOOD ways to do ads, and BAD ways, however. Putting them in places on the hopes the user will click on them? Bad. Forcing a video ad every level or 5 minutes? Bad.
    But, the user is out of lives or something? (Provided the game doesn't unfairly suck lives away from you at every opportunity) and you can get some back with a video? Good! You can choose when and if you want to give that time of yours up, heck you don't even have to look.
    Just saying, it struck a nerve. Freemium isn't the problem. Bad developer practices are. And microtransactions. (Also the games that hardwire your brain to become addicted like a drug, you know the ones.)

  • COD_Glitcher
    COD_Glitcher 9 months ago

    Just jailbreak and get apps for free

  • Stolen Password
    Stolen Password 10 months ago

    Even if paid apps become the mainstream microtransactions and ads will just start to fill paid apps because microtransactions make way more money

  • Jeremy Grimes
    Jeremy Grimes 10 months ago

    If you are playing a game full of ads just turn of your wifi and you will have happy days

  • Jestingwheat856
    Jestingwheat856 10 months ago

    I think that freemium gauge should be red on both ends, yellow above the reds and a green in the middle because that better represents your point

  • m1ksu
    m1ksu 10 months ago

    So MoviePass is lowers the price and makes up for it by doing something that doesn't affect the customers at all? That's a win-win.

  • GhoulcallerGisa
    GhoulcallerGisa 10 months ago

    capitalism amirite guys

  • Mushe
    Mushe 10 months ago

    Depends if you care about being the product.

  • DragonFang 409
    DragonFang 409 10 months ago

    Honestly I'd much prefer buying everything from an app in one go without having to buy all the extra stuff

  • Bethany Ward
    Bethany Ward 10 months ago

    People keep complaining like this is somehow the devs' faults but if you're going to devalue a product or refuse to pay for it this is what happens. It's consumers' faults

  • TheProGamer1
    TheProGamer1 10 months ago

    Kilroy was here

  • kabbinj2
    kabbinj2 10 months ago

    Or... you could... Not sell user data, not force ads on users, but rather reward players for watching ads, and sell "helpers/cheats" for the users which want an advantage in the game (and sell cosmetics). There are many examples of games where a few payes for everyone, and the rest gets a completely free experience (with the exception of using user data internally to improve the game experience).
    I am a developer of games of such design, and it works out fantastic, with millions of users and a huge revenue.

  • Bubble Gamer
    Bubble Gamer 10 months ago +1

    I want to release a game on the app store, but I can't do it without paying apple $100/year for being a developer. I wanted to make my game completely free and ad free, but I can't do that without having to pay out of my own pockets.

  • SevenDeMagnus
    SevenDeMagnus 11 months ago

    Hi. Thanks. Where's the How to Make a Mobile Game? Thank you. God bless, Proverbs 31

  • Polocatfan
    Polocatfan 11 months ago

    Money doesn't grow on trees

  • TeeThePenguin!
    TeeThePenguin! 11 months ago

    Fortnite freemuim
    ROBLOX freemuim
    Everything freemuim
    Life: PAID-muim

  • Simon Lloyd
    Simon Lloyd 11 months ago

    Great video.

  • SuperDerp101
    SuperDerp101 11 months ago

    Im trying to resit freenium. I got terraria, Geo DThe problem tho is people pirate paid apps.

  • WoW -Words of Wisdom
    WoW -Words of Wisdom 11 months ago

    You deserve 10 mill subs

  • Fade
    Fade 11 months ago

    Moviepass needs to do a better job whoring out their customers' data

  • Alex Leibowitz
    Alex Leibowitz 11 months ago

    Why is the company selling my data so bad? For instance, with movie pass, what negative consequences would I be exposed to by providing the company with information like my address, etc.? I figure for most consumers, this information is pretty readily available anyway.

  • MCMarcuz23 //Marcuz Cedrick

    No Android users to see here...uhh..yeah.

  • Guan-Han Chiu
    Guan-Han Chiu 11 months ago

    That is just universal humanity.

  • JasperEdits
    JasperEdits 11 months ago

    Freemium? Haha, lucky patcher....

  • Qwerty Gaming
    Qwerty Gaming 11 months ago

    I wish I wasn't a mobile gamer. People think I'm stupid because I play mobile games. They say I'm not a gamer because they probably don't read the dictionary on what is the meaning of the word gamer. And they are just straight up calling me retarded, empty minded, and low IQ. Now I can agree with them. Mobile games suck. But I'm stuck with them for now so I only play a few games on mobile(the ones that are actually good).

  • Aiden Monkey
    Aiden Monkey Year ago

    Freemium sucks.

  • MrKage
    MrKage Year ago +1

    bruh i have spent like 1500 dollars on steam games alone lol

  • Kacper Piotrowski

    For most my life I thought competition is good for everyone and that the invisible hand can make some of best decisions. Now my confidence is shaken.

  • 50PullUps
    50PullUps Year ago

    1st world problems

  • Abdul Ghani
    Abdul Ghani Year ago

    when consumer is the one to blame. well

  • Brendan Smith
    Brendan Smith Year ago

    Imho paying for software is difficult to argue for. You are basically paying for a string of 1s and 0s. You are paying for a number basically. I know that software engineers need to make a living, but it's really hard to justify paying for a number.

  • SteveDoidoUltimate

    Free market is great, people!

  • Jare Bear
    Jare Bear Year ago

    Why is apple the only appstore discussed here? There are MANY more. Open your mind

  • JuliuszP
    JuliuszP Year ago

    I am woke

  • Matheus Felizola
    Matheus Felizola Year ago

    Apple is finally bringing trials to the App Store on iOS 12! I hope this helps lower this demand for freemium games :p

  • HUMAN-512 Not robot

    This is a very good video, thank you for explaining it to everyone so clearly, but there's still one thing about the App Store which Apple has been drawing attention away from; Gambling apps. They can steal money from users, because they know on a subconscious level that they'll lose it all and it isn't worth it, but they can get a 'high' from winning a SUPER MEGA HUUUGE WIN JACKPOT. And as you mentioned in another video, Apple wants them to do this, to get as many users as possible hooked on gambling. I've wrote a letter to Tim Cook about this, and how it's damaging users, economies and Apple's image.

  • beezito
    beezito Year ago

    Market Failure.

  • Allon Vorlete
    Allon Vorlete Year ago

    As long as it's a design like old mmos and it's only for cosmetics, microtransactions are okay.
    Gasp! I know. But free games need to survive.
    The only good game on the App Store that I've put money into is Elemental Knights Online.
    Only the cosmetics require real money, and the items you can buy for real money can all be traded and obtained through regular gameplay.
    Warframe is another game with microtransactions that avoids the "freemium" tag.
    As long as it's done right, free games are still the way of the future.

  • thriller 2910
    thriller 2910 Year ago

    Angry Birds went freemium and it broke my heart

    MKIVWWI Year ago

    Fortunately I'm old fashioned and born long before computers and their ilk. Thus I keep apps to a minimum on phone and laptop computers. Never be a "slave" to these newfangled contraptions as are so many sheeple are today. People, liberate yourself from this techo-mindset of today. Keep electronics use very simple, and safeguard you most precious asset -- your privacy! No private citizen needs to be in "constant contact" with others, nor to have all this crap at their fingertips. Get over it, already. Live life as if it were still the greatest decade in all human history -- the 1960s! Those years ruled, nowadays sucks. (Sorry if the truth hurts).

  • kairon156
    kairon156 Year ago

    I think freemium is a good thing but only if it's done right.

  • TKSRichy
    TKSRichy Year ago

    there is no guarantee that paid app wont sell out our privacy either

  • an idiot
    an idiot Year ago

    Yea. The powerful people in the world can change things for the better. Just that they won't. Apple gets a share of developers profit from IAP. What makes you think they will support apps with no IAP

  • Miguel Santiago
    Miguel Santiago Year ago

    The only thing wrong about this video is the fact that you stated that the "invisible hand" of the market makes everything bad with time
    This only happens because of less competition, lack of a free market, regulations and the State always trying to reward the ones who help it

  • Carlitox b
    Carlitox b Year ago

    But is it free ?

  • James Lian
    James Lian Year ago +1

    I think it's a good idea you are bringing to light this issue, but I don't find your case against freemium apps all that convincing. The market certainly isn't perfect, but how can you tell that it can be regulated to give us something better? Also, maybe it is better for people to be sold to get access to free apps. As long as people are well educated on the consequences of what will happen, I see no issue there. After all, there are lots of great free games on PC that are free because they have the freemium model.

  • Ahmad Farhan
    Ahmad Farhan Year ago

    U trying to brainwash US?

  • Thomas
    Thomas Year ago


  • Lego Play Time
    Lego Play Time Year ago +1

    Facebook basically mocked at your privacy, and proved that the vast majority don’t care about their own data. That’s why the company still exists.

  • zxKAOS1
    zxKAOS1 Year ago

    If they could charge $20 to $50 for mobile games, then it'd be another thing. $1 to $5? The jig is up!

  • James Maron
    James Maron Year ago

    and we have PC games, with a simmalar directions

  • Vineet Pande
    Vineet Pande Year ago

    Or, just buy Android.

  • Al Kaholic
    Al Kaholic Year ago

    Ah if only this were true - if only you could pay £5 for an app and get good practices! Although there is some truth in this video, the reality is that all too often you pay for things that turn out to be rubbish.
    Yes there are reviews, but they're very difficult to decipher, because everyone's taste is different, some people get hung up about something that's irrelevant to you and give it a 1 star while other people overlook something bad or missing about an app that is important to you and give it a 5 star. And reading through the hundres or thousands of reviews is time consuming.
    Freemium gets around this. You install an app, if it's good you continue using it, if it's bad you uninstall it. Simples!
    You could say, well what about free demos? But demos rarely work, they're either missing significant features that don't allow you to give it a true evaluation, or they on a time trial that runs out a long time before you've really had chance to get your teeth into it.
    Yes the freemium apps might be making money off you in some way, but in terms of harvesting data for targeted selling... is this a bad thing? Personally I don't mind companies gathering annonymous statistics about what I'm doing with the interest of shaping and marketing the products towards me in future that I'm interested in. Harvest away! And tricking me into doing something? Well is that any worse to tricking someone into paying £5 for an app that isn't very good in the first place?
    You might say well it's only a fiver, but is selling apps for so cheap a good business model for the devs anyway? Back in the late 90s and early 2000s you'd be paying between £30 to £100 for software, how come modern phone apps are so much cheaper.
    You often pay for an app and it turns out it's still advertising, and still harveting your data! You don't even have to goto the store for this, most phones include bloatware that you can't get rid of, and aren't allowed to root/jailbreak your device to get rid of it. Even though you've paid for the device and it's yours, you're not allowed full access to it, and can't get rid of the build in advertising and data harvesting.
    I agree freemium has it's downsides, but we need to address the much more serious problems with paid-for software if consumers are to ever to switch back to it.
    Personally I don't mind paying for something that I get my moneysworth out of. But I hate paying for something to find out it's a complete waste of money. Solve this problem and the market might start racing upwards again!

  • kima khiangte
    kima khiangte Year ago

    Guys, if you concern so much about data mining. Buy Android phone which have good Community Support. Unlock your bootloader and flash custom ROM without GApps. Use f-droid (sometimes from github)for your app store and use DuckDuckGo as your default browser. Then, you're free from this data mining companies.

  • Blender Dumbass
    Blender Dumbass Year ago

    This is why linux and free software are the best

  • Dino Cruz
    Dino Cruz Year ago

    I think fighting against free is a doomed battle

  • iDunnoMapping
    iDunnoMapping Year ago


  • Notnilc
    Notnilc Year ago

    Konata Chang joins the race!