Manny Pacquiao and Keith Thurman face off before their massive title fight | WEIGH-INS | PBC ON FOX

  • Published on Jul 19, 2019
  • Manny Pacquiao and Keith Thurman both make weight before their highly anticipated title fight for the WBA Welterweight Championship from Las Vegas.
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    Manny Pacquiao and Keith Thurman face off before their massive title fight | WEIGH-INS | PBC ON FOX
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Comments • 8 233

    PBC ON FOX  2 months ago +1636

    Who will win: Manny Pacquiao or Keith Thurman?

    JUDAS JUDAS Day ago

    Who's here for the Karma thing hehehe

  • Trebor Lqantara
    Trebor Lqantara 2 days ago

    the way i saw thurman thrashtalk manny,its way too low.its not marketing but over confidence and arrogance.what happened is history

  • Nou Xiong
    Nou Xiong 6 days ago +1

    8 division champ, that means he got 8 belts under his belly, right? If so I have to laugh at Thurman for showing up with his belt. Hehe hahahahahaha heheha

  • MadCarrot Hates Sports

    Thurman won the staredown...that's all he won...what a whoopin'

  • jose padilla
    jose padilla 7 days ago

    Keith thurman was shredded for this fight. Was in much much better shape for this fight then against josesito lopez

    LORDK1NGS REVENANT 7 days ago

    reaching 5million viewers awww xD

  • gachaverse girl
    gachaverse girl 10 days ago +1

    The problem with Thurman, he watched the Horn fight too much! Didn't watch the Cotto fight and BOOM! Come fight night, Pac emerge like the Cotto fight

  • Ugly Much
    Ugly Much 10 days ago

    Who's here after the fight,hihihih

  • Mm Mm
    Mm Mm 14 days ago

    Freddie roach inject steroids

  • Murakami Ichiko
    Murakami Ichiko 14 days ago

    Hehe you cannot intimidate pinoy ! He maybe small but dont underestimate him. Just look inside his brain !! Yes one time your done and retire!!

  • David Carlo Lalimarmo
    David Carlo Lalimarmo 15 days ago

    lmao thurman trying not to blink

  • Jay Blackhole
    Jay Blackhole 15 days ago

    Keith should be happy that he was part of the legendary Pacquiao

  • Marlouis Planas
    Marlouis Planas 15 days ago

    24 hours later.. XD

  • greatroyjr talaroc
    greatroyjr talaroc 16 days ago +2

    At the ring before they touched gloves when they went face to face while the referee is doing the instructions Manny's facial expression went into beast mode, stared directly at Thurman's soul... On the other hand Thurman can't look at Manny's eyes, Thurman had to look at the referee and had to look down and look at other direction couple of time while Manny is just staring at Him in a beast mode without even blinking... Thurman became afraid and felt something He never felt before... Became confused and suddenly realized it's the Pacman infront of Him that's why he can't look Manny in the eyes that time and also because GOD is with Manny in that very moment... A 40year old drops the undefeated, hard hitting, young, hungry Champion on the floor.

  • MrNickolitis
    MrNickolitis 18 days ago

    Manny won the fight by not breaking a smile during this face off, Keith wasn't expecting that. During the fight night face off, Thurman broke and didn't look Manny in the eyes, Manny was serious about it which is rare and Keith knew it.

  • Mitchell Lee
    Mitchell Lee 22 days ago +4

    After the fight ...Pacquiao got new dog called Thurman, bark but dont bite.

  • Garutay San Agustin
    Garutay San Agustin 23 days ago

    Exactly, he's been there many times before while kitty been there one time !

  • Weasna Sim
    Weasna Sim 23 days ago

    Pacman is always excited for a fight!!!

  • Uranus X_borg
    Uranus X_borg 24 days ago

    Pacman the finest boxer in history.. HAIL the champ. Truly a GOAT

  • KH Rural Life
    KH Rural Life 24 days ago

    Amazing 🏋️‍♀️🏋️‍♀️🏋️‍♀️🏋️‍♀️🏋️‍♀️

  • MARK Libra
    MARK Libra 27 days ago

    Mora mag pisot ning nawong ni keith thurman oi🤣🤣🤣

  • Carlos Andres Gomez Meneses

    Estupido.Pacman es mejor q usted.

  • King lao
    King lao 29 days ago +8

    Thurman is good. And he's better than Crawford and Spence.. those two is just overrated. Pacman will eat them alive 😅✌️

  • KH Pacquiao
    KH Pacquiao Month ago

    Awesome pacquiao.

  • Elsie Rosalina
    Elsie Rosalina Month ago

    ilove you sen pacman

  • Bassam Ali
    Bassam Ali Month ago

    I love manny pac

  • Ki NG
    Ki NG Month ago

    Game over Undefeated 👊

  • Kent Reoyan
    Kent Reoyan Month ago

    I think Keith So embarass when he said "Still gonna be a champion tomorrow" 😂 Lost Belt, wiped undefeated record shame on you Keith.

  • Pulchra
    Pulchra Month ago

    Thurman: i lost once to a 40 year old senator

  • SJ44
    SJ44 Month ago

    Whats the heavy music - does anyone know please?

  • Experimental Journey
    Experimental Journey Month ago +1

    .Floyd the money man Envy Manny's humbleness!

  • Ash Cabahug
    Ash Cabahug Month ago

    Unya asa na imong bakos ilog na.....buriton kaman good

  • I’m not sure But
    I’m not sure But Month ago

    My niqqa pac just starred down a niqqa and started smiling like nothing happened 😂😂 my niqqa emotionless

  • CanCer
    CanCer Month ago

    imagine pac going back to 130-135

  • SLVO
    SLVO Month ago

    Pacman is like the Yoda of boxing

  • dino Garcia
    dino Garcia Month ago

    From kiamba hit like kiambañans

  • hazel mandy
    hazel mandy Month ago

    Thurman said "I will crucify you"
    Pacquiao said "We will see"

  • Experimental Journey
    Experimental Journey Month ago +1

    Pac already has eaten Thurman's Soul when they step on the stage!

  • muchammad arifin
    muchammad arifin Month ago

    Thurman try to play on the ground 1st round

  • Anunnaki Boy
    Anunnaki Boy Month ago

    Man, Thurman have no idea what's gonna happen to him. 😂

  • William Franco
    William Franco Month ago

    Terrible performance by Keith he underestimated Pac-Man...

  • Vinnie_jones19
    Vinnie_jones19 Month ago +3

    please someone tell me what the intro music for pacman is

  • Jake Enriquez
    Jake Enriquez Month ago

    Thurman got beat by a bunny rabbit 😂😂😂

  • god bless america
    god bless america Month ago

    Truman is white daddy name.

  • Ble Ble Music
    Ble Ble Music Month ago +4

    *This is the best Intro music for Pacquiao and so is Face Off!*
    *Pacquiao the Greatest of all Time!!!*

  • Rayan Rezare
    Rayan Rezare Month ago

    mukang tae si thurman

  • Lin Johnson
    Lin Johnson Month ago +1

    this is the first time I've seen Manny fight with his eyes, second at the actual fight

  • SLVO
    SLVO Month ago

    Manny can beat Spence

  • XxJustPlayz20xX
    XxJustPlayz20xX Month ago

    Lol Pacquiao was chill and keith looked serious

  • Laurence Giovanni Baylon

    I still remember the time when i feared that thurman will fight floyd or pacquiao. Well pacquiao still won.

  • Paolito Villanueva Faustino

    Pacquiao for the win 8 division world champion

  • Michael Costuna
    Michael Costuna Month ago +1

    GGG: This is boxing
    Thurman: At the end of the day

  • chimichangoo 23
    chimichangoo 23 Month ago

    that round 10 body shot of pacman is JUST WOOOOOW😁POWER AND SPEED BABY

  • Nico GT
    Nico GT Month ago

    lakas pa ng pacquiao Natin mga Filipino

  • Kristine Miles
    Kristine Miles Month ago

    Game over 😂😂😂

  • Gustavo Salas
    Gustavo Salas Month ago

    Game over Keith Thurman, GAME OVER

  • Enrique Xavier Isip
    Enrique Xavier Isip Month ago +1

    I just noticed that manny pacquiao didnt bring his belts because they're too many😂

  • Ras Alghul
    Ras Alghul Month ago

    Chick interviewer cucks at interviewing

  • Ras Alghul
    Ras Alghul Month ago +1

    Pretty sure at the time of this staredown, Keith was 98.9% sure he would KO Pacman.