Don't mess with Boxers (Best Compilation) - Boxer defends girlfriend/wife

  • Published on Jan 12, 2019
  • Compilation of a Boxer defending his girlfriend from thugs.
    1 Boxer vs 4 Thugs.
    Do not mess with a boxer.
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Comments • 294

  • Juan Arellano
    Juan Arellano 15 hours ago

    He said aim low aim low boom to the head

  • Jake Green
    Jake Green Day ago

    First video is faker than ticktock

  • Smarty Sai
    Smarty Sai Day ago

    I also want to fight for my Girlfriend but I don't have any Girlfriend😞😔

  • Senso Kri
    Senso Kri 2 days ago

    They fucked up😂😂😂

  • Drafting Punk
    Drafting Punk 4 days ago +1

    What fakery is that 1st video. Kick didn't even reach him. And it was too slow. When he executed it.

  • Gilbert Juarez
    Gilbert Juarez 7 days ago

    I know the girls are trying to calm things down but I hate when they get in between the guys ready to kill each other I’ve seen a few girls get teeth and jaws broken by doing that

  • Ben Dover
    Ben Dover 8 days ago

    i can be your hero baby

  • daniel280456
    daniel280456 9 days ago +1

    This boxer deserves some attention too. He fights 3 guys, puts 1 in the hospital, and never gets touched

  • Frank Hanna
    Frank Hanna 10 days ago

    First one is too fake lol jks

  • War Feather
    War Feather 11 days ago

    the first video is fake sooo fake my granny can fight better than dat

  • Dream Studio
    Dream Studio 11 days ago

    Nada peor q tu novia en medio d una pelea.. solo estorban

    LxTxSURGE 12 days ago

    what countries are they?

  • Mitchel Scharf
    Mitchel Scharf 12 days ago

    Don’t start a video with obviously fake shit, makes your entire video seem fake

  • Javier Cespedes
    Javier Cespedes 12 days ago +2

    It makes me so happy when someone who DISERVES it gets beat up by someone who DISERVES to fight back and knows what he is doing. Especially when it comes to defend his girl.

  • Nico L
    Nico L 13 days ago


  • artur sanchir
    artur sanchir 14 days ago +1

    at 2:55 boxer guy is armenian and its in armenia , there no russians ,or there is no boxer named nikolai vlasko , he didnt defend his wife either

  • R1 moter
    R1 moter 15 days ago


  • Nathan D
    Nathan D 16 days ago

    fake as F

  • Doofy Vlogs And Gaming
    Doofy Vlogs And Gaming 16 days ago +1

    I love how in the first one the people just watch and don’t do nothing

  • Andrea Verdi
    Andrea Verdi 17 days ago

    Il primo video è falso in altre riprese di vede che nn si toccano nemmeno..

  • jimmy jack
    jimmy jack 18 days ago

    why do people always chase the guy that just whipped their ass?

  • Fs fs
    Fs fs 18 days ago +1

    Pro boxer can easily win over citizen..but imagine 1 pro boxer meet 5 or 10 pro grapler prowrestler

    • Pierre Bridenne
      Pierre Bridenne 14 days ago +1

      Yes and Imagine a wrestler meet a guy with a gun.
      Sports have rules, street no.

    • bill pose
      bill pose 15 days ago

      Hahaha 1 is enough

  • miguel martinez
    miguel martinez 18 days ago

    Im taking up muay thai fuck it lol

  • Demon Joker
    Demon Joker 24 days ago +1

    As long as it's a chinese video
    It's fake

  • Leigh Garung
    Leigh Garung 24 days ago

    Last video awesome punch 1shot 1kill

  • Leigh Garung
    Leigh Garung 24 days ago

    1 shot 1 kill

  • Israel Allen
    Israel Allen 26 days ago

    who else thinks this is fake

  • Prank dax
    Prank dax 26 days ago


    SHIFTY 28 days ago +3

    4:40 please be dead.

  • Members Only
    Members Only Month ago +8

    wow first video was the best!!! definitely not staged... and this comment is definitely not sarcastic

  • can you see me
    can you see me Month ago

    1st video has *FAKE* written all over

  • Young Yoda
    Young Yoda Month ago +1

    3:40 what a beautiful hooks, shame that he just didnt kill them stone dead

  • maksim lukjan
    maksim lukjan Month ago

    Nothing new.

  • God Patrol
    God Patrol Month ago

    1 vedio very fake and lying first hit to opponent on his chest and he touch his face ???????????

  • Azraf Khan
    Azraf Khan Month ago

    the first one's fake sooo fake

  • AlejoLoquendero
    AlejoLoquendero Month ago +1

    First one was spectacular, I goddamn love it, he remember me to Niko Bellic

    SOUTH MOVIE ZONE Month ago +1

    if anything happens to his GF
    PART 1

  • Kenneth James Gonzales

    Another Fake video

  • esketit 1041
    esketit 1041 Month ago +1

    😂 The first vid is fake af

  • 0play3r0
    0play3r0 Month ago +3

    cool, these are the camera's UFO's are filmd with

  • Joseph Kenny
    Joseph Kenny Month ago

    I don't like these girls you know? When we actually fight you stay the fuck away cuz we were trying to defend you. Even if you want to interfere you shouldn't drag us in the middle of fight you'll just get us both punched.

  • Luis Rangel
    Luis Rangel Month ago

    Faaaaaake booooo

  • Oussama jakwi
    Oussama jakwi Month ago

    1er video 😒😒

  • Lucas Souza
    Lucas Souza Month ago

    1st video and left

    • Lucas Souza
      Lucas Souza 28 days ago

      @wow za 😂😂😂

    • wow za
      wow za Month ago

      Lmao I was like dafuq did I watch so fcking fake

  • SMR Dani
    SMR Dani Month ago


  • Rohman RRR
    Rohman RRR Month ago

    1st vid if he’s a boxer why is he throwing kicks

  • Randz Oculam
    Randz Oculam Month ago

    its fake boxing

  • Ace Mafia
    Ace Mafia Month ago

    1st video is Muhammad ali

  • D4NNE
    D4NNE Month ago +1

    Second video was Poland lol

  • Francisco Price
    Francisco Price Month ago


  • Neil Ferrer
    Neil Ferrer Month ago

    Boring nc acting but fake

  • Ramey Chisum
    Ramey Chisum Month ago +8

    These girls get the guys in more trouble by getting in the way.

  • W U M
    W U M Month ago

    First video how can you even upload that fucking gay shit?..... dislike because of that

  • Jack Hepo
    Jack Hepo Month ago +1

    1st clips made in Hollywood 😂😂😂😂 all the rest are real king pins

  • Just R
    Just R Month ago

    Horrible, just HORRIBLE video if the purpose was showing off boxers.....

  • oh frog oh no
    oh frog oh no Month ago

    The 3rd guy took the fuck out of their bodies

  • Malkiq official
    Malkiq official Month ago


  • J K
    J K Month ago


  • Abubakar Zeeshan
    Abubakar Zeeshan Month ago

    Cftfy the b yuv6 b vyf6f h yyi bvhvvyhct hhghug seeesxddxkj secdtffcff

  • DK. Pathology
    DK. Pathology Month ago