Black Bean Brownies

Do you have any black beans lying around and don't know what to do with them? Here's a stupid easy recipe to make some delicious soft and gooey Black Bean Brownies that actually taste delicious. Legit. Not disgusting. AND THEY'RE VEGAN!

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Автор Matt Clayton ( назад)
I made the brownies using Martina's method (squashing the beans with a masher and fork), swapped out the honey for actual sugar and I thought they were all right. I used a food processor the second go round today, used honey, and the brownies are MUCH better. The processor helps smooth the beans and oats, and it looks and tastes more like brownies. I doubt I will eat regular brownies again.

Автор Joy-Colleen Murphy ( назад)
It's like a chocolate flapjack! I love it

Автор RedChord ( назад)
I have everything except the beans and I'm Mexican that should be a sin 😐🤣.

Автор Nonea350 ( назад)
Finally made these for the first time and OMGosh, they are so delicious!

Автор Kim Jongbae ( назад)
Pro tip: if you ever need to pour out honey/syrup and oil in the same recipe, measure out the oil first if you can and then the honey! The honey slides right out, no waiting for it to drip business

Автор brenda almenar ( назад)
I just made these and they are delicious ❤️❤️❤️ make sure to use the chocolate chips to get that chewey consistency.

Автор LuvZWorld 2005 ( назад)
Can you use pre mashed beans? Like refried beans?

Автор Cheyanne Moore ( назад)
i know this video is old, but im finally getting the ingredients tonight to make them so excited

Автор J ScienceGirl ( назад)
Looks DELISH! Btw, who sings the song at the end of your video?

Автор Jimin's high note in House Of Cards ( назад)
I've made these a few times now since you made this video (because they're so freakin delicious and my whole family loved them) but last time I made them I almost forgot to add the beans :D the batter just didn't look right and took me about 5 minutes before I realized I forgot the main ingredient lmao

Автор LuvZWorld 2005 ( назад)
Can you use refried beans or pre mushed beans too?

Автор Tika Dwityastuti ( назад)
should I cook the black beans first or not?

Автор Adyren Lyn ( назад)
Those look so "Baahhhhh" good! Though I have an allergy to Coconut oil. Does anyone know what I could use as a substitute for it? I'm not Vegan but like to eat on the healthy side. Just don't want to assume and use something else and mess up the texture.

Автор Ziyue Zhang ( назад)
Amazing! I have never heard of this recipe before! Thank you!!

Автор Emily Pham ( назад)
Beans never looked so good.

Автор BELINDA PiTTMAN ( назад)
I love them they are good

Автор Oly Dear ( назад)
A 540 ml or 19 fl oz can of black beans rinsed and mushed equals a cup and a half exactly!

Автор Krys_Tee ( назад)
Going to make this soon! I'll update how it turned up and what I did differently.

Автор Ray Obando ( назад)
these brownies make me feel amazing, and gassy too

Автор CassAngel22 ( назад)
Been wanting to make these for months and just got around to doing it. My boyfriend was helping and i think he put in abit too much cayenne pepper. I'll make sure he puts in less next time.

Автор Claire Carlton ( назад)
I tried to make these twice and failed both times. I cried...

Автор Rima Touyar ( назад)
Do you need the oats for this recipe?

Автор Bubblepop206 ( назад)
Do you have to put in the chocolate chips?

Автор little weirdo ( назад)
This is my favourite cake recipe now.
It's just so delicious.
Highly recommend for everyone sceptical about black beans.
I fed numerous sceptical people with this cake.
Everyone said that it is just delicious.
Except one guy, but he doesn't like anything, like he just hates life itself.
Anyway, the cake is DOPE

Автор Crystal Nguyen ( назад)
made them and they're delicious!!!! Eating them right now :D <333

Автор Crystal Nguyen ( назад)
making it rn :D

Автор Bailey Powell ( назад)
could you do it with red beans knowing that they are sweet

Автор DanaBonn ( назад)
I'm preparing this right now, but it turned out as a completely off consistency! It's much more liquidy than Martina's, and I used the exact same measurements. I'm realy confused :(

Автор Eric Wong ( назад)
Wonder what a red bean brownie would taste like (๑>◡<๑)

Автор Ashley Bryant ( назад)
Gotta say, this was the best brownie recipe I've tried to date. Thanks for sharing this recipe. Think you'll continue midnight cooking in Japan? I'd love to see what other things you have to share with your viewers with cooking. I also enjoyed the recipes that you did with your chef friend. I'm proud to be one of the many nasties who get to learn more about foreign cultures through you two.

Автор Jo G ( назад)
Hi! I made these for my friend's birthday and they turned out amazing! Thank you for sharing this recipe!

Автор kaykay sancheese ( назад)
I just tried this n it came out grows lol idk what happend

Автор Commander Derpchan ( назад)
I have a question! What's a good substitute for the coconut oil? My dad had a heart attack and on his list of foods he should avoid is coconut oil.

Автор midorihat ( назад)
DANG MARTINAAAA! I defs just tried this and the batter is so goooooood - dat little kick of cayenne, tho! TTvTT
Currently waiting for them in the oven... :D

Автор Daniela Navarro ( назад)
this is the first of your recipes that ive tried (i mean i also tried the chia seed pudding but... we don't talk about that) and it is SO GOOD i was skeptic because ive read that this kind of brownies are really gross, but i made mine with canned beans and a spoonful of refried beans, i made oat flour instead of using quick cooking oats and i added some quinoa açai dark chocolate bites i had lying around because i ran out of chocolate chips and Martina is totally right, you should taste the batter before cooking them because mine needed a bit more cocoa and honey, thank you so much! im gonna try them with beans cooked from scratch and see if they turn out better

Автор Diana Beatriz ( назад)
Martina omg first of all I love this recipe I will try it this holiday and see how it goes. I have a question for you though where did you get your AMAZING shirt? It's like sailormoon fangirl gold! I love it!

Автор CupOfTeaShow ( назад)
Not to be mean or nothing but it's really hard finding something in particular on your website.

Автор Диана Носс ( назад)
Hi, Martina,
if i only have dry black beans, how exactly should i prepare them? Rehydrate and cook? For how long?
Thank you for sharing =)

Автор Emma Reid ( назад)
I HAVE BEANS I GOTTA USE!!! i was just watching fapfap videos when i came across this video and i completely forgot i could bake with beans... HELL YEAH BROWNIES

Автор Morgan Cornell ( назад)
brownie recipe video that ends at the time of 420.... coincidence?!!?

Автор Cameron Flores ( назад)
I found out the hard way that two cans of beans are needed to get the one and a half cups of smooshed beans, I ended up putting more oats and almond flour in but other than that. THEY'RE DELICIOUS!!!!

Автор Amulang Amulang ( назад)
Guys, what do you mean saying precook? Do you boil it or what? And how long does it take? I am a bean amateur)

Автор Vanadium ( назад)
I'll have to try making these!!

Автор coleslawholtzclaw ( назад)
Where did you get your shirt Martina?? I need that in my life!!

Also, trying to convince my sister we need to make these. It's a slow process but we're getting there.

Автор mariana reyes ( назад)
This is my favorite recipe 🍪🍫
More recipes, please thanks 😊

Автор Lugosi Dane ( назад)
Didn't you used to have a food processor, Martina? What happened to it? Or did you just decide it wasn't worth the effort for these?

Автор That Weird Ass Fangirl ( назад)
Can I try them with red beans??

Автор Amanda Jordan ( назад)
Just made these and erhmahgerd... So yummy!!! Thank you! I pureed all the dry ingredients together, and pureed all the wet ingredients together, then combined them. Came out super smooth and oh so chewy!~ :)

Автор Seiashun ( назад)
Just coming back here to say that I make these a lot (I have a batch in the oven as we speak)! And I always double the recipe because they're so darn good haha

Автор Inklingsrule.octodrule ( назад)
if we don't like Coconut oil or we can't find it, can we us3 vegtable oil or olive oil???

Автор Erin Zhang ( назад)
ive been waiting to try this and I JUST MADE THESE 2HRS AGO AND THEY ARE ACTUALLY REALLY GREAT!!!!! fosho when martina says to mash the beans really well, make sure its really smooth. i was too lazy and just hand mashed. it was smooth, but could have been better since they didn't hold as well due to the chunkiness

Автор Heyo Ki ( назад)
Maybe you just wanna hold my bunny usa chan

Автор rebeccawcleung ( назад)
this recipe is amazing guys... i just come back after trying it to tell u guys it tastes great! so fudgey

Автор B. Alexandra Gamez ( назад)
when are you making more yummy desserts? 😭😭😭

Автор a blob of butter ( назад)
i thought honey was vegan since like honey farms (lolol idk how they are called) are actually good for bees??? idk

Автор Simon and Martina ( назад)
Thank you as well to +oWooshyo for the Italian subtitles!

Автор Tammy Nguyen ( назад)
i used my fist.Came out delicious

Автор Ketchme17 ( назад)
I couldn't find any carob chips at my grocery store, so made these without them and they were ok (wanted to keep it vegan so I didn't want to use regular chocolate chips). Not very chocolaty or sweet. I guess that's a vital ingredient ><.

Автор Max Allister ( назад)
You had me at Cayenne pepper. Ohhhh-yeah baby. Cant wait to try these.

Автор healthy and vegan ( назад)
this so healthy too!

Автор legzandherpiano ( назад)
This is seriously my favorite series of videos. Please make more midnight cooking. It seems that we're following the same diet--but i'm VERY new. I've made the powerballs and love them. The chocolates, pudding, and this are next.

Автор Memee ( назад)
It's amazing, I was scared to try it but please don't be scared. Don't taste the beans AT ALL. I swear try it

Автор mingyan ong ( назад)
I love ur sailor senshi shirt Martina........

Автор Hye Song ( назад)
This looks like it is going to be good.

Автор Chris Passmore ( назад)
I really wanna make these but I don't like the taste or texture of oats. Can I make them without oats or are those important?

Автор AntWorld ( назад)
Why black beans only? I like Japanese red beans and Lima beans.

Автор YGhappyvirus ( назад)
Sick and practically bedridden so I'm here watching Momma Martina cook <333

Автор Kimzilla needs a hobby ( назад)
I made these for my mom before she passed away. I was so happy she loved them and I kept catching her in the fridge sneaking bites of them. thanks for the lovely memory.

Автор Jamie Kim ( назад)
ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS! Does not taste like black beans at all!! I edited the recipe to be vegan, only using agave as sweetener and boosted the protein value by mixing in my chocolate protein powder. Also added a tablespoon of soy milk to add moisture to the mix. This is a wonderful, guilt free dessert!

Автор House of Cats ( назад)
Where have I seen the little thumbs-up wiggly dance before?

Автор alysabeth longoria ( назад)
I hope martina can do more cooking videos again soon. I love how casual they are♡

Автор mika ( назад)
Here in Brazil, black beans are our most basic food (along with rice)... But we have it tempered with some spices, onions, garlic and SALT... So I reaaaally can't make myself think of eating beans in desserts or anything sweet. It creeps me out .___.

Автор Aria Targaryen ( назад)
Do they taste good without chocolate chips too??

Автор Ella Haden ( назад)
Any time you say the magic of editing you sound just like Daria 😂😂

Автор iiSnarkyShark ( назад)
Added instant coffee with the cayenne pepper. o.o It was purty good.

When I make these again, I'll need to see if i can add peanut butter.

Автор Laura Puleo ( назад)
Pretty cool!!! By the way the song is La La La by Otis McDonald

Автор huskycold ( назад)
Martina this was AMAZINNNGGG!!! I mean not only it completely tasted like an actual brownie, but it was very very DELICIOUS!!! I loved it!!! Thank youuuuuu

Автор Anna Watson ( назад)
ok, important question!!! can I use red/adzuki beans?

Автор Hatake Kakashi ( назад)
omg who's making the bahasa indonesia subtitle? O.O so happy

Автор Haley Fletcher ( назад)
you can so easily make this raw vegan too!! use chia seeds vs oats and add a bit more beans and freeze it instead of cooking it in the oven~ so good (:

Автор Irene Iwasaka ( назад)
I wonder, could you could make these with azuki beans since they are similarly starchy?

Автор Sue Zhang ( назад)
only 2 tablespoons of cocoa? did it taste very chocolatey?

Автор Mariana Karnesky ( назад)
Omg, those look so good!

Автор VeryAngryProjectilePotato ( назад)
Trick for honey: oiling the spoon with neutral oil like grape seed honey will slide right off 😊

Автор Jula D ( назад)
How many subtitles, omg O_O and thank you for vegan recipe and enjoyable video :)

Автор Natural ( назад)
Was this something you experimented with yourself? lol

Автор pandemonium san ( назад)
Vegan friendly? YASSSSS✌️

Автор Naydine Almeida ( назад)
If I have no chocolate chips or cocoa powder could I use nutella? If so, how much?

Автор andreamoboe ( назад)
I made these today and they taste awesome! Thanks Martina...😀👍🏻👍🏻

Автор uil nvrnoe ( назад)
what about the midnight cooking for dokbokki? :'( u said u will do it in the jaws dokbokki episode.. :((

Автор Victoria Hodges ( назад)
Did she say "Astaghfirullah" at 2:40 ?? :'D

Автор urahara kisuke ( назад)
Did anyone make these? If so, I would really like to know how good they are, thank you ^^

Автор Darcy Styles ( назад)
What's the outro song

Автор Jane Doe ( назад)
What is that song called in the outro? It's wonderful :D

Автор playedescapade ( назад)
Id love to see more midnight munchies videos, Martina. Looks pretty good.

Автор Lashawn Gaines ( назад)
I love that outfit Martina!

Автор musicfromHDK ( назад)
would gochugaru work? im korean and like we have a crap tonne at home...dont want to go out to buy cayenne...

Автор ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ ( назад)
Are the chocolate chips optional?

Автор ScarletRavenwing ( назад)
(ran out of Eat Your Sushi segments lol...Thank goodness you have a plethora of other videos) so need to try these!!

Автор Emily M ( назад)
Thank you so much for the recipe!! I made these last night and they were fudgy and moist. Instead of chocolate chips, I chose to finely chop a third of a chocolate bar. The chocolate melted throughout the entire brownie and made it extra gooey :)

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