My NIKON Z6 Mirrorless Experience and VS Canon & Sony!

  • Published on Jan 7, 2019
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  • Peter Shaw
    Peter Shaw 4 months ago

    I own a Z6 and love it but I find your review to be the best by far

  • Gustavo Ulloa
    Gustavo Ulloa 5 months ago

    Nice Heinz photo...

  • George Rady
    George Rady 6 months ago

    In low or complex artificial light... what is the problem with switching to manual focus? The only draw back with all Mirrorless cameras is that you can reliably pull focus based of distance... the camera will always interpolate the focus distance.

  • George Rady
    George Rady 6 months ago

    The whole Two Card slot thing is like needed to marry TWO wives IF one goes bad... or TWO husbands... who cares if you’re a bigamist? I use the Ninja anyway.

  • Jeremy JS
    Jeremy JS 6 months ago

    All these reviews basically say the same things. If you’ve got canon glass ... or nikon glass. Then we go ergonomics. But that too is mainly about habit and familiarity. Not a criticism, if that’s what you ‘feel’, but it’s not adding much value to the new non-pros taking a step up for first time.

  • Jason Smith
    Jason Smith 7 months ago

    Did you use auto WB? Have heard auto WB is bad on Nikon Z6, but your shots look great.

    • p3rrypm
      p3rrypm 6 months ago

      Whoever is saying the AWB is bad on the Z6 is lying to you, it’s actually very good!

  • Rob O
    Rob O 9 months ago +2

    I wouldn’t have the Canon if for but one reason, NO IBIS. Nikon will fix the low light problem and give us Eye auto focus and other fixes in a firmware update in May. I switched from Canon 4 years ago and have never regretted it.

    • Tobia1506
      Tobia1506 9 months ago

      Switching Brands makes nobody a better photographer!;)) If I listing to all of this... how the hell could any photographer make photos 20 or even 70 years ago?!

  • Rob O
    Rob O 10 months ago +3

    Straight up honest review. I own the Nikon Z7 and agree, best 35mm, out of camera images on the market. In May Nikon is issuing a firmware update that will improve low light focusing, add Eye auto focus, and CFast memory card interchangeable with XQD. Once updated, I think this could make the NikonZ’s the best out there. I also agree with your assessment of the Sony picture quality. Not as good as the others. I’m still waiting to see what Canon delivers as their TOL mirrorless wondering if they’re going to disappoint their users by withholding features and tech as they have always done in the past? I left Canon after 20 years for that very reason. I went to Nikon and am very happy that I did.

  • severgun
    severgun 10 months ago

    why no exposure settings on snapshots?

  • Martin Burkhalter
    Martin Burkhalter 10 months ago

    I own and use both Leica and several Canon cameras and I have the same experience with the EOS R like you. Like the practical approach on your reviews. Thanks.

  • Mercy Fields
    Mercy Fields 11 months ago +3

    X-H1 + X-T3 for me.

    • John Bradford
      John Bradford 4 months ago

      Do you own both of those? I've been trying to find out how the XH-1 AF is doing compared to the XT-3 with 2019 firmware on it, but I haven't found much yet.

    • Mercy Fields
      Mercy Fields 10 months ago +1

      Ziggi Mon - apparently you do mr. ziggles

    • Ziggi Mon
      Ziggi Mon 10 months ago

      The world doesn't revolve around you.

  • Roeland van Basten Batenburg

    Funny, everybody that lists the 'other' mirrorless camera's forgets Leica :-). C and N even borrowed the top LCD from Leica.

    • Norse At Heart
      Norse At Heart 11 months ago

      Leica wasn't first with a top OLED display ;)

  • 11 months ago +4

    Sounds like Nikon has the best image quality among the bunch.

  • Robert Woods
    Robert Woods 11 months ago

    well i like the z6 however none of my lenses work with it no nikon lens works with it i hve except one 18-55??????

    • p3rrypm
      p3rrypm 6 months ago

      Robert Woods What lenses do you have? Are they DX lenses?
      I have only the 200 F/2 and the 24-70 F/4 S myself and they both work well.

  • Jeff Paul
    Jeff Paul 11 months ago +1

    Unreliable AF. Nikon's mantra these days. Ditching my D850 for that reason and won't be buying a Nikon Zx for the same reason.

  • Simon Patterson
    Simon Patterson 11 months ago +4

    4:33 review of the z6 starts...

  • Hector Rivera
    Hector Rivera 11 months ago

    Z6 for me

  • Charles Dey
    Charles Dey 11 months ago +2

    Where would you say the leica sl falls in comparison?

  • DIYPhotoPro
    DIYPhotoPro 11 months ago +5

    When you mentioned the focus issue with Nikon when photographing music you stated you used zoom lenses. With the Canon, you mentioned you shot primes. Is this a fair comparison?

    • Jazzmaster0887
      Jazzmaster0887 11 months ago +1

      He mentioned he also used the 35mm f/1.8

  • a
    a 11 months ago

    Good content I wish you were another foot away from the camera though 👍

  • David F
    David F 11 months ago +2

    I've been trying to find an honest, clearly explained and objective review of how the Z6 compares to the competition for about two weeks and this is by far the best I've come across. Sadly it's confirmed my concerns around the AF; the most critical feature in my opinion, as poor focus is generally a completely lost cause whereas colour and even exposure can be recovered - or at the very least improved - to a passable degree in PP.
    So it looks like I might need to choose one of the alternatives or wait to see what Nikon achieve with the upcoming firmware upgrade :-( but this review was exactly what I needed in order to help me make that decision in an informed manner. Cheers

  • Alec Daniel
    Alec Daniel 11 months ago +12

    Camera Conspiracies sent me. He says hi.

  • Miro Vida
    Miro Vida 11 months ago +11

    Camera Conspiracies
    sent me :}

    • Daniel Kapper
      Daniel Kapper 11 months ago

      Me three!

    • Andy Sikora
      Andy Sikora 11 months ago +2

      Same here and those zooms and crops are annoying. Still love the content.

  • Mark M
    Mark M 11 months ago

    best review I've seen yet...excellent comparison showing pluses & minuses of each
    would like to see someone do a review using "Older" Nikon glass

  • griesfel
    griesfel 11 months ago +9

    Camera conspiracies sent me 😆

  • potownrob
    potownrob 11 months ago

    KASEY SENT ME HERE (was already a subscriber though)!!!!

  • GigawingsVideo
    GigawingsVideo 11 months ago +1

    9:57 He did it! he did it!

  • Stan Obert
    Stan Obert 11 months ago +1

    The good news for the Z6 is that Nikon is soon to release a firmware update to improve eye AF. It appears that Nikon may be learning from Fuji about the value of firmware updates and I hope that Nikon continues this practice. I also hope that Nikon adds some more firmware AF to improve continuous AF.

  • projectgoatse
    projectgoatse 11 months ago +7

    Camera conspiracies sent me.

  • Johnson City Aerial Photography LLC

    Cool jam band

  • Robin Mordasiewicz
    Robin Mordasiewicz 11 months ago +10

    Camera conspiracies sent us here to watch your super crop.

  • Seba
    Seba 11 months ago +8

    camera conspiracies sent me here, subscribed :)

  • 1957PLATO
    1957PLATO 11 months ago +1

    Summing it all up, there are no bad camera’s out there. Whichever suits your needs and budget is fine.
    Although for street photography I feel full frames are too conspicious. An Apsc or M34 like Fuji or Olympus are more than enough. That’s why I like my Fuji x100t for street and my 5d for concert photography.

  • Alex Cremers
    Alex Cremers 11 months ago

    Great body and output. I don't care about the rest.

  • Fotos y Mas
    Fotos y Mas 11 months ago +7

    Had the Z6 for a couple of weeks but decided to return it. The autofocus was pretty bad and I didn't like the output in RAW. Swapped it for an X-T3.

    • Jens A. Braun
      Jens A. Braun 11 months ago

      WMedl I‘m a Pro since 28 years using Nikon and Leica.

    • WMedl
      WMedl 11 months ago

      @Jens A. Braun On what levels? (I am no Fuji shooter)

    • WMedl
      WMedl 11 months ago

      @SV Bow AF expecially tracking or eye detection?? Focus Peaking?

    • Hector Rivera
      Hector Rivera 11 months ago +1

      Fotos y Mas u need you head examined xt3 really u crazy z6 killer I rented the xt3 is ok but not like a z6 is killer

    • Ridwan Atma Wijaya
      Ridwan Atma Wijaya 11 months ago

      @Fotos y Mas depends, if you shoot RAW with excellent glass then it doesnt matter. I can use any brand for work, as long it fit my client needs, hence i can shoot nikon/canon or fuji/ nikon side by side.. but still prefer DSLR for ergonomic, glad Z6 has better ergonomic than others.. looking forward for nikon 2nd gen mirrorless.

  • hautehussey
    hautehussey 11 months ago +1

    If you feed the canon and Sony 50-400% more light then of course they’ll focus better!

  • Achilleas Labrou
    Achilleas Labrou 11 months ago +5

    Nikon and Canon are in a good path. The second generation of Nikon Z and Canon EOS R cameras will have definitely double slots and more available native lenses. Now both brands are learning from their mistakes.
    Sony has the upper hand in the mirrorless world but not for long.

    • Gerald Williams
      Gerald Williams 11 months ago +4

      Your underestimate the leading sensor tech of Sony if you think they will lose their upper hand. Wait until you see their next cameras. Sony has stated they will exceed customer's expectations and i know they can do it. Glad to see Nikon and Canon doing better here, but Sony is still playing to stay on top. They and Panasonic are watching and noting all these developments and they will answer and raise the bar again.

    • Soso Melodies
      Soso Melodies 11 months ago +5

      A9, A7III, A7RIII, and the soon to be released A7SIII. Over 60 native lenses...I say Sony is ahead by many years. Canon and Nikon do not move fast Sony does.

    • Klod Been
      Klod Been 11 months ago +4

      Why not for long? I think Sony will be always one step forward.

  • knightsabre7
    knightsabre7 11 months ago +2

    There are a few things you can do to improve the low light AF performance:
    1. Open up the aperture. For better or for worse low light AF is highly dependent on the selected aperture. The AF will perform noticeably better at wider apertures.
    2. Try turning off the "low light AF" custom setting if you're using AF-S mode. That setting is only for static subjects and can slow the AF down a lot.
    3. Don't use Single Point AF. The Wide Area modes, and to some extent Face Detect (if you have a good view of the face), tend to be more reliable in low light than Single Point.
    4. Choose a target that has some contrasting bits so the AF has something to lock on to.

  • Hooked on Photography
    Hooked on Photography 11 months ago +4

    5:43 I agree. Having used an a7R III for 10 months, various Nikon DSLRs (and Z7 now) and m4/3 and Fuji X cameras. Anyway, the a7R III was much better as far as the color goes than an a6000 I had in the past (and hated) but it still has a less organic look and feel to it no matter how I tweak my raw files. I get to a much better starting point (for my tastes) with the Z7. I really liked Panasonic's colors too.

  • L White
    L White 11 months ago +3

    There is a low light autofocus option that can be activated. Would have been perfect for your concert
    From the manual:
    Low-Light AF:
    For improved focus when lighting is poor, select AF-S and choose On for Custom Setting a11 (Low-light AF).
    ** immediately change back to regular when lighting conditions improve!!

  • TripOver
    TripOver 11 months ago +8

    Z6 :
    Autofocus struggles in low light
    No vertical grip
    Expensive xqd card
    No zebra in still image mode
    Grip a bit short
    When screen is flippped out eye detection still turns the screen black
    I could go on forever with shortcomings...
    The z6/z7 is a first gen camera and at least one generation behind sony... I'll take that camera into consideration when nikon relases a z6 mark ii or z8...

    • TheRoel75
      TheRoel75 11 months ago

      moo Tony Northrup, check his channel on RUclip. I don’t know about other tests.

    • moo
      moo 11 months ago +2

      Tony's test? What do you mean? There have been a lot of different blind tests that gave similar results.

    • TheRoel75
      TheRoel75 11 months ago

      moo Yeah, I know Tony’s test. But for me Nikon wins. And maybe That’s personal, true😉

    • moo
      moo 11 months ago +1

      Mostly true except better colors.
      Assuming colors are subjective, you statement has basically no meaning whatsoever.
      The only way to determine favorites in terms if color are blind tests. And those consistently see Sony come in at first place and Nikon last.

    • TheRoel75
      TheRoel75 11 months ago +4

      You could not go on forever and that’s because the Z6 and Z7 are not bad camera’s. Better build, better colors, better handling, etc than Sony. But I can and will not go on because the Sony’s are great toys too. I have a Nikon D750, Sony A7RIII, Fuji XT-3 and for 6 weeks a Nikon Z6 and they are all great on there own way.

  • Lavikka Photography
    Lavikka Photography 11 months ago

    Was that Dry River Yacht Club?

  • Blake Parry
    Blake Parry 11 months ago +1

    FYI here in AU we get a 32gb XQD card and reader for free :)

  • Ian Brown
    Ian Brown 11 months ago

    Very honest and comprehensive "user" review.

  • Patrick proier
    Patrick proier 11 months ago +1

    what AF-Settings you use on the Z6? ...if you like fast focus in low light you have to actived AF for low light. Set AF Speed to 5+ and sensitivity to 1 and don't shoot with a flat profile!. (the AF needs more contrast)

  • Ethan
    Ethan 11 months ago +4

    You didn't NEED to buy a card reader for the xqd card. You only needed a usb-c cable to connect the camera to the computer. Considering how bulky the xqd card readers are I may be tempted just to bring a cable. After all if you have a phone other than an iPhone you likely have a usb-c cable with you as you travel anyways. On the other hand there are good reasons to buy a card reader. There's a $25 one from b&h with faster transfer speeds than via cable and if you have multiple cards you can pop in a new one while the used one is transferring.
    I'm just saying it doesn't take an extra $200 in memory cards to get the z6 up an running. I got a card reader and equipped my D500 with a 32gb xqd card for

    • Troy Phillips
      Troy Phillips 11 months ago

      Ethan yes $200 can get you a bigger card . He went the expensive route. I love the XQD cards . And now the Express cards are coming out. Nikon did a firmware update for these cards on the z cameras. Hope they can do it for the DSLRs with these cards . I have the d500 and d850. I’d bet it would help their performance a bit .

  • yair tammam
    yair tammam 11 months ago +5

    Thanks for the honest review :).
    As I am invested in Nikon glass I am kind of looked , I tested the Z7 myself and felt the same I could live with everything but the AF is simply not good!.
    Low light , high contrast, speed.
    What drives me crazy is that Nikon expect us to buy it when it is not ready for prime time. They will not issue a single firmware update to try and improve.
    Don’t know what can make does guys listen to there customers???

  • Mark Shirley
    Mark Shirley 11 months ago +1

    As a Nikon hybrid event shooter the lowlight AF is one of the most important features to me. I'm disappointed that it's lowlight AF is poor. The EOS-R is probably going to be my next camera, I just wish it had two slots.

    • Bamboojled
      Bamboojled 11 months ago

      Wow Mark Shirley, you have been vacillating for how many months.
      Of all the cameras to choose from you are choosing he Canon which by all measures is the most compromised. Weird
      But at least you finally made up your mind, although I have heard you say that you were choosing the Nikon and the Sony a few times as well.

    • AcidicDelusion
      AcidicDelusion 11 months ago

      Mark Shirley low light af on the eosR is unbelievably fast, it’s insane. It’s just the price of the eosR lenses, particularly the 50rf that’s holding me back,.

    • Mark Shirley
      Mark Shirley 11 months ago

      @wanfanelle thanks - the lowlight AF was the big thing.

    • wanfanelle
      wanfanelle 11 months ago +1

      Mark Shirley Congrats on finally making up your mind! I hope Nikon announcing eye AF and recording raw over hdmi in a firmware update during CES show today doesn’t change it again. 😂

  • Timothy Roper
    Timothy Roper 11 months ago +1

    I was testing a Z6 with 24-70 this weekend (just for stills), and agree about the AF. I really liked everything else about the camera and lens, especially the ergonomics, but focus is pretty important, and I expect more from Nikon. I did, however, find that using the "pinpoint" AF setting (in single shot mode) worked the best in low light. Sort of like how DSLR's worked best with only certain "cross type" focus points. I know nothing about AF technology, but I hope firmware updates can improve things. I really enjoyed using it, and would like to get one.

  • Allen Schneider
    Allen Schneider 11 months ago

    Does the auto focus work any better on the z7 or is it the same deal?

  • Allen Schneider
    Allen Schneider 11 months ago +1

    Any suspicion that fugi will come out with a full frame?

    • Ade Screen
      Ade Screen 11 months ago

      I don't think they will, they have the best in the apsc market at the moment and have invested in medium format. The full frame market is completely saturated, it wouldn't be a wise decision to try and grab small percentages in full frame.

  • Alik Griffin
    Alik Griffin 11 months ago +1

    Nice review! I kind of want the z6 for street! Because of those controls.

  • Phillip Tindrell
    Phillip Tindrell 11 months ago

    I like RF lenses but I cannot see myself buying that body...I will be keeping my eyes on the their next release...Currently shooting with Sony, but I do enjoy the feel of Nikon and Canon bodies

  • Ryan McGinty
    Ryan McGinty 11 months ago

    Z6 looks like it under exposes.

  • Skyler King
    Skyler King 11 months ago +5

    The Nikon Z6 seems "okay". I'm looking forward to seeing the cameras and lenses that come as a result of the Leica, Panasonic, and Sigma collaboration. Unlike most people, I am not at all upset about the Nikon or Canon mirrorless. I haven't been at all excited, either. But, hearing about the Panasonic full frame has got me very excited. Having Leica and Sigma as collaborators (with their contributions in lens tech, alone) seems like the perfect mix, potentially.

    • Kai's Corner
      Kai's Corner 11 months ago +1

      I agree, coming from a GH5, I am spoiled for videos. I needed a new camera for stills, especially in low light. But need to admit that I do not need a super fast AF. What I want to say is that I love my Z6 and probably sell my loved GH5 now ;-)
      In addition I am tired of here that there is no lens choice for the Z series. I have the adapter and I tell you that you don't feel the difference...

    • Mik Milman
      Mik Milman 11 months ago

      I believe it's just a shared mount "alliance." I do not believe they are sharing tech.