FaZe Vs FaZe $1000 Challenge

  • Published on Aug 17, 2019
  • FaZe $1,000 Challenge | Teeqo Vs Kay Vs Cizzorz
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    Fortnite Challenge, Most kills wins $1000
    FaZe Teeqo Vs FaZe Kay Vs FaZe Cizzorz
    I reached Champion Division in 1 Day & did THIS Vs Fortnite PROS
    FaZe Teeqo Challenged FaZe Jarvis and this happened...
    Fortnite ZONE WARS with FaZe House Hollywood (FaZe Teeqo Vs. FaZe Jarvis)
    My Craziest WIN in Fortnite EVER... 27 KILLS Solo Vs Squads

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    - FaZe Teeqo
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  • FaZe Teeqo
    FaZe Teeqo  Month ago +118

    LIKE this video to activate aimbot

  • Leonarbro 185
    Leonarbro 185 22 days ago

    Yo that’s insane bro go like the video right now

  • Luv2 Shadow
    Luv2 Shadow 23 days ago

    Miss those morning walks with gwit

  • Axel Boström
    Axel Boström 26 days ago

    yo, va händer med videorna?? allt bra?

  • Karl-Kenji Simon
    Karl-Kenji Simon 26 days ago

    hej Teeqo det var länge sen du gjorde en kniv unboxing från elemental knives jag undrade om du kunde göra en till.

  • moonJE
    moonJE 26 days ago

    And never got money🤡

  • D K
    D K 27 days ago

    I’m tryna see the teeqo coffee bar fully decked out

  • Skorpionas
    Skorpionas 29 days ago

    Waiting morning vibes video! :))))

  • ImSinistah
    ImSinistah 29 days ago

    Teeqo do you still play cs?

  • xcarraski
    xcarraski Month ago

    Teeqo is cringe in the faze vlogs

  • Sawzy
    Sawzy Month ago

    just 3 fully grown dudes playing a kids game

      EDUARDO 24 days ago

      Sawzy Every gaming RUclipr is old and is playing Minecraft lol

  • Joaco Nogara
    Joaco Nogara Month ago

    damn teeqo lowkey dead

  • Kaiden Main
    Kaiden Main Month ago


  • Alish Sharma
    Alish Sharma Month ago

    Tfue souns like a little kid

  • VSN George
    VSN George Month ago

    Love your vids bro💪🏼 have a good day

  • Baran Tekkora
    Baran Tekkora Month ago

    Rip in the chat

  • Jar Gafoor
    Jar Gafoor Month ago

    Yo teeqo i’m from sweden hej jag har tittat på dig sän jag var 10 älskar dina videos kung e du är du från Malmö eller någon annan stans i Skåne keep it up från en svensk kille. :)

  • Emz
    Emz Month ago

    2 million subscribers and only gets 50k views 😪 no one cares for the OG FaZe members

  • Harshdeep Singh
    Harshdeep Singh Month ago

    the guy did die so you and frazir were tied

  • Mohk77
    Mohk77 Month ago


    GD MSXD Month ago

    Do a fortnite nerf war first to win gets 10k

  • SoulScream
    SoulScream Month ago

    We gonna ignore that thumbnail lmfao.

  • TEHTEZ _
    TEHTEZ _ Month ago

    Love it when Cizzors Commentates😂😂✊🏽

  • Jordan Gonzalez vlogs
    Jordan Gonzalez vlogs Month ago +1

    Teeqo* “I’m pushing salty, I don’t even care”.... (Two seconds later)... NOoOoOoOoOoOo!!!

  • TrippyLW
    TrippyLW Month ago

    as if he needs anymore money lmao

  • Македонија Macedonia

    robots always kill me but,youtubers have LUCKK

  • DarkMoon FN
    DarkMoon FN Month ago

    @teeqo will u be streaming again my brother

  • Johannes Will.
    Johannes Will. Month ago

    That's insane jarvis

  • fuzzX
    fuzzX Month ago

    just play CS ffs

  • Neymar JR
    Neymar JR Month ago

    You post your videos so late fraizer posted it during Mongrals birthday

  • Zibii
    Zibii Month ago +1

    lmaooo i love your edits

  • Jones Vlogs
    Jones Vlogs Month ago


  • Munchell360
    Munchell360 Month ago

    I thought this was gonna be about a fun Nerf war

  • Sam Riddle
    Sam Riddle Month ago +1

    teeqo is my favorite youtuber ever, he makes me smile all the time, he inspires me to grind through the hate, and he’s so friendly, i love you teeqo

  • TheMasttew
    TheMasttew Month ago

    "Winning $1000" is now the faze go to title XD

  • johnjohnakia
    johnjohnakia Month ago


  • KozmeticYT
    KozmeticYT Month ago


  • Scott Richardson
    Scott Richardson Month ago +24

    Hey Teeqo, I hope you get to read this: About 6 months ago you uploaded a video titled "I'm Moving Here...Best Day of 2019". I have to tell you, as silly as it sounds, it was life changing. I dunno why but something inside of me just burned after finishing it, and I decided I wanted to make a change. Since then, I have lost 50 pounds in body fat, now putting me at a healthy weight (starting to see the abs :]). I also got my grades up in college and got a job so that I have money to fund my passion (making music). Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. You truly inspire people in a way that most people are unable to do. I hope you have a great rest of your night. Keep doing what you do man. Sending nothing but good vibes and love your way my dude!

  • Jonathan Canizares
    Jonathan Canizares Month ago +1

    BUUGIE BOMBS LMAOO that’s insane love the video gangsta :)*++

  • TypicalWil
    TypicalWil Month ago +1

    Go to 4:41 "INSANE BRO"

    BROWEN Month ago

    Only 8.6 k views wtf

  • Carlos Geovanny
    Carlos Geovanny Month ago

    I hate Fortnite but this I like

  • nas x big L
    nas x big L Month ago

    I thought faze was about call of duty clips not about $1000 challenge on fortnite

  • JuZo
    JuZo Month ago

    where can i get teeqos stream overlay its beautiful

  • S'morez :3
    S'morez :3 Month ago +1

    Let's go I fricken love u guys

  • Woyd
    Woyd Month ago +1

    Cizzorz new hair is slick

  • Krazoo
    Krazoo Month ago

    Sick vid As always bro 💛

  • Ashley Amezcua
    Ashley Amezcua Month ago

    I love your videos teqoo

  • Wade jovicic F1 clan

    133 comment

  • Adam Reyes
    Adam Reyes Month ago +7

    I just started watching the video and I hope teeqo wins

  • Primitivo Torres
    Primitivo Torres Month ago +1

    Can u please start posting workouts. I would love to see that!!

  • JustCallMeNeo
    JustCallMeNeo Month ago +1

    When they act like Kay stands a chance

  • SFC Shadows
    SFC Shadows Month ago

    😂all the comments are about self promoting or some shit 😂do it on another channel bro

  • RTFD Khalid_ Gaming
    RTFD Khalid_ Gaming Month ago +1

    King Sweden

  • Coob
    Coob Month ago

    Teeqo heart this if you support LGBTQ

  • chrome_9k
    chrome_9k Month ago

    Did not Receive notifications

  • steezy_kriz
    steezy_kriz Month ago +8

    40% “Who clicked af as they could”
    40% self promoting
    10% saying something so people can like
    10% different comments than those ☝️

  • Noove
    Noove Month ago

    Who else clicked fast asf😭😂?
    But I’m subbing to who ever sub to me.

  • Mutton Face
    Mutton Face Month ago

    wow I've been watching taco for a long time like early cs and cod days

  • Subliminal
    Subliminal Month ago

    Teeqo we need some morning vlogs as well as some gym vlogs!