DAVE CHAPPELLE: 3am In the Ghetto

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Автор loopy ( назад)
love that shit about the baby, omg laughed so hard

Автор DezinerDave ( назад)
Fuck this POS. Come to Philly mutha fucka! You're ass will get split in illadell hood at 3:00am. Good luck pushing yo limo back to the hotel that your white manager set up for your undeserving black ass! Get wrecked mutha fucka!

Автор uv10100 ( назад)
One of the best bits of all time

Автор Bazil Joseph Toy Loy ( назад)
Dave Chappelle SOLD OUT....Sad.
RIP Charlie Murphy..

Автор kopfgeldjagar ( назад)
Lewis CK ripped this off for SNL. (At least the "that's how I talk" part)

Автор Zwei4815 ( назад)
4:14 guy in the audience is not amused at all.

Автор Fuelled by Hate ( назад)

Автор roof pizza ( назад)
Man. I get scared at 3am in my own home and I live alone.

Автор Erock Erock ( назад)

Автор Nicholas Rios ( назад)
You won't believe this but Hawaii is more ghetto than you think.

Автор Splouty Umbrella ( назад)
The limo driver sounded like a mix of snoop dogg and michael jackson

Автор Necole Bivens ( назад)
Dave must had seen Bee Bee's kid. LOL!!

Автор Jesus Christ ( назад)
hah nkihogga

Автор RobSchneiderIsAStapler ( назад)
Probably one of the best comedy bits ever. This special was easily the best ever imo.

Автор zcvxs ( назад)
whata ya hear....whata u say????

Автор Tronnors _ Love _ Child ( назад)
3am in the Ghetto, 4am you're waking up in some crackhead's bed wondering why tf yo homie left you with a stanky slabby booty bitch named Ronda .... Smdh 😒

Автор Tyler Durden ( назад)
nah-uh nigger. not in this neighborhood.

Автор Cray May ( назад)
This man is brilliant 😭😭

Автор Mandy Hand ( назад)
bitches be shoppin...nutty professer

Автор A Collector. ( назад)
I lost it when said "NIGGA I'M ON MY WAY"

Автор Ashley Braithwaite ( назад)
so fuckin funny

Автор Ashley Braithwaite ( назад)
at least we got a sense of humor!!!!

Автор Cristian Smistad ( назад)
Holy shit I gotta remember to watch this at least once a month

Автор trasi p goodsky ( назад)
LMFAO it had all the symtom s of a project lol

Автор R D ( назад)

Автор Isaac Axtman ( назад)
"The baby said I'm selln weed nigga! I said oh!" 😂😂

Автор steemdup ( назад)
he said it - he cannot take pressure.   Btw, they don't have gun stores in the ghetto.

Автор zoe boss ( назад)
the baby say im selling weed 😂😂😂😂

Автор paul eluard ( назад)
He is preaching to the choir... look at that bunch of inbred niggers.

Автор J Fulkerson ( назад)
I didn't know a zoo could get that loud

Автор SheldonLudlow ( назад)
Dave Chappelle is the funniest mother fucker on the planet.

Автор Yeshahy Deane ( назад)
Chappelle is my all time favorite comedian!

Автор dystopian786 ( назад)
the crowds at black comedian stand ups have a different level of energy. I love louis ck and bill burr as much as dave chapelle or chris rock but the crowds at the latter two's stand up dwarf the ones at the former two's stand up every time

Автор Gang Green Honcho ( назад)
Pure comedic GENIUS 🤘🏾

Автор wassupjg ( назад)
hey baby

Автор Bryan Emery ( назад)
D.C., word? That's a rough city, man.

Автор hardsteroid ( назад)
I'm watching this at 3am

Автор ohreggieno! 38 ( назад)
i no fucking baby !im fucking man!

Автор cubano316 ( назад)
I'm crying😂😂

Автор Jags Fanatic ( назад)
Gun store, gun store,liquor store, gun store, where the fuck are you taking me!?!?

Автор giancarlo stanton ( назад)
Jurassic Park park had me in tears.

Автор Darius Morant ( назад)
The old baby on a corner trick mmmm I'm not falling for that

Автор RealistAFC ( назад)
hate when the retarded crowd laughs at nothing.

Автор RealistAFC ( назад)
these crowds are always such retards

Автор Chevy one ( назад)

Автор jill scottman ( назад)
Back when he was light hearted and funny

He's too serious now

Автор Effen Vodka ( назад)
Gun store gun store liquor store gun store 😂

Автор The jager bomber ( назад)
Go away crackie!! 😂😂😂

Автор travis laira ( назад)
Pure genius

Автор ultimate weapon ( назад)

Автор pricey420 ( назад)

Автор Nick LaBar ( назад)
Nice stain on his shirt😂

Автор Randy Salter ( назад)
Did you enjoy it? Chapelle is the best.

Автор billville111 ( назад)
Baby standing on the corner at 3 am . . . I'm not sure why I laughed so hard at that. . .

Автор Form of Therapy ( назад)

That line alone makes me crack up.

Автор Rolando Mota ( назад)
pinche Dave me haces cagar de la risa!!!😂😂😂

Автор south east ohio ( назад)

Автор Sheikh Kelvin ( назад)
I don't find him funny

Автор Tron Whitfield ( назад)
Dave Chappelle>>>Kevin Hart

Автор Tony Harris ( назад)

Автор Archangel Michael ( назад)
He talks like Conan O'brain

Автор Lil Ze ( назад)
Back when he was funny.

Автор Don Da Wiz ( назад)
fucking Genius 😂😂😇💀👻💀

Автор young braap ( назад)
"Im sellin weed nigga shit!" Lmao

Автор Neurotic Sos ( назад)
But what was his limo driver doing

Автор anais garcia ( назад)
Crack head peeking in like Jurassic park 😂

Автор Kevin Luna ( назад)
1:42 I SEE GIRL NIPPLES. YOUR WELCOME BROS , give this a like if u seen tits!

Автор AMERICAN Native ( назад)
The limo driver was George w Bush and Dave is America.

Автор ArwenMeow ( назад)
They sprinkled some crack on him and he got back up. Hahaha

Автор Aimz Anonymous ( назад)

Автор Rodney Worley ( назад)
Priceless! 😂

Автор Christopher hellcat P ( назад)
Because I'm black seeeeeeee waaaaaaa

Автор Christian Alberga ( назад)
He's back March 21!!!

Автор Money Copone ( назад)
Lmaooooo It's funny because i am that baby😭😭🤔

Автор Luffy Monkey D ( назад)
Gun store gun store liquor store gun store WHERE TF ARE U TAKING ME !! haha

Автор ahmadmusa55 ( назад)
Haha I'm from DC. It sounds like the baby on the corner location is SW next to the old night club traks, haha

Автор James Bond ( назад)
DC? Word.

Автор NegativeNancy Music ( назад)
Yo Check Out My Music, I REALLY Do Got Fire🔥, LISTEN, SHARE&SUBSCRIBE, EVERY Gesture Will Help

Автор Takeoffloc Loc ( назад)
funniest comedian ever

Автор Jay J ( назад)

Автор Hans Bryne ( назад)
Black Stewie in DC

Автор therealist811 ( назад)
This is probably Dave Chappelle at his very best, none better. His build up and delivery were to perfection.

Автор Othman Lahlou ( назад)
chapel is authentic

Автор LuKas Kasdan ( назад)
6:07 OMG!😂 The crackhead looking inside the car. "Get outta here, crackie."

Автор Ravi Patel ( назад)
When he got to the baby part, if he said the following, I would've died "It's 3am and I kid you not there was a fucking baby on the corner. I thought it was Kevin Hart for a sec. He had that I OWN THIS BLOCK look on his face." He's hilarious though

Автор firebirdude2 ( назад)
"This is how you know you're in the ghetto.... I look out the window and see a Mr Luther King Blvd street sign. I'm fucked."

Автор Troy D. ( назад)
Dave Chappelle is the best stand up comedian.

Автор VisualPlays ( назад)
How is this funny

Автор Chupa Cabra ( назад)
''I don't condone this cannabi-havior''

Автор Ms.Scorpio Erica ( назад)

Автор MO KEIR ( назад)
chappelle , griffin, oniel , spears , prior : kings of stand up comedy...

Автор Trancehead ( назад)
Dave is a real comedian

Автор Janice Bedford ( назад)
It's true, but now they are meth heads and called tweekers. Some other clues you may be in the hood include. Do the banks in your neighborhood roll out extra ATM machines for the first 3 days of the month? You might be in the hood. Does every store have a big EBT sign out front? You might be in the hood. Do helicopters always circle overhead in search patterns? You might be in the hood. Are there no national chain stores for anything even food? You might be in the hood. Does the ice cream truck that comes to your neighbor hood only honk it's horn instead of playing music? You might be in the hood. Is your 13 year old car that runs the newest vehicle on the street? You might be in the hood. BTW ,I live in the hood and can answers yes to all these questions.

Автор Shanko12 ( назад)
every time i see this video i lough like i just see it for the first time...

Автор Drezi collinz ( назад)
I have seen some shit now... lol

Автор AJ Baptiste ( назад)
Jurassic Park line kills me every time 😂😂

Автор Josh cramer ( назад)
Still funny.

Автор musicsurfin ( назад)
Dave Chapelle for President 2024.

Автор Andrew G ( назад)
I almost walked into Baltimore yesterday I was tryin' to get the damned Y to hoop but shit in the dena they got some fucked up people especially off Duvall and Outline. Baby quit sellin' weed

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