Cullen spears Petrovic in scrum after Doumelin is taken hard into boards

It all started with a questionable hit by Florida Panthers forward Jussi Jokinen on Pittsburgh Penguins defenceman Brian Dumoulin which sparks a scrum where Penguins' veteran Matt Cullen spears Panthers' defenceman Alex Petrovic.

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Автор Charlie Bridge ( назад)
these panthers commentators are so annoying

Автор Peperle St-Jacques ( назад)
Dumoulin qui se fait débaptisé haha

Автор Adam Bidwell ( назад)
Further reasons to despise the Penguins

Автор Bordelll ( назад)
Dumoulin got hit so hard that he became Doumelin.

Автор TYBO4696 ( назад)
oh florida announcers are hilarious petrovic shoved him then slashed him. wtf

Автор landon bates ( назад)

Автор Musty Shackleford ( назад)
It helps when you don't flop into the boards like Dumoulin did. Dirty play by Cullen with that spear to the gut/groin area.

Автор Ben ( назад)
these Pens haters have to stop.. FEMA is now on standby because all their tears are starting to flood the streets..

Автор Ryan Miller ( назад)
Where was the spear? That was a little hook to the side. I can't believe a Canadian channel would call that a spear. For the record, Dumoulin (come on; how credible do you seem when you can't spell his name correctly?) picked his foot and dove (coming from a diehard Pens fan). All the players are doing it, and PIT was just penalized the other game (Calgary I think) because a player was willing to take a controlled plunge into the boards to draw a penalty. But to call that a spear is laughable :D

Автор esther_ t ( назад)
How can you spell his name right in the description box but not in the title? 😕

Автор ESPOSITO ( назад)
Barely a spear comon people this aint golf he was getting his attention.

Автор yeabuddy2222222 ( назад)
typical dirty shittsburgh play! nothing new to see here! no suspensions of course because shittsburgh is the golden team and cullen isnt an AHLer they call up to hunt heads. he actually contributes to the golden team so hes not going to get suspended.

Автор kaede ( назад)

Автор PheonikFX ( назад)
why is everyone hating on the penguins?

Автор Sir Trag ( назад)
This hit isn't questionable at all in my eyes, one hand on the stick, no push or even shoulder contact. I understand why the refs still called Jokinen for a penalty, but geez that was weak. Cullen was really out of sorts here

Автор bakedwithrealchez ( назад)
I was expecting like a WWE spear. I'm disappointed

Автор Fu q ( назад)
Another easy win! all the butthurt people in the comments, all the haters... Gotta love it!

Автор Some Call Me Aaron ( назад)
shittsburgh shitguins

Автор MohazahYT ( назад)
who's doumelin

Автор Damian F ( назад)
These guys work for the biggest hockey media company in Canada and they still screw up titles

Автор Brian Schlaf ( назад)
Cullen should be suspended he had 2 spears in a row.

Автор Joey ( назад)
dive, he barely touched him

Автор dont worry ( назад)
No one gonna talk about how Petrovic just threw him down and hit him for no reason? I've watched Cullen for years that's not like him. But Petrovic is just as guilty in this

Автор Phillip Goettman ( назад)
these announcers are terrible!!! kill yourself

Автор SJOAK 408 ( назад)
Jokinen barely touches Dumoulin who proceeds to go all Superman into the boards.

Автор MrLurkin4life ( назад)
Doumelin taken hard into the boards hahhahaha yeah one hand on the stick and the free hand barely touches him and he goes flying!

Автор Physcogames ( назад)
Who makes these titles? A 5 year old? Learn how to spell

Автор Master Chief sports ( назад)
look at allll those bandwagoners

Автор Aaron Hutchison ( назад)
Learn spelling Sportsnet

Автор SUPER_TaJ ( назад)

Автор hockeycub19 ( назад)
Course pens being dirty as always, doesn't surprise me. Of course no suspensions coming since the pens are golden team.

Автор BottleBoy ( назад)
10 game suspension for petrovic for trying to store Cullen's stick in his stomach

Автор nils4545 ( назад)
Laine is better

Автор Bobby T. ( назад)
Nice spelling.

Автор Cameron Cruz ( назад)

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