Top 20 Places You Should NEVER EVER Swim


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  • Suman Navali
    Suman Navali День назад

    Ganges river now cleaned

  • Devon Orr
    Devon Orr День назад

    Lol watch out for those pesky Nile alligators

  • barefootgarden
    barefootgarden День назад

    You guys forgot shit pond in Afghan HA!

  • Rogelio Ocana
    Rogelio Ocana День назад

    Man those Indians are just stupid.

  • My Crazy Ponies
    My Crazy Ponies День назад +1

    HELL NAW I am NEVER going in ANY water after seeing 49metres down (a scary shark film) or The Meg HELL NAW

  • Kenneth Herring
    Kenneth Herring День назад

    This aint seen the water in Flint

  • Devilish Gaming
    Devilish Gaming День назад

    I live in a place with a masive lake called the Berkley Pit and it is straight acid a flock of birds landed in it and instantly desinigrated

  • The Queen Richey
    The Queen Richey День назад

    I was going to do a project of gansabai

  • electric cherry20
    electric cherry20 День назад +1

    is it possible to swim on my bed

  • YouOnlyLiveTwice
    YouOnlyLiveTwice День назад

    Why do Indians have so many places where they are living in what looks like a landfill? Do they just not care to live in filth and have any regard for the environment or what? What an odd bunch of people.

  • Jamie Cooper
    Jamie Cooper День назад

    the way you say Yorkshire though.... I live about 10 miles away from your #1 place to avoid. its not as bad as your making out.

  • Mayra Nava
    Mayra Nava День назад

    Make me pee

  • Wyette Simbajon
    Wyette Simbajon День назад

    India wtf man

  • Monsta Munch
    Monsta Munch День назад

    Is that really how Americans pronounce Nile? Smh, we Brits need to go retake the colonies asap.

  • Westmisten Mapping II
    Westmisten Mapping II День назад

    Whats the song name?

  • Runaway Bull
    Runaway Bull День назад

    You should never swim in stinky pussy

  • Izaiah Gil
    Izaiah Gil День назад

    My uncle was scared of water and hung out and got drunk with like 70 family and 28 friends he went in shark alley he can’t swim so he went on a floaty in deep and we have a clip of him he got called out by everyone the drunk him was LIKE OH SHIT so he swam to shore and almost got whipped by a thresher shark and later we watched 1 great white shark a lemon shark and mako shark destroy the floaty

  • Swag632 Sniper
    Swag632 Sniper День назад

    I’ve been to Jacobs well many of time as long as your not doing anything dumb it great

  • Izaiah Gil
    Izaiah Gil День назад

    Swim up urinal tubes you talking about dicks?

  • Landon Lewis
    Landon Lewis День назад

    At school we are learning about Africa and my teacher never said that the Nile is dangerous

  • ItsMeAngel
    ItsMeAngel День назад

    1:18 ayer ninjahyper lives there

  • Maurizio Mezzatesta
    Maurizio Mezzatesta День назад

    I can't unhear this awful music.

  • Kristin Randall
    Kristin Randall День назад +3

    3:38 OMGGGG! Those two scuba divers were pulled a hundred feet apart in 3 seconds😱☠️!! That was terrifying just to watch. Yeah, y’all can have that piece of ocean. Good, God!

  • Marco Jaramillo
    Marco Jaramillo День назад


  • ky noorahani
    ky noorahani День назад


  • Daisy M
    Daisy M День назад

    Lake Michigan

  • BlackAnvil47
    BlackAnvil47 День назад +2

    Amazon basin large Black Caymans gotta eat too.

  • BlackAnvil47
    BlackAnvil47 День назад +2

    Zambezi river due those massive Crocodiles could impede your future

  • BlackAnvil47
    BlackAnvil47 День назад

    Ganges is also where Ghandi ashes was placed

  • Trey Simmons
    Trey Simmons День назад

    #11 looks like where they was swimming in the movie A Perfect Getaway

  • bbigrocker1
    bbigrocker1 День назад


  • wait, it isnt 2004?
    wait, it isnt 2004? День назад

    j a i m e

  • wait, it isnt 2004?
    wait, it isnt 2004? День назад

    b r e n d o n

    YEYE OH День назад


  • Alexander Christensen
    Alexander Christensen День назад

    Nr. 20 was completely filled in - in december, 2016

  • GH Veg
    GH Veg День назад

    What crock. I've been @ Jacobs Well numerous times. Don't dive when you're a noob. The pool is 100% safe. No cave is safe; your list is erroneous.

  • PandaHawk3
    PandaHawk3 День назад

    I watched this video and I realized that I have swam in the one that is in Hawaii

  • Darkyn
    Darkyn День назад

    If you go to the boiling lake and dumb tea does that mean we have a refillable source of tea

  • Steven Bui
    Steven Bui День назад

    *the ocean*

  • willow
    willow День назад

    this video gave me so much anxitey😫

  • RainbowHaired Riley
    RainbowHaired Riley День назад

    I've been swimming in three of these lol

  • rodanzig
    rodanzig День назад

    They all seem so enticing I can't make up my mind .

  • Pakku
    Pakku День назад

    What about that black sand beach in Iceland? I forgot what it was called

  • Yoboigavins
    Yoboigavins День назад +1


  • Jordan Franklin
    Jordan Franklin День назад

    I am amazed

  • Minccino
    Minccino День назад

    that's a blowup sex doll

  • Brailey Logsdon
    Brailey Logsdon День назад

    Never swim in public pools. There’s no telling what’s in those things.

  • spartanRS
    spartanRS День назад

    Make a friend one shark and other sharks will follow.

  • Karla Cruzj
    Karla Cruzj День назад

    Wait did you say my well my name is Jacob

  • D. Hunter
    D. Hunter День назад

    Crap. I’m a wildebeest. X-/

  • pat pesan
    pat pesan День назад

    Uh, Queen’s Bath?

  • So Fly
    So Fly День назад

    Why isn’t this just called places we need to clean up and cleanse

  • MaferGaming YT
    MaferGaming YT День назад


  • David Daggers
    David Daggers День назад


  • Kiera McLernon
    Kiera McLernon День назад

    oh my god just looking at the pictures of jacobs well gives me anxiety

  • Sean Wyatt
    Sean Wyatt День назад

    I just realized someone else mentioned the Berkeley pit down in the comments below oh, he is very right it is very acidic, Anderson Butte Montana

  • Uchiha Sasuke
    Uchiha Sasuke День назад

    Why am i even watching this i cant swim

  • Sean Wyatt
    Sean Wyatt День назад

    Check out the Berkeley pit

  • bryans killers
    bryans killers День назад

    Why do us people do to this 😡😡😡😡

  • Gia
    Gia День назад


  • Timewarp Gamer
    Timewarp Gamer День назад

    "Lil boat"

  • John Valko
    John Valko День назад

    Now River?

  • Vultiqq
    Vultiqq День назад +2

    dying it red would be worse in my opinion

  • Andrew Carrizales
    Andrew Carrizales День назад


  • Josiah Hernandez
    Josiah Hernandez День назад

    There is a horse shoe lake in Texas

  • Emma McG
    Emma McG День назад

    Nobody’s gonna mention 0:06 ? Um ok.

  • ExJw FlatEarther
    ExJw FlatEarther День назад

    8, 11, 15 and 17 seems absolutely harmless.

  • Mike Zurella
    Mike Zurella День назад

    You totally missed
    Lake Nyos
    On 21 August 1986, a limnic eruption at Lake Nyos in northwestern Cameroon killed 1,746 people and 3,500 livestock. The eruption triggered the sudden release of about 100,000-300,000 tons (1.6m tons, according to some sources) of carbon dioxide

  • It’s.erica
    It’s.erica День назад

    I saw brendon urie. I’m happy now

  • Redaxerocker1
    Redaxerocker1 День назад

    Indians are filthy. They Love to where their bright dirty clothing

  • Joyleen Lyneth
    Joyleen Lyneth День назад

    Jason Brown !! 7:34

  • Ariel _Chichel
    Ariel _Chichel День назад

    0:06 he has a sex doll in the pool

  • Alex Gilks
    Alex Gilks День назад

    I live in Buxton(no. 3) and i know people who've swam in it. Also its pronounced Darbyshire

  • Pisgahmts
    Pisgahmts День назад

    So just for clarity.... Jacobs well at #17 where you could get lost in an underground cave if you even choose to dive that deep is rated higher than Russian radiated lake, Ganges and a lake that’s 190 degrees.... Gotcha. Credibility gone. Didn’t watch past 17.

  • 痛 | Diogress
    痛 | Diogress День назад

    well i cant swim anyway.

  • Alda mysteryshield
    Alda mysteryshield День назад

    no im not dumb

  • jollygrace
    jollygrace День назад

    Citarum River is quite close to my home town. It located near Dayeuh Kolot street, which get flooded EVERY TIME. It's a serious issue, because people are still living in this flooded area!

    • jollygrace
      jollygrace День назад

      And the information in this video is accurate-- it has A LOT of rubbish and the color of the river is black.

  • Boleslawik
    Boleslawik День назад

    I suppose that Nyiragongo lava lake is deadlier place to swim than all 20 mentioned here :)

  • Cottonsocks434
    Cottonsocks434 День назад

    When the most dangerous place is in the UK... Where I live...

  • Zvish GT
    Zvish GT День назад

    Number 5 have in gangster vegas

  • Morgan Olfursson
    Morgan Olfursson День назад

    We have really destroyed this planet . What a mistake mankind is .

  • LisaPFMoore
    LisaPFMoore День назад

    urinal tube? haha

  • Someguyhere111
    Someguyhere111 День назад

    Is Lake Victoria in the Grand Line?

  • xiaofang lei
    xiaofang lei 2 дня назад

    Okay now I don’t want to go to the sea ocean and beach

  • Starice
    Starice 2 дня назад

    all this whilst happy music is playing in the background

  • FunkyDunky
    FunkyDunky 2 дня назад

    wtf india doing lmao

  • Yorkie Pudd
    Yorkie Pudd 2 дня назад

    I have been right by the Strid and Blue Lagoon and can confirm that they are places you really shouldn't swim.

  • goldcovered in
    goldcovered in 2 дня назад

    The way he said Gansbaai😂
    I can’t😂

  • Jason Vorhees
    Jason Vorhees 2 дня назад

    Did you know? You can cannonball in lava, but only once!

  • ticks4ticks4
    ticks4ticks4 2 дня назад

    Hexxus could swim!

  • Peter II
    Peter II 2 дня назад

    We visited the Strid (also called The Bolton Strid) several years ago. It was super cool. I was sooo tempted and to jump across it. Oddly enough, it's not very well known even to the locals.

  • xxKatxx 447
    xxKatxx 447 2 дня назад

    The nowl river 😂

  • Vals' identity
    Vals' identity 2 дня назад

    20 bucks and I'll try to jump the last one

  • Al Cd
    Al Cd 2 дня назад

    Thanks for the warnings. I'll play it safe and stay on land.

  • Thejonez
    Thejonez 2 дня назад

    Please dont swim in my pool..i like privacy😎🤣

  • meena jain
    meena jain 2 дня назад

    You should not say bad about our country how are you to tell this

  • Electromorphous
    Electromorphous 2 дня назад +1

    I'd love to take a dip in #17 Jacob's Lake

  • Roblox AssDestroyer
    Roblox AssDestroyer 2 дня назад

    Your kinda dumb, decimals can’t go 0.15🤣 8:14

  • Jason Kinnear
    Jason Kinnear 2 дня назад

    Sad that us humans made such pollution in the rivers and lakes and killed all the life. They need to clean them up!!!

  • Julia Hannon
    Julia Hannon 2 дня назад +1

    Putting black dye in the blue lagoon will literally just make it more toxic by adding more chemicals...

    • Julia Hannon
      Julia Hannon День назад

      +Kaneki Rinkaku Ohhh okay. Thanks for clarifying

    • Kaneki Rinkaku
      Kaneki Rinkaku День назад

      Julia Hannon No as the dye was beetroot dye, so it was organic not toxic