North Korean Noodles VS. South Korean Noodles

While in Seoul South Korea I was able to try both North Korean cold noodle soup and south Korean cold noodle soup.

The restaurants I visited:
South Korean Noodle:
Ganggang Sullai
1 Gangnam-daero 51-gil, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Korea

North Korean Noodle:
Jungin Myeonok
13-1 Yeoeuido-dong, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul, Korea

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Автор Jerry Thao ( назад)
sorry but korean food sucks

Автор What Why ( назад)
This would've been much more accurate if the north korean noodles was just an empty bowl

Автор Waiting 3 months for a name change is bullshit ( назад)
North Korean broth is made 90% water and
10% you don't wanna know.

Автор Potato ( назад)
I didn't know North Korea had food..

Автор Kewithunbo Nchang ( назад)
we look alike 😂

Автор Madvic ( назад)
North Korea Noodles are best, North Korea is best Korea.

Автор SentBy Adds ( назад)
Mystery meat sounds shady af was it dog, it was close to China

Did anyone else get hungry while watching this video?

Автор Rel Bkz ( назад)

Автор Tom Sotherland ( назад)
I've had the authentic cold soup from a friend. Was quite surprised it was a little sweet

Автор LadySythe ( назад)
Well consider that NK's are pretty much starving and are beyond lucky to even get a piece of meat for a meal. Kinda figured the NK's soup would be really bland. Kinda sad really

Автор Niks vlogs ( назад)
no offense but he looks like chaci chan

Автор hi im so shocked ( назад)

Автор Алексей Хан ( назад)
you should go to Russia and try Russian korean's cold noodles, they are completely different)

Автор Kyle SoSik ( назад)
plot twist. The north Korean noodles were a ball of yarn

Автор Mario Party 7 ( назад)
That dumpling is called a jumbo wangmandu

Автор Melody Ara ( назад)
you should do the korean fire noodle challenge btw I love ur videos

Автор Ilyas678 Plays ( назад)
"Unicorn do exist great leader find unicorn. Kim Jong Il invent dumpling as well."-brainwashed citizen.

Автор p ( назад)
The North Korean Noodles aren't spicy or mustardy or vinegary because you didn't add them into the noodles...............

Автор Intruc3 ( назад)
The N. Korean noodles look so depressing.

Автор Priska Aprilia ( назад)
I lived in Korea for two years and I didn't get myself to like the cold noodle. It's just weird to eat noodle with ice.

Автор Luz Rodriguez ( назад)
cannibal dumpling!!! haha that was funny☻❤

Автор bojyoohoo ( назад)
the way you say noodles is what made me watch this video all about noodles. Love all you videos man

Автор Marcela Torres ( назад)
You have to come to visit México, spicy food is our specialty.

Автор Squats Deadlift ( назад)
I hate people who make fun of nations that are behind some well off nations. I also despise people who love well off nations just because they are rich and cool. This is typical shameful human behavior. Hating on the weak and loving the strong.

Автор nuggz503 ( назад)
The North Korean side must always come in pairs cause most likely one of em will try to defect.

Автор vigneshrk ( назад)
the south korean restaurant prepared the north korean noodles poorly just so you would think it was inferior

Автор Nakul Ganapathy ( назад)
Don't Koreans and Chinese people eat dogs or is that just a bad stereotype

Автор Si An ( назад)
The level of hatred and meanness against North Korea is appalling!

Автор HUH ( назад)
its called Nang Myun (Naeng = cold, Myun = noodle)

Автор Dean Flet ( назад)
The Naengmyeon is Summer noodles Mike it's not really eaten every day. Just during the Summer time.

Автор Dean Flet ( назад)
안녕하세요, 고마워요. 좋은 하루 되세요.

Автор Dean Flet ( назад)
Hey where's the Kimchee?!

Автор WilJ Da Life ( назад)
Hi, just want to ask for the other channels you have, leave the link pls

Автор hjkl ( назад)
you can go to north korea and eat some noodles if you want because you're an US citizen

Автор mexican ( назад)
North Korean food is just an empty bowl lol

Автор LuisEspinozaMusic ( назад)
He had the full north korean famine experience.

Автор katydid5088 ( назад)
North korean food is heartier and generally simpler (even after the communist seperation) because the geographic area is only really good for small root crops and hardy grains and veggies (like radish,buck wheat,and sweet potato). The whole upper half and west boarder are surrounded by rocky mountains.

Автор Passionhearted1 ( назад)
okay, it's 4 o'clock in the morning, I can't sleep and now I'm craving ramen...o_O

Автор NarraSae ( назад)
North Koreans: "salt water cold noodle soup? Haven't heard that in years...."

Автор mlcamc77 ( назад)

Автор Curtis ( назад)
The lack of meat in the soup is probably why they eat BBQ with it.

Автор Chelsea Armour ( назад)
With these noodles we shall bring America to its knees

Автор Çiko ( назад)
Its deep that south korean people are talking bad about north korea... shouldn't they keep together?

Автор AK Gaming ( назад)
😂😂😂 Your Korean isn't to bad.

Автор J Vlogs ( назад)
LOL north koreans don't eat meat. in fact, meat is expensive in North Korea. I watched someone's documentary of it. so they take tofu instead to make noodles. or something else that I forgot the name of.

Автор Jones U ( назад)
Jackie Chan lookalike, yo

Автор LOLWUT? ( назад)
The noodle soup in a cup is what most North Koreans have for lunch.

Автор LOLWUT? ( назад)
North Korean noodles come with free nukes if you ask.

Автор haon itsaw ( назад)
Waj Waj is ze best

Автор Joe TV ( назад)
want a partner to feast always 🍔🍟🍕🍲🍱🍘🍙🍚🍛🍜🍝🍥🍣🍻
Food Lovers 🙌

Автор Joshua Lee ( назад)
I am Korean, and there is nothing called South Korean cold noodle or North Korean cold noodle it is just spicy cold noodle or water cold noodle.

Автор Muhun Kang ( назад)
Don't cut the noodles, if you want to be traditional. The noodles represent long life and we like long life.

Автор Ded ( назад)
Nigga Socrates

Автор Teejayjee ( назад)
Do you know why the North Korean soup tastes like salt water?

Because it's made with children's tears

Автор Canada RCMP ( назад)
The salt you tasted in the North Korean soup came from north korea's children

Автор zoix ( назад)
물냉면하고 비빔냉면이지 무슨 북한냉면과 남한냉면이야?

Автор Carl Grimes ( назад)
Love your chest so much

Автор andi square ( назад)
both of them not looks good :(

Автор ViTaL ( назад)
You should try Filipino Sinigang. It has a type lemon/vinegar flavour and I love it. You could choose what meat you want like pork, chicken and fish.

Автор karan ganger ( назад)
There is no such thing as north korean noodles cause food dont exist in north korea.

Автор Darth Vader ( назад)
Asian food is gross

Автор BiteMe ImKlingon ( назад)
I was actually thinking of making Buck Wheat noodles. I'm glad to know there is such a thing now and that it is possible. :D

Автор I need a boy ( назад)
mike:you know what?
me:No who ia what can I meet him.

Автор Devin Xiong ( назад)
What did you expect in North Korea?

Автор Mylla L ( назад)
He says nyudles instead of noodles :P

Автор Eat With Mark The Shark! ( назад)
not only that i hate mustard and wouldnt put it on anything.....but i think putting mustard in a soup is weird as hell.....especially a cold one...

Автор IAW1stperson ( назад)
I didn't know there was food in North Korea

Автор Tobben Jees ( назад)
the north korean noodles look depressing.. i wonnder why

Автор Shogun Glenn ( назад)
yeah chen who likes north korea

Автор kang kirun ( назад)
isinya babi yah

Автор Sharon Mathis ( назад)
I love cold noodle soup with the little oil packet they give and lots of vinegar. Extra cucumbers, green onion, and red pepper flakes... a dash of sesame seed oil too.

I don't care about the meat or egg.

Автор StopFear ( назад)
Wow, how can the waiter not tell the customers what , if any, meat is in the dumpling? Some people have strict diets that don't allow either pork, or beef, or shellfish. Other people can have allergy to shellfish. Seriously. It's not acceptable not to tell the customers what's in the dumpling.

Автор Guan Long ( назад)
north korea doesn't have the wheat to make the noodles

Автор Albert ( назад)
Haha I listen to your videos when I study and it really helps XD

Автор Luna Rivalle ( назад)
🍜🍥 hungry

Автор StopFear ( назад)
Korean "spicy" is mayonaise

Автор StopFear ( назад)
Korean cuisine, as superficial and unnecessarily fancy as their obsession with appearances.

Автор Ji-Young Kim ( назад)
Wow. How are you still alive?

Автор DerpSparce ( назад)
of course there's no spices in the North Korean soup. Spices are a capitalist lie.

Автор kyle7412 ( назад)
when I saw the title "north korean soup" I was expecting a bowl of water with some ice cubes.

Автор Fire Skull ( назад)
9:40 lmao DEBUNKED tofu unicorn dumplings exist!!! XD

Автор costillero ( назад)
Is your wife/gf concetrated in that soup too?

Автор Andrew Thao ( назад)
Let's have dinner sometime

Автор norvert jay 2016 ( назад)
i like noodles!!!

Автор norvert jay 2016 ( назад)
i like noodles

Автор Kawaii Robot ( назад)
I know why the North Korean soup is salty it's the tears of the ppl there suffering because of 김 정 은

Автор ethan lee ( назад)
I'm Korean and every time I hear non Koreans I laugh ...not hatin

Автор Rachel's Channel ( назад)
i don't know if i could eat this... i have texture issues... it just seems very, very slimy.

Автор Noel The Last Dovah Duck ( назад)
This video is South Korean propaganda...

Автор brandon caleb ( назад)
N Korea = crap?

Автор gamer9974 ( назад)
The reason the water is salty in the North Korean version is because Kim Jong Un is salty about the US cockblocking his plans to invade South Korea.

Автор Bianca Mae Manzanilla ( назад)
hehehe~ Mike should practice Korean

Автор Yosep Ryan Agusta ( назад)
I will give you a fun fact.. when he ate the NK's noodle, a gun was pointed to him at the same time

Автор Jihoon Jung ( назад)
Actually, the cold noodles are all originated from North part of the Korean peninsula before Korea was broken into two countries. The one you ate as South Korean cold noodle is Hamheung-style cold noodle, and the one as North Korean is Pyeongyang-style. Hamheung and Pyeongyang are major cities in North Korea. The two styles differ in the preparation of the noodle. Pyeongyang-style is mostly made of buck-wheat and thick. Hamheung-style is made most of starch from sweet potatoes.
The preparation also differ, P-style in cold soup, H-style in hot paste source. But as you experienced, the two style can also be served both way.
Those cold noodle restaurants in South Korea were started during the Korean War period by the refugees from North Korea, and the two styles are originated by the refugees of each respective region.
Now the cold noodles are popular food for summer time, in the old days they were winter foods. Because you cannot get cold broth in summer in old days before refrigerator.

Автор 재기찡 ( назад)
the first two noodles are called hamhung naengmyeon. it's actually half north korean half south korean fusion dish. hamhung is a region in north korea.

Автор Salmon Fish ( назад)
That south korean cold noodle soup was so depressing. You could almost feel the Kim Jong Un in it.

Автор Aston Lee ( назад)

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