5 Most Isolated Communities At The End Of The Earth

  • Published on Jan 8, 2019
  • Throughout history, people have moved across the great expanses of the globe to establish communities. Some of them have even grown into large cities which harbor millions of individuals.
    However, some people have chosen to remain in smaller groups that are totally off the radar. These communities have withstood the test of time in near isolation. In fact, many residents have never left the small area of isolation they call home. Here are 5 Isolated Inhabited Communities At The End Of The Earth
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  • jason thompson
    jason thompson 9 hours ago

    You mean they get internet

  • Bing Coool
    Bing Coool 9 hours ago

    I guess this was a pretty cool video for the most part but I have one thing to say white people didn’t find none of the places that he keeps saying. Maybe the island with the cows and valcano (Tristan de cuna) but other than that somebody already lived.

  • A F
    A F Day ago

    Here in Australia we have the Cocos Keeling Islands. Two postcard-perfect atolls with bright white sand and covered thickly in coconut palms. They are closer to Sumatra than Australia. The population is 600, most are Malay Muslims and speak Malay, but they do school in English with Australian school system.

  • Ruby Angel
    Ruby Angel Day ago

    OMG! yes, first island is wicked and would never live on a Pig’s island! May God have mercy on them and forgive them for their sins. They are sinful communities and tribes who are isolated and practice evil ways. I personally could not live without my Holy Tepee and bless mother Guadalupe and BC of unclean uncivilized salvages and toxic shit tribes I have been suffering persecution, injustices and harassment all my life! Unbelievable in the 21rst century and suffering more than my native Indian ancestors and in my own country USA! Dam shame and disgrace!!!

  • A Rem
    A Rem 2 days ago

    i wonder what the age of consent is

  • zebras don't fly for a reason

    ...titty cocka, stop being so immature...

  • Kimberly Francis
    Kimberly Francis 2 days ago

    I’m sure there are some places in Africa, and Asia that even more secluded, and predated or poorly populated, that would be interesting to look at.

  • J D
    J D 2 days ago

    So, you can visit but not stay?

  • Eden Icamen
    Eden Icamen 3 days ago

    The horses in Supai are not treated right. They do not stop working carrying baggages of tourists or tourists who want to be carried. You can see how exhausted they are by looking at their feet and their eyes because they are not well fed, not even water. They are used to work until they die. So please if you visit make sure you don't hire an exhausted horse!

  • Kiki's Kurls
    Kiki's Kurls 3 days ago +2

    I don't blame anyone who desires to live in isolated places. Some people are weirdos for the most part lol😂😂😂

  • Asia Banks
    Asia Banks 3 days ago

    Isolation and filth, nah hell nah

  • btetschner
    btetschner 4 days ago +1

    Very interesting, thanks for the video!

  • KN Byam
    KN Byam 5 days ago +2

    Honestly, that last one, just remove everyone from the community and burn the whole thing.

  • A Franca
    A Franca 5 days ago


    And her two cousins ;);)

  • Ashley Lewis
    Ashley Lewis 5 days ago

    How do you know about these places?

  • Do what you must, I have already won

    That's some phenomenal green screen at work there.

  • Aisha
    Aisha 7 days ago +8

    "So if you're interested in extreme cold-"
    *girl with shorts appears on screen*

  • Mr. StarOfTruth
    Mr. StarOfTruth 7 days ago

    people do stupid stuff and never seem to stop ..

  • Jim King
    Jim King 7 days ago

    Marsters liked to faaaaaaaaawwwwwwwkkkkk!

  • Leslie Tincher
    Leslie Tincher 8 days ago

    Man, I want an island and 3 Polynesian wives. Lucky bastard. Might suck if they got mad at you though on that tiny ass island. 😀

  • Brenda Martin
    Brenda Martin 8 days ago


  • laken1804
    laken1804 8 days ago +1

    The thumbnail looks like someone decided to build on a highway that separates 2 mountains.
    I find out from the video that it's St. Helena near Tristan da Cuhna.

  • 94FADE
    94FADE 8 days ago

    Lake titty kaka

  • Dee 90
    Dee 90 8 days ago

    Wrong information!! the most isolated place in the world is Sentinel Island, where people living in there are called Sentinelese. The island is situated inside India's territory and Sentinelese haven't been contacted yet by the outer world .

      SCIENCE CHILD 4 days ago

      Yeah do u know andaman & Nicobar islands in the indian ocean

  • Jake Iacono
    Jake Iacono 9 days ago


  • Elizabeth Duncan
    Elizabeth Duncan 9 days ago

    hell naw! Suspicious!

  • Chris Lee
    Chris Lee 9 days ago

    Where did Cain find his wife?

  • Alejandro Alartiz
    Alejandro Alartiz 10 days ago +4

    A lot of incest on those places. A lot!

  • Super Insecure
    Super Insecure 10 days ago

    It's not your cousin, it's just your turn!

  • Dominican- FamilyVlog
    Dominican- FamilyVlog 11 days ago


  • Jake RS
    Jake RS 11 days ago +4

    So number 5.... all related.... isnt that incest... why dont they have 3 eye's and 8 fingers?

    • Mr. Duck
      Mr. Duck 9 days ago

      Only 3 are direct descendents
      So probably the rest are not much related

  • Rick B
    Rick B 11 days ago

    Can someone please let me know if that volcano erupts

  • Damien Garbutt
    Damien Garbutt 11 days ago +1

    Residents of La Rinconada would have no problem climbing Mount Everest.

  • Jeon Prisha
    Jeon Prisha 11 days ago

    In Nepal there is a community with around 3 people......

      SCIENCE CHILD 4 days ago

      Name of this community.where is located in Nepal

  • lunga lunga
    lunga lunga 11 days ago

    poor filthy sad south africa

    • lunga lunga
      lunga lunga 11 days ago

      @Abigail lovely fuck you bitch

    • Abigail lovely
      Abigail lovely 11 days ago

      Stupid talk, the most senseless brain on the planet

  • Yashu Sharma
    Yashu Sharma 13 days ago +2

    Not the most secluded..You forgot north sentinel island in andaman Nicobar In India. It is the Most isolated island and tribe in the world. Indian govt has prohibited any human contact with the tribe on the island.

  • Ariel Gois
    Ariel Gois 13 days ago

    Laketittycaca @9:48

  • J Mazz
    J Mazz 13 days ago

    Too many ads, not worth watching

  • Cynthia Wanjiru
    Cynthia Wanjiru 13 days ago


  • Tineke Williams
    Tineke Williams 14 days ago

    What I can't understand is those travellers find an island and proclaim it to be theirs like the Maori that came from Hawaiki and claimed it, murdered and ate the Moriori and then Abel Tasman who got scared away by murderous maoris, after that Captain Cook that claimed it for England. Crazy! Next time I take a trip to the states might proclaim it for New Zealand hahaha!

  • sailorashore
    sailorashore 14 days ago

    What a lod bollix the Poor Tristans had to be repatriated to the UK many years ago, what is going on there now?

  • Elaine Miller
    Elaine Miller 14 days ago

    Kalaupapa, Molokai no ka oe

  • punith narayana
    punith narayana 15 days ago +7

    Vid is good
    But I think you forgot to mention North sentinelese island
    Andaman Nicobar,India.

    • Breezy QBL
      Breezy QBL 9 days ago

      punith narayana I was waiting for him to list it

  • Ram Shiva
    Ram Shiva 15 days ago


  • Jonas Seorum
    Jonas Seorum 15 days ago

    4:28 why could you not bike there?

  • Ely Meg
    Ely Meg 16 days ago

    His deep breath before speaking is distracting

    • Pranay Nillay
      Pranay Nillay 14 days ago

      Now... All i hear is his breathing. Damn u!

  • Tasia
    Tasia 16 days ago

    Incest must be so rife that they're so sensitized from it.

  • Akihiro sugiyama
    Akihiro sugiyama 17 days ago

    Palmerston Island, Cook Islands, sad

  • Atul Negi
    Atul Negi 17 days ago +4

    You haven't mentioned the sentenel tribe of the Andaman Islands in India who haven't have a single outside contact with humanity from the times it's began to now !!

    • sailorashore
      sailorashore 14 days ago

      And they chopped to death a "christian missionary " lately...

  • Open Door
    Open Door 17 days ago

    You missed North Sentinel Island

  • Mahutwe
    Mahutwe 18 days ago

    Move the UN to Tristan de Cuna.

  • Nasir Khan
    Nasir Khan 18 days ago

    I want to go New Zealand but my mother not allow me to go there

  • valerio pilla
    valerio pilla 18 days ago

    Pesco sannita (Benevento) Italy is missing in your video 😳😳😳

  • Tete telove
    Tete telove 19 days ago +3

    If u love the threat of volcanoes 😂😂😂😂

  • Marita Mahar
    Marita Mahar 19 days ago

    so your saying the world is flat with your title

  • vignesh waran
    vignesh waran 20 days ago

    Isolated,poor,filthy and u can carry as much gold wen u r not paid. Can't they trade gold to get revenue to improve the city?

  • Chadstravels
    Chadstravels 20 days ago +1

    The breathing is annoying

  • N A
    N A 20 days ago +1

    So, they continue to procreate with each other.

  • Coreena Lilly
    Coreena Lilly 20 days ago

    OMG!!!!! That Palmerston Island.....is DISGUSTING. It was said here in the comments.....INCEST & INBREEDING.....ugh....

  • Leo Calonder
    Leo Calonder 20 days ago +3

    Pitcairn Island?!

  • Amalia770503
    Amalia770503 20 days ago

    What about Greenland?

  • Nic
    Nic 21 day ago

    These people are secretly trying to nuke the West Coast in order to take it as their own, and will soon take over the world. Isolation was a price paid, simple to enslave the human race.

  • Papa Jude
    Papa Jude 21 day ago

    Adbenture so nise sir

  • sapphire sky
    sapphire sky 21 day ago +4

    They made a movie based on utqiagvik called "30 days of night"

  • Patrick Adams
    Patrick Adams 22 days ago

    Pitcairn....sounds good to me

  • J Cassidy
    J Cassidy 22 days ago

    This is disgraceful.

  • Nitesh Kumar
    Nitesh Kumar 22 days ago +1

    4:22 If mule can go there, motorcycles can too.

    • Nitesh Kumar
      Nitesh Kumar 19 days ago

      @ChickenJuice A smaller dual sport is much more balanced than a mule

    • ChickenJuice
      ChickenJuice 19 days ago

      Travelling down a steep canyon wall is not something I would traverse a motorcycle with.

  • Rohini Devi Dasi
    Rohini Devi Dasi 23 days ago


  • Cole World
    Cole World 24 days ago

    So everyone on Palmerston is inbred? Interesting..... 🤨🤨🤨

  • ATCkeepsUsafe
    ATCkeepsUsafe 26 days ago

    Are all you stupid people taken in by the title of this video. The Earth is not flat. You dumbass uneducated morons!

  • Abhishek Chauhan
    Abhishek Chauhan 26 days ago

    There is village in Himalayas of India name "malana", they are completely isolated from the world. They claim they belong to bloodline of Alexandra the great. They follows world's oldest democracy, don't follow India's constitution. Touching them, touching their houses and temples are completely prohibited as they say outsiders are inferior to Alexander successors. If you touch them you have to pay fine 2500 nearly 40 US dollars on the spot. They are completely taboo society.

  • Jurawolf Music
    Jurawolf Music 26 days ago +3

    Nice presentation, and +1 for using Outerra in the Tristan da Cunha sequence, this is a great 3D earth simulator !

  • Mukesh Raj
    Mukesh Raj 27 days ago

    North Sentinel Island ?

  • A O
    A O 27 days ago

    Very appropriate and nice-to-listen narrating voice.

  • Div-E Sepid
    Div-E Sepid 28 days ago

    i m moving in if no arabs there

  • D. Hybz
    D. Hybz 28 days ago +1

    Arizona? Really? You can drive to a city in a couple of hours. Hardly one of the most isolated.

  • hello there
    hello there 28 days ago +1

    There are many other places as far or further north in America. The United States isn't the only country in America. Check out Canada's far north settlements.

  • Seafox
    Seafox 29 days ago +6

    *Alabama has entered the chat*
    *invites 100*

  • Adrian Salamunovic
    Adrian Salamunovic 29 days ago +1

    16,000FT wow - I thought La Paz, and Cusco were high. It was hard to breathe but never got sick onn my last trip. Don't think I want to go Rinconada though.

  • SswithS
    SswithS 29 days ago

    Screw that.. No, thanks

  • Eric StormDragon
    Eric StormDragon 29 days ago

    I have been to Havasupi Falls, hiked in and camped for a week.

  • amritesh pratap
    amritesh pratap 29 days ago +1

    fucking youtube Ads let me not watch the video in one shot :(

    ATON CLARO Month ago


  • Virgo090564
    Virgo090564 Month ago +23

    I am blessed that I live here in the Philippines with so much water, plenty of fruits, vegetables and beautiful islands.

    • Swizzles Braunoz
      Swizzles Braunoz 18 days ago +1

      Typical life of an oldest sister mkv Thanks for this long text. I would like to discuss with you for longer, but my english is to bad for this. I dont understood what you were saying.
      But I hope the best for you too.😊
      Greetings from Switzerland!

    • Typical life of an oldest sister mkv
      Typical life of an oldest sister mkv 18 days ago +1

      We have a didferent views and perspective and I respect yours.. But I'll just voice out my thoughts same as yours, I'm not a Fan of the President, but as what I've said it is much worse when Drug addicts are killing innocent people especially child, because they refused to surrender themselves to the Gov't for their rehabilation or getting jailed, and also I personally have watched the TV when the President announces the war on drugs.. And as what I have remembered The President will not hesistate to kill the addicts when they refuse or fight against the police officers (I also personally belief that some of the killings of the addicts is not doing/orders by the President, but it is also some of the moves of the Drug lords so they can silenced they're pusher so they can't do the talking.) about to those alcoholic, the president imposed an order to have a curfew in every bar. Anyaway nuff said.. Let's just pray and hope for the best in our Country and always look on the brighter side. God bless you 😊

    • Swizzles Braunoz
      Swizzles Braunoz 19 days ago

      Typical life of an oldest sister mkv Ok, but the president said it on live TV, that people who are in contact with drugs, should get killed. so international news are not really exaggerating.
      Also alcohol is killing innocent people, but nobody would get the idea to kill people who drink or sell beer.

    • Typical life of an oldest sister mkv
      Typical life of an oldest sister mkv 20 days ago

      @Swizzles Braunoz people get killed when they involved themselves to drugs and hesistating to get a jailed. Although killing drug addicts is not good, but killing innocent people and child by drug addicts is far more worse. Sometime media's and rich Drug lords has it's ways of delivering the news in a different manner.

    • Swizzles Braunoz
      Swizzles Braunoz 21 day ago

      What about the people get killed because of drugs in the Philippines?

  • World Plants
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  • Jayant Dixit
    Jayant Dixit Month ago

    north sentinelese island in india should be no.1 here

  • CrankShaft
    CrankShaft Month ago +1

    Was watching a video on how to put your cockring on , how'd i get here ?

  • Jackandmel
    Jackandmel Month ago +8

    The first one , palmerston should renamed too insestville

  • IeatyellowSNO
    IeatyellowSNO Month ago

    The last town shows that you can have all the gold available to you, but as long as the people are brown and non-white, you can leave them in filth and it won't matter. Shameful.

  • Face Candy Studio
    Face Candy Studio Month ago

    Wonder if these communities have a lot of deformed folks due to incest and inbreeding.

  • Abiti 4
    Abiti 4 Month ago

    Fred beachy

  • Petros Komninos
    Petros Komninos Month ago

    isnt that 5:16 kind dangerous ?

  • Petros Komninos
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    Creators of Tropico 6

  • Rhuth K
    Rhuth K Month ago +1

    poor, sad, filthy .....sounds like india

  • Daniel Bonner
    Daniel Bonner Month ago +1

    No matter how remote the island there’s always a paedophilic preacher distributing his evil from within the church 🔥🔥🔥

  • MrSqutsslo
    MrSqutsslo Month ago

    Stop breathing

  • Just Because
    Just Because Month ago

    I have an audit exam in a few days! What am I doing here? Maybe it’s a sign that I don’t have to stress myself and just go to these isolated island and worry about nothing 😭😭😭😭

  • Vane Mak
    Vane Mak Month ago

    The last one in Peru is disgusting must smell like shit and Garbage all day so there’s a lot of diseases and people are inhaling a painful death. Fuckin scumbags all for gold would live like rats and smell shit. That’s why your all poor dumb fucks. Cause people like you never become rich.

  • Shakira Bells
    Shakira Bells Month ago

    oh my goshhh human being live every where eventhough they know already its hard to reach the places its just unbelievable

  • Insight Curiosity.
    Insight Curiosity. Month ago +1

    Number 1" what about if someone fall sick and needs emergency treatment "?