Top 20 Places You Should NEVER EVER Swim

  • Published on Feb 23, 2018
  • You can probably think of lots of places that are great for swimming. Pools, the beach, even comically small inflatable pools. Here are the bodies of water that you should never, ever, swim in.
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  • Dave Goldspink
    Dave Goldspink 19 hours ago

    I’ll pass on all these saying that you wouldn’t catch me dead in India let alone going swimming in the Ganges the place is a dirty, hot, smelly shithole. Was married to an Indian and even she reckoned nothing good ever came out of the place. By the way the photo you showed during your bit on the Nile and it’s crocodiles was a photo of an alligator not a crocodile. Great video otherwise.

  • heather perkins
    heather perkins 3 days ago

    The Sacramento River should be named#21!!! Between the fecal coliform and body parts floating around I would think it makes the list. This world has been completely turned upside down. I pray that everyone is prepared for the next level of the Revelations, and that you NOT swim in these areas 😉💙💫🙏

  • Amit Kumar
    Amit Kumar 4 days ago

    Idiot, say something Good.Yes its correct that Maa Ganga in India is polluted but from 2014 we are cleaning the sacerd river as it was totally cleaned from Varanasi as well as in Allahabad. Just some part in kanpur and W Bengal is dirty. But the main reason is to Make this Holy river polluted is Those Cheeky Big Multinational and Private sector companies.
    But the main Thing here is we Indians Worship this Holy sacerd river and in Hindu culture Maa Ganga is totaly related to Lord SHIVA who we call as GURU OF THE UNIVERSE.

  • Jacques Hughes
    Jacques Hughes 4 days ago

    Gansbaai - best for cage diving Great Whites.

  • Ari The man
    Ari The man 5 days ago

    Guys tell me in this video what was The worst place to swim for you guys

  • Kay Passarelli
    Kay Passarelli 9 days ago

    Swim in goo lagoon

  • Palak Dudani
    Palak Dudani 10 days ago

    Atlantic Ocean too

  • Red Neck
    Red Neck 11 days ago

    Absolutely nobody:

    Be amazed:Urinal tube

  • Debbie Doll
    Debbie Doll 14 days ago +2

    I live in East Africa and I've been to lake Victoria, it's very beautiful from above👌
    But I'm afraid of water so I stay away

  • Quin Julien
    Quin Julien 15 days ago +3

    Make a video called 10 poisonous insects stings 🐝🐜🦟🦗🕷🦂

  • Mohamed Halabi
    Mohamed Halabi 16 days ago

    Australia has the most safest rivers Australia 🇦🇺

  • Robloxian Master
    Robloxian Master 17 days ago

    Top 20 places to get sucked into waves

  • Zoe Plays
    Zoe Plays 17 days ago

    And my friend says she would swim over a death hole in the water and swim in it

  • Siddhi Mishra
    Siddhi Mishra 17 days ago

    But Ganges is no more polluted it has been cleaned ...and no one is allowed to throw any kind of waste in it

  • Global Dank
    Global Dank 17 days ago

    0:05 , someone in the comments, Zack Irwin, said that there was something bad.

  • Global Dank
    Global Dank 17 days ago

    Screw this video. I'm swimming, anyways.

  • Shakira Sylvester
    Shakira Sylvester 17 days ago +2

    Good thing I don't like too swim anywhere besides the pool🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🌍🌎🌏

  • theditty.itmaster l ham mafia

    Top 20 places to kill people if you are part of a mafia

  • Ellie Stypayhorlikson
    Ellie Stypayhorlikson 17 days ago +2

    "The Nile River"
    Me as a Directioner: DID YOU SAY NIALL?

  • Diorajasaur
    Diorajasaur 17 days ago

    Piranhas don't attack humans.

  • Grace Leigh
    Grace Leigh 18 days ago +5

    Bro I used to live 10 mins away from the blue lagoon 😰

  • iain murison
    iain murison 18 days ago

    i went i a river and it sucked me in i manged to get out

  • EpicMeerkat 16
    EpicMeerkat 16 18 days ago

    Y u bully me I live in Yorkshire

  • trinirocker101
    trinirocker101 18 days ago

    Lmao indian people are fucking stupid hahahaha

  • Savagekid YT
    Savagekid YT 18 days ago +1

    jacobs well is not so dangerous that you cant swim in it you just cant be a dumbass

  • Candyfloss 1980
    Candyfloss 1980 18 days ago

    The Nile also goes through Ireland. But it obviously doesent have aligators or crocodiles

  • _satramyy
    _satramyy 18 days ago

    Why does the color in between each lake when he moves to a next one remind me of those giant parachutes you played with in gym in kindergarten??? I hope that made sense 😂

  • smokey213
    smokey213 18 days ago

    Water is just fucking scary yo

  • qwerty theqwertr
    qwerty theqwertr 18 days ago +2

    Shark alley:exists
    Japan: food alley

  • Zoey Leandri
    Zoey Leandri 18 days ago

    I swam in a lake my family was fishing it made me get my skin cut open it really hurt

  • Jack 7724
    Jack 7724 18 days ago

    Where's Loch Ness or Yellowstone?

  • Nicholas Taylor
    Nicholas Taylor 18 days ago

    There's a Blue Lagoon in Much Wenlock, Shropshire too.

  • David Wolpert
    David Wolpert 19 days ago +2

    Check out the Dock Street Dam in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania! Dangerrr

  • Panda Noodles
    Panda Noodles 19 days ago

    I’m from Yorkshire

  • Adrian Mazin
    Adrian Mazin 19 days ago +1

    Bleep no

  • Andrew Kramer
    Andrew Kramer 19 days ago +6

    8:40 Aron Hues such a badass he literally got Superman and “no regrets” tatted on him and he swam across the whole dam🤯

  • Bb Hughes
    Bb Hughes 19 days ago

    2:32 did anyone else realize the Person is Brendon Urie from Panic! At the Disco? 😂 lol

  • Hossam Awad
    Hossam Awad 19 days ago

    Because I swim in it billions of times

  • Hossam Awad
    Hossam Awad 19 days ago

    I’m from Egypt in the Nile is not dangerous

  • Brendon Reyes
    Brendon Reyes 19 days ago

    Damn this indians, super nasty

  • Flight of Ideas
    Flight of Ideas 19 days ago

    Well researched, except for the first place (a tiny river in a small island, because of the “geomorphology”)... illustrated and worded for the mentally impaired.

  • Jason McCain
    Jason McCain 19 days ago

    Wonder if the narrator is from Alabama, “Nal” River. 😂

  • Jacknolesfan Miner
    Jacknolesfan Miner 19 days ago


  • Kawii Potato
    Kawii Potato 19 days ago


  • TheLone Panzer
    TheLone Panzer 20 days ago

    The Gan-Jizz river like you called it is actually not that filthy. In most places it is ok to swim. It if ofcourse very muddy because of the turbid waters but not filthy like you.

  • Savagecoolkid77
    Savagecoolkid77 20 days ago


  • Peter Wilson
    Peter Wilson 20 days ago

    bad plochon

  • Oskar Gam
    Oskar Gam 20 days ago

    You forgot pink Lake in aur

  • Alastair Morton
    Alastair Morton 20 days ago

    Ive free dived in gansbaii

  • Aqrol
    Aqrol 20 days ago +1

    youre tempting me

  • Bently the awesome labrador

    This is a disgrace

  • ajaxlol
    ajaxlol 20 days ago

    i swam in the mall pool with Kim Da Jim ra dim ka pim ja krim and then she had 500+ babies like what omg 0: i was so shocked please tell me if she cheated

  • sandra mueller
    sandra mueller 20 days ago

    lol at 8:40 his arm said no regrets

  • Sunnygacha15
    Sunnygacha15 20 days ago

    8:40 i find it a bit funny how his tattoo says "no regrets"..
    But then he got arrested for swimming in a place he wasn't allowed in

  • Maia Gonzalez
    Maia Gonzalez 20 days ago

    Uhhh so I just watched this and my friend is on vacation rn and is going to swim in Shark Alley tomorrow

    • Delta Lima Bravo
      Delta Lima Bravo 19 days ago +1

      Maia Gonzalez
      Let’s know if he gets eaten. Maybe it’ll be on Discovery’s Shark Week next summer??
      Stay tuned...

  • Hamzeh Yousef
    Hamzeh Yousef 20 days ago

    What about the Bermuda triangle?

  • Not a Giraffe
    Not a Giraffe 20 days ago

    0.2 is worse than 0.15 though

  • A Wild Weeb
    A Wild Weeb 20 days ago

    ay yo, looks like im going for a swim

  • Sofia Levario
    Sofia Levario 21 day ago

    ive been to jacobs well and its perfectly fine. this dude smh

  • Dr0p ! t
    Dr0p ! t 21 day ago


  • Bailey Clark
    Bailey Clark 21 day ago

    Ive heard of horseshoe lake!

  • Amer Cassim
    Amer Cassim 21 day ago

    if it was 900''c it would turn into ice

  • Teralin Childs
    Teralin Childs 21 day ago

    😂😂😂hank from Chicago pd

  • Vasquezmallow
    Vasquezmallow 21 day ago +2

    Top 20 water you should drink

  • Trtle Town
    Trtle Town 21 day ago

    Paronas are harmles

  • my mom is gay,
    my mom is gay, 21 day ago

    you’d think a place like bubbly creek would be in detroit

  • Isabelle Stephenson
    Isabelle Stephenson 21 day ago

    most of the reasons are because of us

  • Katelyn Bates
    Katelyn Bates 21 day ago +1

    I’ve been swimming at Jacobs Well and it’s not dangerous unless you’re trying to dive

    • Drew Kelly
      Drew Kelly 21 day ago

      Same was there yesterday not dangerous at all for normal swimming

  • That guy waiting for 100 subscribers

    A very nice idea of changing the blue colored lake into black. That's terrifying.

  • Arsheen Zahra
    Arsheen Zahra 22 days ago

    1:32 that's why I don't like india because they burn the dead bodies how TERRIBLE!!!!😱😱😱😰😰😰😰😨😨😨😨😷😷😷

  • anezka joseph
    anezka joseph 22 days ago

    Love from South Africa😁🇿🇦❤️🦈

  • Liaccemis World
    Liaccemis World 22 days ago

    This makes me want to not leave my country

  • Tom Shemmer
    Tom Shemmer 22 days ago

    He said 0.2 shark attacks per million people every year instead of 0.02

  • Shadow Wolf Fam
    Shadow Wolf Fam 22 days ago

    This is creepy I. Going to florida