The Try Guys Get Nail Extensions

  • Published on Oct 3, 2018
  • The guys get gorgeous nail extensions for the first time and experience the struggle first-hand. Will they nail it and survive wearing them for an entire night?
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  • Sudha Kashyap
    Sudha Kashyap 3 hours ago

    ned's fingers are more beautiful than mine.

  • Grizzly
    Grizzly 10 hours ago

    are there any nail places like this in NY? please let me know!

  • AbBy MGfRigGin
    AbBy MGfRigGin 10 hours ago


  • min suga jang jjang bboong boong

    Now kill my kids! XD

  • Banananer Man
    Banananer Man 12 hours ago


  • Nghi Tran
    Nghi Tran 13 hours ago

    It hurts your nail after you just got them done

  • Indy Edwards
    Indy Edwards 14 hours ago

    Keith has some pretty hands!!!

  • Becca Veber
    Becca Veber 14 hours ago

    I love nails, just hate taking out and putting on contacts that’s my only complaint.

  • Ramona Harris
    Ramona Harris 15 hours ago

    Zach is a holo sexual!

  • Kimyōna Child
    Kimyōna Child 16 hours ago

    Zach’s a holosexual

  • Effie Angel
    Effie Angel 17 hours ago

    Only had them on for one day? Cowards

  • Pickle Gerard
    Pickle Gerard 18 hours ago

    Did they not get acrylics? Cause they act as if they can’t use their finger nails or they’ll break but acrylics would be able to handle most of the stuff you normally use your nails for

  • Maki Taki
    Maki Taki 18 hours ago

    "dearly beloved we are gathered here today to depart with 10 beautiful people we know, my children, now KILL MY KIDS!!"

  • Brandelynne Freleng
    Brandelynne Freleng 19 hours ago

    Zach is a closested holosexual and I live for it!

  • umbrella_ camp
    umbrella_ camp 19 hours ago

    I'm pretending to have artificial nails because they all said it was hard....

  • saira fathima
    saira fathima Day ago


  • Alana Webster
    Alana Webster Day ago

    No one:

  • Nea Haapala
    Nea Haapala Day ago

    *sees title* "oohh Eugene is going to be so hot"

  • T Elliott
    T Elliott Day ago

    I can light blunts with my nails. 😂😂😂 this was a super cute video!!!!

  • Megan
    Megan Day ago

    The hearts for Ariel and little Wes ❤️🥰

  • Ava Johnson
    Ava Johnson Day ago

    "Dearly beloved, we are gathered here to part with ten of the most beautiful people we know; My children" "Now kill my kids!"
    Eugene is a mood

  • ღ Cutie ღ
    ღ Cutie ღ Day ago

    *Simply nail Logical has joined the chat*

  • MgM Wolf
    MgM Wolf Day ago +1

    4:43 I think he should refer to simplynailogical

  • Donna Lee
    Donna Lee Day ago

    cristine needs to watct this.THEY MENTION HOLO!!

  • Liliana Heart
    Liliana Heart Day ago

    Ned: *It’s about 5:00 a.m in the morning*
    Me:I ThOughT 5:00 A.M wAs At NiGHT

  • Amii
    Amii Day ago

    Wait what happened to Zach's gf

  • Yolo Carrot 260
    Yolo Carrot 260 2 days ago +1

    Anyone else Thought of Cristine When he said he Never knew he liked holo 🤣

  • Brae Stuard
    Brae Stuard 2 days ago

    Zach is a holosexual Cristine would be so proud of u

  • Liliana Di Gregorio
    Liliana Di Gregorio 2 days ago +8

    Eugene: 'My theme was eleganza extravaganza' as Italian girl I'm extremely happy that he spoke in Italian xD

  • Mim Hughes
    Mim Hughes 3 days ago

    I love this ❤️ all the nails were fab but Eugene’s were BOMB

    HerTHOUGHTS 3 days ago

    Now kill my kids *rock music*


  • Devin Wiseman
    Devin Wiseman 3 days ago

    This video is making me want acrylics again 😫😫😫

  • Ev Grimm
    Ev Grimm 3 days ago

    Zach is a holosexual

  • Bia Silva
    Bia Silva 3 days ago

    Simply nailogical, a new holosexual has been discovered-Zach!

  • Sonya Vegas
    Sonya Vegas 3 days ago

    Apparently baby safe means stilettos :)

  • July Myers
    July Myers 3 days ago +44

    Eugene’s nails looked like we was born to wear them tbh

  • Piper's Planet Makeup
    Piper's Planet Makeup 3 days ago +48

    "God damn skinny jeans"
    Me every. Single. Day.

  • Karlee Gordon
    Karlee Gordon 3 days ago +3

    Did anyone else figure out that this is when Zach was moving in with Maggie?? He was moving in with his beautiful girlfriend and only hinted at it a few times!!! So sneaky!!!!

  • aquarelle of red
    aquarelle of red 3 days ago


  • Gwen Tan
    Gwen Tan 4 days ago


  •  4 days ago +8

    Zach: I would go double holo. I didn't know the desire was deep inside me
    Simplynailogical: DiD SoMeOnE sAy HoLo!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  • Sariah-Lamore Wilson
    Sariah-Lamore Wilson 4 days ago +12

    Zack: *becomes Holosexual*

  • fruitopia 707
    fruitopia 707 4 days ago


  • MyChemicalPanic AtthepilotS!

    I was waiting for Zach to say
    Look at my nails MEOW!

  • Kiwi Squad
    Kiwi Squad 4 days ago +234

    When Zach says he likes holo

    Cristene: he’s holo sexual

  • hollie x
    hollie x 4 days ago

    This is gold.

  • Bryan Baker
    Bryan Baker 5 days ago

    Okay I don't know about ya'll.
    But I been knew Eugene was gay. Hell he literally went to a gay bar

    • Bryan Baker
      Bryan Baker 2 days ago

      @Hoho yeah. This video was shot a year ago

    • Hoho
      Hoho 2 days ago

      He literally posted coming out video in June

  • Belle Hinman
    Belle Hinman 5 days ago

    Omg a Zach and Cristine holo collab

  • Alec Larson
    Alec Larson 5 days ago +1

    My nails grow way to long, and people think their fake. lol.

  • Yugen Utopia
    Yugen Utopia 5 days ago


  • Kedo 009
    Kedo 009 5 days ago

    "your nails are on fleek"

  • barunka :3
    barunka :3 5 days ago

    4:50 OMG, Zach is holosexual😍😱
    Simply naillogical fans where u at??😏😂

  • Teemo
    Teemo 5 days ago

    5:43 that lady is adorable lol in the backgrround, who is she

  • Jacintha Dang
    Jacintha Dang 5 days ago

    I bite ma nails too

  • Bertina Salcedo Ramos

    Jajajajja this is the dopest thing on youtube you guys made my day!!!!!

  • Jennie Smythe
    Jennie Smythe 6 days ago

    Zach gives me aziz ansari vibes.

  • Bukimina Byoga
    Bukimina Byoga 6 days ago

    4:39 *HOW IS HE SO CUTE*

  • Nobody Say Nothing
    Nobody Say Nothing 6 days ago

    *Zach is a holosexual*

  • coolcupcake 145
    coolcupcake 145 6 days ago

    Zach may be holosexual

  • Karly Marshall
    Karly Marshall 6 days ago

    when i first got nails, i couldn't do shit. but after the second or third time i can really do anything. changing a dipper is honesty easier then wiping on some real shit 😂😂