LCPDFR - Officer Speirs - TCU Unit Patrol Day 1

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  • Lane The Gamer
    Lane The Gamer 12 дней назад

    This Episode was uploaded on my birthday! :]

  • BostonRailfan Productions
    BostonRailfan Productions Месяц назад

    omg that intro tho... so good turn your intro into its own video and post it it will get 100,000 likes garenteed

    GOLDEN GOLEM Месяц назад +2

    This is how I found speirs, it's amazing to see how far he's come I've been watching for a while now and he's helped me get through tough times in my life and I can't thank him enough for this. I know this sounds really sad and cringed but I'd just like to say thank you

    • KyS KiD
      KyS KiD Месяц назад

      GOLDEN GOLEM Same.

  • team epiphany fan Prevail
    team epiphany fan Prevail 8 месяцев назад

    Timmy is from south park

  • Nick Taylor
    Nick Taylor 10 месяцев назад +2

    Is it just me or does that kinda look like an oversized animal control vehicle?

    • Ok Boi
      Ok Boi 9 месяцев назад


  • Gaius Studios
    Gaius Studios 11 месяцев назад

    dude I'm sorry that I said boring to your channel so yah sorry

  • D 1
    D 1 Год назад

    That's my name the first name in the last me Damian Castillo at 6:38

  • Jeremiah Pretzlaw
    Jeremiah Pretzlaw Год назад

    Sit Jimmy sit Good boy 😎👍🏻

  • Fyn Kynd
    Fyn Kynd Год назад +1

    da'aww bebe speerz

  • Michael Rasmussen
    Michael Rasmussen Год назад

    You should always use your rpg it's awesome and jimmy is awesome he is a good boy lol 😁

  • Anibal Araujo
    Anibal Araujo Год назад

    the black one cover your video and fucked up your video I think your gonna go to another place

  • wolf dude
    wolf dude Год назад


  • jesse huss
    jesse huss Год назад +2

    i got my girlfriend a giant teddy bear

  • DeathBringer 21212
    DeathBringer 21212 2 года назад

    TiMMy J-Jimmy?

  • DeathBringer 21212
    DeathBringer 21212 2 года назад +1

    its from south park timmy

  • Charles Soto
    Charles Soto 2 года назад

    it would be 16 minutes and 43 seconds

  • I fucked you thicc bitch
    I fucked you thicc bitch 2 года назад

    I live in Canada too😎

  • Ready Yeahh
    Ready Yeahh 2 года назад

    im a police officer

    • Row Boat
      Row Boat 2 года назад

      You should arrest yourself if you can't spell :)

    • Robert Blake
      Robert Blake 2 года назад

      Cool. Thanks for keeping the community safe officer. Stay safe on duty.

  • Zachary Long
    Zachary Long 2 года назад

    U should do animal control

  • Weston Maness
    Weston Maness 2 года назад

    I know what shepherd's pie is

  • Evan Perry
    Evan Perry 2 года назад

    i know what sheperd pie

  • Kristin Van Ormer
    Kristin Van Ormer 2 года назад

    South Park.

  • Steven Avery
    Steven Avery 2 года назад

    Timmay is from south park and shephards pie is aka tater tot casserol.

  • kirby stanek
    kirby stanek 2 года назад

    I love Shepard's pie!

  • kirby stanek
    kirby stanek 2 года назад

    Do a lcpdfr where u take the criminals to the station

    RICHARD HERNANDEZ 2 года назад

    I do too

  • Mario Melendez
    Mario Melendez 2 года назад


  • Mario Melendez
    Mario Melendez 2 года назад

  • Variety Josh
    Variety Josh 2 года назад

    my mom got bit by a black widow 3 times  

  • Jessica Kiefer
    Jessica Kiefer 2 года назад

    is a mp5 your favorit gun

  • Jessica Kiefer
    Jessica Kiefer 2 года назад

    i love your vids keep it up

  • Michael Stevenson
    Michael Stevenson 2 года назад

    How do you get lcpdfr I need help

  • Mrsky_official
    Mrsky_official 2 года назад +1

    I love your cop videos

  • Dodgerville
    Dodgerville 2 года назад +4

    That's the K-9 unit's truck for moving the dogs around. TCU is the Transit Canine Unit. Nice truck nonethless.

    • melanie peddle
      melanie peddle 9 месяцев назад

      Stephen Kravitz

    • melanie peddle
      melanie peddle 9 месяцев назад


    • Dodgerville
      Dodgerville 2 года назад

      +Steve Kravitz Nah, I've seen that truck in Manhattan before.

  • Greek King Vlogs
    Greek King Vlogs 2 года назад

    How did you become a police officer in this game

  • ryan piusienski
    ryan piusienski 2 года назад

    the afros are helmets idiot

  • smile more
    smile more 2 года назад

    No no sinur spiers

  • Dylan Ingram
    Dylan Ingram 2 года назад +3

    In the middle of the video I could not see it was all black

  • Michael Abraham
    Michael Abraham 2 года назад

    I like your new car

  • Sυρεcτ
    Sυρεcτ 2 года назад

    south park

  • Colton Willis
    Colton Willis 2 года назад

    south park

  • Wyatt Allen
    Wyatt Allen 2 года назад

    What do you play gta on

  • TheJack97HD
    TheJack97HD 2 года назад

    Is it a cheat

  • DaRealJuanCena
    DaRealJuanCena 2 года назад

    what ped is that? + the the police truck you are using? link=__________________.

  • The best vines
    The best vines 2 года назад

    Bbbbrrrroooocccckkk lllleeeeessssnnnneaaaarr the one behind the one in 21 and one :D

  • Pablo Espinal
    Pablo Espinal 2 года назад

    We see these trucks every day here in New York

  • Marcus Peterson
    Marcus Peterson 2 года назад

    Dayum. I'd hate to see that Moose! :O

  • Nicole Perez
    Nicole Perez 2 года назад

    I like the truck.

  • TheLiveWire221
    TheLiveWire221 2 года назад

    TCU means Traffic Control Unit. Thats why it's that big

    • Rocks Gaming
      Rocks Gaming 2 года назад

      Transit Canine Unit You Idiot

  • Sylvester Magee
    Sylvester Magee 2 года назад

    December 13th is my birthday

  • bob builder
    bob builder 2 года назад

    the monster truck is a ram

  • bob builder
    bob builder 2 года назад

    get the police bus mode it  cool

  • Carnella Carter
    Carnella Carter 2 года назад

    U should make more tsu units for more lcpdfr please

  • Mr.VissTM
    Mr.VissTM 2 года назад

    they dont call him the amazing for nothing

  • jhon doe
    jhon doe 2 года назад for a gta5 role play crew that is just starting need founding members start with a high rank

  • jeremy bixley
    jeremy bixley 2 года назад

    Do a tow truck mod

  • Red Saiyan
    Red Saiyan 3 года назад

    Team up with penguinz0, you would make a kickass duo.

  • John Kvasny
    John Kvasny 3 года назад

    I have the steam version of gta 4 and I want to do mods but I cant play gta 4 I will not load the screen for me I need help can someone help me

  • Calbob543
    Calbob543 3 года назад

    I thought it was an animal rescue police

  • Robbie Hamlin
    Robbie Hamlin 3 года назад

    TCU is Transit Canine Unit.

  • Ben Asack
    Ben Asack 3 года назад

    NYPD's real life tactical unit is ESU.

  • Zach Jackson
    Zach Jackson 3 года назад

    Speirs this is the first video I ever watched of you and I couldn't find it for the longest time and I remember you talking about shirts and it is so funny this is what got me watching you every day

  • NJ Vlogs
    NJ Vlogs 3 года назад

    What did you rite in lcpdfr for truck

  • Allison Smith
    Allison Smith 3 года назад

    can u tell me how to get a poice suit on xbox360

  • Joanne G.
    Joanne G. 3 года назад

  • larry sanders
    larry sanders 3 года назад

    TCU is a animal control van XD lol.... jking

  • Alex Trickie
    Alex Trickie 3 года назад

    South park

  • Nicholas Pishko
    Nicholas Pishko 3 года назад

    I like you to came back

  • Gabe Holland
    Gabe Holland 3 года назад

    Jimmy is great*

    SG KREW 3 года назад

    And I need the ambalance mod

    SG KREW 3 года назад

    Can you send me a link to gta iv for windows 8 on laptop

  • Wyatt Adams
    Wyatt Adams 3 года назад

    Pull over a monster truck

    • Iceeyy
      Iceeyy Год назад

      +Wyatt Adams Watch the full video.

  • Eric V
    Eric V 3 года назад

     Brandon moores lcpdfr videos are better then yours. You cuss alot thats why.

    • Iceeyy
      Iceeyy Год назад

      +Eric V Nobody cares. Keep your thoughts to yourself.

  • Sakib Hadzic
    Sakib Hadzic 3 года назад +2

    This guy talk to him self and i think he is crazy go to the hospital or get a GF 

    • Iceeyy
      Iceeyy Год назад

      +Sakib Hadzic You're the dumbest person on Earth. He states he does have a GF, and do you know what youtube mostly is? People get a microphone, record videos, and post it. You're the crazy one here.

    • Lamp 2.0
      Lamp 2.0 3 года назад

      Sakib That what he suppose to do (Idiot ) And also  he  has a girlfriend 

    • ethan hill
      ethan hill 3 года назад

      If you don't like what he does. Don't watch his videos. He's awesome. He has the best videos.

  • Brandon Hill
    Brandon Hill 3 года назад

    U shoot a lot of cops lol

  • Ali Faouzi-Diouri
    Ali Faouzi-Diouri 3 года назад

    could i join the clan?

  • Jalon Springer
    Jalon Springer 3 года назад

    Im stuck in Canada

  • Josh Barre
    Josh Barre 3 года назад

    A Moose In Canada
    Speirs #CanadianProbs

  • Patrick Taylor
    Patrick Taylor 3 года назад

    You should play as a female cop

  • Royal Gaming
    Royal Gaming 3 года назад +3

    did any one els see the blfack screen at 7.29?

  • Jon Dulaney
    Jon Dulaney 3 года назад

    Once you hit 110KM/H, you would be going about 75MP/H

  • Brandan Cardinal
    Brandan Cardinal 3 года назад

    Can you do a RCMP Episode

  • ChaotischGamen
    ChaotischGamen 3 года назад

    i luf your intro

  • iTzz-Savage
    iTzz-Savage 3 года назад

    Anyone else's screen go black around 7 minutes

    RTOMZKY 3 года назад

    A single moose with an MP5 attach to its head =))

  • goofygal19
    goofygal19 3 года назад

    i have been to Canada once for chorus in high school.

    CHRONIC COLLEGE 3 года назад

    Hey I was wondering what are the specs of your pc

  • lolmichellelol83
    lolmichellelol83 3 года назад


  • lolmichellelol83
    lolmichellelol83 3 года назад

    What the fuck

  • Alexander Jacob Schwanke Schwanke
    Alexander Jacob Schwanke Schwanke 3 года назад

    Can u please be a fat black cop?

  • Jonathan Burke
    Jonathan Burke 3 года назад

    i used to call sheperds pie or how ever u spell it i used to call it shit on a shingle

  • Tim White
    Tim White 3 года назад

    The Video goes black at 7 mins

  • Tristan Malette
    Tristan Malette 3 года назад

    I'm 10

  • Tristan Malette
    Tristan Malette 3 года назад

    A lot

  • Tristan Malette
    Tristan Malette 3 года назад

    We have them in NYC

  • Ty Maloney
    Ty Maloney 3 года назад

  • camron glynn
    camron glynn 3 года назад

    can you help me get this mod on my laptop 

  • Kyle Thornton
    Kyle Thornton 3 года назад

    What is you'r steam name?

  • Kyle Thornton
    Kyle Thornton 3 года назад


  • Alex Markel
    Alex Markel 3 года назад

    That truck is anamle cun trool

    • Iceeyy
      Iceeyy Год назад

      +Alex Markel Do you know what grammar is? How old are you? 3? Only 3 year olds spell like that. animal* control*